Chapter 202 – Each Carrying Their Own Motives

Chapter 202 – Each Carrying Their Own Motives

The Five Element Ruins was the main battlefield of the battle of fiends and gods from a few thousands of years ago. It was wrapped in broken walls and ruins of buildings, suffused with stains of blood, covered with ghastly bones, and filled with the baleful qi emitted from the fiends and gods when they fell that seemed to be roaring and howling reluctantly, and it seemed exceedingly horrifying.

Moreover, the inexhaustible demon beasts that raged here were different from the demon beasts in the outside world. All of them were derived from the remnants of will, blood, and shattered weapons left behind by the fallen fiends and gods after experiencing a few tens of thousands of years, they were existences that were like beasts yet not beasts. Every single one of them were ferocious, brutal, ruthless, vicious, and without the slightest intelligence.

As they looked at Chen Xi appear at the front of the group, Lin Moxuan and Huangfu Chongming both laughed with disdain. They looked at Chen Xi with a gaze as if they were looking at a dead person, and their gazes were filled with ridicule.

Xiao Linger shook her head, seeming to feel pity and sympathy, yet felt Chen Xi’s actions that seemed courageous yet was rash in actuality to be laughable.

Those Teng Brothers were excited instead, and their eyes were filled with ruthlessness. They’d already made preparation to make a move and seize Chen Xi’s storage Magic Treasure once he was killed by the demon beasts.

Amongst these people, only Tantai Hong revealed a concerned expression, and his heart was filled with guilt and helplessness towards Chen Xi. After all, it was he who brought Chen Xi over, yet how would he have imagined that such a thing would occur?

I originally wanted to return a favor, but unexpectedly… Alas, how should I explain it to Zixuan if this fellow loses his life? Tantai Hong deeply sighed in his heart. He noticed that even though he was the Patriarch of a clan, when compared with these Core Disciples from the various great sects by his side, he was like a pitiful wretch that couldn’t even protect the junior by his side.


A loud and oppressive bang instantly drew the attention of everyone, and their eyes squinted when they clearly saw the scene before them and they almost didn’t believe their eyes. Because Chen Xi who they thought would undoubtedly die in the blink of an eye had actually killed a flaming snake demon with a single punch!

Exactly. It was a single punch that was all powerful and clear cut. The flaming snake demon was like a piece of paper as it suffered annihilation at Chen Xi’s hand.

A flaming snake demon’s strength is roughly comparable to the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, and this kid is similarly at the Golden Hall Realm. How could he possible annihilate it with a single punch?

This was the question within everyone’s minds, yet this strand of bewilderment quickly vanished. Chen Xi’s display was outstanding indeed, yet it was merely so. Because this wasn’t a battle with a single flaming snake demon, but countless flaming snake demons. It was a group attack that even they didn’t dare guarantee being able to completely withstand, so how could they possibly believe Chen Xi would be able to withstand it?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, before they could react from their shock, they saw Chen Xi was like a fierce tiger, and his fists were like landslides that swept through the scene. Every single punch he smashed out would take away the life of a flaming snake demon, and in practically an instant, the 10 plus flaming snake demons that had charged forward were wiped out by him!

Sweeping cleanly through all obstacles.

Matchlessly bold and powerful.

At this moment, Chen Xi stood at the front of the group, and he was like a hard rock that lay across a surging flood as he faced the flaming snake demons that were like tidewater as they roared and dashed over. His figure was shuttled back and forth, moving swiftly and indeterminately; his fists like the rain, with a strength that was like hammers, and from the beginning until the end, he didn’t take a single step back!

Hmph! It’s just foolhardiness, and there’s surely a time that he’ll become exhausted. At that time, he’s bound to die a graveless death! Lin Moxuan grunted coldly in his heart, and his expression was as disdainful as before.

This kid isn’t absolutely without merit. With him foolishly charging at the front, it can relieve some of the pressure I face. Huangfu Chongming nodded with an expressionless face.

