Chapter 2023 – Inferior


A clear howl resounded from the Talisman Armament as Chen Xi held it casually in his hand.

His pupils were black like an abyss and suffused with a chilly cold, strands of violet gold divine radiance radiated from his entire body, and it made him seem like an emperor of the sword that was looking down upon the world.

At this moment, Chen Xi had fully circulated his cultivation. The region within his body was seething while his spirit, energy, and essence seemed as if they were burning. His imposing aura seemed even more formidable when compared to battle with Chen Wenyu.

“This fellow… isn’t just extremely courageous, even his imposing aura is extraordinary. Is this his true strength?” Some were surprised.

“Haha! Looks like even this fellow feels extremely pressured when facing the joint forces of Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun. Unfortunately, the outcome of this battle has been predetermined, so struggling is futile.” Some laughed coldly.

“Even though the rules are slightly unexpected, it’s extremely delightful to know that this fellow is about to be defeated.”

“Exactly. I really look forward to the moment that he’s beaten down. He really cut a striking figure during the battles in the 1st round. He was too arrogant as well.”

“How long do all of you think he’ll be able to struggle for?”

“He’ll definitely lose in a short moment!”

The gazes of everyone had converged onto the combat arena, and they observed the final battle closely.

However, at this moment, no one bothered to think about whether Chen Xi would have a chance to turn the situation around. Because the outcome was already predetermined, and they felt more anticipation towards how long Chen Xi could persist before he was defeated!

“Chen Xi, we won’t bully you. I alone will defeat you so that you’ll be convinced of your loss!” Chen Xiaoyun took a step forward. He wore golden robes, and his violet hair fluttered while his handsome face was covered in an arrogant expression.


A gorgeous and dazzling sword that shimmered brightly appeared in his palm. The body of the sword was multicolored and five colored divine radiance were gathered on it while it emanated boundless divine might.

This sword was called Divine Insight. It was a Natural Spirit Treasure that contained Natural Spirit Radiance of the five elements. It could control the five elements of the Grand Dao, produce the might of the cycle of the five elements, and was extremely miraculous. It was an absolutely rare and precious treasure.


Space was thrown into chaos as multicolored light fluttered all around Chen Xiaoyun and illuminated the surroundings. Moreover, his imposing aura was so great that it even made the world dim in comparison.

This was the imposing aura of an Eighth Star Region Lord. Chen Baling, Chen Xuze, and Chen Wenyu weren’t existences on the same level when compared to him.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Daoyuan and Chen Qiushui split up, and they stood far away at two corners of the combat arena to form a triangle with Chen Xiaoyun.

Obviously, they’d decided to let Chen Xiaoyun fight first, and they would definitely attack ferociously if any mishaps were to occur.

Even though such a situation wasn’t as pressing as one where the three of them attacked together, it wasn’t much different, and it still induced despair in others.

However, the spectators in the surroundings couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when they witnessed this scene, and then they came to an understanding. They realized that Chen Daoyuan and the others intended to maintain their demeanor and avoid seeming like they were going too far.

“Are they trying such tricks to save some face? Hmph! What wishful thinking!” Tang Xian laughed coldly. How could he be unable to discern that while it seemed like they’d made some concessions, the overall situation was still the same! Chen Daoyuan and Chen Qiushui were eyeing Chen Xi with hostility from afar, so it was utterly impossible for Chen Xi to defeat Chen Xiaoyun.

Because the two of them would definitely lend a hand before Chen Xiaoyun could even lose. In the end, it would transform into a situation where three would be fighting against one.

So, Tang Xian wasn’t able to arouse any happiness within him.

“At the very least, these little fellows know how to try and save some face, whereas, that fellow, Chen Lingkong, has completely disregarded any and all shame.” Wu Xuechan spoke indifferently.

Chen Lingkong couldn’t help but frown when he noticed the decision that Chen Xiaoyun and the others had made, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

He was clearly aware that if he continued pushing Chen Xi into a corner, then Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian would definitely explode with rage.


At practically the exact same time, Chen Xiaoyun and Chen Xi moved and drew the curtains to this battle.

“Kill!” Chen Xiaoyun’s violet hair fluttered violently, causing him to seem like a god of devils. He held Divine Insight in his hand as he swung it, and an extraordinarily vast and thick strand of multicolored sword qi shot forward.

The sword qi had the Natural Spirit Radiance of the five elements gathered within it, and it formed a myriad of profundities while revealing vast, powerful, and murderous might.

This expanse of space was slashed apart, causing chaotic flows of space to shoot towards the surroundings. The scene here was extremely terrifying.


Chen Xi went head on against it with the sword in his hand. The collision between them caused a myriad of tempestuous waves to surge towards the surroundings, whereas, Chen Xi himself was actually forced to take numerous heavy steps backward in space.

The spectators were excited because merely this strike alone revealed that Chen Xi’s strength was inferior to Chen Xiaoyun!

When compared to how Chen Xi had successively defeated Chen Baling, Chen Xuze, and Chen Wenyu with a single attack, everything that occurred now proved that no matter how heaven defying Chen Xi’s combat strength was, he was still restrained by his cultivation, and he couldn’t continue his streak of arrogance when facing Chen Xiaoyun who was an Eighth Star Region Lord.

“So this is the might of an Eighth Star Region Lord….” Chen Xi took a deep breath while his expression remained tranquil, and then he didn’t hesitate to attack again.

“Die!” At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xiaoyun attacked again. His style was fierce, oppressive, and extremely overbearing. Moreover, he emanated an imposing aura of matchlessness.

The Divine Insight sword in his palm was utilized by him to the point it seemed like a blazing and illusory five colored ray of divine light, and it carried grand sword qi as it smashed down forcefully towards Chen Xi.


