Chapter 2024 – Breakthrough In The Sword

Chen Xiaoyun’s attacks grew even stronger, causing Chen Xi to seem like he was completely suppressed. He was ceaselessly driven back, and he was on the verge of defeat.

However, unexpectedly, Chen Xi who seemed like he would lose in the next moment was like a sturdy blade of grass the stood before powerful gales. No matter how he was suppressed, he would actually persist tenaciously every single time.

The spectators couldn’t help but feel surprised by this sight. What a tenacious will to fight!

“Quickly! Quickly crush him!”

“Don’t give him a chance! Quickly end this battle! Make that kid fuck off!”

“Quickly! Hurry up!”

When they noticed that Chen Xi was in imminent danger yet just happened to be impossible to crush until now, it made the clansmen of the Chen Clan feel impatient, and they started shouting loudly.

They thought that Chen Xiaoyun was doing it intentionally like a cat playing tricks on a mouse. They thought he wasn’t in a hurry to crush Chen Xi and was humiliating and teasing Chen Xi.

However, only Chen Xiaoyun himself knew that he wished for nothing more than to immediately kill Chen Xi. However, no matter what sort of lethal move he executed, he was actually unable to accomplish it at all!

So, he couldn’t help but become anxious when he heard the clamorous noise from the outside world. Why is this damnable bastard so tenacious?

He simply seems impossible to kill! What’s going on?

“Die!” Chen Xiaoyun’s killing intent grew stronger. It was powerful and brilliant like the sun as he smashed through the surroundings and pressed down upon Chen Xi.

“Die!” His methods grew even more violent while his killing intent covered the heavens and the earth. It didn’t seem like a battle in a competition at all, and it was clearly filled with the intent to kill.

But even then, Chen Xi who was being ceaselessly suppressed continued to resist tenaciously, and every time he encountered extreme danger, he would always be able to narrowly avoid danger.

Was this luck?

It clearly wasn’t.

It was absolutely impossible to rely solely on luck and persist until now while in such an extremely dangerous battle.

Along the battle continues, many people acutely noticed that the situation was slightly off!

Chen Xi who seemed to clearly be in a disadvantaged position was actually like a rock that stood amidst violent gales. He remained immovable no matter how the elements struck him.

Conversely, while Chen Xiaoyun seemed to have occupied a position of absolute advantage, he was unable to crush Chen Xi for a long time, and as time went by, he exhausted a huge amount of his strength instead.

What’s going on?

Many people were slightly surprised and bewildered while their extremely excited emotions had gradually fallen to deathly silence. Moreover, they faintly had the feeling that something was off.

“His strength in the Sword Dao is gradually becoming stronger!” A bright glow erupted from Chen Daoyuan’s eyes, and it was extremely shocking. He’d been standing on guard and observing the battle from a corner since it had begun, and he saw things even more clearly than the spectators in the outside world.

When he compared it to the strength in the Sword Dao that Chen Xi revealed at the start of the battle, he noticed to his shock that Chen Xi’s strength in the Sword Dao had clearly attained a form of improvement!

Moreover, this sort of improvement was still going on. However, it was very difficult for others to notice because the battle was too intense.

“Dammit! This fellow already possesses a cultivation at the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm. If he were to attain another breakthrough, then wouldn’t he step foot into the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm?” A cold glow arose in Chen Qiushui’s eyes while lightning flowed through them, and her voice carried a trace of surprise and anxiousness.

The 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

Even if it was amongst the Region Lords throughout all the Divine Dao Protector Clans, only a few were capable of attaining such a cultivation in the Sword Dao!

Such a level was too lofty and ethereal, it was said to be attaining ‘proficiency’ in the Ultimate Path of the Sword. Since the ancient times until now, only those with great Karmic Luck, fortune, and wisdom were capable of coming into contact with the threshold of this realm!

Amongst all the Region Lords within the Divine Dao Protector Clans, only a few had attained this level of cultivation, so it was obvious that there were probably little to none in the Ancient God Domain.

