Chapter 2050 – A Sense Of Guilt

A refreshing breeze brushed past their faces as they flashed swiftly through the ocean of versant grass while the picturesque scene of lofty mountains and roiling clouds resided in the distance.

The Greater Horned Rabbit wasn’t just swift, it was very steady as well. So, sitting on it was like sitting on a treasured carriage, and it was extremely comfortable.

Chen Xi and Ming didn’t know where exactly it was taking them. But it wasn’t important because they were able to sense that this hospitable and warmhearted beast didn’t hold any ill intent towards them.

At this moment, Chen Xi and Ming could finally see the world clearly while they sat on the mountainlike body of the Greater Horned Rabbit.

It was very huge, very vast, and seemingly boundless.

Moreover, everything in this world was exceptionally huge, and they made Ming and Chen Xi seem tiny like ants.

This was the Lost World, a mysterious and unknown place.

In next to no time, Chen Xi and Ming had converged their attention into their own bodies.

Earlier, they’d consumed a huge amount of seeds, and an enormous amount of unfamiliar and unique Lost Energy had been accumulated within them.

These strands of Lost Energy were like threads of warmth that were spreading throughout every inch of their bodies.


To Chen Xi’s surprise, there was no need for him to control this unfamiliar energy before it started circulating within him on its own. It fused into his flesh, blood, tendons, bones, meridians, apertures, soul, sea of consciousness, the depths of the region within his body….

As it circulated within his body, Chen Xi was able t sense that it wasn’t like a qi refinement technique that merely gathered Divine Energy to nurture the region within the body, and it wasn’t like a body refinement technique that only tempered the body to improve one’s Shaman Energy. Moreover, it wasn’t like a soul refinement technique that could only nurture and strengthen the soul….

Conversely, it provided an extremely obvious effect towards the tempering of his cultivations in qi refinement, body refinement, the soul, and even the Dao Heart.

This made is extremely inconceivable!

It was simply like a perfect form of energy that was entirely suitable to temper the body and improve one’s cultivation in every aspect!

Chen Xi was truly unable to imagine why such a mysterious and formidable energy would exist in this world, and he found it impossible to imagine how it could accomplish this.

In a short period of 10 minutes, Chen Xi felt that all the Lost Energy within his body had been absorbed, and his strength had attained an obvious increase!

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, he was at least capable of producing the combat strength of a cultivator at the Violet Palace Realm right now.

Of course, this little bit of strength was nothing to Chen Xi in the past, but it was undoubtedly a tremendous transformation to him after he’d just arrived at the Lost World!

But at the same time, Chen Xi noticed that while he’d absorbed the Lost Energy, it hadn’t fully fused with his existing divine energy, energy of the soul, and body.

In other words, it seemed to be independent and impossible to fuse. However, it didn’t reject his existing cultivation as well. So, even though it had become a part of his cultivation, it was completely different from the energy he’d cultivated before this.

It was like he’d started on a completely new path of cultivation towards the Dao.

Besides that, there was one more thing that troubled Chen Xi. While he could clearly display the ability to fight and possess a certain level of combat strength by relying on Lost Energy, the various supreme techniques he possessed were unable to be utilized with Lost Energy.

Besides his techniques in battle, he was unable to utilize all profundities and techniques related to the Grand Dao like the Sword Dao, Talisman Dao, movement techniques….

Because Lost Energy couldn’t adapt to them at all.

It was like utilizing Shaman Energy to execute a qi refinement technique or utilizing Divine Energy to execute a body refiner’s Divine Ability. It was utterly impossible to accomplish.

But even then, Chen Xi was very satisfied. So long as he could guarantee that he possessed sufficient combat strength to leave the Lost World with his life intact, then everything else wasn’t important anymore.

“How do you feel?” It wasn’t long before Ming awoke from her meditation, and a wisp of extraordinary splendor flashed through her clear eyes.

Chen Xi smiled as he said, “It’s very good. Just the Lost Energy from eating some seeds allowed me to possess the strength of a cultivator at the Violet Palace Realm. I was thinking that if we’re able to obtain even more precious treasures that contain Lost Energy, then it would probably be even more effective.”

Ming nodded. That was exactly what she thought.

Chen Xi continued. “Moreover, we’ve already attained the Region Lord Realm in our cultivation at the outside world, and our entire bodies have formed into a world of its own. So, we don’t have to worry about being unable to absorb the explosive surge of energy, and we just have to constantly absorb Lost Energy for out strength to rise steadily!”

Ming’s eyes lit up. “If it’s based on that, then isn’t equivalent to encountering no barriers while we absorb Lost Energy and cultivate with it?”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Exactly. So, our next objective is to find even more treasures with Lost Energy and ceaselessly improve our strength. I believe that we’ll definitely be able to leave the Lost World once we improve our strength.”

Right at this moment, the rabbit suddenly leaped up and actually burrowed into a cave in the ground, and it instantly caused Chen Xi and Ming’s fields of vision to turn pitch black.

The path within the cave was winding and extremely dark. Quite some time passed before the rabbit stopped, and they’d appeared within a spacious underground den.

