Chapter 2040 – Unexpected

The grey haired man retreated for over a million kilometers.

This was the strength of a Ninth Star Region Lord. Their speed of teleportation was simply better than an Interstellar Teleportation Formation, and every single move they made could destroy a galaxy!

During this process, Chen Xi’s figure had followed him like a shadow while Chen Xi’s sword stabbed forward aggressively. Since the beginning, Chen Xi’s sword was locked onto the center of the grey haired man’s forehead, and he was gradually closing the distance between them.

Later on, the oppressive edge of his sword had even caused a scar to appear at the center of the grey haired man’s forehead even when it was still far away, and fresh blood dripped down from it.

On the other hand, the grey haired man’s expression had changed incessantly throughout this period. It had started with surprise, rage, frustration, and disbelief. Yet now, it had transformed into astonishment, terror, and horror. He seemed to have finally realized that this Fifth Star Region Lord, Chen Xi, was formidable beyond imagination.

At this critical moment when Chen Xi was about to catch up to him, Chen Xi’s slanted brows raised, and then he actually stopped pursuing the grey haired man.

At this moment, his handsome face that was originally covered in killing intent had even revealed a rare wisp of a heavy expression on it.

At practically the exact same time, a wave of conversation resounded….

“I never expected that Yue Wen would actually be crushed to such an extent by this little fellow at the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm. It truly is extremely shocking.”

“Hahaha! I told him that this kid is heaven defying and extraordinary. But he just refused to admit it and intended to kill this kid by himself. Now, you’ve finally suffered, huh?”

“Don’t take pleasure in his misfortune. This kid is really as the information said. His combat strength has improved to an unimaginable state, and he can’t be taken to be just a Fifth Star Region Lord.”

Three figures suddenly appeared in the distance along with these voices.

One was a youth while the two others were old men. All of them wore blood red robes, and their bodies emanated terrifying aura that could shake the universe and weren’t inferior to the grey haired man at all. Shockingly, they were three more red robed Grand Priests from the Sovereign Sect and experts at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

The grey haired man, Yue Wen, heaved a sigh of relief when he saw them make an appearance, and then his expression became unsightly.

Because he’d actually almost perished at the hands of a Fifth Star Region Lord. He’d simply lost all face because of this. However, when he recalled the terror that he felt from being on the verge of death, it made him feel a form of indescribable fear as well.

At this moment, the four of them were standing upright in the starry sky. All of them wore blood red robed yet possessed varying imposing auras, both all of them revealed the formidable and extremely terrifying aura of a Ninth Star Region Lord.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had an extremely heavy expression as he stood on their opposite.

As expected, it really was a planned ambush. My opponent isn’t a single person but an entire four Ninth Star Region Lords!

All of this seemed to prove that the Sovereign Sect was clearly aware of the transformation that his combat strength had undergone, otherwise, how could they have possibly dispatched four Ninth Star Region Lords?

Just a single existence like this was sufficient to instill terror in an entire region and crush numerous Region Lords, let alone four of them!

It was probably only the Sovereign Sect that would be so extravagant.

What shout I do?

Thoughts surged through Chen Xi’s heart as he felt an extremely strong and severe feeling of danger.

Chen Xi wouldn’t be too afraid if it was merely a single Ninth Star Region Lord, and he was even confident in his ability to kill that Ninth Star Region Lord.

If it was two Ninth Star Region Lords, then it would be strenuous to him, but they would definitely be unable to stop him if he fled.

But if it was three Ninth Star Region Lords, then not to mention going against them, even his chances of fleeing would be slim. It could be described as a situation where he had a slim chance of survival.

However, the current situation was unlike those three situations because there were an entire four Ninth Star Region Lords standing in front of him! Such forces were sufficient to make any Region Lord feel despair!

At this moment, even though Chen Xi hadn’t fallen into despair, his heart had fallen to rock bottom. He’d realized that the Sovereign Sect was determined to kill him this time!

All of this took time to describe, yet it was actually completed in a few breaths of time.

When those three red robed Grand Priests appeared here, the atmosphere in the surroundings had become oppressive and murderous to the extreme, and it was practically suffocating.

It was too terrifying!

Four Ninth Star Region Lords had set out in unison just for the sake of dealing with a Fifth Star Region Lord like Chen Xi. If news of this were to spread, there would probably be no one that believe it.

After all, no one would have ever imagined that the Sovereign Sect would dispatch so many Ninth Star Region Lords.

“I never expected that you four red robed Grand Priests would actually set out together just to deal with me. You really think highly of me.” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent as he spoke calmly, and he was contemplating on how to escape while he spoke.

“It can’t be helped. We’re clearly aware of your display in the Chen Clan, so we have no choice but to take a heaven defying monster like you seriously.” The red robed Grand Priest who looked like a youth had spoken slowly. His name was Ling Wei. While he seemed to look young and extremely frail, his status in the Sovereign Sect was actually superior to the other three.

Because even if it was in the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, Ling Wei’s combat strength slightly surpassed theirs!

Just these words made Chen Xi’s heart sink further. As expected, they are clearly aware of everything that occurred in the Chen Clan. Someone definitely exposed all of it in secret!

