Chapter 2046 – Butterfly Eye

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ancient altar while the furnace flew through the boundlessly vast starry sky, and he utilized the Shaman Formation to control the Shaman God Furnace’s incessant teleportation through space.

He’d been constantly thinking about what he should do if they weren’t able to escape this mysterious and unknown expanse of space.

Would he just continue drifting through space?

Would he choose another method or survival?

Chen Xi didn’t know the answer to that, but he was very clearly aware that he would probably be unwilling to be trapped here forever.

Hmm? Suddenly, a wisp of terror had inexplicably appeared in his heart, and his slanted and sharp brows couldn’t help but rise up. He swiftly pressed his hands forward in midair, and then rumbling resounded as he made the Shaman God Furnace that was travelling at full speed to stop.

“What’s wrong?” Ming who’d been meditating until now swiftly opened her eyes.

“There’s something off. Look.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly while a solemn expression had appeared on his face. He flicked lightly with the tip of his finger, and then a screen of light appeared in front of them, and it surprisingly revealed the scenes in the outside world.

A strange rift was actually floating extremely far away in the distance, and it stretched across that expanse of space in silence.

When looked at from afar, it was like a narrow and long eye had opened up in the darkness of space, and it was horrifying.

The most bizarre part was that an expanse of dazzling, resplendent, and dreamlike light was interweaved at both sides of the narrow and long eye. It was like the wings of a butterfly that was fluttering about in the dark starry sky, and it was exquisite and beautiful to the extreme.

The pitch black, narrow, and long rift; and the dazzling and resplendent light. They were two completely different scenes that had merged together, and it was like an eye that had grown a pair of wings of light, and it had opened up in the dark starry sky and floated there silently. It was extremely visually impacting, and it was extraordinarily shocking.

While it seemed like a narrow and long eye, it was actually like a natural chasm that stretched across the starry sky, and others could see it clearly even if they were extraordinarily far away.

While it seemed like light which formed the wings of a butterfly, it was actually even more dazzling than the sun, more resplendent than the clouds during sunset, and was dreamlike and gorgeous.

In short, after teleporting and flying for over 20 years in deathly silence and boredom, they’d suddenly seen such a world shocking scene within this mysterious and unknown expanse of space. So, it was impossible for anyone to avoid feeling shocked by this scene and sense that it was unusual.

What’s that rift?

A spatial rift?

What sort of energy are those dreamlike wings of light formed from?

At this moment, a wisp of surprise flashed through Ming’s eyes as well, and her gaze had been drawn over by this scene.

“It’s very beautiful but very dangerous as well. I have the feeling that if we get closer to that Butterfly Eye, then we’ll definitely suffer unpredictable consequences.” Chen Xi spoke seriously. The longer he looked at it, the more his heart palpitated, and it was like the narrow and long rift harbored boundless killing intent that would swallow them up if they approached it.

“Butterfly Eye? That isn’t a bad name,” said Ming.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he shrugged. “All of that isn’t important. The important thing is that we must go around this area. This means that we have to change our direction.”

Ming remained silent for a short moment before she said, “We’ve already changed our direction 137 times now, and every single time ended in failure. It’s utterly meaningless if we continue probing like this.”

“Then what do you intend to do?” Chen Xi frowned.

“Why don’t we take a risk and charge into the rift in the Butterfly Eye? Perhaps we’ll encounter a turn of events that can change the situation we’re in.” Ming spoke seriously and didn’t seem like she was joking at all.

“Charge in?” Chen Xi felt as if he hadn’t heard correctly instead, and he said in a low voice, “It’s very dangerous. I can feel terror in my heart even while we’re here, so it’s obvious how dangerous it’ll be once we approach it.”

“Are we not going to give it a try?” Ming turned to gaze at Chen Xi. “This is a rare opportunity. If we succeed, then perhaps you’ll be able to return to the Ancient God Domain as soon as possible. Or perhaps, you already intend to be trapped here forever?”

Chen Xi instantly became hesitant and fell into deep thought.

Ming didn’t disturb him. She placed her hands around her knees and gazed up into the screen of light. But her pure and deep black pupils seemed as if they’d passed through the screen of light and saw deep into the ‘Butterfly Eye’ that stretched across the starry sky.

“I….” After a long time, Chen Xi sighed and seemed to have decided.


However, he was just about to speak when he felt that the entire Shaman God Furnace seemed as if it had been struck by lightning. It shook and rumbled violently while an extremely ear piercing wail resounded from it.

The terrifying impact caught both Chen Xi and Ming off guard. It made their entire bodies shake, their vital blood roiled, and they crashed to the ground.

All of this had occurred in a very sudden manner, and it was so terrifying as well. It made Chen Xi and Ming’s expressions change, and they cried out involuntarily. “It’s that old geezer Xu Tuo!”

Sure enough, an icy cold and aged voice resounded at practically the exact same moment. “The scenery here isn’t bad. It’s suitable to kill!”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when the entire Shaman God Furnace rumbled violently once more, and it seemed to be on the verge of exploding into pieces. Chen Xi and Ming felt like the world was spinning around them, and it was uncomfortable to the point they almost coughed up some blood.

Obviously, after pursuing them for over 30 years, Xu Tuo had lost his patience completely, and he intended to annihilate Chen Xi and Ming this time!

