Chapter 2025 – Imminent Danger


Along with a sound of collision, a slender and graceful red colored figure appeared here. Her red dress was fiery red, her fair face was charming, and her starry eyes were intoxicating. Surprisingly, it was Chen Qiushui who’d been observing from the side.

She was peerlessly gorgeous and extraordinary. Her combat strength wasn’t inferior to Chen Xiaoyun at all, and she was a bright pearl that glowed brilliantly in the Chen Clan.

At this moment, she utilized the red ribbon that was over 3m long to rescue Chen Xiaoyun who was just a hairbreadth away from defeat. Her actions were decisive and straightforward, and it instantly won her cheers from all the members of the Chen Clan.

“Chen Qiushui had finally joined the battle!”

“Now, there’s a show to watch. Since Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui will be fighting together, that fellow, Chen Xi, is bound to have no chance to turn the situation around.”

Dammit! That kid was such a lucky bastard just now! He actually attained a breakthrough in his Sword Dao! If it wasn’t for that, there would be no need for Chen Qiushui to join the battle and his defeat would be certain.”

Many members of the Chen Clan were excited, and their clamorous and successive shouts boomed through the surroundings.

“Haha! How interesting. They dispatched two Eighth Star Region Lords just to deal with Little Junior Brother, yet they are actually able to feel happy about it. How truly absurd and laughable.” Tang Xian couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

Wu Xuechan didn’t speak. His brows were knit together tightly while he pondered deeply without end. Because Chen Qiushui’s entrance into the battle was bound to bring a huge change in the situation of the battle.

On the other hand, the advantage Chen Xi obtained from his breakthrough in the Sword Dao would cease to exist. So, the situation he was in was truly worrying!

“Eldest Senior Brother, there’s no need to worry. Even if Little Junior Brother loses the battle, it was an extremely honorable and glorious battle!” Tang Xian spoke casually as he seemed to have discerned Wu Xuechan’s thoughts.

“I understand. However, I truly do feel slightly displeased when I see a disciple of our Oracle Mountain being bullied like that.” Wu Xuechan sighed.

“It’s fine. We’ll make that shameless bastard experience hell once the competition is over!” Killing intent surged within Tang Xian’s deep eyes.

As soon as Chen Qiushui entered the battle, she waved the red ribbon in her hand as she charged at Chen Xi.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that the scarlet red and bright ribbon wasn’t its true form, and it was actually formed from countless strands of flame that were crimson red yet faintly suffused with a golden glow. The myriad of reddish-gold flames had formed this red ribbon that was over 3m long.

It seemed to be agile yet was actually peerlessly heavy and powerful. It carried a form of horrifying force, and it seemed capable of overturning the world, incinerating the starry sky, and burning all things into ash.

The Red Ribbon of Divine Incineration!

It was a Natural Spirit Treasure that possessed inconceivable might, and the natural flame called the Crimsongold Tribulation Incinerator was being nourished within it. Just coming into light contact with it would cause even a Region Lord to be instantly incinerated into ash. It was extremely overbearing.


The red ribbon soared into the sky while carrying a myriad of strands of reddish-gold flames that were dazzling and resplendent. It incinerated space, transformed the heavens and the earth into a seething ocean of flames, and covered the heavens and the earth as it descended towards Chen Xi.


Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament spun backward like a vortex of the sword, and it drew all the flames away with it and forcefully dispersed them into a myriad of fiery rays.

“Hah. So this is the might of the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm? It really is formidable.” Chen Qiushui smiled sweetly yet her movements weren’t slow at all. Every single move she executed was swifter than the one from before, and she attacked incessantly with a fierce, decisive, and extremely oppressive imposing aura.

Chen Xi dealt with every attack as they approached him. His Sword Intent rumbled as he dispersed all of these attacks, and he didn’t experience much pressure.

However, such a situation had merely continued for a short moment before it was destroyed by Chen Xiaoyun who’d joined the battle again.

Even though he was injured, Chen Xiaoyun wasn’t heavily injured, so he’d recovered from his shock after Chen Qiushui rescued him.

Moreover, the battle with Chen Xi had allowed him to clearly realize that it was impossible to defeat Chen Xi if only he or Chen Qiushui fought Chen Xi.

The reason was that Chen Xi’s combat strength was unlike how it was when the battle had just begun. His Sword Dao had undergone a breakthrough, and it had arrived at a height that could make any Region Lord feel extremely fearful.

So, how could Chen Xiaoyun just watch as Chen Qiushui fought all by herself at such a moment?


He held Divine Insight in his hand as he joined the battle, and he launched a pincer attack with Chen Qiushui.

If it was before this, then the pride in his heart would prevent Chen Xiaoyun from joining forces with someone else to deal with a Fourth Star Region Lord. But at this moment, he couldn’t be bothered about his pride and dignity, nor did he care about shame. There was only a single thought in his heart, and it was to defeat Chen Xi no matter what!

Along with Chen Xiaoyun’s entrance into the battle, the battle grew even more intense. Chen Xi fought two by himself, and their battle made the world dim in comparison. It was an extremely shocking sight.

The spectators in the distance couldn’t help but gasp while they felt shocked in their hearts. Because such an intense and unprecedented battle was very rarely seen,

But in next to no time, the situation underwent a change. Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui’s joint forces had completely crushed the advantage which Chen Xi had obtained earlier, causing him to be suppressed incessantly once more and fall into a state of imminent danger.

Even though the strength of the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm was formidable, it could only deal with a single Eighth Star Region Lord in the end, and it lost any advantage it had when dealing with two Eighth Star Region Lords.

