Chapter 2019 – An Ordinary Swing Of The Sword

His voice was calm like water, and it wasn’t overbearing at all.

However, when these words entered into Chen Lingkong’s ears, it caused him to be unable to help but frown. Presently, Chen Lingjun was being imprisoned like a prisoner who’d committed serious crimes. But Chen Wenyu had actually spoken such words, and it made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

The person he admired the most?

No one can compare to him?

How absurd!

If it wasn’t out of consideration for the current situation, Chen Lingkong would have already berated Chen Wenyu.

It wasn’t just Chen Lingkong, the other clansmen of the Chen Clan couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when they heard this. They were slightly unable to understand why Chen Wenyu would admire a criminal to such an extent.

However, they were clearly aware that Chen Wenyu admired Chen Lingjun during his previous life. It wasn’t the Chen Lingjun who’d undergone reincarnation and had been reduced to a criminal. They couldn’t be lumped together at all.

Chen Xi was of the same mind as well. So, he hadn’t felt even a trace of pride. Because his father had been reduced to a prisoner now, and he wasn’t that Chen Lingjun from all those years ago.

“Make your move.” Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament and pointed it at Chen Wenyu from afar, and then a sharp and fierce aura suddenly swept out from Chen Xi.

“Forgive me for the offence.” Chen Wenyu flicked his sleeve and withdrew a sword as well. The sword was over a meter long and completely suffused with hazy starlight. It was brilliant, illusory, gorgeous, and dazzling.


Even though they hadn’t attacked, the aura they emanated seemed like storms that collided with each other, and it crushed space, caused the world to dim down, and instilled horror in the hearts of all.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning while his long hair fluttered. He was like an emperor of the sword, and he possessed peerlessly supreme might.

On the other hand, Chen Wenyu’s imposing aura had changed as well. His snow white hair fluttered while he seemed unfathomably deep like an ancient abyss.

Both of them stood in confrontation from afar. It was simply like a fight for supremacy between two peerless emperors of the sword, and it shook the wind and clouds throughout the world!

“How formidable!”

“This is a collision between peak Sword Daos, and it’s bound to be peerless and world shocking!”

“Who would have imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to rely on a cultivation at the Fourth Star of the Region Lord Realm to go against a Seventh Star Region Lord?”

“I’m truly unable to see through this battle.”

After they witnessed the scene that occurred on the combat arena, a wave of agitation swept through the surroundings while discussions arose from all directions. All of them were shocked by the imposing auras revealed by Chen Xi and Chen Wenyu.

“The 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm. Very good. I’m slightly inferior to you in terms of the Sword Dao.” Chen Wenyu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and it was like his edge was restrained within him.

“You’re not bad yourself. A cultivation at the Seventh Star of the Region Lord Realm is sufficient to make up for that and occupy an advantage.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently while he remained calm and composed.

The two of them seemed to be in no hurry to attack. Or perhaps, they were silently observing each other while searching for the best moment to attack.

The atmosphere here seemed to be calm, but it was actually a sign of an impending storm. It caused many people in the surroundings to be unable to avoid feeling anxious, and in their daze, they even had the misconception of feeling a suffocating aura.

It was like it would be fine while everything on the combat arena remained the same, but once it did change, it would be like a swift and thunderous bolt of lightning that was capable of overturning the world!

The surroundings were deathly silent. The attention of everyone had been drawn over to the combat arena, and they’d held their breaths in concentration while staring fixedly at the situation on the combat arena. They seemed to be deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

“How about we determine the outcome with a single strike?” Suddenly, Chen Wenyu spoke and actually raised the suggestion to decide the outcome with a single exchange!

Many people were visibly moved by this. They thought Chen Wenyu was giving tooth for tooth and intended to utilize such a method to defeat Chen Xi so that he could avenge Chen Baling and Chen Xuze.

Only a small portion of extraordinary figures had noticed some tiny clues, and they were clearly aware that Chen Wenyu hadn’t been able to find even the slightest flaw after observing Chen Xi until now. So, he’d made such a suggestion with the intention of attaining victory in one go.

There was no doubt that such a decision was extremely risky, yet it was very wise as well. So long as he succeeded, then he would be able to stop Chen Xi’s footsteps and eliminate Chen Xi from the competition!

Could Chen Wenyu accomplish it?

Even though it was impossible to confirm, he definitely had a very good chance!

After all, he was a Seventh Star Region Lord and even possessed a cultivation in the Sword Dao that was merely slightly inferior to Chen Xi. Even if he was unable to defeat Chen Xi with a single move, the slightest advantage would be enough for him to attain victory in the battle!

All of this was suitable to be utilized on Chen Xi as well. So long as he was able to attain the slightest advantage, then he would be able to attain victory in the battle as well.

Simply speaking, this suggestion seemed to be very beneficial to Chen Wenyu, but it didn’t take advantage of Chen Xi at all.

In the opinion of those people that were unable to discern the truth, they instinctively felt that Chen Xi would definitely not dare to agree to this suggestion.

After all, it was a huge gamble. So, how could Chen Xi have the courage to agree to it while facing Chen Wenyu who was a Seventh Star Region Lord?

However, an unexpected scene occurred. Chen Xi had nodded calmly not long after Chen Wenyu finished speaking, and he said, “I’m of the same mind as well.”

Everyone was surprised. Some felt that Chen Xi had become extremely arrogant from winning two battles in succession, and he was unable to endure such provocation.

Some started to feel slight admiration towards Chen Xi’s courage. At the very least, they would definitely ponder on it for a long time if they were in Chen Xi’s place, and they would surely not agree rashly.

