Chapter 2039 – Dark Calamity Lantern

The dignified voice surged through the starry sky and spoke Chen Xi’s name!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed imperceptibly. He’d determined that this cultivator had really been waiting there for his arrival.

Chen Xi stood on the spot while his thoughts flashed swiftly. It’s absolutely impossible for this to be a coincidence. Who exactly exposed my tracks?

This boundless expanse of the starry sky that lied between the Ancient God Domain and Primal Chaos Origin was filled with danger, and even the other disciples of Oracle Mountain weren’t aware that Chen Xi had headed to the Primal Chaos Origin with Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian a few years ago.

So, he was sure that it was definitely not Oracle Mountain that exposed this.

Moreover, there were very few that knew he’d left the Primal Chaos Origin because for the sake of guaranteeing Chen Xi’s safety, only Chen Taichong alone knew of this matter.

Chen Taichong was looking forward to Chen Xi being able to participate in the Battle of Dao Protectors on behalf of the Chen Clan 500 years from now, so he would definitely not scheme against Chen Xi right now.

Thus, Chen Taichong could be eliminated from the list of suspects.

Could it have been Chen Lingkong?

After thinking about it over and over again, there was only a single person in this world that was filled with hatred towards him and was aware of his whereabouts, the Chen Clan’s Chen Lingkong!

Was it really him? Even though he was unable to determine the truth, he’d taken Chen Lingkong to be the number one suspect. Presently, he was clearly aware that it was exactly Chen Lingkong who’d exposed his father’s secrets and caused his father to suffer the frenzied pursuit of the Sovereign Sect even after he’d reincarnated.

Since Chen Lingkong had committed such an act all those years ago, it was impossible to be certain that he wouldn’t do it again!

These thoughts had flashed through Chen Xi’s mind. No matter what, he was at least certain that the owner of that terrifying aura who was seated cross-legged in the distance had definitely come with ill intent!

Moreover, Chen Xi was sure that this figure in the distance was definitely not that ‘opponent’ of his who was following him until now.

It really is like having a hungry wolf in front of me and pursuers in the back…. Chen Xi sighed in his heart while a wisp of extremely chilly killing intent arose in his pupils that seemed like two black abysses. The vital energy within his entire body started circulating silently as he accumulated strength in anticipation of the battle, and he was prepared to fight as well.

“Are you still not going to come over? Could it be that you want me to invite you over here myself?” That dignified voice resounded once more like a thunderclap, and it resounded through the starry sky.

“There’s no need for that. I might be extremely grateful if you kill yourself to atone for your crimes.” Chen Xi stood on the spot and spoke indifferently, and he had no intention to move forward.

Even though there were two Star Obliteration gale at both sides of the area he stood at right now, and the consequences of being swept into them was unimaginable, he placed more importance to the enemy who blocked his path forward.

If he wasn’t wrong, then this figure was probably an existence at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm!

Chen Xi had wracked his brains yet was truly unable to figure out when he’d offended a Ninth Star Region Lord in the Ancient God Domain.

After all, Ninth Star Region Lords were extremely rare in the Ancient God Domain, and there weren’t many even in the top-rate powers of the Imperial Region. Only the five extremes of the Imperial Region had no lack of existences at such a level.

Of course, that wasn’t important at all. Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of this fellow at all if he were to fight desperately. Chen Xi was merely worried that this fellow hadn’t come alone!

It was even to the extent that if he were to move forward rashly, then perhaps he might fall into a trap that had been meticulously prepared. The consequences of that was unimaginable.

“Kill myself…. Hahahaha! How audacious of you! I originally intended to leave your corpse intact, but I’ve changed my mind now. I won’t just kill you; I’ll burn your bones and scatter your ashes. You’ll pay with death!” Rumbling resounded amidst his roaring laughter, and then that terrifying aura suddenly moved.

Everywhere he passed, it was like a calamity was sweeping through the world, and the stars, meteors, and space in the surroundings were blasted apart. He seemed extremely overbearing.


He hadn’t even arrived in front of Chen Xi, but a monstrous black glow had transformed into divine radiance that filled the sky as it seethed and swept towards the surroundings. It covered this expanse of the starry sky before it crashed down towards Chen Xi.

This scene was too terrifying. If Chen Xi had encountered this before he headed to the Primal Chaos Origin, then he would have no choice but to dodge and not dare bear the brunt of it.

But now….


Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament and slashed forcefully with it. An ordinary and natural wisp of sword qi flashed out, and it forcefully blasted that attack apart. The collision between them caused terrifying divine radiance to sweep towards the surroundings.


This was a battle between Region Lords, so it was obvious how terrifying the force of their collision was. In merely an instant, it had swept to the area that was at both sides of where Chen Xi stood, and it actually collided with the Star Obliteration Gales that were raging incessantly there. In an instant, it caused a chain reaction that made the entire expanse of the starry sky to rumble and quake before it fell into a scene of obliteration.

Shit! Chen Xi’s heart shook. He practically didn’t hesitate to swiftly charge towards the distance while emanating a myriad of strands of violet gold divine radiance.

At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered about whether there was a formidable enemy blocking his way because the balance in this expanse of the starry sky had been broken. So, the terrifying Star Obliteration Gale had started to spread.

Once he was swept into it, then it would be no different than giving his life away!

“You want to meet me now? Dream on!” The dignified voice shouted.


