Chapter 2043 – Shaman Formation Of Karmic Luck

Seven years!

This means that I’ve been unconscious for seven years!

When he thought up to here, he couldn’t help but feel a wisp of complicated emotions in his heart. It was quite some while before he said, “Do you know where we are right now?”

There was no reply after he finished speaking.

Chen Xi raised his head to look over, and he saw the mysterious woman had actually closed her eyes. She was seated cross-legged there, and she remained motionless as if she was asleep yet wasn’t really asleep. It was like she’d fallen into a strange state.

Obviously, the injuries she suffered were too heavy, and she was on the verge of collapse after persisting until now!

The marvels of destiny are truly unfathomable. Whom would have imagined that I would actually be rescued from the Sovereign Sect’s encirclement by such a mysterious woman? Chen Xi muttered, and then he shook his head, took a deep breath, and started recuperating.

Earlier, the mysterious woman said that they’d been fleeing for seven years, and they were still fleeing. So, the Divine Sovereign Priest, Xu Tuo, might catch up at any time!

At this moment, the mysterious woman was in a terrible state, and she was clearly powerless to do anything. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi could only make the best use of his time to recuperate, so he didn’t dare slack off in the slightest.


Strands of pure divine energy shot out from within the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, and they swept out and circulated through the region in his body.

Seven years ago, Chen Xi had been ambushed by the Sovereign Sect, and not only had he been heavily injured by four Ninth Star Region Lords, he’d almost perished. Now, even if he’d been unconscious for seven years, the state of his body could be described as being extremely weak.

It couldn’t be helped, the injuries he suffered were truly too severe. He was at death’s door! If the mysterious woman hadn’t rescued him, then he would have definitely perished there.

Fortunately, his foundation wasn’t heavily damaged. So, even though his injuries were severe, they would recover sooner or later if he just meditated continuously.

Seven days later, Chen Xi had barely recovered some strength, and he could move freely.

This won’t do! This speed of recovery is too slow. What if that old fellow Xu Tuo catches up? We wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

What should I do?

Chen Xi opened his eyes and fell into deep through.

The mysterious woman was seated cross-legged in front of him, and she remained motionless while seemingly material grey mist coiled around her, causing her true appearance to be impossible to discern.

She seemed like a statue and showed no signs of waking up.

Chen Xi didn’t disturb her. He pondered deeply for a long time before he couldn’t help but sigh lightly. He was at a loss for what to do.

Even Chen Xi had no confidence at all when facing the pursuit of a Daolord. Not to mention that his body was currently in a very bad state.

What should I do? Chen Xi wasn’t able to figure anything out, and this made him knit his brows together tightly and started pacing up and down.

He was in a world that was created within the Furnace of Karmic Luck. It was covered in grey mist and was extremely empty.

Chen Xi suddenly recalled that when he saw the Furnace of Karmic Luck for the first time all those years ago, Senior White had said that it was from the last era, and the Karmic Luck of the entire era was converged within it. It was extremely miraculous and unfathomable.

In the last era, possessing this furnace was equivalent to possessing the blessings of the heavens, and it was even impossible to be killed.

But in this era, it was a taboo that wasn’t tolerated by the Heaven Dao of this era. Once it appeared during this era, it would usually represent calamity and upheaval.

When he recalled all of it now, Chen Xi couldn’t help but think. The last era? Doesn’t that mean this mysterious woman is from the eighth era, the Shaman Era?

Could it be that she’s just like those heretics in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and she’s a descendant of the Ancient Shamans as well?

Since she was able to possess the furnace that carries the Karmic Luck of the entire Shaman Era, then I presume her identity amongst the Ancient Shamans is definitely extraordinary!

Chen Xi’s expression instantly became slightly weird. He clearly remembered that the descendants of the Ancient Shamans in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos wished for nothing more than to bring calamity to the world and obliterate this era.

For the sake of accomplishing this goal, they hadn’t hesitated to scheme for a long time with the intention of opening the Door of the Last Days and releasing the energy of catastrophe within it.

Yet now, he just happened to have been rescued by a mysterious woman that seemed to be part of the Ancient Shamans as well, and this made it seem extremely strange.

No matter what, she’s my life saving benefactor. If she really has the same objective as those fellows, then I have no choice but to become enemies with her when the time comes…. Chen Xi pondered for a short moment yet didn’t take it too seriously. Because she was all alone and wasn’t even a match for Daolord Xu Tuo, so he felt that she couldn’t cause too much trouble for him.

In next to no time, Chen Xi placed his attention onto how they should escape Xu Tuo’s pursuit, and he pondered bitterly on a method to deal with this calamity.

Hmm? Chen Xi had stridden to the depths of the grey and hazy mist without noticing, and he suddenly inadvertently noticed a strange and ancient altar!

The altar was completely pitch black and was still soaked with dark red stains of blood, causing it to seem slightly horrifying.

Why is there an altar within the Furnace of Karmic Luck? Chen Xi couldn’t help but stride forward and size it up carefully. The altar was extremely old, and it was suffused an ancientness that assaulted the face.

