Chapter 204 – Teng Brothers

Chapter 204 – Teng Brothers

Bloodcrescent Devil Sect?

The expressions of Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, and the others were filled with shock when they heard Chen Xi, and the gazes they shot at the Teng Brothers had instantly become doubtful and anxious.

The Bloodcrescent Devil Sect practically swept through the entire world 3,000 years ago and committed countless slaughters that caused blood to flow into rivers, and almost overthrew the Darchu Dynasty that ruled over the world, so they could be said to be infamous.

At this moment, when they found out that the Teng Brothers might be members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect from Chen Xi, the shock in everyone’s hearts was obvious.

“Everyone, don’t listen to this kid’s nonsense. How could we brothers possibly be members of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect?” Teng Huaji hurriedly retorted, yet he felt a mix of rage and astonishment in his heart. No matter how he thought, he was unable to wrap his head around how Chen Xi had guessed their identity.

“Yeah, that kid is slinging mud at us brothers for the sake of driving a wedge between all of us. Fellow Daoists, you must no be deceived by him.” Teng Huaxu explained hurriedly as well.

As he spoke, their gazes glanced at Huangfu Chongming both consciously and unconsciously.

“Yes, I can guarantee that these two brothers aren’t survivors of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. I presume everyone ought to believe something I say, right?” Huangfu Chongming swept his gaze at the others, and he spoke with an unperturbed expression.

Indeed, he was the Young Prince of the Darchu Dynasty’s Wise King’s Estate, someone of respectable identity and a member of the Imperial Family. As soon as he stood out to guarantee for these Teng Brothers, he’d instantly dispelled the misgivings in the hearts of the others, and his expression eased up.

After obtaining Huangfu Chongming’s guarantee, Teng Huaji was instantly reassured in his heart, and he spoke out right away. “Hmph! I discerned this kid had malicious intentions since long ago. We were kind enough to bring him along to search for treasures, yet he doesn’t know how to be grateful and actually dares slander us brothers. His crime truly cannot be forgiven and deserves to die a thousand times. I’ll go take this his life right now and wash away the humiliation of us brothers!”

“Right! Everyone, wait for a moment, we brothers will go capture him right now and strip him of his body refinement technique before annihilating him!” Teng Huaxu spoke ferociously.

When the words ‘body refinement technique’ was spoken, he intentionally spoke with emphasis and the meaning behind his hint was completely revealed, causing the gazes of Huangfu Chongming and the others to light up and not say anything further. Obviously, they’d tacitly approved of the actions of the Teng Brothers.

“Alright! This kid’s cultivation is so low and utterly isn’t worthy of possessing such a miraculous body refinement technique. You brothers go capture him right now and reclaim his body refinement technique, and then all of us will safeguard and comprehend it together.” Huangfu Chongming nodded in a reserved manner.

The Teng Brothers looked at each other and both of them secretly rejoiced without end in their hearts. They never imagined that a turn of events would appear, allowing them to be able to openly annihilate Chen Xi in the end. Such an incident was something that even they had never imagined.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Both of them didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash explosively towards the cloud of Ice Bats.

“Everyone, we’ll resist these demon beasts while waiting for the good news. If we’re able to obtain the body refinement technique in that kid’s possession, then this Prince guarantees that I’ll surely allow all of you to comprehend it together and will absolutely not go back on my word.” As he watched the Teng Brothers flash into the cloud of Ice Bats, Huangfu Chongming swept everyone with his gaze and spoke clearly and loudly.

“That couldn’t be better.” Lin Moxuan nodded.

Xiao Linger smiled and obviously agreed with Huangfu Chongming’s decision.

Tantai Hong’s expression was indeterminate. Before he could say anything, he instead noticed Huangfu Chongming staring coldly at him, causing his heart to jerk instantly, and he didn’t dare hesitate to say bitterly. “I’ll listen to Prince’s instructions.”

