Chapter 2051 – Violet Armored Ants

After they walked out of the den, their fields of vision immediately brightened. The sky was bright and beautiful, the grass and weeds were like a boundless ocean of verdant while waves of refreshing breezes brushed past their faces. The entire scene was picturesque.


Chen Xi tried to fly. He instantly charged up over 30m above the ground but going further up was beyond his power.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised and bewildered by this scene. Because if it was in the Mortal Dimension, then his strength which was comparable to the Nether Transformation Realm would be sufficient to fly through the world.

However, such strength was merely sufficient to fly over 30m above the grass in the Lost World, and it was like an invisible layer restrain formed from the energy of the Laws resided before him, and it was impossible for him to break through it and go higher right now.

Looks like the ability to fly can be utilized as a standard to judge combat strength in the Lost World. Obviously, the higher one is able to fly, the stronger that existence’s combat strength is…. Chen Xi pondered in his heart, and then he suddenly recalled the verdant ancient tree, the nine headed golden lion, and the enormous pitch black flying beast from last night.

They’d soared into the air and resided beneath the sky while absorbing the Lost Energy emanated by the nine moons. All of them possessed extremely formidable auras, and they were like the three supreme kings of the Lost World.

“Meng’meng, you lead the way.” Ming sat cross-legged on the Greater Horned Rabbit’s back and was directing it forward.

Meng’meng? Chen Xi was astounded. It took him quite some time to realize that it was the rabbit’s name, and a wisp of a strange feeling arose in his heart. After all, Ming had given such a name to a rabbit that was enormous like a hill and shaped like a ball, so it was really a huge contrast.[1]

But it seemed like the rabbit was very happy, and it was smiling incessantly while revealing its large front teeth. It carried Ming as it charged swiftly into the depths of the verdant ocean of grass, and it was swift and agile like the wind.

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to think further, and he hurriedly chased after them.

His figure flashed through the top of the grass like he was a practitioner of the Lightness Technique in the mortal world that ‘flew on grass’, and he wasn’t slow at all.

Chen Xi stopped wasting his own strength, and he leaped up onto Meng’meng’s back as well, and then he noticed to his surprise that Ming was muttering something by Meng’meng’s snow white and sharp ear, whereas, Meng’meng was frequently squeaking something in response.

This pair of human and rabbit seemed to be conversing with each other.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “You understand it?”

Ming spoke casually. “I’m able to sense its emotions, so I can roughly determine its thoughts and what it’s saying.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Amazing.”

Ming glanced at him and said, “You can accomplish it as well if you use your heart.”

Chen Xi hurriedly shook his head. He didn’t want to do something like whispering to a rabbit.

Even though he thought in that way, he couldn’t help but ask. “Aren’t we going to help it find food, so where is it taking us?”

Ming seemed to be slightly happy and said, “Meng’meng said that there’s a fruit called ‘Blaze Nectar’ 500km ahead. It grows leaves after 10 years, bears flowers after 100 years, and bears fruits after 1,000 years. It contains shocking Lost Energy.”

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but sigh with praise. “This is the strength of glutton. The more one loves food, the better one’s knowledge would be when it came to where good food resided.”

Earlier, when he was consuming those precious fruits in Meng’meng’s den, he’d clearly noticed that those precious fruits weren’t really beneficial to him once he attained a combat strength comparable to a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator.

If he wanted to improve his strength by leaps and bounds again, then he naturally had to find some rare treasures to consume and absorb.

It was like how cultivators required medicinal pills for their daily cultivation, and cultivators at various different realms of cultivation required various different medicinal pills.

Ming frowned when she heard Chen Xi. “Meng’meng isn’t a glutton.”

Chen Xi immediately shut his mouth. He’d discerned that Ming had taken a liking to this huge and plump rabbit, and she was protecting it like it was her pet.

Meanwhile, Meng’meng suddenly squeaked a little and stopped moving. After that, it’s eyes glowed as it gazed around 40m ahead.

A thick expanse of grass resided there, and an expanse of light that blazed like fire enshrouded the area at its center. The light was gorgeous crimson red, and it seemed like the glow of the setting sun.

When they looked closely, they noticed to their surprise that it was a ancient crimson red colored tree that was over 50m tall. Its branches were crystalline and brilliant like red rubies while numerous fruits that were bright red like fire and the size of bowls hung at the end of those branches. Those fruits were like numerous mini suns that were hanging from the tree, and they emanated a brilliant glow.

Obviously, it was the Ancient Blaze Tree, and the fruits on it were the Blaze Nectar that Meng’meng spoke about.

“What great treasures!” Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise. He was able to clearly sense that every single one of those fruits contained extremely abundant Lost Energy, and this energy drifted through the air and transformed into a sweet fragrance that refreshed the mind and heart. Merely just taking a whiff of it caused Chen Xi’s entire body to feel clear.

“There is a total of 15, so it’s just nice for the three of us to get 5 each.” Ming’s clear eyes glistened as she stared at tree as she spoke in a light voice.

Meng’meng nodded with force while strands of crystalline saliva couldn’t help but flow from its lips. It seemed to wish for nothing more than to pounce over and have a feast.

Ming was about to act when Chen Xi stopped here. “Wait!”

Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something, and his expression became slightly solemn while a wisp of coldness arose in his eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground quaked as a wave of orderly footsteps resounded from all directions. It was like an army was pressing down on the borders of an enemy state, and it caused the atmosphere here to instantly become confrontational.

After that, Chen Xi’s group noticed rows of ants that were completely suffused by a dark violet glow encircling them!

Those dark violet ants were around 10m tall while their entire bodies seemed as if they were made of iron. Moreover, their bodies were angular and defined, and they gave off an indestructible feeling.

The ants had four limbs that were sharp like blades and were suffused with an oppressive and cold dark violet glow. At this moment, as they pressed down like an army, they moved swiftly as if they were flying, and their footsteps were orderly and disciplined. In practically a short moment, they’d actually encircled Chen Xi’s group, and they’d completely sealed off Chen Xi’s group’s paths of retreat!

There were actually over 100 dark violet ants, and every single one of them were much larger and imposing than Chen Xi. Even the auras they emanated were actually on par with a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm.

Meng’meng’s figure trembled upon witnessing this sight. It actually laid prone on the ground while shivering, and its eyes revealed a wisp of terror as it squeaked sharply without end.

“Meng’meng said that this is an army of Violet Armored Ants. They are an evil force on this grassland. They forcefully seized the territory and treasures of a huge amount of living beings in the recent years, and they’ve come for the Blaze Nectar fruits now.” Ming quickly explained to Chen Xi, and the space between her ink black brows had a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent.

She wasn’t one that hated evil like it was poison, and she was merely upset that Meng’meng had been terrified to such an extent. It made Ming extremely furious.

Violet Armored Ants! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he said, “Looks like we have to kill these fellows in order to obtain the fruits. You protect Meng’meng, I’ll deal with these fellows.”


Chen Xi’s figure had soared into the air as he spoke, and he charged forward with the wooden spear in his hand.

A strand of fierce and sharp light green radiance suddenly sprayed from the wooden spear. It was the Lost Energy within Chen Xi’s body.

The Violet Armored Ants seemed to have never imagined that this extremely tiny fellow like Chen Xi would actually be so ferocious to attack them, and it had instantly taken them by surprise.


The wooden spear that was around 3m long was suffused with a sharp light green glow as it stabbed forcefully with extreme accuracy on the Violet Armored Ant, and it caused a violent sound of collision to resound.

The Violet Armored Ant was instantly blasted flying, and it crashed over 40m away.

However, Chen Xi was shocked because his attack was actually unable to kill it. Moreover, it had merely left a light white mark on its dark violet colored body!

That was an attack comparable to the full forced attacked of a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, and this clearly showed how hard the bodies of those Violet Armored Ants were.


Before Chen Xi could attack again, the nearby ants had let out sharp howls as they encircled Chen Xi and attacked madly.

Their front limbs were like extremely sharp blades that were suffused with a dark golden glow and possessed peerless might, and they even tore rifts open on the ground.

Their movement was swift like a bolt of lightning and extremely disciplined as well. Their methods of attack were extremely skillful and experienced, and they were like a thoroughly trained army, causing them to be extremely terrifying.

Besides that, their defensive ability was shocking as well. Their entire bodies were hard like steel, so ordinary attacks were merely able to cause sparks to fly and were unable to harm them at all.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Numerous dark violet blades soared through the air, crisscrossed with each other, and enveloped down towards Chen Xi like a dense net of violet blades.

Chen Xi groaned inwardly. Because he was unable to utilize his past cultivation. While he could utilize Lost Energy, he had to make a huge adjustment to his method of fighting, and it had instantly caught him unprepared.

However, he relied on the abundant experience he’d accumulated through years of battle, so he didn’t fall to the extent of being crushed completely. Moreover, he gradually started to become accustomed to this new method of battle as time passed, and he started to slowly get back the feeling he used to have in battle.

At practically the exact same moment, some Violet Armored Ants had started to attack Ming and Meng’meng. Ming was clearly just like Chen Xi, and she was unable to get used to this new method of battle. However, she relied on her combat experience and was barely able to protect herself and Meng’meng for now.


The battle that erupted in this thick expanse of grass caused the grass to explode into pieces, the ground to split apart, and even space had been torn open to reveal numerous rifts.


After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi grabbed an opportunity and suddenly launched a slanted stab with his spear. The tip of his spear carried terrifying light green radiance as it stabbed forcefully into the eye of a Violet Armored Ant. It pierced through the ant’s head, causing an expanse of jet black blood to blast towards the surroundings as the ant itself crashed to the ground.

However, Chen Xi’s wooden spear exploded into pieces along with this attack, and it transformed into bits of wood that shot towards the surroundings.

It couldn’t be helped. The wooden spear had been crafted from the stem of a mere weed. Even though it was extremely hard, it wasn’t a true treasure made for battle, so it was clearly far from being sufficient to deal with these Violet Armored Ants.

Crack! Crack!

However, Chen Xi was prepared. He’d charged over as soon as he killed that Violet Armored Ant, and he lifted up its corpse before he forcefully broke off its front limb that was sharp like a blade.

1. It’s more of a pet name for something cute and adorable.

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