“As expected, that old bastard refuses to give up on his evil intentions.” Chen Xi suddenly gritted his teeth and charged up onto the ancient altar, and then he saw Xu Tuo who was extremely old and thin like a bamboo standing proudly in the distance.

At this moment, this Divine Sovereign Priest of the Sovereign Sect had a gloomy and icy cold expression while his eyes were filled with ruthless killing intent. Moreover, his palms were controlling unparalleled divine radiance of calamity, and he was ceaselessly attacking the Shaman God Furnace with it.

The Shaman God Furnace was like a boat that had fallen into tempestuous waves when facing Xu Tuo’s attacks, and it was in danger of capsizing at any moment.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and Ming who resided within the furnace were completely incapable of resisting. They were constantly impacted by the terrifying collisions, and their countenances had turned pale.

“Looks like we can only do as you’ve said!” At such an extremely critical moment, Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped hesitating. He controlled the Shaman God Furnace to swiftly charge towards the Butterfly Eye in the starry sky.

“Don’t even think of fleeing!” Daolord Xu Tuo roared while he suddenly made a grabbing motion, and then a strand of copious and irresistible devouring energy arose. It actually grabbed control of the Shaman God Furnace from afar before forcefully pulling it towards him.

“Shit!” Chen Xi’s heart jerked while coldness swept through his body. Never had he imagined that the technique this old geezer, Xu Tuo’s, executed this time would actually be so terrifying, and they didn’t even have room to struggle against it.

“Let’s fight him to the death!” Ming had a murderous look because she refused to sit still and wait for death to arrive.


However, right at this moment, a scene that surprised everyone appeared. A strand of strange fluctuation had suddenly arisen from the extremely calm expanse of the starry sky, and it swept over like a ripple.

They could clearly notice that the dreamlike and blazing light that seemed like butterfly wings at the side of the enormous spatial rift which Chen Xi called the Butterfly Eye had actually started to surge.

When looked at from afar, it was like a beautiful, exquisite, and gorgeous butterfly was flapping its wings in space! However, its flapping caused an extremely vast spatial storm!


In an instant, this expanse of the starry sky was like paper that was forcefully crushed by the terrifying force of the spatial storm, and it became wrinkled, chaotic, and on the verge of destruction.

“What….” At this moment, even Xu Tuo’s heart had suddenly trembled, and he felt an indescribable feeling of danger that compelled him to practically instinctively flash towards the distance.


At practically the exact same time, while the Shaman God Furnace had escaped Xu Tuo’s control, it was merely free for an instant before it seemed like a piece of straw that was swept into the spatial storm created by the Butterfly Eye. Merely an instant passed before the furnace had been devoured and vanished within the enormous spatial rift.

All of this occurred in the blink of an eye, so Chen Xi and Ming didn’t even have the time to react before they felt their vision go dark, and then they fell unconscious….

“Dammit!” Xu Tuo’s aged face was covered in a livid expression as he stood over 200,000km away. His eyes simply seemed as if they were on fire, and he was on the verge of going mad from hatred.

He’s failed again!

Is that kid really impossible to be killed?

Even Xu Tuo himself couldn’t remember how many chances he had to kill Chen Xi in the last 30 over years, but Chen Xi had been lucky enough to escape in the end. So, how could a dignified Daolord like him not feel infuriated by this?

If news of this were to spread, then he would definitely become a laughingstock of the Ancient God Domain.

But in next to no time, Xu Tuo instantly recovered from his furious state when he saw the area in the distance had returned to calm.

There wasn’t any chaos in that expanse of the starry sky, and it was completely silent. It seemed like the spatial storm from before hadn’t existed.

The rift that seemed like an eye was still stretched across the distance while the blazing light on its sides that seemed like the wings of a butterfly was still dreamlike and dazzling.

However, all of this made Xu Tuo’s eyelids twitch. At this moment, his heart that hadn’t felt fear for many years actually had an unprecedented moment of feeling a trace of horror that filled his bones.

He was unable to say exactly what sort of danger was present there, but his intuition told him that even if a Daolord like him were to approach that place, he would still be instantly torn and minced into powder!

What exactly is that? Xu Tuo had a solemn expression while he deduced it like a madman. However, even with abundant experience he’d tempered through countless years and the extraordinary wisdom he possessed; he was actually unable to deduce anything!

This wasn’t normal!

Because an extraordinary existence like him was actually unable to determine even a trace of valuable information from a scene in the starry sky. This was extremely unusual.

He pondered silently for a very long time before he took a deep breath and muttered. “Since the Furnace of Karmic Luck has been swept into it, I presume that those two little bastards have no chance of survival. So, it’s time for me to leave….”

As soon as he finished speaking, a wisp of a resolute expression arose on his aged face before he turned around and left.

He’d been cultivating for countless years and had experienced innumerable storms and dangers, so he was very clearly aware of when he should leave and when he should stay.

When he faced something that was unknown, it was best to restrain himself no matter how curious he was!


After Xu Tuo’s figure vanished from this place, this mysterious expanse of the starry sky had fully recovered a form of eternal silence.

The rift that was like an eye and the light that were like blazing and dreamlike wings of a butterfly seemed to be branded there for eternity. They were mysterious and unknown.

No one knew exactly how long it had existed there or when it had appeared there. Because since the ancient times until now, Chen Xi, Ming, and Xu Tuo were the first group of people to notice its existence….

As for whether other cultivators would be able to arrive here in the future and witness that shocking scene it displayed, no one knew the answer to that.

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