Huangfu Chongming was self-satisfied and couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “Alright, everyone join forces and make a united effort to defend against our enemies while waiting to obtain a benefit. It couldn’t be any more wonderful.” In his words, Huangfu Chongming had already taken Chen Xi to be a dead man.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The instant Chen Xi entered the cloud of Ice Bats, he instantly suffered countless attacks from all directions, and every corner of his surroundings was filled with Ice Bats flapping their wings and the numerous ice blades that blasted towards him like a storm.

These ice blades were sharp, cold, and possessed a might to shatter yellow-rank Magic Treasures, yet when they descended onto Chen Xi’s body, they instead caused a string of dazzling and bright sprays of water, and Chen Xi’s skin was completely unharmed without the slightest hair being injured.

But due to these attacks being too dense and the strength of the attacks converging together, it was simply not inferior to the attack of a Golden Core Realm cultivator. In the blink of an eye, it had shocked Chen Xi to the point his vital blade roiled, causing him to repeatedly dodge the ice blades, and his situation became extremely hard-pressed.

Grand Astral Palm! Chen Xi didn’t dare hesitate to circulate his Third-Fire Shaman Marking, causing a Grand Astral Palm that surged with flames to sweep out in the air with roiling waves of flames and boundless might, and it deterred these Ice Bats that pounced over to the point of hesitating slightly. Seizing this opportunity, the Grand Astral Palm changed once more, the flames residing as a flow of water gushed out, and it carried along a supreme Dao Insight that caused all water in the world to submit as it swept out.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

Seeming as if they’d met their bane, the blood red pupils of the Ice Bats revealed a reverent and panicked expression as if they were subjects that had encountered their supreme Emperor, and they practically didn’t resist before being crushed into numerous balls of water essence by the Grand Astral Palm and being completely absorbed by Chen Xi’s Ninth-Water Shaman Marking.

In next to no time, a Star Core that was overflowing with water was similarly born within the Ninth-Water Shaman Marking. Moreover, along with the ceaselessly gushing of water essence into it, the size of the Star Core grew at a visible speed.

Nice! Such fortune has actually been encountered by me. If I’m able to annihilate all the demon beasts in the entire Five Element Ruins, then how many times would my strength multiply? As he felt the strength that was ceaselessly rising within his body, Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from laughing loudly into the air, and the unhappiness that had accumulated in his chest all along the way was swept away cleanly, causing him to feel happy and satisfied.

Strength, authority, wealth, martial prowess… Everything in this world requires a sort of ‘power.’ So long as I control a formidable strength, then any schemes or tricks will be destroyed and obliterated before me! Only then would I be able to repay both favors and enmity, being truly free! A cage can’t trap my heart, shackles can’t trap my body, freely soaring into the nine heavens is the path on the Grand Dao that belongs to me! At this moment, Chen Xi’s Dao Heart seemed as if it was cleaned of all dust, a clear mirror that was washed of all dirt, translucent and illuminated, and it was able to reflect his heart. Unknowingly, his knowledge towards the path of his cultivation had become deeper and firmer, and his entire soul seemed as if it had obtained cleansing, advancement, and infinite improvement…


The strength of his soul that hadn’t broken through for a long time underwent a tremendous transformation at this moment, transforming from Divine Perception into Divine Sense, and it caused the entire heavens and the earth to seem more lively and vivid.

He ‘saw’ that those traces of the blood of fiends and gods, numerous Magic Treasure fragments, and strands of water element Origin Energy gushed within the bodies of these Ice Bats, and every tiny detail was exposed before him.

He ‘saw' baleful qi, killing intent, resentment, True Essence, and various shapeless energies roiling within the heavens and the earth, and they were unable to escape from his senses.

He ‘saw’ that at the ruins extremely far away, Huangfu Chongming and the others were instigating the Teng Brothers to go against him, and the appearances, clothes, and expressions of the groups of cultivators at the other sides of the ruins were unable to escape his eyes. Amongst them were old acquaintances of his, the central plains Whitecrane Sect’s Qing Xiuyi, Pei Zhong, and Xue Chen.

