Chapter 2045 – Lost In Space

The Ultimate Path towards the Dao!

The eternal cycle of Samsara!

Return to the 8th era….

These words she spoke were simply like a thunderclap that shook his heart, and numerous thoughts couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s mind.

In the past, Chen Xi felt that only the 9th era had the energy of Samsara, so it could only be utilized in the 9th era.

He’d never imagined that he could rely on the energy of Samsara to actually traverse the wall between eras and return to an era of the past!

Can it really be accomplished?

Wasn’t the 8th era obliterated? What would possibly be left there even if it’s possible to return with the energy of Samsara? What’s the point of returning?

Actually, if one thought about it carefully, all of this was extremely conflicting. Because the era had been obliterated, and nothing of it was left anymore. So, how could it be possible for one to return to it?

If the energy of Samsara can accomplish this, then doesn’t this mean that the actual 8th era wasn’t fully obliterated?

In next to no time, Chen Xi placed his attention upon the Ultimate Path towards the Dao and the eternal cycle of Samsara.

Since Ming dared to speak of them, then their existence is definitely not just part of her speculation, and as far as she is concerned, only by finding the Ultimate Path towards the Dao could she enter the eternal cycle of Samsara, and then realize her wish to return to the 8th era.

Then, what is this eternal cycle of Samsara? How could it possibly possess such inconceivable and miraculous effects?

Countless questions were surging within Chen Xi’s heart. It actually made him seemed stunned on the spot, and he hadn’t been able to recover from that state for a very long time.

It wasn’t because her words were extremely obscure and unfathomable, and it was because the content of her words was too inconceivable. It had simply destroyed Chen Xi’s past perception, and he’d been strongly impacted by it.

After a long moment of silence, Chen Xi was finally unable to refrain from asking these questions.

However, he was disappointed because Ming didn’t explain much and merely said, “You’ll naturally understand everything once you’ve found the Ultimate Path towards the Dao.”

Besides feeling helpless, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel even more curious. Her background seems to be even more mysterious than I expected.

“But… why do you think that I would help you?” Chen Xi had just spoken these words when he laughed bitterly, and then he rubbed his nose as he said, “Right, you’ve saved my life. I would be too ungrateful and heartless if I were to say now.”

Ming remained silent for a short while before she said, “Thank you.”

It was just two words, yet it seemed to have utilized all her strength. It seemed so serious and solemn, yet it seemed like she’d never spoken those words to anyone else.

“Don’t thank me just yet. Presently, even I’m unable to confirm if I’ll be able to find that so-called Ultimate Path towards the Dao.” Chen Xi sighed.

Ming nodded, and then she fell silent.

She had a cold and aloof bearing, and her beauty was extraordinary, dream-like, and seemingly beyond this world. This made her seem slightly reticent and reserved, and it was like no one in this world can walk into her world.

“Do you know where we are right now?” Chen Xi restrained his thoughts, and then he couldn’t help but ask this question when he recalled the situation they were in right now.

“I don’t. I’ve never been here.” Ming’s answer was very direct.

Chen Xi was stunned. “Then how did you find me that day?”

“I followed you.” She spoke these three words lightly.

In an instant, Chen Xi understood everything. When he left the Primal Chaos Origin, he’d frequently sensed a strand of aura following him, and it was surprisingly Ming who was behind it!

No wonder she didn’t attack or show herself all along the way…. Chen Xi muttered in his heart before he converged his attention onto the Shaman Formation, and he carefully observed the scenes in the outside world.

Presently, he couldn’t place any hopes on Ming being able to help them return to the Ancient God Domain, and he could only entrust his hopes to himself.

Time flew by swiftly as they travelled aimlessly through the boundless and mysterious starry sky, and it seemed as if they were unable to sense the passage of time.

Everything they encountered every single day was mysterious, unknown, desolate, and deathly silent. It was like they were completely lost and couldn’t find the way out anymore.

If it was any other ordinary person, that person would definitely be tortured to the point of being uneasy, anxious, and having all kinds of pessimistic thoughts.

However, it wasn’t a problem at all to figures like Chen Xi and Ming who possessed firm Dao Hearts, and they merely felt bored and upset on occasion.

It was like they were a pair of insects that had fallen into the vast starry sky and had lost their way. They could only fly randomly, and that feeling of being unable to find a way out made them feel upset and at a loss for what to do.

During this period, Chen Xi had asked Ming about what sort of dangers and hardships she’d experienced after the 8th era was obliterated before she was able to safely arrive at the 9th era.

Ming merely shook her head and said that it was too long ago, so she didn’t remember. She merely knew that she was constantly flying, constantly searching through the endless darkness, and she’d never given up.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a trace of admiration when he heard this. Because she’d traversed the boundless cosmos and experienced countless years of time all by herself, and he wondered how frustrated and lonely she would have been throughout that time.

Perhaps only she knew the answer to that.