At practically the exact same time, a myriad of pitch black, think, and large divine chains surged out madly from all directions. They interweaved together like a net that covered the sky, and they sealed off Chen Xi’s path forward. Moreover, they intended to crush him here and make him perish within the Star Obliteration Gales.

At this moment, he had the attack of a formidable enemy in front of him while the Star Obliteration Gales were sweeping over from behind. It caused Chen Xi who was trapped in this pincer attack to instantly fall into imminent danger.

If he didn’t change this situation, then it wouldn’t be long before he would perish here!


Chen Xi took a deep breath while surging flames arose within his eyes, and then a myriad of strands of violet gold energy shot out from within him and charged into the sky.

His black hair swiftly turned snow white, and his entire body seemed as if it was burning. He was like a wisp of dazzling light that was flashing through the sky, and he emanated a matchless aura!

The Godslaughter Burst!

At such a dangerous moment, Chen Xi had actually not hesitated to utilize this innate technique that came from the Yazi Clan!

He was forced to utilize it. It wasn’t because his opponent was too formidable, and it was instead because their battle just had to happen in a place that was filled with terrifying Star Obliteration Gales. These gales were a terrifying force that even Daolords feared, so how could Chen Xi dare to continue holding back?


The world shook while the pitch black divine chains rumbled explosively. They were suddenly blasted apart and collapsed inch by inch from the impact of a dazzling wisp of sword qi, and they transformed into a rain of light that vanished into the surroundings.

It was also at this instant that Chen Xi finally saw the appearance of his opponent clearly.

It was a grey haired man who wore a blood red robe, had a gloomy and fierce expression, and possessed a cold imposing aura. Moreover, black light flowed throughout his body while the terrifying aura of calamity seethed from him.

It was a red robed Grand Priest of the Sovereign Sect!

Such dressing and such an aura were truly very familiar to Chen Xi, and it was impossible for him to not recognize it!

The Sovereign Sect divided its members according to their strengths, and they were divided into disciples, Elite Disciples, Elders, red robed Grand Priests, and Divine Sovereign Priests.

Those capable of becoming red robed Grand Priests were either at the Imperial Monarch Realm or the Region Lord Realm. Of course, both these realms were actually the same, and the only difference was whether one possessed Region Energy.

Yet now, a red robed Grand Priest at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm had appeared here, so how could Chen Xi not understand that it was actually the Sovereign Sect who had come to attack him!

When he recalled how both him and his father had constantly suffered the Sovereign Sect’s oppression and schemes, a wisp of rage couldn’t help but surge in Chen Xi’s heart.


After he broke through the obstruction, Chen Xi’s figure didn't stop at all and charged straight towards the red robed Grand Priest.

“Hmm?” He’d never imagined that Chen Xi’s combat strength would actually instantly undergo such a tremendous change, and it caused his pupils to swiftly constrict.

“Get the fuck back there!” The grey haired man howled with a grim voice, and then he suddenly withdrew a profound and translucent black lantern. The wick of the lantern was enshrouded by the jet black glow of calamity, and as soon as it soared into the air, it emanated boundless Dark Calamity Flames that rained down towards Chen Xi.

The Dark Calamity Lantern!

It was a Natural Spirit Treasure that was passed down within the Sovereign Sect!

At this moment, it had been activated with the grey haired man’s cultivation at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and the Dark Calamity Flames it emanated could even incinerate the starry sky.


However, in merely an instant, a wisp of sword qi had struck towards it, and it actually blasted the Dark Calamity Lantern flying. Moreover, it trembled violently as numerous cracks covered it!


The grey haired man’s expression changed violently. He suffered backlash from the damaged the Dark Calamity Lantern received, and he couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood.

He’d underestimated the strength that Chen Xi possessed right now. During the Chen Clan’s competition that day, Chen Xi had been able to fight two Eighth Star Region Lords and a Ninth Star Region Lord at the same time, so how could his combat strength possibly be ordinary?

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had turned the tide upon executing the Godslaughter Burst. He’d still been able to eliminate Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui while suffering Chen Daoyuan’s frenzied attacks. So, this clearly showed how terrifying Chen Xi’s strength had become.

After all, Chen Daoyuan was the number one expert in the Region Lord Realm within the Chen Clan. He possessed the reserves of an Innate God and possessed ancient inheritances. If it was in terms of true combat strength, then this red robed Grand Priest of the Sovereign Sect was clearly inferior to Chen Daoyuan.

Under such circumstances, it was naturally impossible for him to resist Chen Xi’s might.


After he blasted the Dark Calamity Lantern flying, Chen Xi had attacked once more. The blade of his sword was suffused by violet gold colored energy as it struck right towards the center of the grey haired man’s brows!

“Dammit!” His expression changed once more, and the grey haired man instinctively chose to evade, so his figure retreated explosively towards the starry sky that lay behind him.

However, Chen Xi didn’t intend to let him go. The edge of his sword was like a shadow that followed closely behind the grey haired man, and it pursued closely without allowing the gap between them to be lengthened in the slightest!

Chen Xi hated the Sovereign Sect’s members to the core. This time, the Sovereign Sect had even prepared and laid an ambush for him with the intention of killing him while he was on the way back to the Ancient God Domain. This had utterly infuriated Chen Xi.

As it was said, when enemies come face to face with each other, their eyes blaze with hatred. Under such circumstances, how could Chen Xi possibly let him escape?

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