Chapter 2052 – Equipment Refinement


Chen Xi raised the Violet Armored Ant’s front limb in his hand, and it felt like he was holding a sharp halberd that was over 3m long, and its strength was countless times greater than the wooden spear!

He didn’t hesitate to hold it with both hands and swing it like a halberd. Light green sharp radiance shot out from within it while it provided an obvious improvement to Chen Xi’s combat strength.


In an instant, he’d broken open the outer armor of one of the ants and forcefully chopped it into two.

This undoubtedly proved that front limb of a Violet Armored Ant that he held in his hand was sufficient to break through their extremely strong defenses with ease!

In Chen Xi’s opinion, these Violet Armored Ants were simply ants once they lost their defenses.

After that, he was like a ferocious tiger that had escaped its cage, and he rampaged through their ranks and relied on his peerless techniques in combat to forcefully slaughter open a path of blood.

He simply seemed all-powerful, and he didn’t suffer any further obstruction at all.

Blood sprayed through the air while rumbling from collisions and explosions resounded throughout the surroundings while accompanied by the sharp howls of the Violet Armored Ants that they emanated before death.

This proved that how important a suitable weapon was. Just like this very moment, it had allowed Chen Xi to start turning the situation around!

A quarter of an hour later, an area of 50km in the surroundings was covered in a mess. Blood was scattered all over the ground while corpses covered it, and there wasn’t a single intact Violet Armored Ant here.

The dense and pungent smell of blood still lingered in the air while Chen Xi sat on the ground and gasped for breath.

In the past, he wouldn’t feel even a shred of exhaustion after fighting for three days and three nights. Yet now, he was unable to utilize the energy of his Dao Heart, so his physical strength was naturally unable to support him for long periods of battle.

Fortunately, his enemies had been completely annihilated. At the very least, they were safe for now.

Ming walked over and sized Chen Xi up from top to bottom, and then she said, “Are you alright?”

Chen Xi shrugged and said, “I’m fine.”

As he spoke, he pointed towards the distance and said, “Quickly seize this opportunity to gather the Blaze Nectar fruits, and then we’ll leave quickly. The commotion from the battle just now has probably drawn the attention of many.”

Ming nodded, and then she turned around and left.

It wasn’t long before Ming presented five scarlet red, crystalline, and glistening Blaze Nectar fruits to him, and Chen Xi shoved all of them into his mouth without the slightest hesitation.


A strand of powerful Lost Energy transformed into a warm surging torrent that surged through Chen Xi’s entire body. The Lost Energy was so pure, thick, and powerful that Chen Xi almost moaned from the comfortable feeling he felt.

At the same time, he was able to sense that his strength had undergone an obvious increase. It broke through incessantly, and it had actually risen to a state comparable to a 9th level Earthly Immortal in a short period of a few breaths of time. He was only a step away from possessing strength comparable to a Heavenly Immortal!

If it was in the outside world, then such a terrifying speed of advancement would definitely horrify all the cultivators in the world.

However, it was nothing in Chen Xi’s opinion. Because he’d attained the Region Lord Realm a long time ago, and his foundation in the Dao was extremely solid. His resources and reserves were so deep that he didn’t face any barriers when he broke through, and he merely required sufficient Lost Energy before his combat strength would rise continuously without end!

At the same time, Ming had swallowed the five fruits as well, and her combat strength had undergone a tremendous transformation just like Chen Xi.

Only Meng’meng held the fruits carefully in her mouth and hadn’t consumed them.

Unlike Chen Xi and Ming, Meng’meng was a living being from the Lost World itself, and her cultivation was merely comparable to the Rebirth Realm. So, the energy contained within these fruits was too enormous, and she didn’t dare swallow it rashly.

Chen Xi stood up and started to clear the battlefield. He broke off all the front limbs of those Violet Armored Ants because they were treasures that could be refined into weapons.

After that, he used leaves to form a rope, and he tied up all these extremely sharp treasures and carried them on his back. After that, he left with Ming and Meng’meng without any further delay.

Not long after Chen Xi’s group had left, numerous ferocious beasts had appeared at the battlefield. Some were shaped like a deer with the mouth of a dragon and the eyes of a lion, causing them to seem extremely ferocious; some were like centipedes yet had limbs which seemed like blades and spears…. There were all sorts of beasts amongst them, and not a single one of them was a living being that could be seen in the outside world.

They hadn’t entered into conflict after arriving here. They started scanning the battlefield carefully, and then they left silently after a long time passed.

It was like all of this hadn’t happened at all.

It was already night when Chen Xi’s group returned to Meng’meng’s underground den.

As soon as they got back, Meng’meng swallowed a Blaze Nectar fruit impatiently, and then it laid silently there as if it had fallen into a strange state of cultivation.

Chen Xi, on the other hand, started to utilize the equipment refinement techniques he possessed, and he prepared the front limbs of the Violet Armored Ants before he refined them into dark violet colored material.

Ming sat at the side while she watched quietly. Her beautiful face was covered in a tranquil expression, and she seemed to really enjoy such a rare peaceful atmosphere.

Ming suddenly asked. “What do you think would happen if we don’t leave this place?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he didn’t stop what he was doing while he said casually, “Perhaps we’ll be able to fully comprehend the secrets of the Lost World in the future and grasp the unique Laws of the Heaven Dao of this world. So, we wouldn’t have to worry about surviving any longer.”