In an instant, both of them collided a few hundred times. They fought to the point the combat arena was covered in chaos. The space here had collapsed while extremely dazzling rays of light swept towards the surroundings.

This expanse of the world was trembling and wailing. Moreover, it vaguely revealed all sorts of terrifying phenomena like the Grand Dao collapsing, the gods roaring furiously, and the sages weeping tears of blood.

The spectators in the surroundings were simply dazed by this sight, and they gasped incessantly. Chen Xi and Chen Xiaoyun were too formidable. Every single collision between Region Lords could destroy a world or crush an expanse of stars. It possessed unimaginably monstrous divine might.

However, some figures with extraordinary strengths were still able to clearly determine that Chen Xi had been in a disadvantageous position since the battle had begun. He’s been constantly suppressed and forced back.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaoyun’s imposing aura surged like a rainbow. He pressed down step by step while revealing all-powerful might, and he displayed a mighty and matchless bearing.

This made many clansmen of the Chen Clan feel excited. They felt that just Chen Xiaoyun alone would be sufficient to easily crush Chen Xi and eliminate him from the competition!

“The situation is slightly bad.” Tang Xian frowned.

“He’s able to rely on a cultivation at the Fourth Star of the Region Lord Realm to go head-on against an Eighth Star Region Lord. How many people like him can be found in the entire world? I’m afraid one can’t even be found amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans.” Wu Xuechan spoke calmly. “Even if he loses this battle, it’s still a form of glory.”

“But I still hope that Little Junior Brother wins.” Tang Xian sighed.

“Then continue watching. Perhaps some sort of miracle will occur.” Wu Xuechan’s gaze was deep as he spoke in a light voice.

Good! Chen Lingkong praised in his heart. At this moment, the depressed and agitated emotions in his heart had finally eased up slightly, and he felt elated.

Big Brother, Sister-in-law, would the two of you continue persisting if you witnessed this scene? Your son is bound to be unable to rescue the two of you…. Chen Lingkong muttered in his heart while he felt indescribable happiness course through his veins.

“Chen Xi, is this the extent of your ability?” Chen Xiaoyun shouted explosively. His golden robe fluttered along with his violet hair, and his entire body was covered in a myriad of strands of Natural Spirit Radiance of the five elements, causing him to seem dazzling and supreme to the extreme.


He slashed with his sword, and it was like the swing of a dragon’s tail. It forcefully blasted Chen Xi flying while the vital blood within Chen Xi’s entire body roiled.

Chen Xi puckered his lips, remained silent, and attack once more.

At this point in the battle, he was already clearly aware that with his current cultivation at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm, he was at most capable of surmounting 3 levels of cultivation to annihilate a Seventh Star Region Lord. However, his strength was clearly insufficient to go against Chen Xiaoyun who was an Eighth Star Region Lord.

Most importantly, he wasn’t an ordinary Eighth Star Region Lord. His combat strength was too formidable because he possessed extraordinary innate reserves, so the difficulty of combat with Chen Xiaoyun was much greater than combat with any other ordinary Eighth Star Region Lord.

However, it was impossible for Chen Xiaoyun to defeat him in a short period of time.

Logically speaking, Chen Xi’s ability to accomplish this with a cultivation at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm could be considered as world shocking and unprecedented.

However, Chen Xi wasn’t satisfied. He was very clearly aware of how formidable his own accumulations were, and it was even to the extent that it far surpassed the innate reserves possessed by the members of the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

Because only he alone had refined and absorbed the unique Imperial Sovereign Dao Root of this era, only he alone had refined and absorbed nine Region Quintessences, only he alone had inherited the inheritances of the last 8 eras, and only he alone had inherited the mantle of the last 8 Saviors of this era!

It was even not exaggerated to say that the strength Chen Xi had inherited was something that the Divine Dao Protector Clans couldn’t compare to at all!

Under such circumstances, it was very normal for him to be able to surmount levels of cultivation and battle experts at a higher level of cultivation. Conversely, he would simply be unworthy of the supreme fortuitous encounters he’d obtained if he was unable to accomplish this!

The only thing that held him back was his cultivation.

If Chen Xi possessed a cultivation at the Eighth Star of the Region Lord Realm, then he would even dare go against a Daolord!

But reality couldn’t be changed that easily. Under such circumstances, he could only rely on his cultivation at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm to do battle.

“You still refuse to give up? Looks like you’re a stubborn fellow who refuses to give up until he’s completely crushed!” Chen Xiaoyun laughed coldly.


Chen Xiaoyun’s figure tore through space, and the Divine Insight sword that rested in his palm carried a myriad of strands of divine radiance as he attacked Chen Xi again.

“Die!” From this moment onward, Chen Xiaoyun stopped wasting his breath. He intended to crush Chen Xi in one go and force Chen Xi to accept defeat.


The battle grew even more intense while the situation Chen Xi was in grew worse. He was ceaselessly forced back, blasted flying, and seemed inferior by comparison.

Moreover, this was merely in a situation where he was fighting Chen Xiaoyun alone. If Chen Daoyuan and Chen Qiushui were to join the battle, then the consequences would be unimaginable!

As the battle continued, even the hearts of Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian couldn’t help but constrict.

They were clearly aware that Chen Xi’s chances of victory were slim. However, they still couldn’t avoid feeling slightly worried about Chen Xi when they saw him being completely suppressed by Chen Xiaoyun.

On the contrary, Chen Lingkong and all the members of the Chen Clan revealed smiles on their faces. They seemed utterly excited and delighted.

Moreover, waves of cheers even erupted from time to time, and they cheered endlessly for Chen Xiaoyun.

It was like Chen Xi would be defeated before there was any need for Chen Daoyuan and Chen Qiushui to join the battle….

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