Chapter 2054 – The Spoils

The Golden Armored Ant King stood proudly above the stone steps within the spacious hall, and its icy cold eyes were looking down at Chen Xi and Ming from afar while it emanated an arrogant and imposing aura.

Obviously, it was the main area of the Violet Armored Ants’ nest, and they just had to kill the Golden Armored Ant King before they could take possession of all the treasures the Violet Armored Ants had plundered over the years.

Chen Xi and Ming naturally didn’t intend to give up on such a chance, and they were completely unafraid even if the Golden Armored Ant King possessed a combat strength comparable to a Heavenly Immortal.

It was even to the extent that if they were in the outside world, then a single thought of theirs would be sufficient to crush the Golden Armored Ant King with ease.

“I’ll refine an even stronger pike for you once we kill it.” Chen Xi spoke casually as he strode towards the hall.

“Then I’ll thank you in advance.” Ming nodded and strode by Chen Xi’s side.

They seemed to have completely disregarded the Golden Armored Ant King, and they seemed exceptionally calm and composed. Strangely, the Golden Armored Ant King didn’t launch another attack as well.

Its pupils were suffused with a gorgeous glow, and it watched coldly as Chen Xi and Ming walked over. It was unknown exactly what it was thinking.

Living beings like the Golden Armored Ant King possessed shocking intelligence and a clear line of thought. So, Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when it acted so unusually.

Right at this moment, the ant king suddenly opened its mouth. Its voice was sharp and hoarse like two pieces of metal were being rubbed against each other, and it was indescribably obscure and strange to the extreme.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be puzzled, and he said, “Do you understand it?”

Ming pondered for a short while and spoke with slight uncertainty. “It seems to be saying that it has discerned that we’re outsiders who don’t belong to this world.”

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he felt slight disbelief.

Meanwhile, the ant king spoke once more. It emanated a string of obscure and strange sounds while the glow in its eyes grew even more brilliant.

Chen Xi didn’t have to ask again this time as Ming swiftly said, “It said that if we submit and take it as our master, then I’ll let us go. Otherwise….”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Otherwise it’ll kill us?”

Ming nodded.

“Haha! How boastful of him.” Chen Xi laughed coldly.


Chen Xi raised Violet Sunset and pointed it towards the ant king from afar.

Obviously, this was the most direct method to declare war against the ant king.

This scene seemed to have infuriated the ant king, and a loud howl suddenly resounded from it while violet light seethed from its entire body. Moreover, killing intent surged from it and threw this expanse of space into chaos.

“It… is saying that we’re courting death!” Ming seemed to have understood the ant king, and a wisp of anger had appeared on her beautiful and cold face.


Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to continue listening. He flashed over like a bolt of lightning while holding Violet Sunset in his hand, and he shot towards the ant king.


At practically the exact same moment, the ant king had attacked ferociously as well. Its front limbs were like peerless weapons that were made from gold, and they tore through space as it entered into intense battle with Chen Xi.

For a time, the hall started to tremble violently. Its walls collapsed while the ground cracked apart, and a terrifying aftershock from the battle swept out and seemed to be on the verge of destroying this place.

Chen Xi shouted. “Ming, quickly join in and help me finish it off as soon as possible. The greater the commotion we cause, the more disadvantageous it would be for us!”


Chen Xi had only just finished speaking when Ming had acted. Her figure flashed over swiftly while she formed seals with her hands, and it condensed dazzling light green radiance as she launched a pincer attack against the Golden Armored Ant King with Chen Xi.


The ant king roared while it emanated peerless divine might. Its front limbs were like blades that could split the heavens as they were waved about, and the power that revealed actually caused Chen Xi to find it difficult to approach the ant king.

However, Chen Xi acutely noticed that this beast’s methods of combat were very rough, and it had practically no knowledge of any formidable combat techniques. It was merely relying on brute force to fight him.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be puzzled by this. Could it be that the cultivation system in the Lost World hasn’t formed into a complete inheritance?


While he thought about all of this, Chen Xi’s movements weren’t any slower, and he fully utilized his combat techniques and Sword Dao to their limits.

Even though he was unable to release the might of his Sword Dao, merely the techniques he possessed in it were capable of revealing extremely shocking destructive force when combined with Lost Energy.

In merely a short period of time, he’d relied on various techniques in combat to obtain an absolute advantage over the ant king, and coupled with Ming’s assistance, Chen Xi had gradually started to suppress the ant king.

The ant king had clearly realized this as well, so it instantly became agitated, and it started to roar repeatedly while its attacks grew even more violent.

But the more it acted in this way, the more flaws it revealed, allowing Chen Xi to have an easier time against it.


It wasn’t long before Chen Xi seized an opportunity. His sword was like a torrent that chopped down onto a joint on the ant king’s back, and it ripped open a crack there and made blood surge out.

On the other hand, the ant king’s enormous figure was blasted flying as well, and it blasted a hole open in the stone wall.


Ming seized this opportunity to flash over. She seemed like she was embracing the world as she condensed an ancient seal, and it carried blazing light as it smashed forcefully onto the ant king’s head.


Its solid head that seemed as if it was made of gold had actually been dented by this strike. The ant king’s facial features were smashed apart from the impact of this attack, and it caused the ant king to seem extremely miserable and ferocious.

