Chapter 2022 – Accepting The Challenge

When they heard Chen Lingkong announce the rules for the 2nd round, it wasn’t just Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian who felt furious, even the clansmen of the Chen Clan felt slight disbelief.

Earlier, they were guessing that Chen Lingkong would definitely not adopt a similar rule to the 1st round. After all, any one of the three of them could defeat Chen Xi with ease.

So, it would be going too far if a similar rule were to be utilized during the 2nd round.

But no one had imagined that while Chen Lingkong didn’t do that, he’d announced a rule that was even harsher than the rule during the 1st round!

A battle royal amongst the four of them? Doesn’t that mean Chen Daoyuan, Chen Xiaoyun, and Chen Qiushui will join forces against Chen Xi?

Isn’t that a little too absurd?

Of course, those clansmen of the Chen Clan wouldn’t speak out on Chen Xi’s behalf, but it didn’t represent that they could accept such a rule.

“Supreme Elder… seems to think too highly of that fellow. Asking Chen Daoyuan and the others to join forces against him is simply like asking three divine hawks to annihilate an ant. Isn’t that overkill?”

“Why has he done that? Could it be that the Supreme Elder thinks any one of them wouldn’t be able to crush Chen Xi, so he made such a rule?”

“Perhaps the Supreme Elder has lost his patience, and he intends to utilize an absolute advantage to kick that kid out of the competition, so that kid can’t continue acting arrogantly.”

“But… If news of this were to spread, then it would be our Chen Clan who treating him unfairly, and it would affect the reputation of our clan.”

Sounds of discussion resounded throughout the surroundings. Practically every single clansman of the Chen Clan was surprised and bewildered, and they couldn’t figure out what Chen Lingkong was thinking. They didn’t know what sort of considerations made him act in this way.

Was Chen Lingkong an idiot?

He was definitely not! So, there was definitely a reason behind his actions!

That was the common view of all the Chen Clan’s members.

"Chen Lingkong’s actions are beneath him. Obviously, he’s intentionally playing tricks on Chen Xi. This isn’t the bearing that should be possessed by the Supreme Elder of a clan.”

“Perhaps the tragedy that occurred during the 1st round has caused him to lose his composure?”

At this moment, even the guests who were observing the competition couldn’t help but frown. They felt that Chen Lingkong’s actions were excessive and embarrassing.

However, they were guests, so it wasn’t suitable for them to say anything, and they could only inwardly feel enraged towards the injustice that Chen Xi faced.

“This is….” Chen Daoyuan was stunned, and he frowned. He felt faint discomfort towards Chen Lingkong’s arrangement as well. He’s just a fellow at the Fourth Star of the Region Lord Realm. No matter how heaven defying his combat strength is, it isn’t formidable to the extent that the three of us have to join forces, right?

“I’m quite unable to accept this. If word of this were to spread, it would be very shameful even if we defeat that kid.” Chen Qiushui was unable to understand such arrangements as well.

“How could we possibly understand what the Supreme Elder is thinking right now?” Chen Xiaoyun muttered from the side. The dignity and pride in his heart made him feel extremely dissatisfied with this sort of arrangement.

Because this was clearly an act of belittling their strengths while making the enemy seem even greater!

But no matter what, they didn’t dare question this decision. It was obviously inadvisable to question Chen Lingkong’s authority in public.

After all, doing that would be no different than helping that child of a criminal, and they refused to do that.

The surroundings were filled with the sounds of discussion, surprise, and bewilderment, causing clamorous noise to feel the air.

Chen Lingkong acted as if he hadn’t noticed all of it. His expression was calm and extremely dignified since the beginning. Perhaps he’d expected this would happen when he announced the rule.

“If there are no objections, then all of you can ascend the combat arena now and start the 2nd round of the competition!” Chen Lingkong’s deep voice swept towards the surroundings.

This allowed everyone to instantly understand that Chen Lingkong was determined to act in this way.

“Wait!” Wu Xuechan suddenly stood up, and he said with a cold and indifferent expression, “Fellow Daoists, do you really think that you can bully my Oracle Mountain?”

His words were calm, yet they carried an oppressive and imposing aura. It caused the clamorous noise in the surroundings to instantly vanish while the atmosphere here became oppressive.

Oracle Mountain is furious!

It was understandable. After all, if Oracle Mountain didn’t step forward and object under such circumstances, then it would seem too weak.

“Bully?” Chen Lingkong had an emotionless expression as he said, “Grand Lord, this rule is extremely fair. They’ll carry out a battle royal and rely on their own ability to seize the final victory. How could this be considered as bullying?”

“Chen Lingkong, so you really intend to shed all pretenses?” Tang Xian suddenly stood up and spoke coldly. His attitude was even more direct and forceful than Wu Xuechan, and his words were completely blunt and carried a wisp of a threatening tone.

The hearts of all the members of the Chen Clan shook at this moment, and they felt a wave of discomfort. Aren’t these fellows from Oracle Mountain a little too arrogant? They actually dare to threaten the Supreme Elder in our territory? They’re simply going too far!

Because no matter how unfair the rules were, the rules had been set for them, members of the Chen Clan, and they felt that it was Oracle Mountain’s fault for interfering!

Since Oracle Mountain had interfered, then it had to accept such rules, right?

