Chapter 2029 – Willing To Receive Punishment

Chen Qiushui and Chen Xiaoyun’s crushing defeat shocked all the spectators, but it didn’t represent that the battle would come to an end just like that.

Because Chen Daoyuan was there!

In the combat arena, the battle had suddenly stopped, and there was a short period of standing in confrontation with each other.

Chen Xi was drenched in blood as he stood upright there. There was practically not a single inch of unharmed skin throughout his body, and there were even places where his bones could be seen.

He’d suffered all these injuries while he attacked Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui earlier. They weren’t severe, but they weren’t light either. It could be considered as a heavy injury to any ordinary cultivator, and it would definitely affect their performance in battle.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t noticed them at all, and his eyes that were deep like two abysses were filled with a calm, indifferent, and murderous aura.

When looked at from afar, he was like a divine status formed from blood and fire, and he emanated a force that shook the hearts of all.

On the other side, Chen Daoyuan had a calm expression while there wasn’t even a trace of emotion on his tranquil and handsome face. He moved over to the other side of the arena, and then he carefully carried up Chen Qiushui’s unconscious body before sending her out of the combat arena.

Chen Xi knew that Chen Daoyuan was worried that the upcoming battle between them might affect Chen Qiushui, so he hadn’t stopped Chen Daoyuan, nor would he take advantage of the situation.

Perhaps, it could be said that Chen Xi was returning a favor.

Even though the battle was bound to be unfair since it had begun, Chen Daoyuan and the others had still maintained their poise. They hadn’t attacked him at once, and that was something that surprised Chen Xi.

He was very clearly aware that if they’d attacked in unison when the battle had just begun, then it would probably be impossible for him to turn the situation around.

Of course, this wasn’t merely Chen Xi’s opinion. He didn’t care if they’d acted in that way out of blind confidence or feeling disdain to join forces against him.

All of that wasn’t important to him. The important point was that he felt their actions were important to him, and that was enough for him.

Unfair rules were bound to bring unfairness to everything, but Chen Xi didn’t intend to act despicably and shamelessly like Chen Lingkong.

That was the reason why the battle had stopped for a short moment.

Chen Xi spoke indifferently when he saw that Chen Daoyuan was done. “Let’s begin.”

Chen Daoyuan took a deep breath and spoke with a serious expression. “Thank you.”

Chen Xi said casually, “We’re even now.”

Chen Daoyuan couldn’t help but be stunned by this, and then he came to an understanding and sighed. “If we knew that your combat strength would be so shocking, then the three of us would have definitely joined forces at the start of the battle. So, you don’t have to thank me for anything.”

Chen Xi said, “But in the end, it still gave me a buffer. You should be aware that if all of you’d attacked jointly at the very beginning, then I would have probably been eliminated a long time ago.”

These words instantly caused Chen Daoyuan’s expression to become slightly complicated, and he felt slightly upset. Yes, if he hadn’t been so arrogant earlier, then how could the battle have developed to such an extent?

Chen Lingkong who stood in the distance had heard these words as well, and his expression grew even more gloomy and livid. Moreover, a wisp of rage that couldn’t be restrained surged into his heart.

If they just listened to my instructions since the beginning, then how could it have come to this?

These idiots!

At this moment, Chen Lingkong was almost unable to restrain himself from cursing the three of them.


After that, Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath at all. A sword howl resounded from the Talisman Armament as he pointed it towards Chen Daoyuan from afar. Moreover, his killing intent surged out like the tide.

Unexpectedly, Chen Daoyuan actually didn’t move at all, and he just stood there silently.

This caused everyone in the surroundings to feel bewildered and slightly puzzled. What’s wrong with Chen Daoyuan?

“Daoyuan, the battle hasn’t concluded yet!” Chen Lingkong almost exploded with rage when he heard this, and he reminded Chen Daoyuan in an extremely cold tone. How could he have imagined that Chen Daoyuan would actually stay motionless on the spot at such a critical moment?

It was a taboo to be absentminded in a battle!

“What’s wrong?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown while the howls emanated from the Talisman Armament grew louder and louder.

“I admit defeat.” Chen Daoyuan suddenly sighed, and he put his wooden sword away before he turned around and walked down the arena.

These three words were earth-shattering!

The spectators rose into an uproar while they almost didn’t dare believe their ears. He admitted defeat? He hasn’t even fought until the end, so why had he admitted defeat?

He’s a dignified Ninth Star Region Lord and the number one expert amongst the Region Lords of our Chen Clan, so how could he admit defeat at this moment?

How could he admit defeat to an outsider?

That fellow, Chen Xi, is already drenched in blood and covered in injuries. Such a superb opportunity is right before his eyes, so how can he admit defeat?

The hearts of all the spectators shook incessantly while countless questions arose in their minds, and they couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel surprised.

On the other hand, Chen Lingkong had even been stunned on the spot while his expression changed indeterminately. In the end, he wasn’t able to restrain the rage in his heart anymore, and he shouted in a grim voice. “Bastard! Such a battle isn’t a game! You! You! You… you’re simply running wild! This is unforgivable!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that surged through the world, and it was filled with an extremely oppressive pressure.

Chen Daoyuan stood silently below the arena, yet his expression was completely tranquil as he said calmly, “Supreme Elder, calm your rage. I’m willing to receive punishment for this.”

The veins on Chen Lingkong’s forehead bulged when he heard this, and his eyes almost split apart from rage. He said, “Bastard! If you insist on taking such action… then could it be that you intend to completely disgrace the dignity and honor of our Chen Clan? Don’t you think that you’ve let down all the ancestors of our Chen Clan?”