The was the might of a Divine Sense, it was like possessing an eye that belonged to one within the heavens and the earth to detect everything including the tiniest details. Any trace of movement or any shapeless or material thing were unable to escape the detection of a Divine Sense!

Excellent, with my Divine Sense formed, the strength of my soul is already capable of keeping up with Rebirth Realm cultivators, and I’m able to cultivate the God Killer Arts! As he felt the changes in his soul and appreciated the completely different scene in the heavens and the earth, Chen Xi’s essence, energy, and spirit were in a miraculous state of being floating above the mortal world and being profoundly merged with everything within the world. In this type of state, he’d practically instantly comprehended the profundity and essence of the God Killer Arts.

“Kid, do you think you’re safe because you’re hiding here?” Right at this moment, two figures charged into the cloud of Ice Bats, and everywhere they passed, the numerous Ice Bats were killed and obliterated, revealing their extremely formidable strength.

These two people were exactly the Teng Brothers, Teng Huaxu and Teng Huaji.

“Chen Xi, under these circumstances, you ought to understand the reason us brothers have come over, right? Obediently hand over those things and perhaps we can give you a swifter death.” Teng Huaji smiled gloomily.

“Right, hand over your body refinement technique as well. Otherwise, don’t blame us brothers for capturing you and utilizing the Blood Soulransacking Arts on you. We’ll extract your soul, causing you to be unable to stay alive nor seek death and suffer endless torture all day and night.” Teng Huaxu added.

“So in this way, I’ll die if I hand over the things, and die if I don’t hand over the things?” Chen Xi asked indifferently with a calm tone that didn’t have the slightest feelings within it.

“Exactly. But if you obediently hand over the things, then I can guarantee to allow you to die slightly swiftly, and you won’t suffer any pain of torture. How about it? It’s merciful enough, right?” Teng Huaji grinned.

“Haha! My Big Brother is right! If it was me deciding, it might not necessarily be like this. Kid, we’ve already given you the chance, it depends on how you take ahold of it!” Teng Huaxu shouted out explosively.

“Since it’s like this… Then we’ll see who dies first!” When the icy cold and indifferent voice sounded out, Chen Xi’s had already swiftly vanished on the spot. In the next moment, he’d appeared 3m before Teng Huaji.


A top-grade profound-rank sword that flowed with lightning appeared in his hand, and the lightning arcs flickered and were filled with piercingly cold and explosive auras of destruction. It was tempered from Lightning Steel and the surface of the sword was set up with 16 miniature Lightning Blast Formation, and it was precisely one of the numerous swords that Madam Shui Hua had given him in the Oceanic City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and its name was Sky Lightning.

At this moment, Chen Xi utilized the profundities of the Zhen Sword of Lightning with the Sky Lightning Sword as he swung it out with a stab, and the movement of the sword was swift and forceful as it instantly easily shattered space into power and stab straight towards Teng Huaji’s face.

“Hmph! I knew long ago that you wouldn’t obediently allow yourself to be captured, kid! Chaotic Demon Saber!” Teng Huaji shouted out explosively as his body spun like a top, and a dark red blood colored saber appeared in his hand before spraying out like a chaotic wind. He’s instantly slashed out 108 times, and every single strike was accurate and fiercely slashed towards the tip of Chen Xi’s sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Saber and sword collided, lightning shot out violently, and the light of blood overflowed into the surroundings. The cold and chaotic airflow crashed out into the surroundings, causing the Ice Bats in the surrounding 300m to even be unable to dodge in time before being completely wiped out.

Chen Xi’s killing blow was actually completely resisted by Teng Huaji!

“Kid, you dare launch a sneak attack against me with this little strength?” Teng Huaji laughed with disdain, yet he wasn’t slow in the slightest, and his blood red saber shook before tearing through the sky to chop at Chen Xi’s head!

He wanted to seize this opportunity to wipe out Chen Xi’s life with a single strike!

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