School of Fiendgod Body Refinement? This fellow is interesting. If he’s able to survive, then perhaps I can make friends with him? Xiao Linger blinked her eyes and seemed to be lost in thought.

Big Brother, this kid has concealed his strength deeply. A Golden Hall Realm cultivator like this is already a top figure amongst cultivators of the same realm. Teng Huaxu’s gaze flickered indeterminately as he spoke via voice transmission.

Hmph! What’s there to worry about? So long as he’s blocking at the front, there’ll be a time that his strength is completely exhausted by these stupid beasts, and death is only a matter of time for him. Teng Huaji laughed coldly.

Chen Xi instead didn’t pay attention to all this. He wasn’t doing this for the sake of changing the view these people had towards him as he knew these people were greatly prejudiced towards him and would absolutely rather see him die than change their views due to his contribution.

He even knew that those Teng Brother were casting covetous gazes at him from behind and were waiting for him to be killed before seizing his storage Magic Treasures.

“Ling Bai, help me keep an eye on those Teng Brothers. They think that these demon beasts are able to wear down my strength, yet how would they know that every single demon beast I kill allows my strength to increase by a trace? I want to seize this opportunity to properly increase my cultivation. At that time, let me see who dares to go against me!” Chen Xi swiftly transmitted a strand of thought to Ling Bai.

It turned out that these flaming snake demons that were killed by him contained a ball of fire essence, and this fire essence from every single flaming snake demon he killed would be absorbed by his Third-Fire Shaman Marking and transformed into Shaman Energy that ceaselessly replenished his strength.

This caused Chen Xi to understand that most of the demon beasts within this Five Element Ruins were probably born from the essence of the five elements. Otherwise, it was utterly impossible for new life to be formed by solely relying on the remnant of thoughts, blood, and shattered weapons of the fiends and gods.

The essence of the five elements was the quintessence energy of the world, and to a cultivator, it was able to be merged it into a Magic Treasure to increase the quality of the Magic Treasure. But to Chen Xi, it could be directly absorbed by the Shaman Markings on his body and be transformed into surging Shaman Energy to ceaselessly increase his cultivation!

This was precisely the formidable aspect of the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts, and it was the fundamental reason why the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement was formidable.

“Alright! These fellows have been an eyesore for me since a long time ago. Let’s kill them and seize the treasures in their possession. Young experts? Geniuses? They’re a group of rich kids waiting to have their wealth seized. They can leave their wealth but they must die!” Ling Bai spoke with a murderous look on his face.

“If they dare go against me, then we’ll do as you say!” Chen Xi wasn’t a soft and irresolute person, and when facing enemies, only by killing them would he be able to solve all his troubles.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The flaming snake demons were annihilated one after the other and the fire essence that effused out from their bodies were completely absorbed by Chen Xi to ceaselessly replenish the Shaman Energy in his body. Within the Third-Fire Shaman Marking on his back, a thing that was tiny like a bean and seemed like a star gradually formed and slowly grew in size.

At the Golden Hall Realm of body refinement, the Shaman Marking Star Apertures were already developed and Star Bridges were connected, and if one wanted to charge into the Golden Core Realm, then it would be to condense a Star Core within the Star Aperture. It was formed to put pressure on the Shaman Marking, causing one’s Shaman Energy to be more condensed, purer, and move towards condensation into a liquid state. At this moment, the thing that was small like a bean within the Third-Fire Shaman Marking was a Star Core that was taking shape!

So long as I ceaselessly annihilate these demon beasts born from the essence of the five elements, my strength will rise bit by bit, and perhaps I’ll be able to condense the Star Cores of the five elements. In that way, my Shaman Energy will probably rise explosively by more than five times, and charging into the Golden Core Realm in body refinement wouldn’t be so far any longer… Chen Xi felt the changed in his Shaman Energy as he fought, and boundless joy arose within his heart. This place is truly a gold mine for cultivation!

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