Chapter 2026 – Counterattack

Watch out? Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui couldn’t help but feel slightly stunned when they heard Chen Daoyuan’s sudden shout.


Right at this instant, Chen Xi who was on the verge of defeat and bathed in blood had actually attacked ferociously.

At practically the exact same moment, an unimaginably terrifying aura suddenly erupted from Chen Xi’s entire body like a sleeping volcano that had suddenly erupted.

His damaged skin, broken bones, and burnt flesh actually seemed like a withered tree that had come to life in spring, and they underwent a transformation.

His ghastly pale face, weak vital energy, and waning aura seemed to have undergone a tremendous transformation at this moment.

Chen Xi seemed like a completely different person right now. Earlier, he was heavily injured and on the verge of death, and he was like duckweed that was floating indeterminately amidst a storm.

Yet now, his vital energy was seething, his skin was glowing, and his black pupils were deep like the starry sky. Moreover, his entire body surged with peerlessly vast violet gold divine radiance. It made him seem like a peerless emperor who been reborn and possessed boundless divine might!

All of this took some time to describe yet it had actually been instantly completed when Chen Xi launched that attack.

When the attack flashed forward, Chen Xi was like a caterpillar that had emerged from its cocoon into a butterfly, and he’d obtained new life!


This strike of the sword was still that simple and direct, but it carried a terrifying force that extremely shocking.

Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui couldn’t imagine how Chen Xi who was clearly on the verge of defeat would actually undergo such a shocking transformation.

They were caught off guard and didn’t even have the chance to dodge, and they could only instinctively resist Chen Xi’s attack.

Bang! Bang!

Two world shaking sounds of collision resounded at practically the exact same moment. Divine radiance sprayed towards the surroundings along with the deafening bangs, and it crushed the sky in all directions.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui seemed as if they’d been forcefully struck by a myriad of divine mountains. They were blasted flying while their entire bodies shivered, and they couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

At this instant, their faces were covered in extreme shock and rage, and they seemed to still be unable to accept all of this. 

How could this be possible?

That fellow was clearly heavily injured and on the verge of death! How could he instantly recover completely while his strength has actually undergone a tremendous transformation when compared to just now?

This sudden and unexpected event was simply like a bolt of thunder that struck down from clear skies, and it caused the cheering and shouting in the surroundings to stop abruptly.

Their mouths couldn’t help but open wide as they stood flabbergasted on the spot.

No matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out why exactly Chen Xi had undergone another transformation at such a moment and successfully turned the situation around.

All of this was like a dream. It was so unreal and inconceivable, and it dazed them on the spot.


Why has this happened?

Could it be that this kid is really tenacious to the point of being impossible to crush?

The atmosphere outside the battlefield had turned extremely deathly silent. Moreover, the air was even filled with an oppressive and suffocating aura.


After he succeeded with the first attack, Chen Xi hadn’t stopped and continued his attack.

His dense black hair fluttered while violet gold divine radiance surged from his entire body, and they formed numerous obscure and mysterious talisman markings that coiled around him.

Meanwhile, clear howls resounded from the Talisman Armament in his hand. It seemed like it yearned to drink the blood of Chen Xi’s enemy, and it made Chen Xi seem to possess an arrogant aura of supremacy.

“He has advanced!”

“This fellow’s cultivation… has actually broken through to the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm!”

“How did he accomplish it?”

“Inconceivable! It’s simply inconceivable!”

Meanwhile, many people had cleared their thoughts slightly, and they determined that Chen Xi’s cultivation had actually advanced at that instant from before and attained the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm!

The spectators were astounded, and tempestuous waves couldn’t help but surge through their hearts.

“Dammit!” Chen Lingkong’s hands couldn’t help but tremble while veins bulged on his forehead. He was on the verge of losing control of his emotions. Why? Why has this happened?

They were clearly only a step away from crushing that damnable little bastard, so why has his cultivation advanced again?

Moreover, he actually didn’t show the slightest sign of breakthrough throughout the battle! That’s a battle! And he was even a heavily injured fellow that was on the verge of death! How could such an extremely absurd thing have happened?

“This battle is bound to be written down in history to become a mark that’ll never fade and passed down for generations to come!”

“The disciples of Oracle Mountain really are heavenly defying geniuses!”

“It’s simply unimaginable!”

The guests seated at the spectating area couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as they had their breaths taken away by Chen Xi’s world shocking counterattack.

During the one on one battle with Chen Xiaoyun just now, Chen Xi had relied on a breakthrough in the Sword Dao to turn the situation around and crush his opponent.

Under such circumstances, all of them felt that Chen Xi was driven into a corner, and he didn’t have the slightest chance of turning the situation around.

But who would have imagined that while his cultivation in the Sword Dao hadn’t attained another advancement, his cultivation had broken through to the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm!

This was simply like an unprecedented miracle!

“Oracle Mountain doesn’t have to worry about a lack of a successor with Little Junior Brother here!” Wu Xuechan roared with laughed and was extremely happy.

“He’s always able to turn the situation around whenever he’s driven into a corner. It’s simply beyond superb!” Tang Xian clapped as well, and he uttered endless praise.

