Chapter 2053 – Golden Armored Ant King

Early in the morning on the next day, once the veil of night had lifted and the nine moons in the sky had been concealed along with it, all the living beings throughout the Lost World had once more entered into a dormant state.


A sword howl resounded from the underground den, and it carried a sharp and fierce aura.

Chen Xi placed the completed sword in front of himself as he scanned it carefully.

The sword was 1 meter and 4 inches long, two fingers wide, completely covered in dense talisman markings, and emanated dark violet colored ripples of light.

When Chen Xi poured a strand of Lost Energy into it, it was instantly enshrouded by a violet glow while talisman markings flowed throughout it, and an extremely sharp and dazzling radiance of the sword shot from the blade of this sword. The radiance sliced space apart to the point it hissing sounds resounded from it.

Fortunately, it’s sufficient to be used for some time…. Chen Xi nodded, and then he immediately gave the sword a name — Violet Sunset.

“Are we leaving?” Ming walked over. She had a slender figure, shoulders that seemed as if they were carved, and a slender waist that seemed as if it was bound. She wore tight black clothes while her dense jet black hair was coiled into a bun behind her head, and she carried a dark violet pike on her back. Coupled with a drop dead gorgeous yet aloof and cold appearance, it made her seem extremely heroic and valiant.

“We have to wait a little while longer.” Chen Xi stood up and directly led Ming out of the den. After that, he turned around and said, “It’s too dangerous to leave Meng’meng alone here, so I intend to set up a defensive formation for it.”

Chen Xi started to act while he spoke. He withdrew some materials he’d refined earlier, and then he started to concentrate on setting up a formation outside the entrance to the cave.

He’s crafted these materials from the front limbs of those Violet Armored Ants as well, and they were filled with traces of Lost Energy.

Even though he was unable to utilize the energy of the Talisman Dao in this world, the ability in talisman formations that Chen Xi possessed was still capable of setting up trap-like formations.

Of course, its might couldn’t be said to be very formidable, but it could be utilized as a way of providing warning. So, if anything unexpected occurred, then Meng’meng could flee and escape in advance.

Ming was slightly surprised when she saw that Chen Xi had made such comprehensive preparation, and a wisp of a gentle smile couldn’t help but flash on the corners of her mouth.

After a short while passed, Chen Xi let out a long breath of air before he smiled and said, “Alright, we can set out now.”

Ming asked. “Do you know where the nest of those Violet Armored Ants is?”

A wisp of a smile that carried deep meaning arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “After I killed so many Violet Armored Ants, their aura has already been branded within my heart, and I just have to follow the leads I possess in order to locate them.”

“Come with me.” Chen Xi’s figure flashed towards the distance.

“This fellow is really meticulous and has taken every possibility into account….” Ming muttered, and then she stopped hesitating and chased after him.

Two hours later.


Chen Xi’s figure stopped amidst a luxuriant expanse of grass, and a mound of earth that rose high up into the air could be seen not too far away.

The mound was around 300m tall, comparable to a mountain, and it was completely dark while faintly suffused by a wisp of dark violet color.

Obviously, it wasn’t a natural mound of earth, and it had been constructed instead. When looked at from afar, it seemed like a fort that was impregnable and unshakeable.

A deep and dark passageway had been established below the mound while two enormous Violet Armored Ants that seemed as if they were made from iron were at its sides.

They were like loyal guards that were guarding the passageway.

“It’s here.” Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent arose in his eyes.

“Meng’meng said that the army of Violet Armored Ants is made up of over a thousand, and a Golden Armored Ant King leads them. This army of ants has plundered the surrounding area throughout these years and has committed all sorts of atrocities. It has plundered countless treasures without restraint, and it can be said to be infamous and harmful existence here.” Ming took a deep breath and said, “In this way, we can be considered to be upholding justice for the heavens by annihilating them.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “No, we’re here to take from them. I’m really interested in the treasures they’ve plundered.”

Ming couldn’t help but chuckle, and she said seriously, “Me too.”

Ming had slowly started to smile more recently, and she wasn’t so aloof and upset like she had been in the past.

“Let’s go!” Chen Xi’s figure flashed soundlessly. He moved through the dense grass like a shadow, and he instantly arrived below the mound.

However, Chen Xi was surprised to find that the two Violet Armored Ants were extremely vigilant, and they’d noticed him as soon as he arrived there.

They swiftly waved their front limbs that were like blades, and they pounced ferociously at Chen Xi.


At practically the exact same moment, a light violet shadow of a sword flashed.

After that, two bangs resounded as their heads were instantly slashed apart with ease as if they were made of paper.

Presently, Chen Xi possessed a combat strength comparable to a 9th level Earthly Immortal and coupled with the assistance provided by Violet Sunset, annihilating these Violet Armored Ants was naturally as easy as flipping his palm.

“Beautiful.” Ming moved forward and glanced at Chen Xi with surprise. She was very clearly aware that Chen Xi’s combat strength was extraordinary, but she hadn’t imagined that it would be so lethal and straightforward to the point he hadn’t wasted any unnecessary physical strength.

Obviously, such a style in battle had definitely been tempered through numerous bloody battles and trials of life and death.