Yet now, Chen Xi’s Sword Dao was actually showing faint signs of breaking through during battle, and it made both Chen Daoyuan and Chen Qiushui unable to help but feel shocked.

“The path of cultivation really is one where overcoming defeat leads to greater strength. If one doesn’t suffer the pressure of extreme hopelessness, then it would truly be difficult for one’s potential to erupt.” At this moment, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian had noticed an inkling as well, and their worried emotions had eased up slightly while they exclaimed with admiration.

“Shit!” In next to no time, Chen Lingkong and the other great figures of the Chen Clan had reacted to this as well, and their faces were immediately covered in gloominess. How could they have imagined that Chen Xi’s potential would be so abnormal? They hadn’t expected that he would actually be able to stimulate his potential in the Sword Dao during such an extremely dangerous battle!


When numerous others had noticed this, a world shocking collision had resounded from the combat arena, and then Chen Xiaoyun was actually blasted backward!

The spectators were shocked and seemed to have been stunned by this scene.

No one had imagined that Chen Xiaoyun who’d occupied a position of absolute advantage until now would actually be blasted back at such a moment!


At this moment, sword howls resounded from Chen Xi and surged through the heavens and the earth. He seemed as if he was reborn, and his seemingly weakening state had completely vanished. His imposing aura was restrained and calm; it wasn’t sharp and arrogant any longer. It made him seem to emanate an aura of otherworldliness instead.

However, when others looked at him again, a wisp of horror unconsciously surged from their hearts like a dagger was being pressed against their backs. It was like they’d laid eyes on a supreme sword that existed in the legends. Even though it was deathly silent, its edge far exceeded the scope of the world’s endurance!

“The 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm!”

“He has broken through!”

“I never expected that he would erupt with such potential during a dangerous and hopeless situation like this. He can truly be considered a peerlessly shocking and unparalleled!”

Numerous exclaims of admiration resounded in the surroundings, and it mostly came from the guests who were observing the competition.

On the other hand, the transformation Chen Xi experienced was simply like a thunderclap to Chen Lingkong and the other members of the Chen Clan, and it shocked them to the point their hearts shook while they couldn’t bring themselves to accept it.

After he was blasted back, Chen Xiaoyun still didn’t dare believe it. His pupils had dilated while indescribably shock and rage surged out from his heart. “Bastard!”

How could he have imagined that not only would he have been unable to crush Chen Xi while he possessed an absolute advantage in the battle, he’d been blasted back instead!

How could this be possible?

The pride and dignity in his heart caused his vital blood to seethe, and his eyes surged with a shocking glow.


He didn’t hesitate to soar into the sky and shoot explosively towards Chen Xi, and his extraordinary Sword Intent emanated a myriad of rays of gorgeous and brilliant light.


Chen Xi merely swung his Talisman Armament in response and caused a strand of sword qi to shoot forward.

Simple and direct.

That was the imposing aura revealed by this strand of sword qi. It didn’t make the Dao rumble, it didn’t flow with the aura of the Dao, it didn’t cause divine radiance to erupt from it, and it didn’t make all sorts of phenomena form around it.

It was just so simple and direct.

However, it was precisely such an attack that tore apart the gorgeous and brilliant light which covered the sky, tore through the restraints of space, and struck Divine Insight to the point it wailed while Chen Xiaoyun who’d attacked with rage was blasted flying.

It was done in such a casual manner, and it seemed as easy as slapping a fly away.

However, this attack seemed extremely terrifying and inconceivable in the eyes of the spectators, and it made coldness arise in the hearts of many while their expressions changed.

This is the strength possessed by the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm?

Isn’t it a little too terrifying!?

“”Die!” Chen Xiaoyun’s body was struck to the point the vital blood throughout his body was roiling, but all of this was unable to overcome the rage and humiliation he felt in his heart.