“Fellow Daoists, calm yourselves. I have no intention to act against Oracle Mountain at all. This competition for the next successor has always been an internal matter of my Chen Clan, so the rules should naturally be set by my Chen Clan. Since Chen Xi has participated, then it should be done according to the rules of my clan.” Chen Lingkong seemed ready to risk everything, and his attitude was very indifferent while he didn’t give in at all. He was being very unyielding.

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian’s expressions became even colder and indifferent. This represented that they were truly infuriated and were on the verge of flaring up.

Once two extraordinary Daolords were furious, it was obvious how terrifying their auras would be.

For a time, this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth was trembling, and it was filled with a horrifying pressure that caused one’s heart to shiver. It made everyone present here feel a suffocating aura assault their faces, and it felt like they’d fallen into an icy pit.

Even Chen Lingkong’s face had turned grim while his gaze flickered. In the end, he didn’t speak a single word and seemed to be prepared for the worst.

“Senior Brothers, let’s just go along with what he said.” Right at this critical and confrontational moment where a battle could break out at any moment, Chen Xi who’d remained silent until now had spoken abruptly, and his voice swept out towards the surroundings.

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian instantly frowned.

The others in the surroundings were astounded. They seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually agree to carry out the competition according to such rules.

“Little Junior Brother, are you sure?” Wu Xuechan frowned as he said, “You don’t have to worry. I guarantee that I will definitely not disappoint you even if you withdraw from the competition right now.

“I want to give it a try.” Chen Xi smiled with a composed expression on his face, and there was no rage there at all.

“Alright.” Wu Xuechan remained silent for a moment before he took a deep breath and sat down slowly.

“That’s fine as well. Even if you do lose, it wouldn’t taint the reputation of our Oracle Mountain.” Tang Xian sat down as well.

Along with them taking their seats once more, the suffocating pressure in the surroundings had vanished without a trace, and it allowed everyone in the surroundings to heave a sigh of relief.

However, when they thought about how Chen Xi had actually agreed to the battle, all of them couldn’t help but feel a wisp of complicated emotions in their hearts. Because such courage wasn’t something that just anyone could possess.

Merely this alone made many of them feel extremely embarrassed.

Junior Brother Tang Xian, perhaps we should have a good talk with Chen Lingkong after this competition comes to an end.” Wu Xuechan’s expression was calm and indifferent.

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking.” Tang Xian spoke word by word.

Perhaps Chen Xi could accept this infuriatingly unfair rule for now, but it didn’t represent that the two of them could do the same!

“The 2nd round begins right now!” Chen Lingkong took a deep breath as he stood on the altar and announced it in a deep voice.

Only he was clearly aware of the reason he’d acted in such a way. It was because he could absolutely not allow Chen Xi to win!

Moreover, he wouldn’t give Chen Xi even the slightest chance as well!

This was related to the criminal, Chen Lingjun, but it was also related to a precious treasure that could affect the Karmic Luck of the entire Chen Clan!

So, even if he had to shed all pretenses with Oracle Mountain right now, Chen Lingkong wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of the sound of air being torn apart resounded as Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun who’d been accumulating strength for a long time had ascended the arena.

“Later, Xiaoyun will deal with him first while both Qiushui and I will observe the battle from the side! In this way, we wouldn’t be bullying him too much,” said Chen Daoyuan via voice transmission.

“Alright.” Chen Xiaoyun nodded because such an arrangement was exactly what he desired.

“But…. Would it displease the Supreme Elder?” Chen Qiushui was slightly hesitant.

“Don’t worry. Even if the situation changes in battle, it wouldn’t be too late for us to act then. In the end, Chen Xi will definitely lose. The outcome is predetermined. So, the Supreme Elder won’t criticize or punish us later.” Chen Daoyuan explained in a soft voice.

The reason he made such arrangements was firstly because he didn’t want the relationship between the Chen Clan and Oracle Mountain to become very bad, and it was secondly because he wasn’t willing to bully his opponent out of considerations for his own dignity and pride.

In any case, it was a battle where their victory was certain. Since it was like that, then why not win with some dignity?


Chen Xi’s figure flashed and stepped foot onto the combat arena, and he stood in confrontation with the three of them from afar.

His figure was tall, his expression was calm an indifferent, and he didn’t show even a shred of fear.

However, only Chen Xi himself was clearly aware that this battle was bound to be the most difficult battle he’d encountered since he’d started cultivating, and it would be the most dangerous as well.

His opponents weren’t just 2 formidable existences who had attained the Eighth Star Region Lord Realm, there was even a Ninth Star Region Lord who was only a step away from stepping foot into the realm of Daolords!

Moreover, the three of them were even descendants of the Divine Dao Protector Clan, the Chen Clan. They were innately richly endowed by nature, and they were unparalleled existences in the Region Lord Realm as well. Every single one of them possessed a formidable combat strength that their peers couldn’t compare to.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest.

After all, he was merely at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm. The gap between their cultivations was truly too huge, and it was even three against one. So, any other person in this situation would have probably fallen to despair a long time ago and admitted defeat.

Because any sensible person could discern that this was a completely unfair battle. Chen Xi was already in an absolutely disadvantageous situation before the battle had even began, and he didn’t have even the slightest chance at victory!

So, continuing the battle would only be like struggling in vain, and it was bound to be unable to change the outcome.

That was what everyone thought. It was even to the extent that Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian had stopped hoping that Chen Xi could win.

After all, the disparity between them was truly too huge!

That was exactly the reason why Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were utterly enraged.

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