Chapter 2042 – So It’s Her!

Mysterious and obscure grey mist covered the surroundings.

The arrival of this ancient furnace was so sudden that it seemed as if it had been accumulating strength in the shadows for a long time, allowing it to instantly reveal such imposing and supreme might.

Chen Xi was taken by surprise, and even Daolord Xu Tuo who resided in the depths of the starry sky had been caught off guard.


“Dammit! What’s that?”

“Shit! That damnable furnace has devoured my strength!”

The terrified and panic-stricken shouts of Ling Wei and the others filled the area enveloped by the mist, and there was even a wave of intense sounds of collision.

Obviously, after the furnace had enveloped them with the mist, Ling Wei and the others had instinctively launched intense resistance and struggled against it with the intention of escaping its restraints.


Their voices hadn’t even finished resounding through the air when a graceful figure appeared here. She grabbed Chen Xi, and then her figure flashed and charged into the ancient furnace.

In an instant, Chen Xi felt like he’d fallen into an expanse of chaos. It was completely dark to the point he couldn’t even see his own fingers, and his surroundings were filled with obscure grey mist.

“How audacious! How dare you try to save him right before my eyes! You’re courting death!” A grim shout that shook the world resounded. It was Daolord Xu Tuo who’d acted.


Suddenly, Chen Xi felt a wave of intense collisions resounded from the surroundings. They were grand and vast, and they shook his soul to the point it was on the verge of splitting apart. Coupled with the extremely heavy injuries that he’d suffered before this, Chen Xi’s vision actually couldn’t help but turn dark, and he fell unconscious.

Chen Xi felt as if he’d had a dream. In his dream, he was floating amidst an expanse of grey and hazy mist, and he felt extremely empty. It was like he was a floating cloud that was instantly disperse from a light gust of wind.

It wasn’t long before a graceful figure appeared within the mist. She had long and beautiful hair that hung loosely behind her, and her slender figure was enshrouded by the mist. This made it impossible to see her face clearly, but merely her figure alone gave others the feeling of being astounded by a drop dead gorgeous beauty.

Who is she?

What’s she doing here?

Chen Xi wanted to struggle back up to his feet, yet his head felt so heavy. In an instant, this dream was shattered before his eyes, and his consciousness fell into darkness once more.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi felt like he’d returned to that familiar dream. However, this time, that graceful figure was seated cross-legged in front of him.

Her body was still enveloped by strands of grey and hazy mist that concealed her appearance, and only her clear black pupils were focused on him.

Her eyes were actually so pure like the purest obsidian in the world, and there were no impurities within them at all. They possessed a type of beauty that struck directly at the heart, and they caused the souls of others to wish for nothing more than to become lost within her eyes.

For no rhyme of reason, Chen Xi felt extremely calm in his heart, but in merely an instant, the scene in this seemingly dream-like state had shattered and vanished once more.

Just like that, Chen Xi would have a similar dream intermittently. The dreams were covered in grey and hazy mist, and there was always that graceful figure who sat there while staring at him with a pair of pitch black pupils.

Strangely, every single time Chen Xi intended to struggle free from this dream, every single time he wanted to open his mouth and speak, and every single time he intended to ponder further, his consciousness would fall once more into darkness.

He didn’t know how long had passed since he’d first fallen unconscious nor did he know where he was, and he was in a dazed and ignorant state.


While he was on his way, Chen Xi suddenly sensed a wave of terrifying collisions. The heavens and the earth shook, and it was like his entire body had been thrown into the distance.

What happened?

This was the first time Chen Xi had sensed something unusual during the dream-like state.

“Hahaha! Divine Sovereign Priest Xu Tuo has caught up again! Bastard! You have nowhere to run!” This voice carried a wisp of madness and hoarseness, but Chen Xi had instantly determined that it belonged to that Ninth Star Region Lord of the Sovereign Sect, Ling Wei.

But in merely an instant, the tone in Ling Wei’s voice had transformed into terror. “No! No!!! You damnable woman! Do you still refuse to realize your mistakes when it has already come to this!?”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when an extremely miserable and shrill cry resounded, and it caused Chen Xi’s body to tremble.

Chen Xi somehow summoned the strength to swiftly open his eyes and sit up.

After that, he witnessed an extremely bloody scene….

Ling Wei’s figure was restrained on the ground while a graceful figure was standing by his side with a snow white bone blade, and she was ceaselessly drawing with it on his body.

The snow white blade was extremely sharp, and Chen Xi couldn’t discern the origins of the bones utilized to create it. While held in the graceful figure’s hand, the blade was like the tip of a brush that torn open Ling Wei’s flesh while she wrote stroke by stroke on Ling Wei’s body.

Fresh blood was gurgling towards the ground, and it dyed the ground a beautiful scarlet red. At this moment, Ling Wei seemed to have lost his life, and he transformed into an icy cold corpse.

His blood had been transformed into that graceful figure’s ink while his corpse had become her canvas!

This scene was extremely horrifying indeed. It was a scene where the graceful figure held a white bone sword and drew ceaselessly on Ling Wei’s corpse, and even Chen Xi couldn’t figure out what she was doing.

But the more it was like this, the more mysterious she seemed to him.