After all, the restrains of Chen Xi’s cultivation were too great. So, no matter how heaven defying he was, it was almost impossible for him to defeat two Eighth Star Region Lords at once.

Not to mention that both of them weren’t ordinary figures. Their reserves were so deep and combat strengths were so formidable that it wasn’t something their peers could compare to.

Under such circumstances, how could Chen Xi gain even the slightest advantage? It was already very difficult for him to just avoid being defeated.

However, the development of the battle was even more horrifying than anyone had expected. It wasn’t long before Chen Xi clearly revealed signs of defeat, and he was in imminent danger.


After a short while, Chen Xi had just repulsed a pincer attack from Chen Xiaoyun and didn’t even have the time to dodge when Chen Qiushui’s red ribbon pierced his left shoulder.

The scarlet red and brilliant red ribbon was like a flaming string that hadn’t just pierced his shoulder, it had even burned the muscles and bones there to the point of being charred.

If he hadn’t reacted in time, then merely this attack would have been able to instantly incinerate him and kill him on the spot!

Chen Xi let out a muffled groan while he frowned. Moreover, his calm and composed expression even had a cold and solemn expression on it.


However, it didn’t crush his will to fight. Conversely, his will to fight seemed to have been lit on fire, and his attacks grew even stronger.

This was an instinct that Chen Xi had formed a very long time ago from experiencing the baptism of countless bloody battles. So long as he had a chance, then he would definitely fight to the bloody end!

However, when such resistance was witnessed by the clansmen of the Chen Clan, it seemed especially laughable. It was like a moth darting towards a flame, and it was sad and pitiable.

Because everyone had discerned that Chen Xi was powerless to turn the situation around when facing the joint forces of Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui!

Unless… his cultivation in the Sword Dao advanced again. But was that even possible?

Obviously, it was impossible!


Chen Xi suffered another injury. The bones in his left arm were blasted apart by Chen Xiaoyun’s Divine Insight, and blood gurgled out from it.


After a short while, a strand of Crimsongold Tribulation Incinerator had touched his back, causing his skin to be charred to a horrifying state.


After another short moment passed, Chen Xi was blasted flying, and he crashed to the ground like a meteor. He couldn’t help but cough up a large mouthful of blood, and his face instantly turned ghastly pale.

Presently, his clothes were damaged and bloodied, the patches of his exposed skin were covered in injuries, and his left arm had even been completely crippled. He was in a completely unrecognizable state, and he seemed extremely miserable and horrifying.

At this point in the battle, everyone had realized that Chen Xi couldn’t avoid defeat!

Many clansmen of the Chen Clan had even started to cheer.

Now, it’s finally going to end, right…. Chen Lingkong muttered in his heart while it felt like he’d put down a rock that was on his heart, and a relaxed feeling surged through his entire body. Even though this battle was quite unfair, but why would he care as long as they won?

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were silent. Their expressions had become unsightly from watching Chen Xi suffer such injuries and defeat.

Even if they were clearly aware that it was impossible for Chen Xi to turn the situation around, they couldn’t get infuriated about it. Because this battle had been unfair since the beginning!

“Eldest Senior Brother, why don’t we… ask Little Junior Brother to admit defeat?” Tang Xiao was slightly worried, and he felt sorry for Chen Xi as well.

“It’s impossible.” Wu Xuechan sighed lightly. He understood Chen Xi’s character, and he knew that even if Chen Xi had to admit defeat, Chen Xi wouldn’t do it now.

Unless he was completely defeated and crushed to the point that he had no strength left to fight!




One of the members of the Chen Clan roared with excitement, and it caused all the others to roar along with him. All of them had fervent expressions on their faces and truly wished for nothing more than to immediately crush Chen Xi.

Their voices reverberated through the heavens and the earth, yet it was extremely ear-piercing to Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian.

In the combat arena, a wisp of an arc of pride couldn’t help but arise on the corners of Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Qiushui’s mouths when they heard the cheers and shouts, it was a smile from having victory in sight.


Their attacks grew even stronger as they pressed down step by step. They ceaselessly suppressed Chen Xi with all-powerful might, and they seemed to reveal a peerless bearing.

“Chen Xi, we’ll stop immediately if you kneel down and admit defeat, and you won’t continue suffering such pain, alright?” Chen Xiaoyun spoke proudly, and his voice carried a tone of pity from someone that was in a higher position.

“Kneel down and admit defeat? He crippled Chen Baling, so how can he be let off so lightly?” Chen Qiushui’s frowned while a wisp of displeasure arose in her clear eyes, and then she chuckled sweetly and said, “But I can consider forgiving him if he really kneels in front of everyone.”

The two of them spoke one after the other, and their words were filled with insults while they seemed extremely haughty.

Perhaps in their opinions, Chen Xi really couldn’t turn the situation anymore.

“Kneel down? That’s a very good idea.” Suddenly, a hoarse voice resounded from between Chen Xi’s lips. At this moment, his clothes were in rags, his entire body was dyed red with blood, and injuries covered his entire body. He seemed like he might collapse at any moment.

However, his voice was still so calm, composed, and indifferent when he spoke these words, and it was an extremely strange sight.

Chen Qiushui and Chen Xiaoyun frowned when they witnessed this scene, and they faintly noticed that something was slightly off, but they were unable to put a finger on it.

Right at this moment, Chen Daoyuan who’d been constantly observing from the edge of the arena seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly shouted. “Watch out!”

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