Chapter 2041 – Doomed

Perhaps I’m really doomed this time.

However, confirming this outcome wasn’t sufficient to make Chen Xi feel despair. The reason was extremely simple, and it could be summarized with a single world — unwillingness!

So what if there are four Ninth Star Region Lords amongst them?

So what if there’s even an extraordinary Daolord amongst them?

How can I possibly give up without fighting to the last moment and truly facing death?


At this instant, Chen Xi’s body, soul, and the region within his body seemed as if they were on fire, and peerless violet gold divine radiance illuminated the entire starry sky in the surroundings.

A clear and melodious howl resounded from the pitch black and simple Talisman Armament, and it was like a shout that carried the desire to drink the blood of its enemies.


When the attacks from Ling Wei and the others arrived before him, Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament was already like a terrifying dragon that had been accumulating strength for a long time, and it rumbled as it struck forward!


A thick strand of extremely blazing, dazzling, and resplendent sword qi flashed through the air, causing this expanse of the starry sky to fall into a state of violent trembling. Terrifying sounds of destruction and explosions raged like tempestuous waves through the surroundings, and they accompanied that strand of sword qi as it rumbled forward.

The might of a single strike shook the surroundings!

Such peerless bearing and shockingly extraordinary imposing aura seemed like a song of praise or epic that had been sung for eternity, and the words boundlessly grand weren’t sufficient to describe how imposing it was!

In merely an instant, Chen Xi’s attack had collided with theirs. Terrifying sounds of collision rumbled through the world while all sorts of blazing divine radiance surged like lava through this expanse of the starry sky.

If the starry sky was compared to a canvas, then this attack was like a thick and heavy scribble, yet it was resplendent, brilliant, and horrifying!

For a time, an area of 500,000km in the surroundings had actually been completely destroyed by this collision, and it transformed into a turbulent area.


At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been forcefully struck by a sledgehammer, and he suddenly fell backward. Moreover, his countenance had turned pale while he couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of dark red blood.

It couldn’t be helped, he was up against an entire four Ninth Star Region Lords, so it was obvious how terrifying their offensive ability was.

Chen Xi could already be considered as world shocking and unparalleled for being able to accomplish this with a cultivation at the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm, the Godslaughter Burst, and a cultivation at the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

Such a scene surprised Ling Wei and the others as well. They’d never imagined that the little fellow they were against would actually be able to resist this attack head-on.

This made them even feel a form of indescribably humiliation. Because four of them had set out in unison and there was even a Daolord holding the line behind them, yet they were actually unable to kill a Fifth Star Region Lord with a single attack. If news of this were to spread, it would definitely cause the entire world to laugh with ridicule at them.

“Use your true ability. Don’t disappoint me!” Xu Tuo’s hoarse and low voice that carried no emotions sounded out from afar.

Just these words alone hurt like a brand was being burnt on their faces, and it caused their eyes to be suffused with a wisp of rage!

“Kill!” They roared loudly. They seemed like four warlords of the starry sky that controlled supreme techniques, utilized unparalleled treasures, and excited their most formidable abilities.

“Kill!” At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi howled from afar as well, and he attacked ferociously.

His hair was disheveled, his countenance was pale, and there was even a trace of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. He’d suffered quite a heavy injury from the previous collision.

However, at this moment, he seemed to be completely unaware of it as he attacked once more. Battle intent blazed throughout his body while he seemed like an unyielding peerless emperor of the sword.

He would rather die than bend before them!


It was like this expanse of the starry sky had been blasted apart. It was utterly unable to endure the energy from a battle of such level, and it covered in signs of collapse and obliteration.

In the end, world shocking rumbling resounded as this expanse of the starry sky was completely destroyed.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had been pursued to another expanse of the starry sky. He was still in imminent danger, and his situation hadn’t changed at all.

It was even to the extent that he’d constantly suffered injuries and coughed up blood throughout this process. Fresh blood had drenched his entire body and when it was coupled with his snow white hair, it seemed to be extremely horrifying.

But even then, Chen Xi’s backbone was still ramrod straight like a spear that couldn’t be bend, and his eyes were still calm and deep like an ancient abyss that was simply deep beyond measure.

“Kill!” He attacked once more. He hadn’t hesitated or frowned, and he seemed like he was fearless of death or had forgotten about it!

All of this made Ling Wei and the others feel astounded and unable to believe their eyes. He’s clearly just a Fifth Star Region Lord! How could he have possibly struggled against us until now?

If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own two eyes, then even they would probably not dare believe that such a heaven defying fellow actually existed in the world. Because he simply broke all convention and was inconceivable.

“Hmph!” Xu Tuo’s displeased and cold grunt resounded from the depths of the starry sky. “Could it be that all of you want me to do it myself?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly caused their expressions to become unsightly, and they gritted their teeth tightly while their imposing auras grew even stronger.

At this moment, they’d utilized all their ability!

Four Ninth Star Region Lords had gone all out in unison, so it was obvious how terrifying such a scene would be. In merely an instant, Chen Xi was blasted flying like a meteor while cracking sounds resounded from the bones throughout his body. It seemed like they were unable to endure such a burden and were on the verge of breaking.

Especially Chen Xi’s vital energy, it seemed to be on the verge of collapse and falling into disorder!