Suddenly, an extremely terrifying and ear piercing sound of collision resounded and rumbled once more. It shook Chen Xi to the point blood rushed up his throat, and he couldn’t help but cough out a mouthful of it.

On the other hand, the graceful figure actually seemed as if she hadn’t noticed anything. She was completely concentrated as she drew stroke after stroke on Ling Wei’s body, and her actions were precise, smooth, skillful, and natural.

“Heretic! If you still refuse to stop struggling, then I swear that I’ll definitely destroy you along with this Furnace of Karmic Luck!” Suddenly, Xu Tuo’s voice resounded from the surroundings, and it carried a strand of extremely oppressive and ghastly killing intent.


At practically the exact same instant as this voice resounded, that graceful figure had finally stopped what she was doing and moved away.

It was also this exact instant that Chen Xi finally saw the graceful figure clearly. Her entire body was enveloped by grey and hazy mist, but the outline of her figure allowed him to faintly determine that she possessed supreme and unparalleled beauty and elegance.

She held the snow white bone blade in her hand as she stood there casually. She seemed like an orchid that was growing in an empty gorge, and she emanated an otherworldly, beautiful, and vast aura.

She seemed as if she’d experienced the baptism of countless years, and no matter how time corroded her, it was unable to take away even a trace of her peerless beauty.

Chen Xi had met many drop dead gorgeous women throughout the years, but if it was in terms of bearing and aura alone, then it was almost impossible to find one who could compare with this mysterious woman.

She was too unique and otherworldly as if she didn’t belong in this world.

But it just so happened that a strand of a familiar feeling suddenly arose in Chen Xi’s heart when he laid eyes on her.

This instantly caused him to be stunned. Could I have seen her in the past?

“You’ve awakened a bit too early. Sleep a little longer.” At this moment, the mysterious woman seemed to have noticed that Chen Xi was awake. She waved her fair hand lightly, and then a shapeless force instantly enveloped Chen Xi. It made Chen Xi’s vision fall dark, and then he didn’t even have the time to struggle to keep himself aware before he fell unconscious once more.

However, at the moment before he fell unconscious and at the instant after he heard the woman’s voice, Chen Xi had finally recalled where he’d seen her!

It was from the Era Artifact in the South Sea Auction House, the Furnace of Karmic Luck and the graceful figure who sat cross-legged atop it….

At that time, she was travelling endlessly through space, and she seemed to be painstakingly tracking something down yet seemed to be avoiding some sort of calamity as well.

Her figure seemed so lonely amidst the dark cosmos.

Chen Xi even remembered that faint sigh she emanated at the end which carried boundless loneliness and sorrow.

Is it really… impossible to escape?

It was exactly her voice that allowed Chen Xi to finally understand that this mysterious woman before him was that figure who sat cross-legged atop the Furnace of Karmic Luck!

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance to react before he fell unconscious again….

When he recovered his consciousness again, Chen Xi had been jolted awake from a wave of intense coughing.

He opened his eyes and saw the mysterious woman was seated cross-legged not too far away, and she was holding her chest while she coughed. Moreover, a scarlet red bloodstain could be seen on the ground in front of her.

This allowed Chen Xi to instantly determine that she’d suffered a heavy injury!

“It was you… who saved me?” Chen Xi spoke while staring blankly at her.

These words alone made her entire body suddenly stiffen, and then she seemed to have understood something. She fell silent for a short while before she said, “You’re mine. You can’t be killed by them.”

Chen Xi was astounded because it was the first time that he’d heard such a strange reason for saving someone.

Meanwhile, the mysterious woman seemed to be enduring extreme pain. Her entire body was shivering while she couldn’t help but cough intensely, and it was actually blood that came out when she coughed.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but struggle up to his feet when he witnessed this. However, he laughed bitterly without end just a moment later because only now did he realize that his body was actually in an extremely weak state, and he was barely able to sit down cross-legged.

But in next to no time, he couldn’t be bothered about that and gazed at her before he said, “Your injuries are so heavy, so why don’t you meditate and recuperate for a while. “

“That won’t do. That fellow is still pursuing me.” The mysterious woman shook her head. Her entire body was covered by mist, so it was still impossible for Chen Xi to lay eyes upon her true appearance, let alone discern her emotions.

Chen Xi was horrified and said, “Xu Tuo still refuses to give up?”

She nodded.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s heart felt heavy.

He was very clearly aware that if it wasn’t for this mysterious woman’s help, then he would have probably perished at the hands of those bastards from the Sovereign Sect.

However, he hadn’t imagined that the mysterious woman would actually suffer a heavy injury during this process. Moreover, Daolord Xu Tuo just refused to let them go and was still pursuing them as well. So, how could Chen Xi not realize how terrible their current situation was?

Cough! Cough!

The mysterious woman coughed intensely and panted for a long time before she said, “Don’t worry, he won’t be able to catch up in a short period of time.”

Besides heaving a sigh of relief in his heart, Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown and ponder deeply before he said, “Where are we now?”

“Within the furnace.” The woman’s answer was concise and comprehensive, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned by it. After a short while passed, he finally figured out that he was actually within the Furnace of Karmic Luck.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask “How long have we been pursued for?”

“It has been around seven years.”

The mysterious woman’s answer truly shocked Chen Xi. Seven years! This woman actually relied on ancient furnace to flee from a Daolord for seven years!

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