Chapter 2049 – New Strength

This scene was terrifying indeed, and it allowed Chen Xi to have a clearer understanding of how terrible the current situation they were in was. It was no different than being like an ant that could be trampled on at will.

Both Chen Xi and Ming didn’t dare to make a sound as they were deeply afraid of disturbing those ferocious beasts and bringing a calamity upon themselves.

The veil of the night was deep like water. Beasts howled while they devoured the energy from the nine icy cold moons, and everything in the surroundings seemed so mysterious.

Suddenly, a verdant and ancient tree soared into the sky. It was extremely lofty with a stem that was like the body of a dragon, leaves and branches that were like a screen which could covered the sky, and it was enshrouded by dazzling and resplendent divine radiance.

As soon as it appeared here, the heavens and the earth here seemed to have been terrified by it. The howls in the surroundings had fallen silent, and the entire world was deathly silent.

Even the nine headed golden lion and enormous pitch black flying beast that had occupied a superb position in the sky seemed to have senses a trace of fear, and their figures moved aside to create an even larger empty space.

On the other hand, the verdant ancient tree was like an emperor that took the center position beneath the nine moons, and then it stretched out its branches and started to absorb the energy from the moons.

What’s that? Chen Xi’s heart shook. The verdant ancient tree’s aura was even more terrifying, and it actually made Chen Xi feel suffocated and oppressive. It was like he’d witnessed the arrival of a Daolord!


The verdant ancient tree seemed to have noticed something unusual, and it suddenly shook and emanated a peerless formidable strand of will that swept through the heavens and the earth as it approached Chen Xi and Ming.

At this instant, Chen Xi and Ming’s expressions changed, and even their breathing was on the verge of stopping while their entire bodies had fallen cold. Because they knew that the consequences would be unimaginable if they were to be noticed by the ancient tree!


Right at this moment, the River Diagram fragments within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness suddenly emanated a trace of strange fluctuation, and it caused the Daoseal Mark within Chen Xi’s soul to swiftly circulate before its energy surged through Chen Xi’s entire body.

Chen Xi was delighted by this. He practically instinctively grabbed Ming’s hand, and then covered her with the energy from the Daoseal Mark.


The formidable and icy cold strand of will swept over, and it swept past Chen Xi and Ming’s body. However, it seemed to have not noticed them at all, and it just passed by without acting unusually in the slightest.

This allowed Chen Xi and Ming’s tense hearts to ease up greatly, and they exchanged glances and noticed lingering fear in each other’s eyes.

That strand of will from before was truly too shocking. They knew that if they were noticed, then the tree could easily annihilate them with just a single thought.

Fortunately, the River Diagram fragments had awakened at the critical moment, and they helped Chen Xi avoid calamity once more.

When they raised their eyes to look over once more, the verdant ancient tree had withdrawn its will and was concentrated on absorbing the Lost Energy.

The heavens and the earth were deathly silent. Then boundless dangers beneath the veil of night had calmed down because of the need to cultivate, and the world seemed extremely tranquil.

However, Ming and Chen Xi still didn’t dare make any rash movements because the slightest movement might cause lethal calamity to descend upon them!

When the veil of night lifted and a glimmer of dawn appeared in the horizon, the nine moons in the sky had started to vanish slowly.

Next, the nine headed golden lion, enormous pitch black flying beast, and the verdant ancient tree had left successively as well.

After that, the ferocious beasts scattered around the surroundings had left in succession, and everything returned to a calm and peaceful state.

It seemed like the living beings here would fall into silence and lay dormant when day arrived.

At this point, Chen Xi and Ming who were standing there like statues had finally heaved long sighs of relief. They stretched their sore and stiff bodies and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

When had they ever been reduced to such a state?

“Now, we can roughly determine that the nine headed lion, the black flying beast, and that verdant ancient tree are definitely the strongest existences in this world.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and spoke seriously. “Besides them, there are numerous other ferocious beings scattered throughout this world, so it can be said to be filled with danger. It isn’t as peaceful as we thought.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Most importantly, the Lost Energy really can be absorbed and cultivated!”

Ming nodded. “What do you intend to do?”

Chen Xi shrugged and said, “Deduce a technique to absorb and cultivate Lost Energy as soon as possible in order to improve our strength.”

Ming nodded, and then she suddenly asked. “What energy did you utilize earlier to avoid the detection of that ancient tree?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and didn’t conceal anything. “It was a form of energy from the River Diagram fragments.”

Ming was stunned. “Doesn’t that mean you can utilize the energy of the River Diagram to fight?”

Chen Xi laughed bitterly and said, “It isn’t that simple. Presently, I can only utilize it passively, and I’m unable to take control of it and command it.”

After that, he added. “Perhaps when I step foot into the Daolord Realm and start to truly comprehend the Grand Dao of Destiny, then I’ll be able to fully comprehend the profundities of the River Diagram.”

Ming nodded and said, “That day will definitely come. I believe in you.”

She actually seemed to be consoling Chen Xi, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned by it. After that, he smiled and said, “I believe such a day will come as well.”


Suddenly, a white figure that was enormous like a mountain appeared from amidst the grass, and it landed right in front of Chen Xi and Ming. Moreover, its descent caused the ground to quake.

Both Chen Xi and Ming’s figures had stiffened, and they instinctively raised up their wood spears.

After that, they finally saw the white figure’s appearance clearly. Surprisingly, it was the Greater Horned Rabbit from before!

