Chapter 2048 – Monsters

After they completed their discussion, Chen Xi and Ming immediately set out and started to search the Lost World.

The two of them didn’t want to be trapped here forever, but if they wanted to leave, then they definitely had to possess even more comprehensive knowledge of this unknown world.


The verdant weeds that were over 30m tall shook along with the wind. They were like row after row of swaying spears that were stabbed into the sky, and they emanated resounding rustling that sounded like a battle song.

Chen Xi led the way ahead, and as they moved through the weeds, they simply seemed like two ants that were moving through a forest.

Everything in the Lost World seemed enormous, and it made Chen Xi constantly have the feeling that he’d become tiny.

Everything in the outside world is probably so enormous in Ling Bai’s eyes, right? Chen Xi suddenly thought of Ling Bai for no rhyme or reason, and he wondered if the 10cm tall fellow, Ling Bai, would miss him.


Suddenly, Ming stopped moving, and used her hand to chop a weed in front of her.

The weed was thick like a bowl and straight like a spear, and it was over 30m tall. Ming seemed to intend to chop it into two, but because she was unable to utilize her cultivation, she was actually unable to immediately chop it into two while relying only on her physical strength.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion with faced with this sight. If the outside worlds were to hear that a figure like Ming was actually unable to chop a weed, I truly wonder what they would think.

After that, he couldn’t help but ask. “What are you doing?”

Ming continued chopping the weed with her hand while she spoke swiftly. “We need a suitable weapon. Otherwise, if we encounter danger later, then it would be truly too difficult to fight barehanded.”

She was right. Because they were unable to utilize their cultivations now, and they were no different from ordinary mortals. It was even to the extent that they found it difficult to withdrawn and utilize their own treasures. Under such circumstances, it was clearly too dangerous to rely solely on their bare hands to deal with all unexpected events that may occur.

Chen Xi naturally understood that as well, so he immediately walked forward and said, “Allow me.”

As he spoke, he picked up a rock with a sharp edge, and then he smashed it forcefully against the weed. Numerous bangs that sounded like metal colliding resounding, and there was actually only a shallow gap left behind on the weed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly helpless when he witnessed this sight. If I were able to utilize my cultivation, then how could I be unable to harm even a weed?

However, everything in the Lost World was inconceivably hard, and if they were in the outside world, then they could even be utilized as steel that was tempered a hundred times.

In the end, Chen Xi had exhausted an entire 30 minutes of time, and he’d finally chopped the weed off when the skin on his fingers had almost been rubbed off.


The weed crashed to the ground like an enormous tree.

Chen Xi exhausted great efforts to remove its leaves, and then he twisted them into a rope. He utilized it like a wire saw and sawed up and down on the weed with Ming, and they exhausted tremendous efforts before they were finally able to cut out two wooden spears that they could use as their weapons.

Every single wooden spread was around 3m long, thick like a bowl, and extremely heavy. It was like they were holden a 50kg iron rod that was made from steel.

“It isn’t bad.” Chen Xi weighed it in his hand and felt that he could swing it with ease, so he couldn’t help but nod.

“Is it? It seems to me like it can’t even kill the most ordinary tiger in the human world.” Ming sighed faintly.

Chen Xi immediately laughed bitterly. We’re already in such a state, so what more can we hope for?

The two of them didn’t delay any longer, and they continued forward with the wooden spears in their hands.

Because they were unable to fly, Chen Xi and Ming could only utilize the safest method of walking. However, they’d walked for a few hours of time yet were actually still unable to walk out of the area covered in weeds.

The only thing they could feel fortunate about was that while their cultivations couldn’t be utilized outside their bodies, it could maintain their physical strength, so they didn’t fall into extremely exhausted states.

After a few more hours passed, the veil of night descended.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving forward, and he gazed up into the sky with a solemn expression.

Nine moons had soared into the sky, and they were spread out in the distribution of the ‘Nine Palaces’. They emanated expanse after expanse of a misty and ethereal light blue rain of light, and it seemed pure and tranquil.

But at the same time, Chen Xi sensed that the ‘Lost Energy’ that filled the world had suddenly become much thicker and denser.

Lost Energy was the unfamiliar and unique energy that densely covered the world and nurtured everything within this world.

It was naturally Ming who named it.

Chen Xi had been constantly trying to absorb it, comprehend it, refine it, and absorb it. However, he hadn’t made any progress until now.

The reason was that it was a completely different energy, and it was completely different from the energies from the last 8 eras and the current era!

It was even to the extent that Lost Energy could be considered as the energy of the Heaven Dao that had been developed by this world itself!

Now, when the veil of night had descended, nine ice blue moons that were pure like gems had soared into the sky, and they were spread out in the same distribution as the Nine Palaces while they emanated extremely thick Lost Energy. Such a phenomenon instantly drew Chen Xi’s attention.

“There are no stars and only nine moons. Do you think the source of energy in the Lost World is those nine moons?” Ming spoke in a low voice.

