Chapter 205 – God Killer Arts

Chapter 205 – God Killer Arts

Chen Xi didn’t feel that it was unfortunate his strike missed, as if Teng Huaji was so easy to kill, then he would be utterly not worthy of being in a group with Huangfu Chongming and the others.

On the way to the Oceanic Desert, he’d once heard Tantai Hang say that these Teng Brothers both possessed advanced-stage Golden Core Realm cultivations and had mastered various formidable techniques, and their strengths were almost on par with Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger.

Moreover, these two brothers were twins and possessed a tacit understanding of the heart between each other. Once they joined forces, their strength would double, and even Tantai Hong spoke frankly that if it was under the circumstances of these two brothers joining forces, their strength would completely be capable of fighting a Rebirth Realm cultivator!

Chen Xi knew that when facing an enemy like this, he must first get rid of one of them, as only then would he have an opportunity to seize victory in the battle. It was for this reason that he launched an attack first, and stroke swiftly like a bolt of lightning right off the bat.


Right at this moment, Teng Huaji’s counterattack had already torn through the sky and arrived before him. The blood red saber swept through the sky like a rising bloody moon, and within the bloody moon was a strand of pale ghastly flames blazing. The white flames covered the sky, and its killing intent was condensed as it swiftly slashed towards Chen Xi.

“Netherblood Ghost Flames!” Ling Bai swiftly transmitted a thought to Chen Xi. Netherblood Ghost Flames are a type of rare cold flames in the heavens and the earth, and it possesses an extremely great might. Once it invades one’s body, it will instantly erode the soul and bones before freezing the soul, causing one to become a controlled puppet, and it’s atrocious to the extreme. Chen Xi, you must not allow his saber light to touch your body.

God Killer Arts! Chen Xi was just thinking of using force against force by utilizing the Li Sword of Fire that contained Fire Dao Insight, but after Ling Bai’s thought entered into his sea of consciousness like a bolt of lightning, he instantly came to an understanding and executed the God Killer Arts he’d just cultivated right away.

In his sea of consciousness, the vast energy of his soul suddenly condensed to transform into a sharp and shapeless blade that shot out through his body. This blade seemed like a sword yet wasn’t a sword, its edges revealed a sawtooth shape, and it seemed like the blade of the heavens that killed all evil spirits. In the next moment, it appeared within Teng Huaji’s sea of consciousness and slashed down towards his soul!

“So long as this Little Bastard at the Golden Hall Realm is touched by a trace of my Netherblood Ghost Flames, then he’ll instantly lose his consciousness and become a puppet that’s controlled by me. At that time, let me see if you’re able to resist obediently handing over… AH!!” Teng Huaji slashed out with his blade and was laughing ominously and complacently in his heart when a strand of tearing and sharp pain unexpectedly appeared within his sea of consciousness, and it seemed as if his entire soul had been torn into half. It pained him to the point his vision went black, his consciousness suddenly became chaotic, and a trace of sluggishness appeared within his attack.

“Shit! This bastard possesses a soul attack technique! Little Brother, save me quickly!” Teng Huaji was worthy of being a formidable figure that was a well seasoned veteran in battle, as he still opened his mouth and let out an anguished roar in this dangerous situation.

“Want to ask for help? How could I possibly let that happen? Die!” How could Chen Xi let such a good opportunity slip by? Practically at the instant he executed the God Killer Arts, he’d attacked ferociously, and the tip of his foot tapped the sky before his figure struck towards Teng Huaji like an arrow leaving the bow.

“How dare you! Netherblood Spirit Arts!” Right at this moment, the nearby Teng Huaxu reacted to what had happened, and when he saw his old brother almost being killed by Chen Xi’s sneak attack, he didn’t dare hold back in the slightest, and he abruptly opened his mouth and spat out.

Instantly, boundless white and ghastly Netherblood Ghost Flames gushed out to cover the heavens and the earth, and this large ball of white colored cold flames converged together to form a large devil spirit that was an entire 100 plus meters in height.

The Ice Bats that ceaselessly gushed over from all directions were touched by the Netherblood Ghost Flames, causing patch after patch of them to wither and decay to appear a rotten block color, and all of them were dead, whereas, their souls were absorbed into the Netherblood Ghost Flames and increased the strength of the ghost flames.

