Chapter 2047 – A Lost World


The Shaman God Furnace smashed against an extremely hard expanse of earth, and it sounded like it couldn’t bear the heavy burden placed upon it. After that, rumbling resounded as it actually exploded into pieces, causing a myriad of strands of divine radiance to sweep towards the surroundings.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At practically the exact same moment, two figures charged out from within the divine radiance. Or perhaps it should be said that they were blasted flying by the terrifying waves of energy created by the explosion.


Chen Xi crashed to the ground and smashed open a huge pit there. The bones throughout his body had almost broken into pieces, and he couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood.

On the other side, Ming’s figure was in a rather terrible state as well. She rolled on the ground for a long time before she was finally able to stop herself, and her beautiful and otherworldly face was pale.

Both of them couldn’t be bothered about the intense pain they felt, and they immediately looked over at the spot the Shaman God Furnace had exploded apart.

When they confirmed that the furnace had really been completely destroyed, both of them couldn’t help but be stunned on the spot while their expressions changed indeterminately.

Both of them hadn’t imagined that this miraculous and precious treasure that was from the Shaman Civilization and had converged the Karmic Luck of an entire era would actually be blasted into pieces right now.

After all, it was a treasure that even an extraordinary figure like Xu Tuo was practically unable to harm, yet it had been destroyed by this shocking turn of events that had occurred to them. This clearly showed what sort of terrifying impact the Shaman God Furnace had suffered after being swept into the spatial storm!

Chen Xi remained silent for a long time before he said lightly, “I’m sorry, I failed to control it well.”

Ming shook her head and said, “The outcome would be the same even if it was me.”

Her voice was slightly downcast and sorrowful.

The Shaman God Furnace had accompanied her through an era, countless darkness, and innumerable lonely and desolate days. Even though it wasn’t alive, it had become a part of her life. So, she felt very sorrowful when she saw it destroyed.

Chen Xi seemed to understand her feelings, and he sighed as he stood up and walked over to where the Shaman God Furnace had exploded into pieces. “I’ll go have a look and see if I can gather its pieces. Perhaps it can be repaired in the future.”

Ming stopped him. “There’s no need for that. Even if it is repaired, it wouldn’t be the same. So just let it be.”

As she spoke, she stood up as well, and then her pure and black eyes glanced at the surroundings before she spoke with slight surprise and bewilderment. “Where are we? What a strange place!”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he sized up the surroundings as well. A short while later, he couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise.

At this moment, the two of them had finally gathered their attention towards this unknown place they were in.

The sky was clear like a boundlessly vast azure blue crystal, and it seemed to be endlessly high and far.

Trees and grass grew luxuriantly on the boundless ground that was densely covered by mountains and rivers, and the air was filled with a primitive, ancient, and desolate aura.

It was like a primitive place that had never been discovered, and it seemed extremely unusual.

However, when it came to figures like Chen Xi and Ming, their attention wasn’t focused on all of this because they’d noticed to their surprise that this unknown world was too strange!

Every single tree here was over 100km tall and every single leaf on them was like the size of a house! Moreover, even ordinary weeds here were actually over 30m tall!

As they walked though this world, they were like ants that had entered into a forest, but this forest was formed by clusters of weeds.

Besides that, the faraway mountains were precipitous beyond imagination. It was like they’d really pierced into the boundless sky, and it was impossible to lay eyes on their peak!

If he hadn’t witnessed all of this himself, Chen Xi would even suspect that he’d arrived at a kingdom of titans. Or perhaps the world hadn’t changed, and it was only they who had become as small as ants?

If it was merely just these scenes, then it would still be fine because there was no lack of strange areas in the Ancient God Domain.

The crux of the matter was that they were actually unable to sense even a trace of the Heaven Dao’s aura at in this unfamiliar world! Not to mention Divine Energy, even Immortal Energy, or Spirit Energy wasn’t present here!

Since there was no Heaven Dao, it meant that it was impossible to comprehend the Heaven Dao here.

Since there was no Divine Energy, it meant that this unfamiliar world wasn’t suitable for cultivators at all.

All of this seemed to be very similar to the Last Days Domain that Roc Daolord’s corpse had transformed into, but Chen Xi quickly noticed something different about it.

Because while the Heaven Dao and Divine Energy weren’t present in this unfamiliar world, there was an extremely pure, strange, and unfamiliar energy within it!

It maintained the existence of this unfamiliar world, nurtured all things in this world, and it was also like a supreme Law that made this world completely different!

What sort of energy is this? Chen Xi had tried to devour, refine, and absorb it, and he’d even tried to uncover the secrets of this unknown energy. However, he was surprised to notice that he was actually unable to absorb it at all even with his cultivation at the Seventh Star Region Lord Realm!

It clearly filled every single corner of this world, yet he was unable to absorb and comprehend it. It was truly too inconceivable.

“Have you noticed?” Chen Xi’s expression became slightly solemn.