“But I’ve still alarmed them.” Chen Xi shrugged helplessly.


Sure enough, a wave of rumbling had suddenly resounded from the depths of the passageway as soon as Chen Xi spoke, and then countless sharp howls swept over like a tide.

It was like an army was charging out from the depths of the passageway, and they were extremely menacing and terrifying.

“Since it’s like that, then let’s just kill our way in.” Ming was even more decisive than Chen Xi. She raised her hand to draw the violet pike on her back, and then her figure shot forward like a bolt of lightning as she charged into the passageway.


A wave of extremely intense sounds of collision resounded from within the passageway, and it was accompanied by broken limbs and shrill cries of misery.

Looks like she isn’t willing to just watch as well…. Chen Xi smiled, and then he charged into the passageway with Violet Sunset in hand.

The mound that was like a small hill was the Violet Armored Ant’s nest. So, as soon as he entered into the passageway, Chen Xi saw dense groups of Violet Armored Ants surging out like tidewater from its depths.

They howled as they waved their sharp front limbs and charged forward without a shred of fear. They were like a torrent of armor that emanated a peerless imposing aura.

Every single one of them was comparable to a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, so the scene when they attacked at once was rather shocking.

However, all of this wasn’t threatening to Ming and Chen Xi.

When he charged into the passageway, he saw Ming standing by herself at the center of the passageway, and her pike carried a monstrous aura of slaughter and actually blocked off all the attacks against her.

She really seemed like a one man army!

Moreover, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with praise as he gazed at the valiant and heroic bearing that she revealed.

Ming seemed to have noticed Chen Xi was sizing her up from behind, and it caused a trace restlessness to arise in her heart. Moreover, she felt slightly uncomfortable, so she couldn’t help but curse at him. “What are you looking at? Quickly get over here and charge forward with me!”

“I’m coming right now.” Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly before he charged over.


A single slash of his sword immediately slashed apart the bodies of over 10 enormous Violet Armored Ants that had charged at him, and they were transformed into pieces that shot towards the surroundings.

The aftershock from his attack swept out, and it blasted some of the ants at the back to the point they were thrown into disorder.


Ming’s desire to excel seemed to have been aroused when she witnessed this scene, and her pike carried surging violet light as it surged like a bolt of lightning and rumbled as it swept horizontally.

In an instant, all the Violet Armored Ants in an area of over 60m ahead had been blasted into pieces, and their bodies were transformed into a rain of light that was obliterated into nothingness.

“Amazing.” Chen Xi praised.

“You’re pretty good yourself.” A wisp of pride arose on the corners of her mouth.

After that, they exchanged glances and smiled at each other. There was practically no need for words between them as they charged into the depths of the winding passageway.

Even though the two of them weren’t competing openly, they were still competing with each other as both weren’t convinced of the other’s superiority. They fully transformed their combat strengths into fierce and lethal moves, and they charged forward incessantly amidst the Violet Armored Ants that surged over without end.

Everywhere they passed, they were simply all-powerful, and none could go against them!

This made those Violet Armored Ants suffer. They’d merely just charged out when they seemed like vegetables on the field that were mercilessly reaped in batches.

15 minutes later….


Ming waved her pike and annihilated a few more Violet Armored Ants that charged at her, and she was just about to continue slaughtering yet she noticed to her shock that the area in front of her was completely empty. There wasn’t another enemy left.

She couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied by this, and said, “After that old geezer Xu Tuo pursued us, it has been a very long time since I’ve fought like this to my heart’s content.”

Chen Xi sighed with emotion. “Me too.”


Before his voice could even finish resounding through the air, a wisp of dazzling golden light had suddenly shot over explosively. It was peerlessly dazzling, and it even slashed the air along its path into pieces. It was an extremely shocking sight.


Ming raised her pike to block it instinctively. A terrifying explosion resounded from the collision between them, and then Ming’s pike actually exploded into pieces while she was blasted a few steps backward.


Another strand of dazzling golden light shot over explosively before Ming could even react, and it whistled horrifyingly through the air.


Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly while Violet Sunset swept out from his hand. It formed a completely round sword vortex that collided with that strand of golden light, and it created an extremely ear piercing sound of collision while a rain of light sprayed towards the surroundings.


The wisp of golden light lost in the end, and it exploded into pieces while Chen Xi’s figure merely shook.

“I’m still inferior to you.” Ming sighed from the side.

“It occurred too suddenly. You were just caught off guard.” Chen Xi spoke casually. As he spoke, a strand of shocking cold light had shot out from his deep gaze, and it looked swiftly towards the depths of the passageway.

There was a spacious hall that covered an area of over 30km standing there. The stone walls of the hall were studded with numerous bright crimson red pearls that illuminated the entire hall.

At this moment, the hall was completely empty. There was only a mighty violet ant that was completely golden and covered in strands of violet light on the top of the stone steps at the end of the hall.

It just resided there like a king while emanating an arrogant and icy cold aura of superiority.

Obviously, it was the leader of the Violet Armored Ants, the Golden Armored Ant King!

Moreover, the golden light that shattered Ming’s pike had definitely been executed by it!

“Wow! Its aura is actually comparable to a Heavenly Immortal.” Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

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