No one had expected that this journey through the starry sky would actually last for another 20 years!

During these 20 years of time, Ming’s injuries had fully recovered. Meanwhile, Chen Xi hadn’t been slacking off as well, and besides utilizing the Shaman Formation to observe the outside world, he spent all his time comprehending the inheritances within the fourth Era Brand.

Just last year, Chen Xi had fully comprehended, refined, and absorbed the inheritances from the 5th era, and his cultivation had broken through again to attain the Seventh Star Region Lord Realm.

Even his cultivation in the Dao Heart and Sword Dao had advanced simultaneously, and they’d respectively advanced into the 6th forging and 6th level of the Sword Emperor Realm.

At this moment, if he were to encounter the number one expert amongst the Region Lords of the Chen Clan, Chen Daoyuan, then he was confident in his ability to crush Chen Daoyuan even without the Godslaughter Burst!

Unfortunately, even if his cultivation had broken through again, it was utterly useless in this boundless and unknown expanse of the starry sky.

Moreover, these 20 years of ceaseless observation had allowed Chen Xi to finally determine that they were really… lost!

Because according to his estimations, he would have returned smoothly to the Ancient God Domain in less than 10 years of time if he’d followed the path his senior brothers had left behind.

Yet now, if the years they were pursued by the Sovereign Sect were included, then over 30 years had passed by now!

So, no matter how unwilling he was, he had to admit that they’d deviated from the right path and were completely lost in this mysterious expanse of the starry sky!

In the opinions of the Region Lords in the Ancient God Domain, getting lost was simply an extraordinary joke. After all, Region Lords could traverse numerous universes and regions by just teleporting.

However, the situation Chen Xi and Ming were in right now was different, and the mysterious expanse of space they resided in was unlike the Ancient God Domain. It was too vast and unknown. So, if one didn’t have a map to lead the way, then not to mention Region lords, even Daolords were bound to get lost!

That was the reason why very few had ever been able to set out from the Ancient God Domain, traverse this expanse of space, and arrive at the Primal Chaos Origin.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, just getting lost wasn’t a big deal, and he was even more worried about another problem — their path throughout these years had been truly too peaceful!

There were no spatial storms, no black holes, no vortexes, no spatial rifts, or any signs of life. Everything was so deathly silent, cold, and desolate.

This sort of calm felt unreal and horrifying to him!

According to Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian, this expanse of space should be filled with chaos and danger.

Yet now, Chen Xi and Ming had actually not encountered even a trace of danger throughout these 20 years of time, and that was extremely unusual!

There was definitely a reason why everything was unusual. It was a philosophy that had never been overturned through the ages.

Chen Xi naturally understood it as well, and he grew more and more quiet as time passed by, and he couldn’t help but feel a wisp of heaviness in his heart that grew with each passing day.

Even Ming seemed to have realized that something was off, and she would frequently stand all by herself on the spot with a frown on her face while mist coiled all around her. So, it was impossible for others to discern exactly what she was thinking.

The atmosphere grew quieter and quieter. On this day, Chen Xi couldn’t help but joke. “Ming, do you think that old geezer Xu Tuo is still pursuing us?”

Ming was stunned and said, “I can’t say for sure.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Then do you think he has gotten completely lost just like we have?”

Ming frowned and thought for a moment before she repeated the same answer. “I can’t say for sure.”

Chen Xi muttered. “Yes, everything is unknown. Can anyone really be certain?”

Chen Xi hadn’t expected that Xu Tuo really hadn’t given up on pursuing them. He’d been constantly utilizing a secret technique to track the traces they left behind.

However, the Furnace of Karmic Luck moved too swiftly while the traces it left behind were very few, so even an extraordinary Daolord like him could barely follow behind it, and it was impossible for him to catch up in a short period.

Along with the passage of 20 over years, Xu Tuo had gradually lost his patience, and it made him feel slightly restless.

How could he have imagined that this pursuit would actually go on for so long? Moreover, his opponents were merely two little fellows who hadn’t attained the Daolord Realm!

“Dammit!” On this day, Xu Tuo was teleporting through space while he recalled all the setbacks that he’d experienced all along the way, and his extremely aged face was covered in a gloomy expression.

“Wait! It has been too silent and peaceful all along the way. That’s quite strange.” It wasn’t long before Xu Tuo realized the same problem, and he couldn’t help but feel surprised and bewildered. He was considering whether he should go back the same way he came and abandon the pursuit.

“Hmm?” However, right at the moment he was hesitating, a trace of unusual fluctuation suddenly appeared within his senses, and then the image of an ancient furnace appeared in his mind.

This caused Xu Tuo’s spirits to be instantly refreshed while the gloominess on his face vanished completely. Moreover, a wisp of extremely cold killing intent appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“Damnable ants! Let me see where the two of you can run this time!”


He teleported through space like a dazzling thunderclap that whistled through the dark starry sky, and he instantly vanished on the spot.

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