Chapter 2056 – The Arrival Of Danger

Time flowed by swiftly. In next to no time, half a month had passed.

Chen Xi had been constantly concentrated on his research throughout this period, and he consumed some of the precious treasures they’d plundered from the Violet Armored Ants when he felt exhausted on occasion.

Presently, the various treasures they’d plundered had been divided into 3 portions. One for Chen Xi, one for Ming, and one more for Meng’meng.

Every single portion of those treasures was sufficient to allow Chen Xi and the others to have no need to distract themselves in the near future in order to gather more treasures to improve their strengths.

A month later, Chen Xi who was in a state of concentrated deduction felt a wave of exhaustion surge into his heart, and he instantly swept his hand over to the side.

Chen Xi had placed all the treasures that belonged to him at his side so that it was convenient for him to replenish his physical strength once he was exhausted.

But this time, he’d grabbed nothing.

Chen Xi was stunned for quite some time before he realized that he’d unknowingly consumed all of those treasures.

Of course, besides relieving his exhaustion, the benefits provided by the consumption of those treasure was obvious.

For example, Chen Xi’s current combat strength had already rise from the 9th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm into the Golden Immortal Realm!

If he were to go against the Golden Armored Ant King again at this moment, then it would really be no different than squashing an ant.

The only problem was that even if Chen Xi was provided with even more comparable treasures to consume, it would probably be impossible for Chen Xi’s combat strength to undergo another obvious increase.

It couldn’t be helped, the Origin Energy contained within those treasures couldn’t satisfy Chen Xi’s needs anymore.

All of this caused Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of how merely utilizing external sources of Origin Energy to replenish his own Origin Energy was absolutely like drinking poison to quench thirst.

The important matter at hand was to create a technique that could be utilized to cultivate Origin Energy. Only in that way would he be able to charge into the sky like King Mo Luo, King Jiu Ling, and King Gu Yuan, and swallow the essence of Origin Energy that came from the nine moons in the sky.

Chen Xi had already found out from Meng’meng that the Lost World had three supreme kings.

King Mo Luo was that enormous pitch black flying beast that blotted out the sky and frequently occupied the essence of Origin Energy from three of the moons in the night sky.

At the same time, King Mo Luo was the king of this area, and the Golden Armored Ant King that Chen Xi and Ming killed that day was one of King Mo Luo’s subordinates.

King Jiu Ling was the peerless imposing nine headed lion that seemed as if it was made completely out of gold. Just like King Mo Luo, it controlled an area within the Lost World, and both King Jiu Ling and King Mo Luo stayed clear of each other’s territory.

King Gu Yuan was the enormous and verdant ancient tree that seemed capable of reaching the sky and possessed supreme and vast divine might.

It was the existence that possessed the most unfathomable strength amongst these three kings, and its status was the loftiest. Even King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling were slightly afraid of it.

King Gu Yuan similarly controlled an area in the Lost World. The only difference was that the area it controlled was reputed to be where the Lost World had originated from. It was like a restricted area, and no living being dared to take a step into that area without King Gu Yuan’s permission.

That included King Mo Luo and King Jiu Ling as well!

This clearly showed how extraordinary and terrifying King Gu Yuan’s status in the Lost World was.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, if he wanted to gain a complete understanding of all the sects of the Lost World in order to find a way to escape this place, then he would definitely have to come into contact with these supreme kings of the Lord World. Moreover, it was even to the extent that conflict might arise between them!

So, Chen Xi could only keep a low profile and silently accumulate strength while his combat strength hadn’t arrived at a level that could go against them.

Even though Chen Xi was slightly exhausted, his eyes were extremely bright. Because after concentrating on deduction for over a month, he’d already been able to form a rough outline of this technique he intended to create.

All that was left was to fill in the specifics and details of the cultivation technique. It was a rather tedious process that didn’t tolerate any mistakes, and it would even require some time to be polished.

However, Chen Xi was already very satisfied. He had the rough outline for the technique, and it was equivalent to confirming the framework for a cultivation system. Even though the specifics and details were extremely important, he didn’t have to exhaust too much energy to complete it.

Something worthy of mentioning was that he’d already given a name to this cultivation technique that hadn’t been born — Origin Creation!

It was the unprecedented creation of a technique to cultivate the secrets of Origin Energy, so it was called Origin Creation!

Hmm? Chen Xi suddenly noticed that Ming who was usually standing guard by his side was actually not within the den right now.

Where did she go?

Right at this moment, a wave of light footsteps resounded from afar, and then Ming’s slender and delicate figure walked over slowly.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw Ming arrive, and then he noticed to his surprise that she carried a trace of the aura of slaughter and faintly emanated the smell of blood.

“You seem to have been in a battle?” asked Chen Xi.

“Yes.” Ming sat down casually by his side and nodded. She seemed to be unwilling to stay on this topic and asked. “How is it? Have you made any progress?”

“It’s not bad. I have some ideas already.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Good.” Ming nodded. She seemed to be distracted, and the space between her ink black brows carried a trace of worry that couldn’t be concealed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown, and he said, “Ming, you seem to be keeping something from me?”