“It’s very likely.” Chen Xi pondered seriously for a moment before he nodded.

After that, he seemed to have realized something, and his expression suddenly changed. He grabbed Ming by the arm, and then he hid in a gap at the root of a nearby weed.

“What is it?” Ming was slightly surprised and bewildered.

“Shh!” Chen Xi indicated that Ming should be careful and keep quiet.


A wave of rustling resounded from afar, and then dense clumps of weeds were suddenly squashed by a white colored ball shaped figure.

The white ball shaped figure was over 30m tall, completely snow white, and was surprisingly in the shape of a rabbit. It had two sharp eyes, pitch black and bright eyes, and seemed extremely cute. However, when it was coupled with its body that was enormous like a mountain, it seemed to be slightly terrifying and horrifying.

A rabbit? Chen Xi and Ming were stunned, and then they noticed that this monster which was fat like a ball and covered in snow white fur wasn’t a real rabbit. Because it had a crystalline, translucent, narrow, long, and sharp horn on the center of its forehead.

This was a beast that they’d never laid eyes on, and Ming had already given it a name in her heart — Greater Horned Rabbit.

It seemed to be looking for something, and it wasn’t long before it stopped at a patch of grass, laid down, and then stretched itself lazily there.

On the other hand, the narrow and long horn on its forehead suddenly emanated a circle of strange milky white light that shot swiftly into the sky.

Chen Xi and Ming could clearly notice that the dark blue Lost Energy which was descending from the nine moons had been quickly guided by the milky white light and surged into the Greater Horned Rabbit’s body. After that, its snow white fur was enshrouded in a bright and warm glow.

It was actually cultivating!

Both Chen Xi and Ming’s spirits were refreshed, and both of them couldn’t help but smile while they exchanged glances. This discovery allowed them to finally determine that there really was a method to cultivate in this world!

Moreover, the Lost Energy could be refined and absorbed!

Perhaps they just had to find a method of cultivation, then they could improve their strengths just like the Greater Horned Rabbit.

Once their strengths were improved, then their chances of escaping this unfamiliar world would grow much greater!


It wasn’t long before horrifying howls of wild beasts had suddenly resounded through this world that was covered in the veil of night. The howls surged through the world, and they made this pitch black and mysterious unfamiliar world seem extraordinarily horrifying.

Chen Xi and Ming were alarmed. Are the ferocious beasts that have been lying dormant throughout the Lost World finally about to leave their lairs beneath the veil of night?


Sure enough, this thought had just arisen in their hearts when an enormous figure suddenly soared into the sky from extremely far away in the horizon.

It possessed a strong and magnificent body that was covered in a layer of fine and dense scales that seemed like an armor made of brilliant gold. Its limbs were like pillars that could support the heaves, and most shocking of it all was that it actually possessed nine enormous and golden lion heads!

When looked at from afar, it was completely covered in brilliant and blazing golden light, and it was simply like a divine beast of legend that possessed monstrous divine might and illuminated the night sky.

Even though Chen Xi was unable to utilize his cultivation, he still had his discerning ability, and he instantly determined that this world shocking and enormous nine headed golden lion actually possessed an aura comparable to a Region Lord!

Chen Xi couldn’t avoid feeling shocked by this. He was very clearly aware that if that monstrous beast were to lock onto them, then they would have no room to struggle before they were instantly killed.


However, Chen Xi didn’t even have the time to recover from his shock when a desolate and resounding cry resounded, and then an enormous ferocious flying beast that covered an area of over 10km, had ink black wings, the head of a dragon, and eyes that were like the sun and moon whistled through the sky.

The aura it emanated was actually on par with the nine headed golden lion!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s heart shook once more. The Lost World really isn’t as simple as I thought. It seems to be calm and tranquil, yet it’s actually filled with many unpredictable dangers.

If it was in the outside world, then Chen Xi would naturally be unafraid of it all. But his cultivation was restrained right now and was impossible to be utilized, so when he faced such a dangerous situation, he could simply suffer lethal danger at any moment!

The nine dark blue moons hung high above in the sky while the nine headed golden lion and enormous pitch black flying beast had respectively occupied an area as soon as they made an appearance. They didn’t disturb each other, and they had actually simultaneously started to devour the Lost Energy that was being emanated from the nine moons!

Obviously, they were cultivating as well.

If one looked closely, one could even clearly notice that those two ferocious monstrous had respectively seized the Lost Energy from 3 moons each, and only the last 3 moons at the center weren’t occupied.

It was like that position was a restricted area that they didn’t dare encroach on. It was an extremely strange sight.

Besides that, there were numerous other ferocious beasts that were moving beneath the veil of night, and they were scattered throughout the surroundings. However, not a single one of them dared to disturb those two ferocious beasts.

A pitch black veil of night, nine mysterious dark blue moons, and ferocious beasts that seized the arrival of night to devour Lost Energy….

Such a strange and dangerous scene caused both Chen Xi and Ming to be extremely shocked. They held their breaths in concentration and didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

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