Chapter 2057 – Enormous Green Fish


Chen Xi’s figure stopped abruptly while he looked towards the distance. There was an enormous lake that covered an area of a few thousand kilometers in front of them. The lake had clear blue water and was extremely vast, causing it to seem rather magnificent.

A group of unknown large multicolored birds were soaring above the lake while emanating an expanse of clear and resounding cries.

“Let’s rest for now. It wouldn’t be too late to continue on our journey after we recover some strength.” Chen Xi spoke casually before he descended to the side of the lake, and then he started investigating the situation in the surroundings.

Even if they hadn’t encountered any danger all along the way, Chen Xi’s current physical strength was still unable to sustain him after he’d flown and teleported continuously for three days.

Ming was rather exhausted as well, so she didn’t object to this decision.

Meng’meng started sizing up everything in the surroundings with a curious gaze. It was the first time it had gone so far from its home, and it had never seen such a huge lake. So, it was both excited and perturbed.

“Fortunately, this place is quite safe.” Chen Xi heaved a long sigh of relief after he confirmed that there was no danger in the surroundings, and he intended to sit down cross-legged and rest.


Right at this moment, a pillar of water suddenly arose from the originally calm surface of the lake, and then an enormous fish that was 10m long, completely covered in glistening green scales, and a few whiskers by the corners of its mouth had charged out from within the lake.

Its entire body was filled with extremely abundant Origin Energy.


A swing of its tail seemed like the swing of a dragon’s tail, and it caused an enormous wave to envelope down forcefully towards Chen Xi’s group.

How could Chen Xi have imagined that while danger wasn’t present in the surroundings, it was actually present within the lake instead?

In an instant, he’d almost been struck by this surprise attack, and he hurriedly evaded and barely dodged it.

Croak! Croak!

The enormous green fish emanated a wave of strange sounds. It seemed to be laughing with ridicule while it swayed its enormous figure in midair, causing it to seem very imposing.

“That damnable bastard’s combat strength is merely equivalent to a Mysterious Immortal, yet it actually dares to mock us!” Ming soared into the air while a wisp of killing intent suffused her clear eyes.

However, she hadn’t even acted when it seemed like an earthquake was occurring within the enormous lake, and it shook violently.

After that, the surface of the lake exploded apart before over a thousand enormous green fish charged out from below the surface. They formed lined up in an orderly manner, blotted out the sky, and emanated a menacing aura while they locked their consciousnesses onto Chen Xi’s group.

It was an extremely shocking sight, and it was like a vast army had charged out from within the water.

“This….” Ming couldn’t avoid feeling slightly shocked. Never had she imagined that they would actually suffer the attack of so many beasts after just arriving here.

Croak! Croak!

The enormous green fish roared towards the sky, and it shook the heavens and the earth. It was like the vast sound of war-horns that signaled battle, and it made the world dim down.

“Looks like they live in groups just like the Violet Armored Ants.” Chen Xi soared into the air and smile. “However, such a scene is to my liking. How about I cook a banquet of fish for the two of you tonight?”

He had a calm and carefree expression, and he seemed extremely composed.

“You even know how to cook?” Ming was speechless.

Chen Xi grinned as he said, “Wouldn’t you know once you give it a try?”


As they spoke, the enormous green fish had started their attack. They caused numerous terrifying waves that were suffused with the surging brilliance of Origin Energy to smash down forcefully towards Chen Xi’s group.

In an instant, it was like the world had pulled underwater while peerless killing intent filled the surroundings. It was terrifying to the extreme.

This was a group of living beings that were comparable to Mysterious Immortals, so it was obvious how powerful the might of their joint attack would be.

However, such an advantage in numbers wasn’t a threat to Chen Xi and Ming at all.

In merely a short moment, they’d charged a few rounds through the group of green fish, and they caused blood to spray through the air and dye the lake red.

In the end, the remaining green fish were horrified to the point of fleeing in terror, and they shot into the lake and vanished in an instant.

Chen Xi didn’t pursue them. He waved his hand and gathered all the green fish they’d killed, and then he tossed them at the side of the lake.

After that, he held Violet Sunset in his hand as he started to clean them one by one.

“You… wouldn’t be really intending to cook these fish beasts, right?” Ming stood at the side while feeling slight disbelief.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Just rest for now. You’ll find out soon.”

10 minutes later, Chen Xi had started a fire. The firewood he utilized was from a type of tree in the Lost World, and it burned very strongly.

After that, a simple pot made from the front limbs of Violet Armored Ants was placed above the fire. Chen Xi was boiling water with some precious fruits that he’d fathered, and he intended to utilize these ingredients to make a soup that was full of Origin Energy.

When he noticed that it was almost ready, he started placing piece after piece of jade white fish slices that he’d sliced up beforehand into the pot.

Once he finished doing that, Chen Xi utilized the sharp, narrow, and long fishbones to make fish fillet skewers before starting to grill them on the fire.

Ming was stunned for a very long time as she watched Chen Xi prepare everything in such a smooth and skillful manner, and she was finally sure that Chen Xi wasn’t joking just now and really knew how to cook.

