Chapter 2027 – Satisfied

In the sky, snaking bolts of lightning surged while space collapsed, and it formed all sorts of terrifying scenes of the apocalypse.

The terrifying divine radiance from the battle was like a dazzling and resplendent storm that swept out incessantly, and it was a horrifying sight. This three on one battle was truly too astounding.

Not to mention in the Ancient God Domain, such a peak battle was even unprecedented amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

Because the gap between the parties to the battle was just too huge!

One side consisted of two Eighth Star Region Lords and a Ninth Star Region Lord, whereas, the other side merely consisted of a single expert who had just advanced into the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm. So, the gap between them was obvious with a single glance. It could be considered to be like the gap between the heavens and the earth.

With such a premise to the battle, it seemed extremely unique since the beginning, and it was impossible to find a similar battle throughout the annals of history.

Most astounding of it all was that while there was such a clear gap between their strengths, Chen Xi had actually been able to persist until now by himself, and he hadn’t been defeated immediately. This itself was an extremely inconceivable feat.

However, as the battle continued, the spectators had still been able to acutely notice that Chen Xi showed faint signs of being suppressed again.

All of this was caused by Chen Daoyuan’s entrance into the battle!

Chen Daoyuan possessed a cultivation at the Ninth Star Region Lord Realm, and he was only a step away from stepping foot into the Daolord Realm. He could be said to be the number one expert amongst the Region Lords of the entire Chen Clan, and he was peerlessly outstanding.

Even if it was throughout the entire Divine Dao Protector Clans, Chen Daoyuan’s strength could still be considered to be top-rate.

So, when a Ninth Star Region Lord who possessed such an extraordinary cultivation and monstrous combat strength acted against Chen Xi who was merely a Fifth Star Region Lord, the pressure he exerted upon Chen Xi was obvious.

Not to mention that Chen Daoyuan wasn’t all alone. There were two other Eighth Star Region Lords, Chen Qiushui and Chen Xiaoyun, who were attacking Chen Xi along with him.

All of these signs displayed that Chen Xi had an extremely slim hope of winning this battle.

Moreover, the following development was exactly as expected. Chen Xi fell into a hard pressed and critical situation under the joint suppression from Chen Daoyuan’s group of three.

Actually, when one thought about it carefully, such a scene had occurred on more than one occasion since the 2nd round of the competition had begun.

The first time was when Chen Xiaoyun had acted against Chen Xi. Chen Xi was suppressed as well, and he was practically on the verge of defeat. However, he later relied on his breakthrough into the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm to launch a counterattack and turn the situation around.

The second time was when Chen Qiushui joined the battle. It caused the advantage Chen Xi obtained to be completely destroyed, and he fell once more into a situation where he passively withstood their attacks. Moreover, it was even to the extent that he’d been heavily injured and on the verge of death.

But later on, he’d still broken through into the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm in an inconceivable manner, and then he launched a counterattack and turned the tide of the battle once more.

At this point in the battle, the advantage he’d obtained earlier had been blasted away once more with the addition of Chen Daoyuan into the battle, and it had completely destroyed the momentum of Chen Xi’s counterattack, causing him to once more fall into a dangerous state of being besieged.

The same thing could happen once and even twice. But it couldn’t happen thrice!

Chen Xi had already launched two counterattacks from a hopeless situation throughout the duration of this battle. The 1st was during the breakthrough of his cultivation in the Sword Dao, and the 2nd was during the breakthrough into the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm, so… could he create another practically impossible miracle for a third time?

No one dared to pass rash judgment on the matter.

However, practically everyone was clearly aware that it was extremely difficult for Chen Xi to launch another counterattack, and it was almost impossible!

But even then, no one dared to underestimate him when they saw Chen Xi fight with all his might against his opponents.

Moreover, no one continued to tease, mock, or ridicule him anymore.

Because if one were to still ridicule an expert who could persist in battle while suffering an absolute disadvantage, then it would simply be like slapping one’s self on the face. It would only be a shame and humiliation to one’s self!

Just think about it, a Fifth Star Region Lord was able to resist two Eighth Star Region Lords and a Ninth Star Region Lord. How many experts in the world could accomplish such a feat?

It would simply be idiotic beyond compare to ridicule Chen Xi right now.

It was even to the extent that some members of the Chen Clan had started to feel admiration towards Chen Xi in their hearts. Even if they didn’t acknowledge him, they couldn’t deny that Chen Xi was an expert who was worthy of their respect!

“The last tens of thousands of years, the Karmic Luck of the entire Divine Dao Protector Clans has changed. It has gradually declined over time, and there have rarely been any dazzling figures who are capable of leading an era. I originally thought that it was a general trend, but who would have imagined that such a dazzling figure has actually appeared outside the Divine Dao Protector Clans. It’s truly astounding.”

“This kid’s strength isn’t inferior to the Chen Lingjun from all those years ago!”

“As expected, a great father has no useless children.”

“No, Chen Lingjun wasn’t as heaven defying as this kid. It’s even to the extent that there practically isn’t anyone amongst the peerless geniuses of the five high level clans who was rival this kid.”

The guests from the other Divine Dao Protector Clans were paying close attention to the battle while they conversed in low voices, and all their discussions were filled with emotional sighs of praise towards Chen Xi.

“Alright, I can fully let go now that Little Junior Brother was able to accomplish this.” Wu Xuechan chuckled lightly and relaxed completely. At this point in the battle, even though he knew that it was very difficult for Chen Xi to attain victory, Wu Xuechan was still very satisfied and wasn’t worried anymore.

