Chapter 2036 – The Truth

Chen Lingjun fell silent when he heard this.

Zuoqiu Xue couldn’t help but speak in a gentle tone. “Since you’ve said that you intend to let go of it, then why continue keeping it in your heart? Moreover, it isn’t anything that needs to be kept a secret.

Chen Xi was stunned. He acutely noticed that the reason behind all of this was probably an irreparable scar in his father’s heart.

“Xi’er, I may as well tell you. But they are all matters of the past during my previous lifetime. You must remember not to make too much of a fuss about it.” Chen Lingjun took a deep breath and said, “After I obtained the 9th River Diagram fragment all those years ago, my destiny had changed. No matter if it was my status, cultivation, or authority… all of them surpassed Chen Lingkong, and this made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Because at that time, he… hah, he was the pride of the entire Chen Clan, and numerous seniors had even entrusted their hopes to him. He was the person that had the greatest chance to succeed the position of Patriarch. No one could compare to him at all. However, since I stepped foot into the Daolord Realm and obtained the assistance of the 9th River Diagram fragment, all of this had changed.

“His brilliance was completely covered up by mine, and no one looked up to him and paid attention to him anymore. Even the great figures of the clan had entrusted their hopes on me.

“In the end, he made a mistake when I suffered the calamity which the Heaven Dao send after me because of the 9th River Diagram fragment.

“He… sold me out in secret. He told the Sovereign Sect about my reincarnation in the three dimensions!”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Lingjun was unable to conceal the complicated expression on his face anymore. There was pain, a sense of loss, and disappointment. After all, Chen Lingkong was his younger brother during his previous lifetime, so how could he, the older brother, not suffer because of this?

A wisp of a cold glow instantly flashed through Chen Xi’s eyes. He was father’s younger brother during father’s previous lifetime, yet he actually sold out his own older brother because of jealousy?

That’s simply unforgiveable!

At this instant, Chen Xi even recalled the scenes that had occurred while he participated in the competition that decided the future successor of the Chen Clan, and he recalled how Chen Lingkong hadn’t hesitated to utilize despicable methods and tricks in order to eliminate him.

For a time, Chen Xi’s expression had become cold and indifferent while hatred surged within his heart.

“However, all of this is in the past. Now, I’m not a member of the Chen Clan anymore, so just let the pass flow away along the annals of time.” Chen Lingjun took a deep breath before he waved his hand, and he seemed to be flagging with interest and unwilling to continue on this topic.

“Father, since it’s like that, then why did you insist on returned to the Chen Clan? They took the two of you as criminals and imprisoned you!” Chen Xi frowned.

“No, you’re mistaken.” Chen Lingjun revealed a smile that carried deep meaning. “The reason your mother and I returned was merely for the sake of protecting our lives. In other words, I did it intentionally, and it isn’t anyone’s fault.”

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. “Why?”

“It’s very simple, the Sovereign Sect’s Master won’t let me off.” Chen Lingjun spoke indifferently, “When I rescued your mother from Iris Immortal Prisoner that day, I’d accidentally exposed my tracks, and it drew down numerous disciples of the Sovereign Sect while even the Heaven Dao sent a calamity towards me. So, I had no other choice but to flee the three dimensions.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “The Sovereign Sect’s forces are still rampant even in the Ancient God Domain. So, the only safe place I could think of was naturally the Chen Clan. Fortunately, Ancestor Chen Taichong took us in out of consideration for the debts he owed me during my previous lifetime. Otherwise, we would probably still be fleeing for our lives.”

As he finished speaking, a wisp of a bitter smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Lingjun’s mouth.

Chen Xi thought of the scenes he’d encountered at Iris Immortal Prison, and he instantly understood the situation his parents were in at the time.

Because if his Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai, and Fourth Senior Brother, the Old Scholar, hadn’t rushed over in time, then even he and his Senior Sister Li Yang would have almost been killed by the seven Godslaughter Generals.

Even if the seven Godslaughter Generals had been killed in the end, Tie Yunhai and the others were unable to disperse the attacks of the Divine Chaos of Order from the Heaven Dao. In the end, they had no choice but to leave in unison and head to the Ancient God Domain.

This allowed him to realize that Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue had probably faced a similar situation. It was extremely dangerous, and they had no choice but to leave.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, his parents had actually returned to the Chen Clan in order to seek shelter.

He thought for a moment before he instantly came to an understanding. The Sovereign Sect one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region. Its forces were monstrous, and only a handful of powers could go against it.

Chen Xi felt that if he was in Chen Lingjun’s place, then he would have probably similarly chosen the Chen Clan that resided in the Primal Chaos Origin as the place to seek shelter from.

“But… why did they consider you a criminal?” Chen Xi was still very puzzled.

Chen Lingjun shrugged and said, “There was no other choice. After all, I haven’t been a member of the Chen Clan for a very long time. So, if the Sovereign Sect were to be offended because of me, then it would cause the Chen Clan to suffer harm. Thus, I could only play the role of a criminal. Even though I’m hiding here, I’ve separated myself from the Chen Clan. In that way, the Sovereign Sect would definitely not look for trouble with the Chen Clan even if it finds out about this matter.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding.

“Of course, only I, your mother, and Ancestor Chen Taichong are aware of this, and the others have all been kept in the dark.” Chen Lingjun added.