Ming was stunned. She seemed to be slightly surprised by Chen Xi’s acute observational abilities, and then she shook her head and said, “It isn’t a big deal. I alone am enough to deal with it.”

As she finished speaking, a wisp of a proud and arrogant expression arose on the corners of her mouth.

However, this was unable to dispel the questions in Chen Xi’s heart. “What exactly happened lately? I’ll truly be unable to rest at ease if you don’t tell me.”

Ming couldn’t help but sigh helplessly and said, “It’s just some minor trouble. Some living beings have started to occasionally appear in this area throughout the last two weeks. They are acting strangely, and they seem to be observing and spying on us….”

Chen Xi’s eyes had narrowed when she spoke up to this point, and he said directly, “Were they sent by King Mo Luo?”

Ming seemed to have expected that Chen Xi would be able to guess the answer, and she just nodded and said, “Yes. I captured and interrogated one of the scouts before I confirmed that it was ordered by King Mo Luo.”

“So, that King Mo Luo intends to avenge the Golden Armored Ant King?” Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something.

“It isn’t that simple.” Ming analyzed seriously and said, “In my opinion, the death of a mere Golden Armored Ant King is far from being sufficient to make King Mo Luo go to war. Perhaps what King Mo Luo cares about is our identity.”

“Our identity?” A flash of understanding appeared in his mind, and then he spoke without thinking. “Because we’re outsiders who don’t belong to this world?”

Ming shook her head and said, “It should be related to that. However, even I’m unable to determine exactly what King Mo Luo’s intentions are.”

Chen Xi nodded. He fell silent for a short while before he said, “No matter what, it’s a potential trouble in the end, and we’re unable to go against King Mo Luo with our current strengths. The consequences would be quite bad if we were to be captured by King Mo Luo.”

Ming said, “That’s exactly what I’m worried about. I’ve already killed over five groups of enemies in the last few days, and I’m afraid even more enemies will arrive successively in the future.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh. “It truly is troublesome.”

As he spoke, he stood up and said, “Looks like we must leave immediately.”

Ming said with astonishment, “Now?”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Our whereabouts have been exposed, and we’ve become a target. It’s too dangerous, so we much move our position. Otherwise, it would be too late once King Mo Luo dispatches an expert.”

Ming thought for a moment and deeply agreed. She said, “What about Meng’meng? If we leave just like that, then it will probably become the target for our enemies to vent their anger.”

“Ask it if it’s willing to leave with us. If it’s unwilling, then we’ll help it look for another safe den. If it’s willing, then tell it that we’ll encounter all sorts of dangers all along the way, and we might even be unable to take care of ourselves. Ask it to be prepared.” Chen Xi pondered deeply before he spoke these words.

Ming nodded before she turned around and went to Meng’meng.

Early in the morning on the next day, Chen Xi led Ming and Meng’meng along as they left the underground den without making a sound.’

Chen Xi intentionally set up numerous traps before they left because they could effectively deter his enemies and buy some time for them.

On the other hand, Meng’meng had actually insisted on going with Chen Xi and Ming after giving it some serious thought. This seriously Chen Xi, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Even though this rabbit’s cultivation is weak, it’s quite loyal, and it’s much better than some human cultivators.


Chen Xi chose a direction and teleported over.

After his combat strength improved to the Golden Immortal Realm, it was sufficient for both Chen Xi and Ming to utilize numerous abilities, and teleportation was one of them.

As for where exactly he intended to head to, even Chen Xi didn’t know the answer to that. But he was very clearly aware that he had to leave this area, otherwise danger would be right behind him.

Three days later, at the underground den that originally belonged to Meng’meng.

A pitch black flying snake whistled over like a ball of baleful wind. Its blood red pupils very icy cold as it stared at the entrance to the den and said. “Has there been no movement from them in the last three days?”

A beast that was shaped like a toad, large like a millstone, and emanated a jade green glow suddenly charged out from within the grass at the side and croaked. “My Lord, I’ve been keeping an eye on this place all day and night, and I really haven’t noticed anything unusual.”

“Strange….” The pitch black flying snake pondered deeply for a moment before it flapped its enormous black wings.

Crack! Crack!

A wave of explosions resounded as it emanated an expanse of terrifying jet black lightning that struck forcefully against the entrance to the den.


A wave of fluctuation suddenly arose in space, and then blazing radiance erupted. Divine radiance that filled the sky had actually arisen from the entrance to the den when the jet black lightning struck it, and it dispersed all the attacks it suffered.

“Hmm?” The flying snake’s pupils constricted before a ruthless expression suddenly flashed through its eyes. It opened its mouth and spat out a strand of jet black light that tore through space as it smashed down.

A wave of rumbling that shook the heavens and the earth resounded, and then the formation Chen Xi had set up at the entrance to the den exploded apart.

When it witnessed this scene, the flying snake didn’t hesitate at all to transformed into a ray of light that charged swiftly into the den.

A short while later, a sharp and cold voice that was filled with fury resounded from the underground den. “BASTARDS! Those two outsiders have fled! Quickly go after them!”

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