“Haha! Senior Brother is right.” Tang Xian roared with laughter, and then he gazed at Chen Lingkong and said, “Actually, Fellow Daoist Chen Lingkong truly possesses miraculous foresight. He was actually able to deduce that such a situation would occur even before the battle began and arranged for those three little fellows to fight Little Junior Brother. Unfortunately, everyone didn’t understand this and misunderstood Fellow Daoist Chen Lingkong.”

His voice wasn’t loud, yet it was sufficient to guarantee that Chen Lingkong heard it clearly.

His tone was neither cold nor indifferent, but the meaning behind his words were extremely sharp. So long as a person wasn’t an idiot, it was impossible for that person to be unable to discern that Tang Xian was clearly mocking Chen Lingkong.

After all, everyone in the surroundings had been puzzled when Chen Lingkong announced the rules of the 2nd round, and it made everyone feel that it was unfair.

However, Chen Lingkong persisted on the matter, and it had completely infuriated Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian.

However, the development of the battle had truly exceeded everyone’s expectations, and in the end, a situation where Chen Xi fought three opponents by himself was still unavoidable.

So, it really seemed like Chen Lingkong had predicted all of this and intentionally made arrangements for it.

Had Chen Lingkong really made such intentional arrangements?

Of course he hadn’t!

However, the guests still couldn’t help but laugh when they heard Tang Xian.

No matter how thick Chen Lingkong’s skin was or how skillful he was at concealing his emotions, but when he heard Tang Xian and witnessed such a scene, Chen Lingkong’s heart still couldn’t help but twitch fiercely while his expression grew even more gloomy.

He puckered his lips and remained silent while he stared fixedly at the combat arena. Right now, he’d already discarded any and all shame, so he didn’t care if others ridiculed and mocked him.

But if he was unable to gain victory in this battle, then he would really have to look for a hole to hide himself!

Fortunately, the situation of the battle was gradually clearing up, and Chen Xi had no chance of turning the tide while being suppressed by the joint forces of Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun.

This prevented Chen Lingkong from going completely berserk.


Chen Daoyuan’s strange and pure black wooden sword soared through the sky, and it emanated unparalleled might as it blasted Chen Xi back.

At this moment, Chen Xi had been forced back to a corner of the arena while his paths of retreat were completely sealed off. So, if he was still unable to turn the situation around, then he would be blasted out of the combat arena even if he wasn’t crushed on the spot!

In that way, it would be no different than being defeated.

The situation was pressing!

Regardless of whether it was Chen Xi or Chen Daoyuan, the current situation was a critical moment to determine the outcome.

At this moment, Chen Daoyuan launched a frontal attack while Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui launched a pincer attack from the sides. Their attacks were powerful and violent, and they pressed down step by step while seeming to intend to crush Chen Xi completely.

“Don’t relax. We must eliminate this kid in one go!” Chen Daoyuan spoke via voice transmission.

He’d never underestimated Chen Xi, so he hadn’t held back at all as soon as he joined the battle, and he absolutely refused to give Chen Xi any chance to catch his breath!

Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui naturally understood this as well. They cooperated tacitly with Chen Daoyuan, and they were like experienced hunters that were pressing down upon their prey and starting to take action to capture it.

The outcome is about to be determined!

The spectators in the surroundings couldn’t help but clench their fists and opened their eyes wide while their hearts rose to their throats.

Only Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were very relaxed. They’d gotten over the whole situation and the outcome didn’t matter to them anymore. Because this battle had always been unfair, and it was already a huge pleasant surprise to them when Chen Xi was able to attain such accomplishments in the battle. So, they had no further desires.

They’ve won, they’ve finally won…. At this moment, Chen Lingkong couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart as well. Too many changed had occurred in this battle since it had begun, and it was filled with danger and ups and downs that caused one’s heart to constrict with anxiety.

Fortunately, all of this was finally about to come to an end. In Chen Lingkong’s opinion, it was fine so long as they won and kicked Chen Xi out of the competition!

However, in merely an instant, Chen Lingkong’s face had frozen on the spot, and his heart that hadn’t even had the chance to feel happy and excited felt as if it had been struck by lightning and trembled incessantly.

Because a shocking turn of events had occurred once more on the combat arena….

As a strand of terrifying aura swept out, the strength possessed by Chen Xi who’d been driven to the corner and was on the verge of defeat had actually risen explosively!

It had risen explosively and doubled!

His dense black hair had suddenly become pure white like snow while his spirit, energy, and essence seemed as if they were on fire. Rumbling resounded throughout his body while the region within his body, the blood that filled his body, the skin and bones…. Everything seemed to be seething, and it made his imposing aura rise explosively to an unprecedented state, and it simply shot into the sky and shook the stars!


The Talisman Armament swept through the air. Merely a single strike had dispersed the joint attack from Chen Daoyuan’s group of three, and it even blasted the three of them back!

Such divine might could simply be described as boundless and capable of making the gods tremble in horror!

An uproar erupted in the surroundings.

Another counterattack!

All of them were dumbstruck. My god! Could it be that it’s really impossible to crush this fellow?

Even the guests who were observing the competition and the ‘living fossils’ who were watching the battle from the shadows couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“The Godslaughter Burst…. I forgot that Little Junior Brother still had such a trump card.” Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian exchanged glances, and both of them couldn’t help but feel stunned.

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