Chapter 2059 – Unparalleled Divine Technique

The night was quiet.

The nine dark blue moons emanated the essence of Origin Energy that drifted down like a rain of light, and the countless living beings in the Lost World were cultivating in concentration.


A strand of dark blue light poured down from the sky. It was very inconspicuous to the point that very few living beings were willing to waste their efforts to absorb it.

In next to no time, that strand of light was on the verge of descending to the ground. If nothing unexpected happened, then it would transform into a form of vitality that nurtured the ground, and it would nourish the plants or rocks there.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before a precious herb that contained abundant Origin Energy or perhaps a precious material for equipment refinement would be born from its nourishment.

All the treasures in the Lost World had been formed in such a way, and the countless living beings who resided here had become accustomed to it since a very long time ago.

It couldn’t be helped, the essence of Origin Energy that poured down from those nine moons in the sky was simply vast like an ocean and unending. So not to mention the supreme existences here, King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan, even all the living beings in this entire world were unable to absorb all the essence of Origin Energy that was emanated from the nine moons.

But this time, that strand of Origin Energy essence that had been overlooked by most living beings had suddenly stopped on the spot when it was on the verge of dropping to the ground.

It was like an invisible hand had grabbed it. In the next instant, it changed its descending trajectory and transformed into a ray of light that was swept into a rocky area over 30m away before it vanished without a trace.

This scene was very inconspicuous, and it didn’t even draw a trace of attention amidst the boundless night sky.

Of course, that strand of light formed from Origin Energy essence hadn’t vanished just like that.

At the hidden underground cave beneath the rocky area, Chen Xi was seated cross-legged while an extremely strange pulse effused out from his entire body.

This pulse rose and fell like the tide, and it transformed into an obscure force that ceaselessly circulated throughout Chen Xi’s body.

Regardless of whether it was his skin, flesh, tendons, apertures, bones, soul, Dao Heart, the region within his body…. Everything was enveloped by this pulse.

This was the 1st level of the Origin Creation Technique. It was a completely new cultivation technique that Chen Xi had created after he utilized his accomplishments in the Talisman Dao to conduct countless deductions of all the inherited cultivation techniques of the nine eras, and then wracked his brains and made painstaking efforts in order to perfect!

Perhaps, it was more precise to call it an unprecedented cultivation system since the world had been formed!

Of course, this was merely the 1st level of the Origin Creation Technique, and it wasn’t complete. However, so long as Chen Xi researched it concentratedly, then the day would come when this completely new cultivation system would definitely be completely created!


A strand of dark blue light suddenly appeared within the underground cave.

It was exactly that inconspicuous strand of Origin Energy essence that had been overlooked. However, at this moment, it had been drawn over by the strange pulsing tide that enveloped Chen Xi’s body.

Ming had been observing silently from the side since the very beginning. Firstly, it was to protect Chen Xi, and secondly because she wanted to watch exactly how the cultivation technique Chen Xi created was like.

So, at this moment, Ming’s eyes couldn’t help but light up abruptly when she saw this strand of dark blue Origin Energy essence appear here. It seems to really work!

How could she be unable to discern that it was precisely the cultivation technique Chen Xi was utilizing that had drawn over that strand of Origin Energy essence from the surface?

At this moment, Ming held her breath in concentration while her clear eyes stared fixedly at that strand of dark blue light. She watched as it moved incessantly, arrived above Chen Xi, and then gradually approached his body….


This process seemed to be slow yet had actually been completed in an instant. Even if Ming was already prepared, she still merely felt like something had flashed in front of her eyes, and then that strand of dark blue light had surged swiftly into Chen Xi’s body.

He succeeded? Ming was shocked.


A wisp of brilliant light blue radiance started to ripple out from Chen Xi’s entire body. It was extremely beautiful and dream-like, and it carried an indescribably pure and divine aura.

But in next to no time, this wisp of light blue light had vanished and disappeared within Chen Xi’s body.

Ming was able to clearly sense that a unique form of energy had suddenly appeared in Chen Xi’s body, and he was undergoing a tremendous change!


Numerous scenes flashed swiftly through Chen Xi’s mind. However, they seemed to be slightly blurry and illusory, so he couldn’t seem them clearly.

However, he was able to clearly sense that it was the unique aura of the Heaven Dao that belonged to the Lost World!

It was how the landscape moved, how time passed, how all things cycled through life and death. It was the Order that existed throughout the Lost World!

In the past, even though he could sense how unique the Lost World was and determine the aura of the Heaven Dao that it possessed, he was unable to obtain such a strong and direct feeling of it like he was experiencing right now!

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi felt like a unique link and feeling of closeness had been established between him and the entire Lost World. It wasn’t unfamiliar to him anymore nor was he rejected anymore, and it was like the fusion of blood and water.

Chen Xi knew that from this moment onward, he could finally be considered to have truly started seeking the profundities towards the Dao of the Lost World!

All of this had come from a mere insignificant strand of Origin Energy essence….

This allowed Chen Xi to fully confirm a guess of his — the core of the Heaven Dao in the Lost World was the nine dark blue moons that appeared during the night.