Ming continued. “Then would you think of staying here?”

As she spoke, her clear eyes stared fixedly at Chen Xi as if this question was extremely important to her.

Chen Xi remained silent for a moment before he chuckled and said, “Why do you ask this? Could it be that you’ve taken a liking to this place?”

Ming puckered her lips and sighed faintly. “I’ve been wandering for an entire era of time, and I don’t want to continue wandering anymore.”

Chen Xi’s expression became solemn as he stopped what he was doing. He pondered deeply for a moment before he turned his head to gaze at Ming, and then he said seriously, “Could it be that you don’t intend to search for the Ultimate Path towards the Dao and return to the 8th era through the eternal cycle of Samsara?”

Chen Xi continued what he was doing before Ming could give him an answer, and he prepared the materials while he said, “That’s the objective you’ve been pursuing your whole life, and it’s your home. Even if you’re unwilling to continue drifting, you should make this decision when the time comes, and not now or at this place.”

Ming was stunned, and then she said, “What about you?”

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all. “I must leave this place. My parents, sect, friends, and relatives are all in the outside world. It’s impossible for me to abandon them and stay here by myself.”

Ming seemed to be flagging with interest when she heard this, and then she stood up while she said, “Perhaps you’re right. I’m going to take a look at Meng’meng.”

“Wait.” Chen Xi stopped her and asked. “What sort of weapon do you require?”

“A pike. 4.5m long, 3 fingers wide, with a tip that’s shaped like a crescent. It’s best if both its edges are very sharp.” Ming didn’t even turn around as she answered him.

“Alright.” Chen Xi smiled and agreed.

The veil of night descended.

Nine dark blue and mysterious moons once again hung in the sky while distributed according to the positions of the nine palaces.

After that, waves of beast roars and howls resounded through the boundless night sky. Those living beings that were lying dormant throughout the day in the Lost World had once again seized the time when the veil of night had descended to emerge from their dens and start to repeat their endless cycle of cultivation.

Chen Xi hadn’t left the underground den. He was very interested in the energy emanated by the nine dark blue moons, but he would absolutely not act right away.

Because he was still unable to discover a true cultivation technique to absorb Lost Energy, and he could only rely on precious fruits to replenish the Lost Energy within him and serve as his path of cultivation here.

Ming hadn’t left as well. She sat there by herself while seeming to be pondering about something that weighed down on her heart, and she didn’t move at all for a long time.

As for Meng’meng the Greater Horned Rabbit, it had been constantly cultivating since it consumed a Blaze Nectar fruit, and it seemed very quiet.

Chen Xi had finally finished refining a pike suitable to Ming when it was already late in the night.

The pike was completely dark violet in color. Its tip was sharp and shaped like a crescent. Moreover, Chen Xi had inscribed some dense and complicated talisman formation on the pike’s body, causing it to be enshrouded by a mysterious aura.


Chen Xi tested the pike, and it instantly emanated a clear and resounding howl while dark violet light rippled out from the entire pike. It was sharp and murderous, and it seemed to have awakened from a deep slumber and possessed shocking spirit.

Chen Xi nodded with satisfaction. The materials utilized on this pike were extremely simple, and it was forged from the melted front limbs of 36 Violet Armored Ants. On the other hand, Chen Xi had utilized Lost Energy to support the equipment refinement technique he used, and it made the pike completely unlike any other treasure in the outside world.

One couldn’t say which was better, but at the very least, the pike could display extremely shocking might when utilized with the Lost Energy within them.

“It looks pretty good.” Ming had suddenly arrived here, and her clear eyes stared at the pike while she spoke in a light voice.

“Give it a try to see if it’s suits you.” Chen Xi smiled as he passed it over.

Ming held it in her hand and sensed it for a moment before she put it away. She said, “It’s much better than I expected. Thank you.”

“As long as you’re satisfied.” Chen Xi smiled, and then he started refining a sword for himself.

Ming sat down casually at the side and asked. “Do you have a plan for what to do next?”

Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “Our strength is still insufficient right now. I intend to make this place our temporary residence and concentrate on finding a method to absorb Lost Energy. It wouldn’t be too late to leave once we possess strength comparable to an expert at the Godrank Realm.”

“But… there aren’t many precious treasures like the Blaze Nectar fruit in our vicinity.” Ming frowned.

“We’ll wipe out the Violet Armored Ant’s nest early in the morning tomorrow. I refuse to believe that we wouldn’t be able to gather some precious treasures from them.” Chen Xi seemed to be prepared, and she smiled as he said, “Once we’re done with that, we’ll head to other places. The Lost World is so huge, so there are definitely numerous undiscovered treasures hidden within it.”

Ming nodded. “Alright. But….”

“But what?” Chen Xi was bewildered.

Ming spoke seriously. “But we have to give Meng’meng a share of everything we gather. We’re staying at its den, so we can’t treat it unfairly.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled and shrugged. “Then we’ll do as you said. It wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway.”

Ming said, “Thank you.”

She was very well aware that the reason Chen Xi had agreed was entirely because of her.

Chen Xi glanced at her, smiled, and didn’t say anything before he continued to concentrate of refining a weapon for himself.

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