These Netherblood Ghost Flames were indeed terrifying to the extreme. Once they enveloped the area, the souls of every living thing would be absorbed away and merged into the ghost flames, and it was even to the extent that the vitality of the airflow that surged in the sky was completely absorbed.

This was an atrocious and predatory cold flame.

To successfully cultivate these flames, one must slaughter a large number of living creatures and seize their souls and blood, and then merge various devil flames and baleful qi with the souls and blood. After experiencing countless temperings, the ghost flames would reach maturity at the end and develop into the Netherblood Ghost Flames that were extremely terrifying.


It was slow in writing, yet fast in reality. The instant this enormous devil spirit that was condensed from Netherblood Ghost Flames appeared, it emitted a howl that was shrill like a ghost before raising its hand to fiercely slap down towards Chen Xi.

This attack could be said to be extremely ingenious as it attacked a place that he had to save. If Chen Xi didn’t dodge, then even if Chen Xi was able to kill Teng Huaji, Chen Xi would probably have his life seized away by the devil spirit’s hand.

It seemed as if Chen Xi could only choose to abandon killing Teng Huaji and dodge…

“Om!” Right at this moment, a cold and faint sword cry abruptly resounded out in the heavens and earth, and accompanying this howl was a wisp of dazzling gold light that shot out explosively from Chen Xi’s body and struck right towards the devil spirit’s hand that was slapping down.

The gold light naturally was Ling Bai. If it was in terms of cultivation, then the little fellow was a realm higher than Chen Xi and was equal to a Golden Core Realm cultivator. At this moment, when he attacked out brazenly, his entire body transformed into the Seventhgold Sword bamboo that contained the energy of lightning and even contained the supreme Nirvana Sword Dao within it as it stabbed, causing the wind and clouds to roil and lightning to surge, and the might of his sword strike was peerless.


The devil spirit’s hand was destroyed into pieces by this strike. These pieces were formed by the Netherblood Ghost Flames, yet under the explosive attack of the Seventhgold Sword Bamboo that contained the energy of lightning, it was as if the ghost flames had encountered their bane and were completely obliterated.

At practically the instant Ling Bai attack out, Chen Xi’s sword had penetrated Teng Huaji’s throat.


A ball of gorgeous and roiling blood bloomed into the air as it shot out and sprayed into the sky. Teng Huaji wasn’t in time to sober up from the God Killer Art’s attack when he’d lost his life on the spot. He didn’t even have the slightest room to struggle or resist, and he even didn’t have the time to detonate his golden core.

From the beginning of the battle until now, it was at most only a few breaths of time, yet the dangers of the battle was horrifying to the extreme, as a single wrong move could possibly cause Chen Xi to fall into eternal doom.

Fortunately, the tacit understanding between him and Ling Bai was already at the point of not requiring any extra words before being able to understand the thoughts of the other. It was precisely because of the existence of this trump card, Ling Bai, that Chen Xi would concentrate in killing Teng Huaji after executing the God Killer Arts and not be affected by the outside world in the slightest. It allowed his movements to not be the least bit hesitant.

After Teng Huaji died, he left behind a golden core that was suffused with a devilish and blood red sheen and a storage Magic Treasure. All of them were blatantly put within the Buddha’s Pagoda by Chen Xi.

This golden core was a great thing as the might of its detonation was able to make a Rebirth Realm cultivator avoid it like the plague. For example, during the battle with the Han Clan’s Patriarch, Han Guyue, if it wasn’t for Ling Bai detonating four golden cores at the last moment, it was utterly impossible for Han Guyue to be killed so easily.

“Big Brother!!” When he saw Teng Huaji being killed and his golden core seized, Teng Huaxu’s eyes almost split open and flowed with fresh blood. His own older brother that was always with him for many years had actually fallen right before his helpless eyes, and it was even at the hands of a little ant at the Golden Hall Realm. This was suffering that he was unable to endure!

“Dammit! All of you deserve death! Chen Xi, do you think this is my true strength? I’m going to imprison your soul in the blood pool of extreme evil to suffer the pain of being devoured by a myriad of souls for your entire life, and it’ll be impossible to die even if you want to!” Teng Huaxu shouted out explosively with a savage expression. He was completely enraged, and his figure shook as boundless pitch black devilish qi gushed out from his body with a bang, causing wails of ghosts and howls of spirits to sound out as an aura of evil and blood shot into the skies!

At this moment, he didn’t conceal his identity as a member of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect any longer, and he revealed his entire cultivation in Devil Techniques.

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