“If I’m not wrong, then it’s probably Chen Lingkong who told you all of this, right?” said Chen Xi in a cold voice.

“Haha! It’s too easy for our Sovereign Sect to find out about things.” Ling Wei chuckled lightly. “Of course, you will definitely not believe me if I said that. However, it’s not important to you who’d about to die, right?”

“That may not necessarily be the case. If I fight desperately, then while I might not be able to kill all of you, I dare guarantee that I’ll be able to bring at least one of you down with me.” Chen Xi’s expression was tranquil as if he hadn’t noticed that he was in a dangerous situation, and he didn’t reveal even a trace of despair.

Just these words alone caused the eyes of those red robed Grand Priests to narrow imperceptibly. The prior battle had allowed them to determine that Chen Xi’s combat strength was extraordinary indeed, so he might really be able to accomplish that.

“Oh, I’ve discerned that you intend to delay. But unfortunately, the Sect Master has already ordered your death, so you’re bound to be unable to avoid calamity. So, I advise you to cease struggling. Death only takes an instant, so why not attain Nirvana earlier? You can even avoid suffering the pain of injuries and torture.” Ling Wei chuckled as he spoke. He seemed to be completely harmless, yet he was cold and cruel in his heart.

“Nirvana? No one in this world can attain true Nirvana without Samsara.” Suddenly, a wisp of a strange expression arose in Chen Xi’s eyes.


Their eyelids twitched when they heard this, and they seemed to have recalled some sort of rumor.

“Let’s attack. I’ve discerned that he’s delaying on purpose. Since he isn’t willing to accept his fate, then we’ll make him give his life away obediently!” A wisp of dense killing intent suddenly appeared on Ling Wei’s smiling face, and it caused his imposing aura to suddenly change. It was like a god of slaughter had possessed him, and his aura was extremely bloody.


His slender and fair palm was spread open before he suddenly pressed it downward in midair. This expanse of the starry sky rumbled as it collapsed, and it transformed into a black hole that swept towards the area that Chen Xi stood at.

“Attack!” At practically the exact same moment, the three other red robed Grand Priests attacked ferociously in unison.


A sharp crescent shaped divine treasure flashed through space. It slashed through the stars, obliterated the elements, and emanated a sharp glow that seemed peerless and capable of shocking the world.


At the other side, a crimson red jade rules that was suffused with a bloody aura appeared. It formed a boundless ocean of blood, and it surged like lava as it covered the heavens and the earth.


A black lightning hammer that flickered brilliantly smashed down. It caused an expanse of mottled and blazing black arcs of lightning to strike forcefully at Chen Xi.

In an instant, the four Ninth Star Region Lords had simultaneously executed four different supreme techniques at Chen Xi. Such a scene could simply be described as world shocking and terrifying to the extreme.

Even this expanse of the starry sky was trembling. Countless stars exploded into pieces while space seemed like fragile glass that was blasted into pieces, causing numerous horrifying spatial rifts and black holes to appear.

Not to mention Chen Xi, even a true Ninth Star Region Lord would probably be horrified by this scene and have no room to struggle or resist.

Even if he was prepared for the worst, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but feel horrified when he really faced such a scene. He felt a form of lethal danger approaching him.

Most horrifying of it all was that a boundlessly grand voice had suddenly exploded by his ears at such a critical moment!

“Young Brother, we meet again. Unfortunately, this meeting is probably the last time you see me before death.” That voice was actually swifter than the attacks executed by Ling Wei and the others, and the energy contained within it carried an extremely horrifying force. It caused Chen Xi’s Dao Heart that was extremely solid to suddenly tremble. Moreover, his soul seemed as if it had been struck by lightning and had almost collapsed.

At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi finally noticed an extremely aged figure had actually appeared extremely far away in the distance.

His face was covered in wrinkles, his eyes were muddy, and he had scarce white hair. He was like an old man who was almost at the end of his lifetime. However, only Chen Xi knew that he was a Daolord! He was the renowned Divine Sovereign Priest of the Sovereign Sect, Daolord Xu Tuo!

All those years ago when the five extremes of the Imperial Region had jointly held the Dao Discussion, Chen Xi had met Xu Tuo on many occasions. Moreover, Xu Tuo had even come along with Wu Xuechan , Xue Ling, Xuan Ming, and Cai Ye when they headed to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos after the Dao Discussion.

Moreover, Chen Xi was clearly aware that Daolord Mo Lin who Wu Xuechan had killed many years ago was Xu Tuo’s junior brother!

However, Chen Xi had never imagined that the Sovereign Sect hadn’t just dispatched four Ninth Star Region Lords, a Daolord was actually accompanying them from the shadows! This was simply unimaginable!

Even Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian would have probably not expected that the Sovereign Sect would actually dispatch such terrifying forces just to deal with Chen Xi.

Obviously, the Sovereign Sect wasn’t just serious this time, it seemed to have taken Chen Xi to be its number one enemy. The Sovereign Sect didn’t intend to give Chen Xi even the slightest chance of survival!

All of this took a long time to describe yet was actually completed in a fraction of an instant. When Ling Wei and the others attacked, and when Daolord Xu Tuo spoke those words, Chen Xi was fully aware that he was probably really doomed this time….

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