He was a Daolord, yet he was utterly infuriated right now, and it caused the figures of the other clansmen of the Chen Clan to tremble while they remained silent like cicadas in the winter.

Chen Daoyuan chose to remain silent this time. He just stood there by himself, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“That kid isn’t bad. He’s extremely unyielding and courageous. His future accomplishments will definitely surpass Chen Lingkong.” Wu Xuechan seemed to be lost in thought.

Tang Xian nodded and said, “It’s rare indeed. At the very least, he has won my admiration.”

Meanwhile, Chen Lingkong’s expression had become icy cold and livid to the extreme. His aura swept out and threw the surroundings into disorder, and he seemed to be on the verge of going berserk.

He was absolutely unable to tolerate Chen Daoyuan’s admission of defeat.

It wasn’t because Chen Xi would rely on this victory to seize the position of successor in the Chen Clan. Most importantly, it would allow Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue to escape!

Once such a thing occurred, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Tell me the reason for your decision. If you can’t convince me, then you must ascend the combat arena and fight until the end. Otherwise, I’ll really imprison you in front of the entire clan, and you’ll never be able to see the light of day again!” Chen Lingkong spoke word by word with a voice that rumbled like thunder, and it surged through the world and caused the expressions of all the members of the Chen Clan to change.

The Supreme Elder is completely infuriated!

Everyone had realized this.

However, there was still no reaction from Chen Daoyuan. He remained silent for a long time before he said, “I’m inferior to Chen Xi. Even my Dao Heart wouldn’t be able to forgive me if I were to rely on unfair rules to attain victory.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything before the battle had begun?” Chen Lingkong was furious, and his eyes surged with a cold glow. “Such a reason is so immature and laughable. Don’t blame me for showing no mercy if you still refuse to return to the arena and continue the battle!”


Along with this sound, his imposing aura shot into the sky and spread throughout the surroundings. It made all things tremble, and it was astounding to the extreme.

The gazes of everyone had shot towards Chen Daoyuan, and they were awaiting his decision.

At this moment, the atmosphere here was actually heavy and deathly silent.

However, Chen Daoyuan was still that calm. He was like a rock that was stubborn to the extreme, and he wasn’t shaken at all. His lips parted slightly as he spoke with a completely emotionless tone. “I am willing to receive punishment!”


Chen Lingkong simply seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and he was completely overwhelmed by rage to the point that even his eyes had turned red. Never had he imagined that Chen Daoyuan would actually not give him face at all.

“Looks like you really intend to go against the will of the clan….” He gritted his teeth while an icy cold voice escaped from between his lips.

At this instant, even Chen Xi who still stood on the arena had an indescribably complicated feeling in his heart. Could it be that this fellow intends to resist until the end?

“Then… receive your punishment!” Along with an extremely icy cold voice, Chen Lingkong emanated a terrifying imposing aura that shook the world and ruled over all things.

He was about to restrain Chen Daoyuan and make him a criminal of the Chen Clan!

The atmosphere here was tense to the extreme.

Right at this critical moment, a hoarse and indistinct sigh suddenly resounded. “Lingkong, are you trying the destroy the future hope of the clan?”

It was just a single sentence, yet it caused Chen Lingkong’s entire body to stiffen while his pupils constricted, and his expression changed indeterminately while he actually stood stunned on the spot.

This sudden and unexpected event caused everyone in the surroundings to be stunned.

“That old fellow, Chen Taichong, was finally unable to restrain himself any longer.” Wu Xuechan seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief because he’d discerned that the hoarse and indistinct sigh belonged to one of the ‘living fossils’ of the Chen Clan, Chen Taichong!

He was a living fossil who’d protected the Chen Clan for countless years. According to rumor, he was one of the first innate gods who’d emerged from the Chaos when the Chaos of the three dimensions had been split apart, and his cultivation was unfathomable.

“The situation would be impossible to resolve if he didn’t,” said Tang Xian indifferently.

“This little fellow, Daoyuan, wasn’t wrong. A loss is a loss. Could it be that our Chen Clan that had stood amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans for countless years is unable to accept a defeat?” Chen Taichong’s voice had become slightly cold and indifferent, and it carried a wisp of sternness.

This made Chen Lingkong’s expression change again, and he fell into silence while his expression had stiffened to the extreme.

“Let Chen Lingjun and his wife go. Let their family be reunited. This matter had always been a mistake of our Chen Clan. Since it’s like that, we can’t continue repeating our mistakes.” A wisp of a chaotic gold light had suddenly arisen in the horizon, and then it gradually became brighter before it formed the outline of a mighty and brilliant figure who seemed ethereal.

As soon as his figure appeared here, a strand of indescribable aura suffused the heavens and the earth, and it caused the hearts of all the members of the Chen Clan to tremble while they fell silent like cicadas in the winter.

Obviously, that figure belonged to Chen Taichong!

He strode through space while chaotic energy flowed throughout him and golden light enshrouded him. It made it impossible for others to see his appearance clearly.

However, at this moment, even Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian’s expressions had become serious and solemn because they had no choice but to take Chen Taichong’s arrival seriously.

Because Chen Taichong was a formidable figure who could rival the three Founding Ancestors of Oracle Mountain!

If Chen Lingjun hadn’t obtained Chen Taichong’s support during the time before he’d reincarnated, it would have been impossible for him to lead the Chen Clan to obtain such a plane in the Primal Chaos Origin.

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