This fellow is truly impossible to see through. How could any cultivator actually be fond of the culinary path like he is? Ming muttered in her heart.

She didn’t know that Chen Xi was an extraordinary grandmaster in the culinary arts numerous years ago.

On the other hand, Meng’meng was staring fixedly at all of this. Especially when it smelled the tempting fragrance that started to drift through the air, drool had even started to drop down from its mouth while it seemed to be filled with desire.

The sky was clear blue while the vast lake before them rippled. It was simply a picturesque scene.

The campfire blazed brilliantly by the side of the lake while the soup within the pot bubbled and emanated strands of extremely tempting fragrance. On the other side, the crackling of oil resounded as piece after piece of fish was being grilled to the point juices flowed from within them while accompanied by a heavenly fragrance.

It was truly impossible to describe. It was like a fragrance that fully drew out the desire within one’s appetite, and it made one wish for nothing more than to feast on them.

Even Ming, a cultivator, who like all cultivators had long since given up on food couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva and feel slightly tempted when the fragrance in the air entered her nose.

As for Meng’meng, it had entered an intoxicated and blank state. Moreover, it was completely unaware as its crystalline drool flowed down to the ground.

“Alright. You can….” A short while later, Chen Xi was just announcing that the feast was ready when Meng’meng had suddenly howled and pounced onto a piece of grilled fish before it started tearing it up and eating in large mouthfuls.

It didn’t seem like a rabbit at all, and it was clearly like a famished wolf.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle when he witnessed this scene, and then he passed a piece of grilled fish to Ming and said, “Try it.”

As he spoke, he stood up and took the pot off the flame, and then he used a piece of fish bone that had been crafted into a bowl to serve the soup.

“It’s good.” Ming tasted a mouthful of grilled fish and chewed carefully for a long time, and then her clear eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of admiration before she added. “It’s very good!”

“Try this one next.” Chen Xi grinned as he passed that bowl of fish soup to her.

Ming stretched out her hand to receive it, and then her cherry lips parted lightly as she lowered her mouth to take a sip. After that, she couldn’t help but stretched out her pink tongue and lick her lips before she praised while seeming to want for more. “It’s beyond words.”

She was a gorgeous woman with clear pitch black eyes. At this moment, even when she was eating, her bearing and appearance were filled with unusual beauty, and Chen Xi couldn’t avoid feeling stunned by it.

He finally smiled and said after quite a while had passed. “Now, you finally believe that I’m skilled in cooking, right?”

Ming hurriedly nodded. “I do, I’m completely convinced.”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but eat another piece of grilled fish.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smiled when he saw this, and then he sat back down on the ground and started to feast amidst the lake breeze.

A beauty by his side, picturesque scenery in the distance, and delicacies in hand. Such a scene was truly lovely.

What a truly rare moment of leisure! Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Since he’d started hurrying through his journey of cultivation, Chen Xi had grown to cherish the rare and short moments of peace.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the feast by the lake had come to an end. Meng’meng had eaten to the point its belly was completely round, and it was snoring on the soft sand at the side. Even if it was in its dreams, Meng’meng still held a fat and juicy piece of grilled fish in its hand.

Chen Xi and Ming were meditating at the side instead.

The enormous green fish contained extremely abundant Origin Energy, so after they ate so much fish, both of them had clearly sensed that their combat strengths were undergoing a change.

Unfortunately, they still didn’t posses a cultivation technique, so they were unable to fully refine and absorb this Origin Energy. Otherwise, the benefits they obtained would be even greater.

Without them realizing, the sky had gradually dimmed down, and the veil of night descended.

Chen Xi awoke from his meditative state and packed up the remaining fish into the violet colored storage treasure that he’d obtained from the Golden Armored Ant King.

After that, both Ming and Chen Xi searched for a secluded spot and dug open an underground space, and then they hid Meng’meng within it before utilizing formations to conceal it completely.

The veil of night had fully suffused the sky when they finished doing all of that, and the nine dark blue moons had silently appeared in the air.


The familiar howls of beasts resounded throughout the boundless Lost World as all the living beings that were lying dormant in every corner of the world had left their nests. They’d started to seize the night to absorb the essence of Origin Energy that was emanated by the nine moons.

On this night, Chen Xi didn’t meditate, nor did he concentrate on researching his incomplete Origin Creation technique. He just hid at the exit to the underground space and observed the surroundings in silence.

He saw King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan in the sky again, and he saw the figures of numerous ferocious beasts in the surroundings as well.

After the veil of night descended, the Lost World was completely different indeed, and it was all caused by the nine dark blue moons that hung in the sky.

They were like the supreme Laws of the Heaven Dao or the Order that maintained the existence of this entire world, and they seemed mysterious and unfathomable.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, if he intended to create a truly complete Origin Creation Technique, then he would definitely form a relationship with those nine moons.

Because the essence of Origin Energy contained within those nine moons were the true key to verify exactly how formidable the Origin Creation Technique was!

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