Chapter 2055 – Creating A Technique

It was like a mountain of treasures that flowed with divine radiance.

The piece of beast skin that glowed light green and seemed like a piece of silk wasn’t very conspicuous within the mountain of treasures, but it seemed to be extremely unique when compared to the other treasures.

Because there was only a single piece of beast skin throughout the mountain of treasures!

Chen Xi stretched out his hand to take it, and then he unfolded it. The beast skin was around 60cm long and 30cm wide, and its surface was very rough.

When Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto the beast skin, he instantly noticed row after row of strange and twisting symbols. They were scarlet red like blood and were extremely mysterious.

This was a type of character that Chen Xi had never seen in his life, and it was ancient, crude, primitive, and extremely unique.

If Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, then these mysterious characters were definitely a medium unique to the civilization in the Lost World.

What exactly is written on this piece of beast skin? Chen Xi frowned as he thought carefully for a long time, yet he wasn’t able to infer anything.

“Perhaps Meng’meng will recognize these words.” Ming spoke in a low voice from the side. Obviously, she’d noticed all of this as well.

Her words were like enlightenment that struck his mind, and Chen Xi smack himself on the forehead as he stood up to look for Meng’meng. As a living being of the Lost World, the Greater Horned Rabbit, Meng’meng, should definitely be able to recognize these words.

Meng’meng was slightly dazed after it was woken while cultivating, and it quickly came to an understanding after Ming muttered for a while by its ears.

It gazed curiously at the light green beast skin that Chen Xi passed over. Along with the passage of time, its eyes gradually grew wider, and in the end, it was actually excited to the point of ceaselessly shaking its ears and squeaking.

It seemed like it had noticed an extraordinary and unprecedentedly precious treasure.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel even more curious and said, “Ming, what exactly did Meng’meng say?”

At this moment, Ming was slightly unable to maintain her calm as well. Her clear eyes glistened while the expression within them changed indeterminately. After a long time passed, she finally took a deep breath and said, “Meng’meng said that it’s a technique to cultivate Origin Energy!”

Origin Energy? Chen Xi pondered briefly before he came to an understanding. He realized that it was probably another way to address Lost Energy.

But in next to no time, he couldn’t be bothered to think about all of that, and he said with excitement, “A cultivation technique? Is that true?”

Ming nodded and was extremely excited as well.

They had no knowledge of the Lost World before this, and even if they were clearly aware of the existence of ‘Origin Energy’, they were utterly unable to obtain a cultivation technique to absorb it.

So, they could only rely on devouring precious fruits that contained Origin Energy to improve their strengths. Even though such a method wasn’t bad, it wasn’t helpful at all when it came to obtaining an understanding of the Lost World.

Cultivation was the most direct method for cultivators to gain an understanding of the Heaven Dao!

So if Chen Xi and Ming wanted to gain an understanding of the Laws of the Heaven Dao that circulated through the Lost World, then they naturally had to find a method to cultivate this Dao.

Now, such a cultivation technique had appeared before them by chance, so how could they not feel excited?

“Can Meng’meng explain the contents of this beast skin to us?” Chen Xi took a deep breath and recovered his calm.

“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” As she spoke, Ming moved over and started communicating with Meng’meng.

Chen Xi, on the other hand, waited quietly at the side. He had a strong feeling that so long as he was able to discover the keys to cultivating Origin Energy, then he could rely on his experience in cultivation and the various techniques he possessed to draw inferences!

It was even to the extent that he was entirely capable of trying to create a superb technique to cultivate Origin Energy that was made specially for himself.

A few hours later, Ming was slightly stunned after she finished conversing with Meng’meng, and the expression on her face showed that her emotions were changing between being delighted, frustrated, and troubled. It seemed like she’d encountered some sort of problem.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s truly such a strange cultivation technique.” Ming muttered and quickly told Chen Xi about the technique that she’d grasped. “Origin. It begins from the skin, flows through the abyss of flesh and blood, rises into the mind, descends to form the root….”

There were a few thousand words. Every single one of them was obscure and strange to the extreme. Even with Chen Xi’s extraordinary ability of comprehension, he instantly frowned and stared blankly on the spot upon hearing all of it.

Chen Xi muttered after a long time passed. “It really is strange.”

“According to my deduction, this cultivation utilizes Origin Energy at its core, and its path of cultivation starts from the flesh and blood, then the tendons and bones, apertures, soul, heart, and so on and so forth. It practically covered all sorts of cultivation systems like body refinement, qi refinement, tempering of the soul, tempering of the heart, and various others.” Ming had a serious and concentrated expression as she spoke slowly. “Logically speaking, no technique in the world is capable of accomplishing this, and it’s even to the extent that there would be many conflicting aspects. For example, the strength of the body is absolutely unable to merge with the energy of qi refinement. Another example would be how cultivating the energy of the soul would conflict with the energy of the Dao Heart.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “In short, I suspect that it’s probably very likely that we will suffer qi deviation if we cultivate according to this technique!”

