Chapter 2032 – Family

Both Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian didn’t provide Chen Xi any further specific explanations about the Battle of Dao Protectors. Because it was still too early while the entire thing was extremely complicated, so it was impossible to explain in a short period of time.

However, Tang Xian had told Chen Xi that it was best to make sufficient preparations before participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors. Because if nothing unexpected happened, then practically 40% of the participants could seize a form of supreme fortune during it and step foot into the Daolord Realm!

This was one of the important reasons why all the Divine Dao Protector Clans participated so actively in the Battle of Dao Protectors.

All those years ago, Tang Xian had broken through to the Daolord Realm by participating in the Battle of Dao Protectors as well.

Chen Xi was instantly extremely tempted when he found out about all of this.

The Daolord Realm!

It was said to be an extraordinary realm in cultivation that reached the heavens. Since the ancient times, countless peerless and legendary figures have sought to rise to this realm of cultivation, but only a small group of cultivators had been able to succeed.

The reason was that this realm touched upon the profundities of destiny. It was a force that was too obscure and forbidden. Moreover, the slightest mistake has always caused one to immediately suffer calamity and perish from this world without any exception!

At this point in time, practically every single existence throughout the Ancient God Domain who could attain the Daolord Realm was an extraordinary figure who reigned supreme and shook the world. They were elusive figures that were mysterious and terrifying to the extreme.

It could be said that existences like Daolords were standing at the true peak of cultivation. They were figures at the highest peak of the pyramid, and they reigned supreme with unfathomable might. They were the center of attention and respect no matter where they went.

However, it was exactly because this realm of cultivation was too lofty, obscure, and difficult that it was absolutely not easy to attain it.

Yet now, he heard that so long as he participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors, then he had an extremely high chance of seizing supreme fortune which would allow him to advance into the Daolord Realm. So, how could Chen Xi not be tempted by this?

Indeed, Chen Xi was merely a Fifth Star Region Lord right now, and he was an entire four levels away from the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm. Moreover, there was even a gap that was like a natural chasm between the Region Lord Realm and the Daolord Realm.

But of course, because he possessed the Era Brands from the eras of the past, Chen Xi was able to avoid encountering any barriers and obstructions throughout his cultivation in the Region Lord Realm.

In other words, so long as he refined and absorbed them one by one, his cultivation would rise steadily as well!

Not to mention that there were an entire 500 years of time before the Battle of Dao Protectors begun. So long as a serious unexpected event didn’t occur during this period of time, then it would be sufficient for Chen Xi to attain the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm.

The Battle of Dao Protectors…. I absolutely can’t miss this supreme fortune…. Chen Xi took a deep breath as he muttered in his heart.

At morning on the next day, Chen Xi was already waiting calmly in the abode. However, his thoughts were drifting indeterminately and weren’t able to calm down at all.

He hadn’t experienced such a feeling for many years now. It was a mixture of anticipation, anxiousness, excitement, and slight worry.

According to their agreement, the Chen Clan’s Ancestor Chen Taichong would take him to see his parents and reunite with them at noon.

The naturally meant a great deal to Chen Xi.

He’d started as a young and weak youth who was over 10 years old and was now a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain who’d experienced the tempering of storms, blood, and battle.

He’d travelled from a tiny place like Pine Mist City to the boundless and seemingly eternal kingdom, the Ancient God Domain.

He’d transformed from a tiny mortal into a Region Lord, and he’d become a famous figure that was renowned throughout the Ancient God Domain.

The happiness, anger, sorrow, resentment, dangers, hardships, and ups and downs of this journey was something that only Chen Xi could understand.

Yet the motivation he had for all of this… the motivation that made him move forward without stopping and made him fear to relax was exactly to find his parents who’d vanished numerous years ago and had gone missing!

If it was possible to accomplish a wish sooner, then would anyone be willing to drift from place to place?

Now, his objective was about to be accomplished, and it even wouldn’t be long before he could finally meet them. So, how could Chen Xi calm down at this moment?

The emotions and knot in his heart that he’d suppressed for a long time had erupted like a volcano, and they stretched uncontrollably through his heart.

As time slowly flowed by, Chen Xi’s expression became dazed and absent-minded as he recalled too many scenes of the past.

He recalled his late grandfather, Chen Tianli, he recalled the old and simple house that he lived at since a young age, he recalled the boss of Zhang General Store, Zhang Dayong, who’d taken him in as a Talisman Apprentice, he recalled the contempt and injustice he suffered since a young age, he recalled that humiliating nickname of his , Jinx….

All of that belonged to Chen Xi’s youth, and it was like a brand that he’d never forgotten.

It was also from then that he’d started to step on the path of cultivation, yet it wasn’t for the Grand Dao but to find his parents!

The abode was deathly silent. Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were sitting there in meditation because both of them seemed to be clearly aware of how Chen Xi felt right now, so they didn’t make any noise to disturb him.

When noon finally came, a seemingly boundless voice resounded from outside the abode. ‘Fellow Daoists from Oracle Mountain, are you there?”

Chen Taichong is finally here!

Chen Xi suddenly stood up before he took a few deep breaths. However, he noticed that he was actually unable to calm his emotions, and he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

“Go on quickly.” Wu Xuechan walked forward and patted Chen Xi on the shoulder.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded and walked out of the abode.