This battle was a true battle of life and death, and it was entirely unlike the competition that was held in the Chen Clan.

Besides that, it was probably impossible for Wu Xuechan or Tang Xian to save him now. After all, this was an expanse of the boundless starry sky that resided between the Ancient God Domain and the Primal Chaos Origin. It was too boundlessly vast, desolate, and dangerous. Since the ancient times until now, very few people had been able to step foot here.

So, even if Chen Xi was killed right now, there would probably be no one who was aware of it!

Such a scene was one where there was no help in sight, and it was like a true hopeless situation without any hope of escape.

Huff! Huff!

Chen Xi gasped rapidly for breath. His long hair hung loosely above his shoulders while his face was covered in blood, and his entire body even seemed as if it had been soaked in blood while there wasn’t a single intact inch of skin left on him.

The disparity in this battle was too huge!

Even if he was already fighting desperately, it was still impossible for him to shake the joint forces of four Ninth Star Region Lords.

However, even if he had no chance to turn the situation around, Chen Xi still refused to allow himself to be captured and wait for death to arrive.

How could he give up just like that without fighting to the bitter end?

“Kill!” Ling Wei and the others attacked overbearingly once more, and they seemed fiendish and intending to annihilate Chen Xi without giving him any room to struggle.


Chen Xi waved his sleeve, and then a bronze spear shaped Natural Spirit Treasure soared into the air before it suddenly exploded apart, and the terrifying impact of the explosion caused the figures of Ling Wei and the others to stop for a moment.

But they attacked once more after merely an instant passed!

Detonating a Natural Spirit Treasure might be sufficient to kill an ordinary Imperial Monarch, and it could kill some ordinary Region Lords as well.

However, it was entirely insufficient against Ling Wei and the others who were Ninth Star Region Lords. Even though it was able to obstruct the rhythm of their attack, it was impossible for it to injure them in the slightest.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of that right now. He was clearly aware how terrible the current state of his body was, and just another head-on collision with them would instantly tear his body into pieces!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to withdraw all the Natural Spirit Treasures that he’d gathered throughout the years, and he utilized the Terminus Dao Insight to detonate them.

For a time, numerous mushroom clouds that seemed like fireworks were blooming throughout this expanse of the starry sky. They were dazzling, blazing, resplendent, and filled with destructive might!

Perhaps the might from a single detonation wouldn’t be sufficient to threaten any Ninth Star Region Lord, but if a string of them were to detonate in succession, then the might created by the explosions would simply arrive at an extreme.

How could Ling Wei and the others have imagined that Chen Xi would actually possess so many Natural Spirit Treasures? So, it instantly caught them off guard, causing them to fall into a torrent of explosions while they roared furiously from within it.

However, Chen Xi was bitterly disappointed to find that even this was actually unable to kill a single one of them!

In merely a short moment, these four red robed Grand Priests of the Sovereign Sect had escaped the torrent of explosions. Even though they were in slightly sorry states and covered in dirty, not a single one of them had suffered a heavy injury!

They were terrifying!

This was the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm. They were existences that stood proudly at the peak below the Daolord Realm, and they were only a step away from the Daolord Realm!

So, how could it be that easy to kill any one of them?

However, in their opinion, allowing a tiny Fifth Star Region Lord like Chen Xi to do this to them was simply like utterly humiliating them in front of Daolord Xu Tuo. So they were utterly infuriated.


“Kid, you’ve completely infuriated me!”

“Cut the crap! I’m going to pull out his tendons and skill before I chop him up into a thousand pieces!”

All of them attacked again amidst loud shouts!

Looks like I can only utilize the energy of Samsara to struggle for a while longer…. Chen Xi sighed in his heart while a wisp of a resolute expression flashed through his eyes. He knew that he was driven to a corner, and he might die at any moment….

What an extraordinary Savior. I really didn’t come here for nothing. Daolord Xu Tuo sighed with emotion from afar, and his muddy and aged eyes were filled with emotion.

As he watched Chen Xi being on the verge of death, Xu Tuo couldn’t help but think of Mo Lin who’d died at Wu Xuechan’s hands.

Wu Xuechan, since you dared to kill Junior Brother Mo Lin, then I will naturally not hold back against your junior brother…. Haha! Hahaha! A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Xu Tuo’s shriveled lips.

But in merely an instant, this smile of his had stiffened and frozen. Moreover, a wisp of extremely shocking cold lightning had suddenly erupted from his muddy eyes.

The scene at this moment was extremely strange.

Chen Xi had resolutely decided to utilize the energy of Samsara when facing the lethal attacks launched against him by Ling Wei and the others, and he was prepared to bring them down with him.

Daolord Xu Tuo had sighed with emotion when facing such a scene, but it was just a moment later when he seemed to have noticed something that caused his expression to change slightly.

All of this seemed to have taken a long time, but it had actually occurred at practically the exact same moment!

When Ling Wei and the others saw that Chen Xi was about to be crushed and annihilated on the spot, and when a feeling had arisen within Daolord Xu Tuo’s heart, an unexpected event had occurred.

An ancient furnace seemed as if it had traversed an eternity and arrived here. It emanated grey and hazy mist that enveloped both Ling Wei’s group and their attacks before Chen Xi could utilize the energy of Samsara!

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