But even then, its ferocity didn’t reduce at all, and it howled while intended to charge out from this encirclement.

How could Chen Xi allow it to succeed? Chen Xi’s imposing aura grew even sharper and fiercer as he forcefully suppressed the ant king and didn’t give it a chance to catch its breath.

On the other hand, Ming seized this opportunity to attack incessantly. In a short period of just over 10 breaths of time, they’d already covered the ant king in wounds, and its shell was dim, lusterless, and seemingly on the verge of collapse.

“Kill!” Chen Xi howled fiercely as he intended to kill the ant king right now.

But right at this moment, the ant king had actually suddenly emanated an obscure and anxious sharp cry. This cry caused Ming’s expression to change slightly, and she was just about to stop Chen Xi, but it was already too late.


Chen Xi’s sword pierced through the ant king’s head, causing its figure to stiffen before it crashed lifelessly to the ground.

“You….” Ming was slightly stunned. It seemed like killing the ant king wasn’t able to bring even a trace of joy to her, and she was slightly filled with worry instead.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Xi acutely noticed it, and he couldn’t help but feel bewildered.

Ming puckered her lips and said, “It said that we wouldn’t be able to live long even if we kill it.”

Chen Xi said lightheartedly. “It was just exaggerating to scare us.”

“No.” Ming said seriously, “It said that our appearance has already drawn the attention of this area’s ruler, King Mo Luo!”

King Mo Luo? Only now did Chen Xi’s expression turn serious as he said, “Who is that?”

Ming shook her head and sighed. “I’d originally intended to spare him for now and ask about the specifics, but I was too late.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said, “Looks like I messed things up.”

Ming glanced at Chen Xi and said, “It isn’t your fault. It’s fine if it’s dead. We can ask Meng’meng if she knows King Mo Luo once we get back.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he changed the topic. “Now that the Golden Armored Ant King is dead, it’s time to gather the spoils of the battle. I’m slightly impatient already.”

“Then let’s begin.” Ming chuckled.

Hmm? After searching for a long time in this spacious hall that had been reduced to ruins now, Chen Xi actually hadn’t found a single treasure, and he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned by this.

“There actually isn’t a single treasure in the entire nest?” Ming was puzzled as well.

“At the very least, this fellow’s corpse is a very good treasure, and it’s sufficient for me to refine a superior pike for you.” Chen Xi sighed while he headed over to the ant king’s corpse.


As he spoke, he swung his sword and chopped the ant king’s corpse apart and carefully severed its limbs. Chen Xi was just about to move away when his gaze inadvertently noticed that there was actually a fist sized pearl which was completely suffused by violet mist at the stomach area of the ant king’s corpse.

Chen Xi picked it up and sized it up briefly before he roughly determined that it was a treasure, and it wasn’t part of the ant king’s body.


Chen Xi tried pouring a strand of Lost Energy into it, and then a space instantly appeared within his sea of consciousness. All sorts of treasures were piled up into a mountain within the space. There were precious fruits, all sorts of herbs, and there was even no lack of materials for equipment refinement. They formed a dense mass that glowed extremely brilliantly.

This is actually a storage treasure. Chen Xi was stunned, and then he immediately felt delighted in his heart. Because such a treasure was simply priceless in the Lost World.

Most importantly, Chen Xi was finally sure that all the treasures gathered by the Violet Armored Ant Army had been surprisingly stored within this storage treasure!

“The spoils aren’t bad. We didn’t come here for nothing.” Chen Xi chuckled and told Ming about his discovery.

Ming spoke swiftly. “Then let’s leave quickly. We made such a huge commotion here, so I’m afraid something unexpected might occur.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

As they spoke, the two of them didn’t hesitate to flash out of the nest.


Not long after Chen Xi and Ming had left the mound which acted as the Violet Armored Ant army’s nest, a black figure had suddenly flown over from extremely far away in the distance.

Surprisingly, it was a snake type beast that was around the thickness of a thumb, completely densely covered in pitch black scales, and had a pair of blood red fangs.

The most surprising feature it had was actually a pair of pitch black wings. They were like the wings of a bat, and they covered an area of over 40m.

The pitch black flying snake circled around in the air above the mound for a long time. In the end, a gloomy and cold howl resounded from within its mouth, and then it soared swiftly into the air and left.

If Ming were here, she would definitely be able to discern the meaning of that howl. Surprisingly, it meant — ‘no matter who you are, King Mo Luo will definitely not forgive you for cruelly murdering Jin Jia!’.

At the underground den.

Chen Xi and Ming started to sort the spoils as soon as they returned here.

There were too many treasures, and they were piled up into a small hill that covered an area of over 30m. So, the entire den was covered in the brilliant glow of treasures.

“Now, we can take out time before heading out to act again….” Chen Xi muttered.

“Wait. We have to split a portion for Meng’meng. Don’t forget about that.” Ming reminded.

“How could I dare?” Chen Xi chuckled. As he spoke, his eyes suddenly narrowed while his attention was drawn over by a piece of beast skin amidst the pile. The beast skin was like a piece of silk, and it emanated a light green glow.

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