Chapter 2020 – Slap!

Its splendor had flown off silently like water.

The imposing aura of Chen Wenyu’s attack became restrained, and it wasn’t grand, gorgeous, and dazzling anymore. On the contrary, it had become simple, primitive, and otherworldly.

It was like it had shed all its splendor and beauty to return to its true appearance, and its imposing aura actually grew even more terrifying.

The spectators exclaimed with shock. Before this, they’d already felt that Chen Wenyu would definitely win. Yet never had they imagined that the aura of his strike would actually change at this critical moment, and it became even more formidable.

Could it be that he intends to crush Chen Xi in one go?

The members of the Chen Clan felt even more excited, delighted, and filled with anticipation!

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s attack was still so ordinary and common. It was calm like water, reserved, and boring. It wasn’t terrifying at all.

“That kid’s going to lose for sure!” Many spectators couldn’t help but take pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune, and there were even some that were imagining the miserable appearance Chen Xi would have upon suffering defeat.

Finally, their swords collided under the gazes of everyone. But surprisingly, this collision actually didn’t make even the slightest sound.

It was silent!

Strangely silent!

These two completely different attacks should have been like fire and water, and they should have collided violently. Moreover, the destruction created by their collision should have definitely been world shocking.

Yet now, there was actually not a single sound!

What’s going on?

Everyone was astounded.

Only Daolords like Wu Xuechan, Tang Xian, Chen Lingkong, and some other figures with extraordinary cultivations were able to notice an inkling. It caused them to instantly become visibly moved.

The greatest was the most imperceptible!

The loudest was the most difficult to hear!

It was exactly because their force was too formidable and condensed that the collision hadn’t caused any phenomena to appear, and it couldn’t be displayed by any sound as well.

The might of their collision was vividly displayed by this!

The others didn’t understand it and were unable to figure it out. They merely thought that they were unable to experience how terrifying it was because they weren’t in the battlefield.

It was even not exaggerated to say that if some other Region Lords were to enter the combat arena right now, those Region Lords would definitely suffer imperceptibly backlash and perish on the spot.

Because the force within the combat arena had already collided to its limits. It was like the eye of a storm. It seemed to be calm, but so long as anything external force were to enter it, then it would instantly cause everything to erupt and lose its balance!

“Such a collision in the Sword Dao is absolutely rare to come by in the entire world!” Someone sighed with emotion.

“I wonder who exactly will win in the end.” Someone else was urgently waiting for everything to come to an end.

Clang! Clang!

After a short while, the swords that were in confrontation with each other had been withdrawn at practically the exact same time, and they emanated sword howls that destroyed the absolute silence in the surroundings.

When they looked towards the combat arena, they saw Chen Wenyu’s figure was standing firm on the spot. His snow white hair fluttered while his expression was composed as before, and only traces of sweat were faintly seeping out from his forehead.

On the other side, Chen Xi’s tall figure had a calm and indifferent expression while his clothes fluttered, and there was only a trace of shock on the space between his brows.

Both of them were standing on the spot in silence.

The spectators were astounded when they witnessed this scene, and they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes. Who exactly won this battle?

Could it be that they were evenly matched?

Clamorous noise arose throughout the surroundings as the spectators discussed animatedly, and all of them were unable to accept such a situation.

After all, the might Chen Xi revealed earlier was truly too ordinary, and everyone thought that he would definitely lose. Yet who would have imagined that it would actually transform into an evenly matched situation in the end?

Many even wondered if Chen Wenyu had held back on purpose. Otherwise, how could this have occurred?

“Look! Quickly! That fellow’s hand that holds his sword is bleeding! Haha! He lost!” Suddenly, someone noticed a strand of extremely inconspicuous blood that was flowing down Chen Xi’s palm, and that person couldn’t help but exclaim with pleasant surprise.

It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples upon striking a lake. At this moment, the others noticed it clearly as well, and they were excited.

“As expected, it was that fellow who lost!”

“Since it was a battle that would be determined by a single exchange, then even the tiniest injury would be sufficient to decide that it’s his loss!”

“Hahaha! I thought that this fellow would truly be heaven defying to the point of being impossible to stop. Who would have imagined that he isn’t anything great! He couldn’t even persist until the end during the 1st round of the competition.”

“I knew it. With Chen Wenyu’s cultivation at the Seventh Star Region Lord Realm, how could he possibly be unable to subdue a fellow who’s merely a Fourth Star Region Lord?”

“What a pity! If he wasn’t restrained by their agreement and continued the battle, then he would definitely be able to cripple that kid’s cultivation!”

Clamorous noise shook the sky while all the clansmen of the Chen Clan cheered.

Earlier, they’d accumulated a bellyful of grievance from Chen Baling and Chen Xuze’s miserable defeats. Now, they could finally vent it all, so how could they not feel elated and satisfied?

However, Chen Lingkong wasn’t able to arouse any happiness in his heart. His brows were knit together tightly while his expression grew gloomier and gloomier. He seemed to be trying his best to restrain his rage.

It wasn’t just him, some other great figures from the Chen Clan were silent at this moment as well, and the space between their brows was covered in gloominess.

Unfortunately, the clansmen of the Chen Clan were overjoyed, and there were actually very few of them who noticed this strange scene.

