Chapter 2038 – Hiding In The Shadows


Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he walked out of the Primal Chaos Origin, and he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly without end when he thought about everything that he’d experienced in this half a year of time.

During this period of time, he’d completely recovered, and his strength had been restored to the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm as well.

Moreover, he’d seized this period of time to start comprehending the inheritances within the Era Brand of the 6th era, the Seal of the Illusion, and he’d obtained great benefits from it.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel helpless during this period of time. Because Chen Taichong had actually come to look for him every other day, and he’d utilized all sorts of methods to make Chen Xi join the Chen Clan.

Even though Chen Xi had refused without exception, it still made Chen Xi have a headache after it went on for some time.

So, that was this reason why he’d left the Chen Clan hastily before half a year of time had even passed. He wasn’t willing to see Chen Taichong again.

It wasn’t that he detested Chen Taichong, but he was horrified by Chen Taichong’s mad persistence. Even when he was leaving just now, Chen Taichong had still chattered incessantly with the intention of making him stay back. Under such circumstances, how could Chen Xi possibly agree to it?

At this moment, as he stood amidst the boundlessly vast and deep starry sky and thought of how he didn’t have to see Chen Taichong for the next 500 years, Chen Xi’s mood instantly became extremely good.

I’ll enter into closed door cultivation once I return to Oracle Mountain. If nothing unexpected happens, then I’ll be able to step foot into the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm before the Battle of Dao Protectors…. Chen Xi pondered in silence for a moment before he withdrew the map his senior brothers had given him. He scanned it briefly before his figure flashed towards the distance without the slightest hesitation.

Because he had Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian to lead the way when he came to the Primal Chaos Origin that day, Chen Xi’s journey here was completely smooth. But even then, merely the journey had exhausted over five years of time.

This time, he was all alone on the way back. So, according to his deductions, it would take at least around 10 years of time for him to complete the journey with his speed.

10 years!

Merely the journey took so long. Just thinking about it made a wave of helplessness rise in one’s heart. Most importantly, this journey was filled with danger!

Otherwise, this area where the Godrank Mountain and Primal Chaos Origin resided wouldn’t be taken to be a restricted area. Moreover, since the ancient times, even Daolord Realm experts didn’t dare travel here rashly without possessing an understanding of the way to get here.

This clearly showed how dangerous and arduous this path was.

Of course, while it might still be dangerous to Chen Xi who possessed a map, he would perhaps be able to return without encountering any danger if he was a little careful.


Fluctuations surged through space as the stars flashed by.

Chen Xi teleported through the starry sky at full speed, and he was like a ray of light that flashed at extreme speed.

He didn’t waste time while he travelled, and he silently comprehended the profundities of the Seal of the Illusion in his mind.

After he experienced that competition in the Chen Clan, it allowed Chen Xi to have a deep understanding of the value of these Era Brands.

They were simply like supreme and miraculous herbs of advancement in his cultivation. He merely had to comprehend their profundities, refined them, and absorb them before he could allow his cultivation to breakthrough without any effort. Moreover, he wouldn’t encounter a bottleneck at all.

For example, it was the same when he refined and absorbed the Seal of the Shaman and Seal of the Martial. They allowed his cultivation to break through in succession, and he’d directly attained his current cultivation which was at the Fifth Star of the Region Lord Realm.

This clearly displayed that Chen Xi’s cultivation would definitely rise by another level once he comprehended, refined, and absorbed the Seal of the Illusion!

Hmm? After a short moment, Chen Xi suddenly frowned, and then he couldn’t help but spread his consciousness out. However, he didn’t notice anything unusual.

Strange. This path back is truly too mysterious. It’s better to be a little cautious. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he gradually slowed down. Because a wisp of horror had suddenly flashed through his heart just now. It was like someone was constantly following him from behind.

Unfortunately, this feeling had only existed for a swift moment, and he wasn’t able to notice anything unusual when he tried to investigate it.

Just like that, Chen Xi flew for half a day longer before he frowned again. He suddenly stopped moving while his black pupils swept swiftly and coldly towards the surroundings.

Moreover, a strand of chilly killing intent swept out from him as well.

“Friend, you’ve already been following behind me for so long, so why don’t you show yourself?” His voice was indifferent yet carried an oppressive and murderous aura.

The surroundings were deathly silent, and only Chen Xi’s voice was still reverberating through the cold and deathly silent starry sky.


Chen Xi suddenly drew his sword and made a sweeping strike with it. A vast and circular strand of sword qi rumbled as it swept towards the surroundings with Chen Xi at its center. Everywhere it passed, the stars collapsed into pieces, space collapsed, and everything within an area of 50,000km was crushed into powder.

Such a scene was simply more destructive and terrifying than a Spatial Storm.

However, there as actually nothing unusual throughout the surroundings even after everything came to an end, and there was no sign of any enemy as well.