Shockingly, every single inch of the altar was actually branded with numerous obscure and strange markings of the Shaman Era. They were dense and complicated, and they ceaselessly emanated a wave of mysterious energy fluctuations.

This is… actually the central command that controls the entire furnace, an ancient Shaman Formation that was born from within Karmic Luck itself! Chen Xi had refined and absorbed the Seal of the Shaman, so he possessed all the secrets of the Shaman Civilization. Thus, he’d practically instantly discerned that the strange markings formed an ancient formation!

Moreover, according to his deduction, the altar was the core of the formation, and he only had to take control of this altar to fully control the entire Furnace of Karmic Luck.

At this moment, Chen Xi grew even more curious. It was the first time he’d laid eyes upon a Shaman Formation that was completely natural and born from within Karmic Luck itself. So, he couldn’t help but step forward and research it carefully.

The Talisman Dao had always been one of the Grand Daos that Chen Xi was the most skilled in. Coupled with the fact that he’d fully grasped everything that belonged to the Shaman Civilization, it allowed his research in the Shaman Formation to be utterly smooth and without any obstruction.

Chen Xi’s mind had unknowingly become immersed in it to the point he couldn’t free himself from it.

This Shaman Formation was extremely miraculous because it had actually converged the energy of Karmic Luck. It was simply inconceivable, and even Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly shocked by it.

After a long time passed, Chen Xi suddenly frowned and muttered. “Strange, the full might of this Shaman Formation has clearly not been activated, and it’s circulating with less than half its strength at most. Why? Could it be that she was utterly unable to fully control this treasure?”

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, if this Shaman Formation circulated at its full potential and its full strength was activated, then the might it revealed could increase by more than just one level!

Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly lit up when he realized this. If it’s like that, then it should be sufficient to resolve the threat that Xu Tuo poses.

It’s even to the extent that it’s very likely that we’ll be able to shake him off!

However, right when Chen Xi intended to try taking control of the Shaman Formation, a cold and clear voice had suddenly resounded. “What are you doing?”

Chen Xi turned around and saw that the mysterious woman had actually awakened without him realizing it, and her pure and pitch black pupils were staring coldly at him.

“Only less than half of this Shaman Formation’s might is being utilized….”

Chen Xi wasn’t even able to finish speaking when she interrupted him. “I know.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “Since you’re aware, then why haven’t you released it fully?”

“I can’t accomplish that.” The woman’s reply was very direct, and her cold and clear voice seemed to be completely emotionless.

Chen Xi said seriously, “Perhaps I can.”

“You?” A wisp of doubt arose in the mysterious woman’s eyes, and then she said coldly, “I advise you not to act rashly. If any mishap occurs, then both of us will be affected, and we won’t be able to escape that fellow’s pursuit anymore.”

Obviously, she didn’t believe Chen Xi.

“But if we continue like this, then he’ll catch up sooner or later, and there’ll be no difference in the end.” Chen Xi explained patiently. “Not to mention that both our bodies are in terrible states, so the consequences will be unimaginable if we don’t change the situation that we’re in.”

The mysterious woman shook her head decisively. “No!”

His voice was resolute, and she didn’t provide him with any explanation or reason. It was prohibited because she said so, and this made Chen Xi instantly feel disappointed.

He opened his mouth with the intention of saying something, yet he heard the woman. “I advise you not to touch that formation, otherwise I guarantee that I’ll kill you right away!”

Chen Xi frowned. Isn’t this woman’s character a little strange.

However, when he thought about how she’d saved his life, Chen Xi had no choice but to give up.

“Heretic! Let me see where you’ll flee this time!” Right at this moment, an indifferent, dignified, and aged voice rumbled from all directions.

Xu Tuo is here!

Both Chen Xi and the mysterious woman’s expressions changed simultaneously. Never had they imagined that he would actually be so quick and sudden.


They didn’t even have the time to react before the entire Furnace of Karmic Luck suddenly shook violently, and the heavens and the earth here shook as well. It caused Chen Xi to be almost blasted flying. The vital blood within his body roiled, and he almost coughed up blood from the discomfort.

The mysterious woman was in a worse state. Her entire body suddenly trembled violently before a mouthful of blood sprayed from her mouth, and then she fell to an extremely weak state.

“Seven years! My patience has been completely exhausted. This time, I’ll fulfil my promise and crush both you and this furnace!” Xu Tuo sighed with emotion, yet it was extremely icy cold and murderous.


His voice hadn’t even finished resounding through the surroundings when an indescribably terrifying aura surged over like the tide and shot violently into the world within the Furnace of Karmic Luck. This made Chen Xi’s expression change once more.


Extremely lethal danger!

If this is allowed to continue, then we’ll have no chance to escape!


Chen Xi stopped hesitating. He suddenly gritted his teeth and flashed onto the ancient altar, and then his fingers swishes about as he started drawing swiftly through the dense Shaman Markings.

“What are you doing!? Stop right now!” The woman screamed with shock. She was extremely weak at this moment, yet she still tried to charge over and stop Chen Xi.

Chen Xi paid no attention to her. His eyes were filled with concentration as he gritted his teeth and moved his hands like a madman, and he started to control and convert the Shaman Markings in the formation.

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