“Good!” Chen Wenyu revealed a rare wisp of a smile as he praised.

After that, his expression became solemn. He tightened his grasp and a clear howl resounded from the sword in his hand while he stood on the spot without moving. However, his sword was slowly stabbed forward bit by bit in an extremely slow manner.

It was even slow to the point others wondered if they were seeing things. Because his movement was even slower than a mortal, and it was simply like a snail that was moving bit by bit.


As his sword moved, the sword howl it emanated grew more and more resounding. In the end, it was like a tide that covered the heavens and the earth as it surged through the world.

Many felt their eardrums tremble while the vital energy within their entire bodies roiled. A restless and disgusted feeling arose in their hearts while their minds couldn’t help but tremble.

Thump! Thump!

In the end, the sword howl was actually resounding like a divine thunderclap that shook through the sky. It was vast and terrifying to the extreme. Some clansmen of the Chen Clan with comparatively weaker cultivations were unable to endure the might of this attack, and their knees weakened as they instantly fell unconscious on the ground.

It was such a slow attack yet just its sword howl revealed such terrifying might. It was simply world shocking, astounding, and beyond imagination!

At this moment, there was finally no one who dared to underestimate this attack. Because even thought it was slow, a myriad of strands of Divine Aura had converged onto it!

As Chen Wenyu’s opponent, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow before they returned to normal.


The pitch black and ordinary Talisman Armament flashed out soundlessly. It was like an extremely ordinary pool of limpid water as it stabbed forward.

His movement was neither fast nor slow, otherworldly, and completely natural. It was like this strike of the sword should be like this. It was like the process of blowing and wilting of flowers, the movement between high tide and low tide, the alternation of the stellar bodies…. Everything was a rule of nature.

Such a natural strike of the sword was naturally common, and it couldn’t be said to be world shocking at all. It was just so simple and straightforward.

It was even to the extent of being extremely ordinary and common like a child swinging a wooden sword about without restraint.

This scene caused many to be stunned as well. What sort of Sword Dao is this?

A strike that has returned to simplicity?

No, this strike doesn’t have the ‘truth’ required to return to simplicity.

A strike that seizes the wonders of nature?

No, it isn’t a wonder at all, nor does it carry the aura of nature.

Could it be that it’s just an ordinary strike of the sword?

Many people couldn’t understand it and were extremely bewildered. It was even to the extent that they thought Chen Xi had been terrified by the sword howl from Chen Wenyu’s attack, causing him to lose his composure and execute such a useless and laughable attack.

However, the gazes of those figures with extraordinary cultivations couldn’t help but focus when they saw Chen Xi execute this attack.

This attack is extremely unusual!

Because it was too ordinary, too normal, and too common. So, it seemed to be too unordinary, too uncommon, and too abnormal.

This was an aura of the sword that was very difficult to explain. It was so natural to the point it seemed to be a part of nature.

Chen Wenyu had clearly noticed how ‘unique’ Chen Xi’s attack was. His eyelids had twitched imperceptibly, and he suddenly took a deep breath.


In an instant, a myriad of strands of starlight suddenly erupted from his sword. It was like fireworks, like burning clouds, like a gorgeous dreamworld. It was dazzling and resplendent to the extreme. It caused the stars, moon, and sun to dim down, and it caused the everything in the world to dim in comparison.

It seemed like it was impossible to find an existence that was more shocking and resplendent than this strike of the sword.

It was grand.

It was gorgeous.

It was dazzling.

The imposing aura of this attack instantly terrified many clansmen of the Chen Clan, causing them to be dumbstruck on the spot. It was like their souls had fallen into an abyss, causing them to lose their souls and seem like puppets.

“Good!~” Chen Lingkong praised in his heart while many seniors in the surroundings nodded endlessly as well. Because this strike of the sword seemed to have seized the world!

Chen Xi acted completely indifferent towards this. His expression was calm as before, and the stab he executed was still ordinary, common, calm, and natural. It hadn’t changed at all because of the change in the aura of Chen Wenyu’s attack.

It was just like before, and it showed no sign of stopping.

At this moment, regardless of whether it was Chen Wenyu’s attack or Chen Xi’s attack, they were on the verge of being completed, and they were about to be fully struck.

However, the scenes revealed by their attacks were completely different. Because Chen Xi’s ordinary, natural, and casual strike of the sword had already been downed by the light emanated by Chen Wenyu’s grand, gorgeous, and dazzling attack.

It was like a pearl that had been drowned by the glow of the moon, and there was no value in its existence anymore.

This made many clansmen of the Chen Clan feel delighted. They felt that Chen Xi had run out of tracks and would definitely lose this agreement to end the battle with a single move!

However, right at this moment, Chen Wenyu couldn’t help but frown as he faintly felt a trace of indescribable worry.

His opponent was too calm and composed while the strike his opponent executed was the same. It was so ordinary to the point that others couldn’t help but wonder if it was a joke.

It’s definitely not a joke!

Chen Wenyu was clearly aware that Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao was so great that very few in the entire Chen Clan could rival him.

On the other hand, he was slightly inferior to Chen Xi. So, even if such a figure was far inferior to him in terms of cultivation, how could the Sword Dao executed by such a figure be a joke?

There’s definitely some sort of secret behind it!

Chen Wenyu took another deep breath, and then the imposing aura of his attack actually changed once more in this short instant!

The grand starlight dimmed down and was restrained, the gorgeous glow dispersed and vanished, and the dazzling sword qi suddenly fell silent and dark….

Everything had lost its beauty, and its brilliance waned!

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