I’m a dignified Innate God of the Divine Dao Protector Clans and a peerless genius at the Eighth Star Region Lord Realm! How could I possibly be defeated by a Fourth Star Region Lord?


It’s absolutely impossible!

Chen Xiaoyun roared loudly while his violet hair fluttered wildly, and he seemed like a primeval devil god that had gone berserk. His imposing aura was peerlessly violent, and it caused the sky to collapse and space to be crushed into pieces. It was an extremely shocking scene.


However, all of this was dispersed by Chen Xi’s simple and direct strand of sword qi. It was simply like a paper tiger that couldn’t withstand a single blow and wasn’t terrifying at all anymore.

Actually, Chen Xiaoyun’s strength wasn’t weak at all, and it was instead because Chen Xi’s strength after he advanced into the 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm was too formidable.

After that, all the spectators watched as Chen Xiaoyun transformed into a moth that darted into a flame. He was ceaselessly defeated and blasted flying by Chen Xi.

Time after time again, in an endless cycle, and this scene was simply no different than how he’d suppressed Chen Xi a little while ago.

But now, the scales had tipped in Chen Xi’s favor.

Chen Xiaoyun started to cough up blood while the bones and tendons throughout his body started to hurt. Moreover, the vital blood within his body showed faint signs of falling into disorder. Besides that, his hair was disheveled while his handsome face had become livid and savage from his rage.

It was truly impossible to image how the battle had actually undergone such a huge change. Chen Lingkong hadn’t expected it, the other members of the Chen Clan hadn’t expected it, the guests hadn’t expected it, and neither had Wu Xuechan or Tang Xian expected it.

But all of this had happened for real!

It was exactly because it was beyond imagination that it was indescribably shocking.

It was even to the extent that if this scene was witnessed by the cultivators of the outside world, then they would definitely feel that it was inconceivable. Because a Fourth Star Region Lord was actually suppressing an Eighth Star Region Lord to such an extent, and that was even more unimaginable that witnessing an iron tree bear flower.

I’ve broken through!

The 5th level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

In Chen Xi’s opinion, a breakthrough during battle wasn’t rare anymore. However, the breakthrough he experienced this time still made him feel a wisp of excitement.

The Sword Dao was boundless, and it became more difficult the higher his accomplishments grew. If it wasn’t for that sword strike executed by Chen Wenyu which stimulated him and allowed him to acutely capture that trace of a critical factor of advancement, and if it wasn’t for the incessant pressure Chen Xiaoyun exerted upon him, he would definitely be unable to make this advancement!

Chen Xi didn’t continue pondering about it, nor did he have the time to carefully enjoy the delight from his advancement. Because he was in battle!


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky and slashed down incessantly while sword howls surged through the clouds.

At this moment, Chen Xiaoyun was unable to obstruct Chen Xi’s attacks any longer.


Chen Xiaoyun was blasted back again, and his throat had almost been pierced. Even then, his expression had changed violently, and it was savage and furious to the extreme. Moreover, he’d finally sensed a feeling of frustration and terror.


Chen Xi attacked once more before he could even react.

At this instant, all the spectators couldn’t help but open their eyes wide because they’d noticed that it was probably almost impossible for Chen Xiaoyun to resist this attack.


Right at this critical moment, a bright red ribbon suddenly tore through the air like a crimson red bolt of lightning, and it stabbed forcefully towards the center of Chen Xi’s forehead. It was precise and ruthless, and it was timed perfectly. It just happened to be executed at the moment Chen Xi attacked.

If Chen Xi didn’t change the direction of his attack, then the red ribbon out pierce through the center of his forehead even if he was able to crush Chen Xiaoyun, and the consequences of that was unimaginable!


Chen Xi frowned. In the end, he abandoned Chen Xiaoyun, and his sword spin about to slash forcefully at the red ribbon. The two collided, and it caused a wave of terrifying rumbling and divine radiance to envelop the surroundings.

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