This made Chen Xi’s brows knit together even more tightly, and then a wisp of vigilance couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

At this moment, he was sure that there was definitely someone following from behind like cancer, and it was utterly impossible to lose this person.

He’d at least sensed a trace of an unusual aura for seven times during this period, but it always lasted for just a moment.

So, it seemed extremely unusual!

Chen Xi stood there silently for a long time. In the end, he took a deep breath and muttered. “Since you don’t intend to show yourself, then don’t blame me for being merciless when I capture you!”


Chen Xi didn’t delay and continued on his journey.

“This kid’s senses are actually so acute and vigilant. My secret technique that even Daolords find difficult to detect was actually faintly noticed by him. It’s truly inconceivable….” Not long after Chen Xi’s figure had left, a graceful and beautiful figure appeared there. She stood by herself on an ancient furnace, and her entire body was suffused by mist, causing her to seem extremely mysterious.

But in merely an instant, her figure vanished once more and didn’t even leave a trace of her aura behind. It was simply like she’d evaporated into thin air.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure actually suddenly returned here. He’d actually turned around to try and catch the person who was following him. Obviously, his departure just now was merely a ruse.

However, Chen Xi was disappointed because his plan had clearly failed.

“You better hope I don’t drag you out from hiding!” Chen Xi’s expression was cold and indifferent, and his eyes were filled with killing intent. His figure flashed and teleported forward once more.

“Looks like his ability isn’t bad either. No wonder that he was the 1st person capable of leaving the Door of the Last Days.” That graceful figure had reappeared once more, and she pondered deeply while looking towards the direction Chen Xi had left before she pursued him again.

Chen Xi had been tense and vigilant for an entire three days of time now. He didn’t know who was following him, and it was exactly the reason why he’d become even more cautious and careful.

However, Chen Xi was puzzled because he actually didn’t sense even a trace of unusualness during these three days of time, and it was like that person had vanished.

Was that person scared away by my warning?

That’s definitely not the case!

Chen Xi didn’t think that an opponent who could conceal himself or herself to the point he couldn’t even notice would so easily give up on pursuing him.

All of this merely proved that the person had started to act carefully!

If it’s an enemy, that person should have attacked by now. After all, I’ve left the vicinity of the Primal Chaos Origin, so it’s absolutely impossible for another to find out if I’m killed here. But this person just happens to have been exercising forbearance and hasn’t made a move until now. If it’s a friend, then why hasn’t this person shown himself? This is truly quite strange…. Chen Xi was unable to figure it out, and his heart felt slightly heavy.

Needless to say, this path from the Primal Chaos Origin to the Ancient God Domain was truly too far. Besides the dense and boundless starry sky, there was all sorts of terrifying and horrifying unexpected changes in the universe around him.

For example, spatial tides, black holes, spatial storms…. Every single one of them was like a calamity in the universe, and they were filled with terrifying might that was capable of destroying everything. Not to mention a Region Lord like Chen Xi, even a Daolord would probably find it impossible to escape upon being swept into it.

If Chen Xi didn’t possess the map his senior brothers provided, then he might not even dare take a step into this place!

Of course, these natural calamities were far from being sufficient to make Chen Xi feel fearful. The true source of his fears was still that opponent who was following him, yet he couldn’t locate.

Just like that, Chen Xi had teleported and flown for a few months. It was peaceful all along the way while nothing unexpected had occurred, causing Chen Xi to gradually become accustomed to all of this.

It was even to the extent that he sometimes wondered if that opponent of his had left or not.

However, his instinct told him that his opponent was always there, and he was just unable to notice that person.

Hmm? On this day, Chen Xi was teleporting through a chaotic galaxy when his pupils suddenly constricted, and he slowly down abruptly.

At this moment, terrifying ‘Star Obliteration Gales’ were whistling over from both sides. Everywhere they passed, the stars were obliterated into nothingness while space was corroded to the point expanses of desolation and rifts were left behind.

Only the path he was on had remained calm and hadn’t suffered any damage.

However, Chen Xi acutely noticed that an extremely danger aura was present in the starry sky that was over 20,000km ahead.

It was a cultivator!

Moreover, it was an extremely formidable cultivator. He was seated cross-legged there like the king of this expanse of space, and he didn’t conceal his arrogant and imposing aura at all.

Indeed, how could someone capable of arriving at this boundless starry sky that laid across the Ancient God Domain and Primal Chaos Origin be an ordinary figure?

At the same time, the possibility that a cultivator was encountered by chance in such a boundless starry sky was truly too tiny!

So, Chen Xi couldn’t help but become vigilant, and he even suspected that this cultivator had been waiting here for a long time to stop him in his tracks!

Sure enough, right when these thoughts had flashed through Chen Xi’s heart, an indifferent voice that was filled with oppressive dignity had suddenly resounded from extremely far away. “Chen Xi, I’ve been waiting a long time for you!”

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