Ming wasn’t wrong. Chen Xi had similar doubts as well, but he had other views as well.

“Ming, do you remember the Origin Energy we absorbed upon eating those precious fruits?” asked Chen Xi.

“Of course I do. The Origin Energy was utterly unable to merge with the energy that we possessed before this, but it didn’t conflict with the energy we originally possessed as well.” Ming spoke without the slightest hesitation.

“Exactly. You should still remember that the Origin Energy we absorbed hadn’t just tempered our flesh, blood, skin, tendons, bones, and apertures; it even nurtured our souls, tempered our Dao Hearts, and flowed throughout the region within our bodies.” Chen Xi gave it deep thought before he said, “Based on this, while Origin Energy is different from the energy we originally possessed, it encompasses everything and is compatible with all. Perhaps it’s precisely this characteristic that allows this cultivation technique for Origin Energy to be completely different from anything we’ve known in the past.

Ming’s eyes lit up. “You’re saying that there’s nothing wrong with this cultivation technique?”

Chen Xi nodded. “Yes.”

However, he shook his head right after and said, “But I’m sure that this cultivation technique isn’t suitable for us. Even Meng’meng can’t cultivate it.”

Ming was puzzled. “Why?”

Chen Xi said, “It’s very simple. I dissected the corpses of those Violet Armored Ants, and I possess a thorough knowledge of their internal structure. Earlier, I compared the internal structure of their bodies with this cultivation technique, and I noticed that it was a cultivation technique made for them! The pathways of circulation described in the technique only conform flawlessly to the bodies of the Violet Armored Ants.”

Ming immediately came to an understanding and said, “This means that if other living beings were to try and cultivate this technique, then it would definitely cause conflict within their bodies?”

Chen Xi nodded.

Ming couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. “Doesn’t this mean that this cultivation technique is completely worthless to us?”

Chen Xi was smiling at this moment instead, and his smile was very thought provoking. “No, it’s enough so long as we know the key to cultivating Origin Energy!”

“What do you mean?” Ming was stunned.

“We can utilize the profundities contained within this technique to create a cultivation technique suitable for us!” Chen Xi’s eyes burned with anticipation, and he seemed extremely confident.

Ming seemed to have been suddenly enlightened as well, and she said, “Right, that’s not a bad idea.”

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to act immediately, and he never left the den again after that.

He concentrated all his attention onto deducing and creating a cultivation technique for Origin Energy, and he didn’t slack off at all.

Ming originally intended to do the same. However, when she found out that Chen Xi possessed an ability of deduction that far surpassed her and various unprecedentedly rare cultivation techniques, she immediately gave up on this and started to concentrate on being Chen Xi’s guard instead.

Reality was indeed so. After all, just the cultivation techniques Chen Xi possessed throughout his path of cultivation could be said to be innumerable.

Not to mention that he even possessed the inheritances of the Shaman Era, the Martial Era, and the Illusion Era!

The inheritance of every single era contained a complete and vast cultivation system and various cultivation techniques.

Coupled with the fact that Chen Xi was from Oracle Mountain and was skilled in deducing in the Talisman Dao, under such circumstances, Chen Xi was definitely the most suitable candidate to create a completely new cultivation technique because the resources and reserves he’d accumulated had long since arrived at an unprecedented height!

However, even if he was confident in his ability to create a completely new cultivation technique, Chen Xi didn’t dare allow himself to be careless in the slightest.

A completely new cultivation technique represented a completely new path to seek the Grand Dao. Once even a trace of a mistake had appeared on such a path, then it would definitely cause one to take the wrong path, suffer from qi deviation, and face the risk of death!

No one was able to bear such consequences.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, since he intended to create a completely new method of cultivation, then he had to make it flawless and to the best of his ability. Only then could he guarantee that there would be no latent troubles within this path of cultivation!

It was precisely because of such considerations that Chen Xi hadn’t acted impatiently. He started to refer to the various cultivation systems and cultivation techniques that he possessed, and then he combined them with the characteristics of Origin Energy before he started deducting and searching incessantly for the most perfect method.

This was absolutely the greatest test Chen Xi had faced since he started cultivating, and it was also a way of learning that he’d never tried in the past.

He wasn’t aware that his actions were related to secrets that was like a supreme taboo, and if it was in the outside world, then he would have probably suffered a calamity sent by the Heaven Dao!

The reason was very simple. A completely new method of cultivation represented a completely new cultivations system and a completely new path towards the Dao. Once he succeeded, then it would probably overturn the order of the entire world, and it would destroy the current Laws of the heavens and the earth!

It was like acting as a God of Creation and creating a completely new Law of cultivation, so it was obvious how huge a taboo it was!

However, Chen Xi wasn’t aware of the overall effect all of this would cause. All he sought was merely to cultivate Origin Energy, comprehend Origin Energy, and understand Origin Energy so that he could accomplish his goal of escaping the Lost World.

Could a butterfly flapping its wings cause an unprecedented storm to arise in the future?

No one knew the answer to that.[1]

1. Author is referring to the Butterfly Effect.

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