When Chen Taichong saw Chen Xi’s figure appear outside the above, a wisp of a complicated expression couldn’t help but arise in his eyes. “Little Fellow, you’ve been waiting for a long time, right?”

“To tell you the truth, it really felt like years.” Chen Xi shrugged.

“Haha! It’s only human to feel that way.” Chen Taichong smiled, and then he brought Chen Xi along as he flashed towards the distance.

Their journey was a quiet one, and it wasn’t long before they arrived in front of Conscience Hall.

After they arrived here, Chen Taichong hesitated slightly, yet he was still unable to restrain himself and broke the silence between them. “Chen Xi, will you really not reconsider? If you join our Chen Clan, then with the natural talent and ability you possess, it wouldn’t be long before you can hold the position of Patriarch. That’s a form of supreme glory.”

His voice carried a faint tone of one earnestly asking for a favor.

Chen Xi was originally thinking about the worries that weighed down on his mind, and he instantly felt a wave of helplessness when he heard this. Because he’d never imagined that this ancestor of the Chen Clan would still refuse to give up.

This made him smile bitterly as he said, “Thank you for the good intentions, Senior. However, my heart doesn’t not belong here, so it’s truly difficult for me to agree.”

Chen Taichong sighed. “Will you really not reconsider it again? You don’t have to make a decision right now. You just have to give me an answer before the Battle of Dao Protectors begins. I’ll definitely leave the position of Patriarch for you until then!”

Chen Xi shook his head. “There’s no need to reconsider. I’ve made my decision.”

Chen Taichong was stared blankly in silence, and he revealed a wisp of a sense of loss that couldn’t be concealed. “Everyone has their own aspirations, and that’s something that can’t be helped. If you’re able to agree to this, then I wouldn’t have to worry about the clan anymore. Unfortunately….”

He shook his head and sighed with emotion, and then he didn’t say another word as he placed his hands behind his back and walked towards Conscience Hall.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but hesitate slightly when he witnessed this, and then he said, “Senior, even though my heart doesn’t belong here, I will naturally not stand by idly if my help is needed.”

Chen Taichong’s figure stopped before he swiftly turned around, and his eyes carried a wisp of bright light as he said, “Are you serious?”

Chen Xi said, “Of course.”

Chen Taichong suddenly roared with laughter, and he seemed extremely gratified and happy. “Good! I have nothing more to ask for now. Please follow me!”

“Please go ahead, Senior.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

Chen Taichong immediately led Chen Xi into Conscience Hall.

Chilly winds whistled while snow fluttered through the air.

This empty and silent expanse of the heavens and the earth was covered in crystalline and translucent snow and coldness.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A tall figure could be seen striding towards the distance amidst the snow that fluttered wildly through the air.

He had long snow white hair that was coiled into a bun behind his head, a firm and handsome expression, and eyes that were deep like abysses. He was like a lone swan that was drifting through the snow in search of its home.

This was a pocket dimension.

According to Chen Taichong, Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue had been imprisoned here since they returned to the Chen Clan.

However, while they were taken to be criminals, they hadn’t suffered any torture or ill treatments, and they were just restricted from leaving this place or communicating with the outside world.

Besides heaving a sigh of relief from hearing this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be puzzled. What exactly did father do to be taken as a criminal by the entire Chen Clan?

The world was indistinct amidst the sweeping snow, and a wave of conversation could be faintly heard from between the chilly and sharp whistling of the wind.

“My heart is in a state of unease today. The sound of my zither has no life to it, and I have no mood to take a walk through the snow as well. It’s truly quite strange.” It was the gentle and pleasant voice of a woman. It drifted along with the sound of the wind, and it even carried a faint chilly and delicate tone.

Chen Xi’s figure stiffened while his footsteps stopped, and he found it impossible to take another step.

Excitement appeared on his face while his eyes were suffused with a wisp of a dazed expression as he recalled the scene that he witnessed from the Manor which his mother left him all those years ago.

At that time, a gracefully figure had floated into appearance. She wore white clothes and had a picturesque appearance. She was elegant, refined, and her large jet black eyes were clear and carried a trace of liveliness and playfulness.

At that time, she had a trace of a smile on the corners of her mouth, and her voice melodious like a flowing fountain. It was lively and lighthearted, and it made her seem like a lively woman who was beautiful and cunning.

But Chen Xi knew that she was his mother — Zuoqiu Xue!

Those scenes were like brands that were branded and hidden in the deepest depths of his heart, and he’d never forgotten them.

Now, as he stood amidst the snow and wind that covered the world here and listened to that gentle and pleasant voice, even though it was different from the lively and lighthearted voice from then, Chen Xi was able to instantly determine that the voice in his memories and this voice before him had come from the same person!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s heart thumped while all sorts of emotions arose within it. He was excited to the point he almost cried out involuntarily, yet he was worried he would shock her, so he forcefully restrained this impulse.

He just stood there like a statue amidst the snow and wind, and his face was already covered in a wisp of heartfelt tenderness.

In his eyes, the snow that covered the sky, the chilly winds, and the silent world seemed to have instantly become bright, warm, and comfortable.

We’re finally going to meet….

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