Their voices weren’t very loud, yet they hadn’t concealed their voices as well. So, when it entered into Chen Lingkong’s ears, it simply caused his rage to blaze while he felt aggrieved to the extreme.

Chen Lingkong gritted his teeth and muttered in his heart. Just you wait! So what if he has advanced? Don’t forget that there’s still another Ninth Star Region Lord waiting for him!

The battle that was being carried out on the combat arena hadn’t been affected by the outside world.

After Chen Xi advanced into the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm, his strength had undergone a completely new transformation, and his combat strength had more than doubled.

At this moment, the region within his body surged while divine energy gushed throughout his body. Moreover, a completely new Violet Gold Imperial Sovereign Star had slowly risen above his Soul Divine Flame!

That was the symbol of a Fifth Star Region Lord!

The reason he was able to accomplish this wasn’t because of fortune or luck, and it was instead because Chen Xi had started to secretly refine and absorb the inheritances within the Seal of the Martial during the battle.

When he refined and absorbed the Seal of the Shaman all those years ago, it had allowed Chen Xi’s cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds, and he’d stepped into the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm in one go.

Now, he’d refined and absorbed the Seal of the Martial in battle, and his cultivation had broken through once more. So, it wasn’t luck at all.

Actually, it was all thanks to him having fully comprehending the profundities of the Seal of the Martial while he was on the way to the Primal Chaos Origin, otherwise, he would definitely be unable to accomplish this.

This was the benefit of constant accumulation. It seemed to be an extremely insignificant preparation, but in a critical moment, it might allow one to erupt with strength that could turn the situation around!

The Fifth Star Region Lord Realm!

In the opinion of all Region Lords, an advancement in their cultivation was sufficient to provide them with an obvious increase in strength, and it was extremely delightful.

But it was different for Chen Xi. He’d refined and absorbed nine Region Quintessences, so the transformation he attained during every single advancement was much more shocking than ordinary Region Lords.

The most obvious display of this was reflected in the improvement of his combat strength!

For example, when he was at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm, he could rely on the strength of his cultivation at the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm to easily crush Chen Xiaoyun who was an Eighth Star Region Lord. So what about when he’d advanced into the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm?

He could even deal with the joint forces of Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui with ease!


Divine radiance rumbled and surged endlessly throughout the combat arena.

The situation of the battle had changed. The joint forces of Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui were unable to shake Chen Xi anymore. Conversely, they seemed to be suppressed by Chen Xi’s divine might!

This caused the pressure they experienced to multiply while their expressions changed incessantly. The emotions in their hearts were simply complicated to the limit. They felt shocked, furious, frustrated, and disbelief, whereas, the pride, haughtiness, and complacency they felt just now had completely vanished.


When it seemed impossible for them to turn the situation around and faintly seemed to be on the verge of defeat, Chen Daoyuan had finally made his move.

He didn’t speak a single word as he withdrew a strange and pure black wooden sword that was 1m long, and his figure flashed towards Chen Xi.


The heavens and the earth here were thrown into chaos. Space flowed backward to the point that even the surroundings here warped. It seemed to be ceaselessly collapsing and being destroyed, and it seemed like anything that entered this area would be completely obliterated.

This was the might that Chen Daoyuan revealed when he attacked, and it was a form of terrifying divine might that came from a Ninth Star Region Lord!

In merely an instant, the situation in the combat arena had changed once more because of Chen Daoyuan’s entrance into the battle, and the advantage Chen Xi just obtained had actually ceased to exist again.

Because the situation was completely different now.

He had 3 opponents now, two Eighth Star Region Lords and one Ninth Star Region Lord!

The might of such a force was something that even a true Ninth Star Region Lord would probably have no choice but to avoid.

On the other hand, it was obvious how horrifying the pressure experienced by Chen Xi who’d just advanced into the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm was.


The intense battle continued incessantly in the arena. The four of them fought together, and it formed a peak battle that was unprecedented.

Divine radiance surged, the sun and moon dimmed down, and terrifying phenomena flashed incessantly throughout the arena. Moreover, the grand rumbling of the Dao resounded endlessly through the heavens and the earth.

When looked at from afar, it simply seemed like it was the battle of the apocalypse, and it was filled with scenes of extreme chaos, turmoil, and horror.

The clamorous noise in the surroundings had vanished. Everyone including Wu Xuechan, Tang Xian, and Chen Lingkong had held their breaths in concentration and converged their attention onto the combat arena.

At this point in the battle, it was already coming to its end, and an outcome would be revealed soon.

At the same time, it was an unprecedented battle. It was a battle that was occurring between a Fifth Star Region Lord and the joint forces of two Eighth Star Region Lords and a Ninth Star Region Lord.

Under such circumstances, no one dared to let themselves get distracted, and none were willing to miss any detail of the battle.

It was even to the extent that many ‘living fossils’ who lived in seclusion within the Chen Clan had been alarmed by the battle, and they sent numerous strands of peerlessly formidable and ancient consciousnesses towards the combat arena!

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