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Father, why does the Sovereign Sect’s Master insist on targeting you until such an extent?”

Chen Lingjun replied with a question. “Are you aware of the relationship between the Sovereign Sect and the Heaven Dao.”

Chen Xi smiled coldly as he said, “It’s just a guard dog of the Heaven Dao.”

“Since you know that, then you should understand the reason. I seized the 9th River Diagram fragment on Godrank Mountain, and it aroused hatred from the Heaven Dao, so the Sovereign Sect that prides itself for ‘upholding justice for the Heaven Dao’ would definitely not let me off.” Chen Lingjun smiled coldly as well.

Such a scene of both father and son laughing coldly was very interesting, and it instantly made Zuoqiu Xue unable to refrain from laughing.

“Both of you should really stop being long-winded about all this enmity. We’ve finally been able to reunite with great difficulty, so we should naturally speak about some happy things. Don’t made these dirty things spoil our mood.” Zuoqiu Xue chuckled.

Chen Xi and Chen Lingjun exchanged glances, and then they couldn’t help but laugh.

However, Chen Xi had firmed his intention to eliminate the Sovereign Sect.

The Sovereign Sect had used all its ability to deal with him in the three dimensions.

Now, he even found out that his father had been constantly pursued by the Sovereign Sect, so how could Chen Xi remain indifferent towards all of this?

“Ling Jun, congratulations. All of you’re finally reunited.” Right at this moment, a boundless voice sounded out from within the depths of the snow and wind that covered the world, and then Chen Taichong’s figure arrived swiftly.

“Ancestor.” Chen Lingjun was stunned, and then he immediately stood up and cupped his hands. “Thank you for allowing this.”

Chen Taichong shrugged and said, “The little fellow was the one who strived for all of this, and it didn’t have much to do with me. So you don’t have to thank me.”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at Chen Xi and suddenly smiled. “Lingjun, you should be aware that this little fellow will represent out Chen Clan in the Battle of Dao Protectors that’s being held 500 years from now, right?”

Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue were astounded, and then they looked at Chen Xi. “Is that true?”

Chen Xi nodded.

Chen Lingjun’s expression instantly became slightly complicated, and the he looked at Chen Taichong and said, “Since even I have no intention to make a fuss about what happened during my previous lifetime, then why drag my son into it?”

Chen Taichong frowned, and then he sighed and said, “I didn’t want to, but… do you think anyone in our Chen Clan can shoulder this heavy responsibility?”

Chen Lingjun instantly fell silent.

Chen Taichong said in a warm voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t allow the same mistake to happen again. Not to mention that the Battle of Dao Protectors is a form of rare fortune for the little fellow as well.”

Chen Lingjun couldn’t help but sigh as he gazed at Chen Xi, and he said, “Do you really… intend to participate in it?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment before he said, “I want to give it a try. It would be superb if I can grab this opportunity to advance into the Daolord Realm.”

In an instant, Chen Lingjun suddenly realized something and shook his head while laughing bitterly. “I forgot that you’re already at the Region Lord Realm. Right, once you’ve attained such a level in your cultivation, you should naturally grab onto all opportunities to charge into the Daolord Realm that’s said to be capable of reaching the heavens.”

Zuoqiu Xue’s eyes opened wide. Only now did she suddenly realize that her son’s cultivation had arrived at such an extent. Because they’d been concentrated on talking with Chen Xi and had actually overlooked Chen Xi’s cultivation.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi noticed that his parents’ cultivations were actually merely at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and they weren’t even Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

This made Chen Xi’s heart hurt. No wonder they were forced to flee for their lives, and it was no wonder that they had no choice but to hide in the Chen Clan while assuming the identity of criminals…. They would have probably suffered greatly in these years while fleeing from the constant pursuit of the Sovereign Sect, right?

“Unfortunately, this little fellow is unwilling to agree to joining the Chen Clan no matter what. Alas, what a pity….” Chen Taichong had suddenly sighed.

Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue exchanged glances. How could they be unaware of Chen Taichong’s intentions? However, they refused to decide on their son’s behalf.

Chen Taichong frowned when he witnessed this, and then he shook his head and laughed bitterly without end. He was very clearly aware that since even the two of them refused to speak on his behalf, then there was probably almost no hope to make Chen Xi join the Chen Clan.

“Nevermind. All of you continue catching up. I’ll be leaving first.” Chen Taichong turned around and left, and his lone figure quickly vanished amidst the snow and wind.

After they watched him leave, Chen Lingjun finally spoke with a complicated expression. “No matter what, Ancestor Chen has treated me well. Unfortunately, I’m powerless to do anything in this matter.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard this. “Father, even though I refused to join the Chen Clan, I promised him that I wouldn’t stand by idly if it needed my help.”

Chen Lingjun nodded and said, “That’s for the best. That is for the best indeed.”

Zuoqiu Xue puckered her lips and chuckled incessantly.

“Father, Mother, let’s leave right now. My Senior Brothers are waiting just outside,” said Chen Xi.

This place was suffused with snow and wind. It was desolate and vast, and it was cold like a prison. He didn’t want his parents to continue suffering here.

However, unexpectedly, Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue actually shook their heads at the same time and said, “Now isn’t the time for us to leave.”

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