The cave was simply like a spacious hall to Chen Xi and Ming. It was extremely vast and covered in soft golden straw, and they emanated brilliant gold radiance that drove the darkness away.

Moreover, there was a small hill of various fruits, seeds, and herbs at the center of the den.

Obviously, it was the ‘food’ the Greater Horned Rabbit had gathered.

Chen Xi and Ming merely had to rely on their senses to instantly notice that the ‘food’ contained shocking Lost Energy!

In the outside world, they were equivalent to a pile of precious fruits that contained shocking energy!

After it arrived at the den, the rabbit motioned for Chen Xi and Ming to get off, and then it grinned to them. After that, it seemed extremely warmhearted as it led them to the small mount of ‘food’ and indicated that they can feel free to enjoy the food there.

On the other hand, it laid lazily there before it grabbed a pile of fruits and started munching. Clear and melodious sounds of crunching resounded while it revealed an expression of indulgence and delight.

Chen Xi and Ming couldn’t help but be stunned. This fellow actually brought us to its den to share its food with us?

Squeak! Squeak!

The rabbit couldn’t help but make a questioning cry when it saw them standing on the spot, and it seemed to be slightly puzzled.

Chen Xi immediately sat down by the pile of precious fruits and started munching with large mouthfuls just as the rabbit did.

The rabbit’s eyes instantly narrowed, and then it grinned and revealed its snow white front teeth that seemed like enormous doors.

Ming was slightly hesitant, but she immediately stopped hesitating when she witnessed this scene, and she walked forward and started to enjoy the fruits as well.

For a time, waves of crunching resounded through the spacious den, and it was like merry music that resounded incessantly.

As they consumed more and more precious fruits, the Lost Energy that gathered within Chen Xi’s body grew larger and larger, and his strength was advancing by leaps and bounds at a tremendous speed….

Two hours later, the rabbit seemed to have gotten full, and then it closed its eyes and started snoring. It seemed very carefree as if it was utterly unafraid that Chen Xi and Ming would harm it.

This made Chen Xi have a very good impression of it. He was clearly aware that while they’d only met for the first time, this hospitable rabbit had clearly taken them to be its friends.

Sometimes, friendship appeared in such an incomprehensible manner, and it was sudden and made others reminiscent on it.

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

Ming suddenly raised her hand and glanced over before she said, “Shit.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He swallowed the light violet and moist flesh of a fruit within his mouth before he said, “What’s wrong?”

Ming pointed at the ‘pile’ of precious fruits that had almost vanished, and then she laughed bitterly. “We’ve almost consumed all its food. What if it gets angry upon waking up?”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “It shouldn’t. This rabbit is very kind and warmhearted.”

As he spoke, he picked up another herb that was thick like the arm of a child and completely glistening like snow before he started eating it.

Ming couldn’t help but frown as she said, “But what if it gets angry?”

Chen Xi thought about it in a serious manner and said, “How much strength have you gained?”

Ming didn’t give it any thought before she said, “I’m almost equivalent to a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator of the Mortal Dimension in the 9th era.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Me too.”

As he spoke, he pointed at the snoring rabbit and said, “It’s roughly equivalent to a cultivator at the Rebirth Realm[1], yet it was able to gather so many treasures. I believe we’ll be capable of accomplishing this as well, so we can still compensate it even if it really gets angry.”

Ming thought for a moment before she nodded. “That’s for the best. It has been very long since someone has been so nice to me. I don’t want to harm it.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled as he said, “Of course.”

As he spoke, he started to consume that last few precious fruits, and he seemed to intend to clean up all of it.

Even though Ming felt slightly reluctant, she still did it in the end.

It wasn’t long before the rabbit woke up, and it was instantly stunned on the spot when it saw that all the food it had gathered was completely consumed.

Ming couldn’t help but become slightly nervous because of this. She was worried that the rabbit wouldn’t be able to endure the blow and would go berserk.

However, unexpectedly, the rabbit didn’t flare-up, but its eyes turned red before it started weeping.

It was actually sad to the point of crying!

Chen Xi was astounded while a strong feeling of guilt arose in his heart, and he felt extremely embarrassed.

Ming glared coldly at Chen Xi before she moved forward and patted the rabbit, and then she said lightly, “Don’t cry, we’ll take you along to look for food later.”

Even though it didn’t understand Ming, it was able to sense that Ming was consoling it, so it instantly stopped crying. It rubbed its huge fluffy head against Ming before it cracked a smile, and it seemed to be saying that it was fine.

This made a wisp of tender feelings arose in Ming’s heart, and she glared against at Chen Xi before she said, “Let’s help it look for food right now. You have no objections, right?”

Chen Xi shook his head immediately. “Absolutely not.”

“Then let’s go.” As she spoke, Ming walked towards the exit of the den.

The strange thing was that while the rabbit couldn’t figure out the situation, it still followed meekly behind Ming.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he witnessed this scene. When have I ever been made to feel such guilt because of a rabbit?

1. Small refresher, Nether Transformation is above the Rebirth Realm.

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