It had clearly noticed Chen Xi and Ming, and its pitch black pupils were looking down at them. Its gaze didn’t carry any fierceness, and it was filled with curiosity instead. It seemed to be curious about where these two tiny people came from.

However, Ming and Chen Xi didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. They stared fixedly at the rabbit while being extremely vigilant, and if the rabbit moved even in the slightest, then they wouldn’t hesitate to… flee!

The Greater Horned Rabbit didn’t seem to be dangerous, but it possessed a cultivation of its own in the end. So, it was simply too easy for it to kill them right now.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and Ming who couldn’t utilize their cultivations could only choose to flee while facing such a situation.

Fortunately, the rabbit didn’t reveal any killing intent. On the contrary, it sized them up for a moment before it actually smiled, and its appearance was quite amusing because its smile revealed its two front teeth that were like two snow white doors.

Ming couldn’t help but ask in a low voice “What is it doing?”

Chen Xi analyzed. “It seems to be making a friendly display to us.”

“It’s showing friendliness?” Ming was stunned, and she pulled her wooden spear back a little.

Sure enough, the rabbit seemed to be very happy when it saw Ming’s actions, and its smile grew wider. It stretched out a fluffy snow white paw and grabbed amidst the weeds, and then it grabbed out a green and shiny seed before passing it to Chen Xi and Ming.

It was said to be a seed but was actually like a watermelon in size. It was completely round, crystalline, translucent, and emanated the delicate fragrance of plants. Moreover, there were over 10 of them.

Ming was slightly stunned. “What’s it doing now?”

“Making a further display of friendliness.” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to step forward as he spoke, and then he took one of the seeds with both hands and bit it.


The seed’s skin broke apart before a strand of sweet nectar surged out like dense wine, and it flowed like a torrent throughout Chen Xi’s body after he consumed it.

“It tastes pretty good. Try it as well.” Chen Xi praised as he gazed at Ming.

The Greater Horned Rabbit seemed to be delighted when it saw this. It was like a child that had found a companion that it could share food with, and its large and pitch black eyes had shot towards Ming while a trace of anticipation surged within them.

Ming hesitated for a moment before she took a step forward as well. She took a seed in her hand and bit it as well. After a short while, Ming couldn’t help but nod as she said, “It really does taste pretty good.”

“Then eat a little more.” Chen Xi smiled as he took another and started eating it with large mouthfuls. In just a short moment, he’d actually consumed all the seeds that the rabbit had grabbed from the ground.

Only when he consumed all of them did Chen Xi stop, and he seemed to still be unsatisfied.

“You….” Ming was slightly puzzled and was at a loss for what to say.

“Could it be that you haven’t noticed? The seeds contain a trace of unique energy. Even though it’s weak, it’s able to quickly fuse into our bodies. If I’m not wrong, then it’s probably Lost Energy!” Chen Xi suppressed his voice and spoke in a slightly excited tone. “This energy can even be described as miraculous. It doesn’t just fuse with the flesh and blood, it even fuses with the tendons, bones, apertures, souls, the region within the body, and various other parts of the body can also absorb it!”

Ming’s clear eyes instantly lit up when she heard this, and then she scanned her body carefully. Sure enough, she noticed that a trace of unfamiliar energy really did exist in her body. Even though it was very weak and almost imperceptibly, it really did exist!

“So, if we eat more of these seeds, then perhaps we’ll be able to accumulate even more Lost Energy and start cultivating!?” Ming was excited.

Chen Xi smiled while he gazed at the Greater Horned Rabbit, and he sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart. If it wasn’t for this fellow, then wouldn’t it be extremely difficult for me to notice that I can utilize such a method to absorb the mysterious Lost Energy here?

On the other hand, the rabbit seemed to be even happier than Chen Xi was when it saw Chen Xi finish all the seeds it gave them. It was delighted to the point it shook its extremely long ears, and it seemed extremely funny and cute when this action was coupled with the pair snow white teeth that were like two doors in front of its mouth.

After that, it successively grabbed some seeds from the ocean of grass in the surroundings, and then gave them to Chen Xi and Ming. It seemed very warmhearted and hospitable. It seemed like it was entertaining its best friends.

Chen Xi and Ming didn’t hold back when faced with such a situation, and they didn’t refuse the rabbit’s gifts at all. Both of them ate a few hundred seeds each before they stopped as they were unable to eat anymore.

When they saw the extremely warmhearted rabbit gather even more seeds for them, Chen Xi and Ming hurriedly raised their hands to stop it.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

“We really can’t eat anymore.”

They didn’t care whether the rabbit could understand them, and they just expressed their gratitude incessantly.

When it saw this, the rabbit nodded while seeming to be lost in thought, and then it actually lowered its body and indicated that Ming and Chen Xi should get on.

“You want to bring us along with you?” Chen Xi probed.

The rabbit was slightly dazed and seemed to be unable to understand him, so it motioned for them to get on it again, and it seemed to be slightly anxious.

Chen Xi and Ming exchanged glances, and then they immediately stopped hesitating. They simultaneously grabbed the rabbit’s fine and snow white fur, and then they pulled themselves onto its back. In an instant, it was like they’d sat amidst a pile of cotton, and it was soft and comfortable.


The Greater Horned Rabbit grinned before its figure rose up, and then it flashed towards the distance while carrying Chen Xi and Ming on its back.

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