It was even to the extent that some started to impatiently point their fingers at Chen Xi and shout. “Kid, quickly get down from there! Could it be that you intend to be a sore loser?”

“Exactly! Quickly get the fuck off the arena!”

“Get the fuck down!”

“Get the fuck down!”

After that, many other members of the Chen Clan started to kick up a fuss and shout, and they ridiculed and insulted Chen Xi to the extreme.

This made the veins on Chen Lingkong’s forehead bulge up while the corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably. He was just about to speak when Chen Wenyu who’d remained silent until now had suddenly sighed while he put his sword away. “It is I who lost.”

These words caused the clamorous atmosphere to instantly freeze.

Chen Wenyu lost?? How could that be possible?

They opened their eyes wide and didn’t dare believe their ears. So, they stood dumbstruck on the spot while staring blankly at Chen Wenyu.

The atmosphere became deathly silent once more while everyone felt surprised and bewildered. What exactly is going on?

“Chen Wenyu, are you letting that kid win on purpose?” Someone shouted with rage.

Chen Wenyu acted indifferent towards this. He had a slightly disappointed and dispirited expression as he turned around and walked down the combat arena by himself.

Every single step he took was so slow. It was like he was dragging an extremely heavy divine mountain along, and it caused the hearts of everyone to be unable to help but tighten.


When Chen Wenyu’s figure arrived at the edge of the combat arena, he suddenly opened his mouth before a mouthful of blood sprayed out. In an instant, his countenance turned ghastly pale while his eyes dimmed down, and his figure was on the verge of collapse.

The spectators were stunned. How could they had imagined that Chen Wenyu had actually lost for real? Moreover, he’d even suffered extremely terrifying internal injuries that made him cough up blood!

When Chen Wenyu’s figure vanished from the combat arena, the clansmen of the Chen Clan were still unable to recover from their shock. Because all of this was too inconceivable, and it had exceeded the scope of their understanding.

“Sorry, I wasn’t able to let all of you continue feeling happy. I’ve won.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi put his sword away, and then he glanced indifferently at the members of the Chen Clan in the surroundings while he spoke calmly with a tone that wasn’t overbearing at all.

However, when it entered into their ears, it was like a resounding slap on their face, and it caused their faces to burn with pain.

Earlier, they were still feeling excited and overjoyed, and they were shouting at Chen Xi to get the fuck down from the combat arena. But reality was always so unexpected. Chen Xi hadn’t lost, and it was Chen Wenyu who’d coughed up blood and left in dejection. How could they have imagined all of this?

It hurt!

It hurt too much!

This slap to the face didn’t need any extra words. Reality itself was the most resounding slap, and it struck the faces of ignorant bastards.

At the same time, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian finally revealed a wisp of a smile, and then they didn’t hold back at all as they clapped and praised.

Some of the guests in the vicinity started clapping unconsciously as they were shocked by Chen Xi’s display. But right after that, they realized that the members of the Chen Clan were aggrieved right now, so their actions were slightly inadvisable.

However, Chen Lingkong and the other clansmen of the Chen Clan had noticed it, so they couldn’t help but feel infuriated. They felt like they’d been utterly humiliated.

“The 3rd battle belongs to Chen Xi!” Chen Lingkong disregarded everything and announced the outcome with haste. “At the same time, Chen Xi is the only candidate from the 4th group who has entered the 2nd round.”

As soon as he finished speaking, no one congratulated Chen Xi, and the surroundings were deathly silent while all the members of the Chen Clan revealed gloomy expressions.

Chen Xi didn’t mind all of this at all. He flicked his sleeve and walked off the combat arena.

Meanwhile, battles were still being carried out on the other three arenas, but they weren’t battles that came to a swift end like Chen Xi’s battles had.

He’d merely executed three attacks in three battles, and it could be said to be the perfect example of ending a battle swiftly.

Chen Xi noticed that Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun still hadn’t ascended the combat arena to issue a challenge until now, and they could only wait helplessly.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh coldly to himself upon noticing this scene. He naturally understood their intentions, and it was none other than to delay until the end and seize the opportunity to observe his battles with the intent of observing his flaws and trump cards.

Unfortunately, they were unable to accomplish that.

Because since the moment that the 1st battle had begun, Chen Xi was determined to never strike a second attack if he could defeat his opponent with just one attack. The objective behind this decision of his was naturally to prevent Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun from accomplishing what they desired!

Otherwise, how could he have agreed to end the battle against Chen Wenyu with a single attack when he knew that he wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage in the collision? He wasn’t an idiot that was overwhelmed by impulse.

“Now, I finally understand that this fellow seemed to have never intended to let us observe his trump cards since the beginning. But I never expected that he would actually be able to accomplish this. Just this alone makes him worthy of us taking him seriously.” Chen Daoyuan sighed with emotion.

“His combat strength is formidable indeed. But what I’m even more concerned about is…. Wouldn’t he get to observe our battles when we ascend the combat arena later?” Chen Xiaoyun frowned as he said, “What if that fellow figures out our combat styles from our battles. That would be quite disadvantageous.”

“Then we should end the battle quickly as well. Since he can accomplish it, then we can naturally accomplish it as well. Moreover, we can accomplish it perfectly,” said Chen Qiushui in a resolute tone.

“I’m afraid… our worries are unnecessary.” Chen Daoyuan suddenly laughed bitterly while he glanced towards the distance.

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