It didn’t just maintain the cycle of the world, it was even the source of the world’s energy, and it was where the Laws of the Heaven Dao were born!

Chen Xi didn’t think further about it. All of his thoughts were immersed in his cultivation while he carefully sensed the changes in the energy within his body.

Chen Xi had named the 1st level of the Origin Creation Technique as the Chrysalis Realm. Its name was derived from how a pupa broke free from its cocoon to become a butterfly, and it was divided into 9 levels.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, even if it was a living being from the Lost World that had never cultivated, its strength could transform into a state comparable to an Immortal King by simply fully cultivating the 9 levels of Chrysalis!

When compared to the cultivation systems in the three dimensions and the Ancient God Domain, the cultivation system Chen Xi had created seemed to be world shocking and unimaginable. However, only one who truly cultivated it would understand that while there were merely 9 levels, it was actually even more difficult than ascending to the heavens. Because a breakthrough to every single higher level was absolutely not that simple.

However, while such a cultivation system was extremely difficult, it could absolutely not be considered as obscure and difficult to understand. Conversely, it was extremely easy to get through its threshold and attain the basics. So long as one’s intellect had no flaws, then one would be able to fully understand the profundities contained within the technique.

This was the intention and ideal Chen Xi had when he created this technique. He wanted to transform the complex into simplicity; and discard the unnecessary and retain the pure. He wanted this completely new path towards the Dao to point straight towards the core of the Heaven Dao!

This was exactly where the value of the Origin Creation Technique was!

Looks like he really has accomplished it. Ming muttered from the side while extraordinary splendor surged through her clear eyes.

During the next period of time, she noticed to her shock that strands of dark blue light formed from Origin Energy essence seemed to be drawn over by an invisible hand, and they were ceaselessly appearing within the underground cave before they were absorbed into Chen Xi’s body and transformed into a part of his strength.

From the beginning until the end, no danger or unexpected events had occurred.

Conversely, along with the passage of time, Ming was able to sense that Chen Xi’s ability to utilize the cultivate technique was growing more and more skillful while the imposing aura he emanated rose steadily to a formidable level.

At the same time, the dark blue Origin Energy essence that were being drawn over were growing greater and greater in number. It was like numerous rivers surging towards the ocean, and they were completely swallowed, refined, and absorbed by Chen Xi.

In the end, Chen Xi’s imposing aura started seething to the extreme while his entire body emanated surging dark blue divine radiance that was dazzling and divine to the extreme.

How formidable! Ming couldn’t help but be visibly moved. If she was exclaiming with admiration earlier because Chen Xi had finally created a completely new cultivation technique, then now she was shocked by the might revealed by the technique.

She was from the last era and had experienced the passage of countless years, so she’d seen too many cultivation techniques. However, she wasn’t able to think of a single one that possessed such supreme strength and revealed such a matchless aura like the Origin Creation Technique!

This was simply inconceivable to her.

If it were any other moment, Ming would probably be worried that Chen Xi was being too rash and impetuous in his cultivation and would definitely suffer from qi deviation.

Yet now, Ming had clearly noticed that Chen Xi didn’t show a trace of likeliness that he would suffer from deviation. Conversely, his improvement was completely smooth as he cultivated, and the amount of Origin Energy essence he absorbed grew in amount.


In the end, Chen Xi’s entire body actually emanated rumbling that sounded like the rumbling of the Grand Dao. It was like two divine mountains were colliding within his body, and every single inch of his skin flowed with extremely dazzling and blazing dark blue light.

On the other hand, the surging, thick, and pure Origin Energy essence seemed as if they’d heard the summon of a supreme emperor, and they seemed to be extremely obedient as they allowed themselves to be swallowed by Chen Xi’s body.

This fellow really deserves to be the 1st Savior who has walked out of the Door of the Last Days in 9 eras of time. Merely this cultivation technique is sufficient to form an eternal sect and establish a supreme future for it! Ming had been utterly stunned and astounded by Chen Xi’s display, and she stared blankly on the spot.

But right after that, she seemed to have realized something, and her expression suddenly changed. Shit! The commotion he created is so huge. It has probably drawn the attention of those three supreme kings in the sky!

It was actually just as Ming had expected. When Chen Xi absorbed more and more Origin Energy essence, others could clearly notice numerous strands of Origin Energy that were descending from the boundless night sky seemed to have received some sort of summons, and they surged over from all directions!

In the beginning, it had only arouse the attention of some living beings that were in the vicinity, and it even caused them to feel displeased. After all, when someone else absorbed even more Origin Energy essence, it was undoubtedly equal to another seizing away the Origin Energy essence they should have been able to absorb!

But later on, when they saw the Origin Energy essence seemed like an expanse of dazzling dark blue shooting stars that were charging towards the underground cave that Chen Xi resided in, all of those living beings that lived nearby started to feel shocked, terrified, and puzzled.

Because they noticed to their surprise that even the three supreme kings who were cultivating beneath the sky had been alarmed by this scene, and they’d suddenly stopped cultivating!

Who’s that?

He actually dares to seize the essence of Origin Energy from King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan?

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