“It’s very strange, and I’ve never heard or seen anything like it.” Ming’s beautiful brows knit together tightly as she spoke seriously. Obviously, she’d noticed how unusual this unfamiliar world was.

“However, I’m able to roughly determine that this unknown world we’re in is probably situated within the rift of the Butterfly Eye!” Ming took a deep breath and spoke slowly. “Perhaps it really is a world that has never been discovered.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “It isn’t just an undiscovered world. Everything within this place is completely different from the outside world, and it’s even to the extent that the energy it contains is unlike the 8 other eras before this one!”

Chen Xi possessed the Era Brands of the last 8 eras, so he was naturally able to clearly determine that this unfamiliar world was a world that was independent from all 9 eras, and it didn’t fit with the world or energy of any one of the eras.

This made it seem extremely mysterious.

When did this world appear here? Why hadn’t it been discovered until now? Why was even the energy of the Heaven Dao unable to extend here?

“Shit! My strength actually can’t be utilized here!” Suddenly, Ming cried out involuntarily because she’d originally intended to soar into the air and stand amidst the clouds to take a look at this work. But never had she imagined that while the energy within her body could be circulated, it was actually unable to allow her to fly into the air!

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and he instinctively activated the region within his body and made his Divine Energy circulate through his body. However, he noticed to his shock that his energy actually evaporated into thin air as soon as it left his body, and it vanished completely without even causing a single ripple in his surroundings.

What’s going on?

Both Chen Xi and Ming were shocked. If just the situation in this world was different, then they couldn’t be said to be very fearful. But if they weren’t even able to utilize their strengths in this world, then the consequences were simply unimaginable!

“Let’s give it another try!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and refused to give up.

10 minutes later, both Chen Xi and Ming had fallen silent. Even though their expressions were calm, but both their foreheads carried a wisp of gloominess that couldn’t be eliminated.

They’d given it many tries just now, and they’d finally confirmed that their cultivation was utterly unable to be of any use in this unfamiliar world!

Moreover, their souls had suffered restraint as well, and they were only able to sense movement in an area of 300m around them.

Chen Xi originally thought that this unfamiliar world merely restrained their cultivation in qi refinement, but when he tried to utilize his cultivation in body refinement which he hadn’t utilized for a very long time, he noticed that it suffered restraint as well and was almost useless as well.

Ming was in the same situation. She was from the last era, and her attainments in the Dao of the 8th era was extremely formidable. However, she was still unable to avoid suffering a similar situation.

In other words, regardless of whether it was Chen Xi or Ming, they were like ordinary mortals in this unfamiliar world!

This meant that once they did encounter any danger here, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Fortunately, we still have some physical strength and combat experience, so we’re slightly better off than ordinary mortals.” Chen Xi shrugged and smiled after a long moment of silence.

“We have no other options.” Ming sighed faintly and muttered. “I’m truly unable to imagine why this unfamiliar world is so strange.”

“Perhaps it possesses its own Heaven Dao and system of energy. This means that the Laws this world works on are bound to be unable to support the strength of outsiders like us.” Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “I wonder if we’ll be able to obtain the energy that belongs to this world if we can find a method to comprehend the Laws of this unfamiliar world.”

He paused for a moment as he stood up, and then he raised his hand as if he was embracing the world while he spoke with a gaze that burned with anticipation. “You’ve probably sensed it as well. This world possesses a unique and unfamiliar form of energy that exists throughout every corner of it. If we’re able to refine, absorb, and take control of it… then perhaps we’ll be able to change the situation we’re in right now!”

Ming seemed to have been influenced by the strong confidence Chen Xi revealed, and her spirits finally rose slightly while she said seriously, “You’re right. It’s like a completely new path of cultivation from the beginning. If we’re able to discover a method to cultivate here, then perhaps it’ll bring great benefits to our future paths towards the Dao!”

As she finished speaking, a wisp of anticipation had appeared in her pure and pitch black pupils.

Chen Xi smiled and nodded. “Right! This is a completely new world, and it’s an entirely new beginning to us.”

He paused for a moment before a strand of impulse suddenly surged into his heart. “Ming, why don’t you give this world a name?”

Ming was stunned. She hesitated for a short moment before she said, “We’ll call it… the Lost World?”

Chen Xi said, “A world that’s lost beyond the 9th era, independent and aloof from the outside world while completely unknown to the outside world, and it has formed an entire ecosystem of its own. This name isn’t bad at all.”

A wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of Ming’s mouth when she received Chen Xi’s praise. She said, “Since everything within this world is unfamiliar and unknown, why don’t we give everything a name?”

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. However, when he saw how Ming was burning with eagerness, he couldn’t bear to spoil her mood and immediately smiled. “Of course.”

The smile on the corners of Ming’s mouth grew even more brilliant while her eyes had curved into two crescents. She was beautiful and otherworldly, and she frequently revealed an aloof and depressed aura, but she was so happy merely because her idea to name everything had been acknowledged. This truly surprised Chen Xi.

Most importantly, it was the first time he’d seen her smile, and the beauty of it simply made the world dim in comparison.

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