Chapter 2018 – A Change In Opinion

All the spectators were shocked speechless, and the atmosphere was deathly silent.

No one had imagined that Chen Xuze’s strongest pair of Natural Spirit Treasures would actually be slashed apart by Chen Xi.

Moreover, they hadn’t imagined that Chen Xuze would actually still be unable to resist a single strike from Chen Xi.

All of this seemed so bloody and shocking, and they practically didn’t dare believe their eyes.

How could this have happened?

Chen Baling was instantly defeat. Now, even Chen Xuze was actually unable to escape such misfortune. If Chen Xi was a Sixth Star Region Lord, then it would be understandable for him to be capable of accomplishing this. But the crux of the matter is that he isn't an Innate God, and he’s merely at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm!

All of this seemed inconceivable to them!

There was a gap of 2 levels between their cultivations while one was an Innate God and the other wasn’t. So, they wondered how exactly Chen Xi was capable of launching such a counterattack and accomplishing this!

It was even to the extent that the battle had ended an instant after it began, and Chen Xuze was actually unable to resist even a single attack from him!

This was too shocking and astounding.

“Dammit!” Chen Lingkong’s face turned gloomy while he felt infuriated to the limit. Perhaps Chen Baling’s miserable defeat was just an accident, but Chen Xuze’s miserable defeat was absolutely not luck at all!

All of this allowed Chen Lingkong to finally confirm that he’d underestimated Chen Xi since the very beginning. Chen Xi’s cultivation was simply like a trap that made others unconsciously overlook him, but cultivation actually couldn’t represent a person’s true combat strength.

Fortunately, this was only the 2nd battle during the 1st round of the competition, and Chen Lingkong had prepared all sorts of contingencies even before the competition had even begun. So, failure in the first two battles was unable to fully disappoint him.

It was even to the extent that Chen Lingkong felt slightly fortunate right now. He felt fortunate that he’d arranged numerous contingencies in advance, so he was able to avoid being caught off guard by this sudden and unexpected event.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!!”

“That fellow is clearly a mere Fourth Star Region Lord, so how could his combat strength possibly be so formidable? Even Chen Xuze who’s a peak Sixth Star Region Lord was no match for a single attack from him. This… this… this… is simply indescribable.”

“Dammit! Truly damnable!”

“Alas! Could it be that everyone has forgotten that he’s a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain? Now that he has dared to step foot into our clan with the intent of encroaching on the position of successor, he has definitely come prepared. We’ve really… underestimate that fellow.”

The clansmen of the Chen Clan had erupted into a mighty uproar, and there were sounds of rage, shock, disbelief, sighs, and so on and so forth coming from them.

But no matter what, these two battles allowed them to finally understand that while Chen Xi’s cultivation was inferior to his fellow competitors, Chen Xi’s combat strength was something that couldn’t be judged by convention.

“Unprecedented! Simply heaven defying!”

“The disciples of Oracle Mountain really do deserve their reputation.”

“I heard that his father is Chen Lingjun who has completed reincarnation. Moreover, he has the backing of Oracle Mountain now. Looks like he has great plans.”

“Perhaps he intends to rescue his father and clear Chen Lingjun’s name?”

All the guests from the Divine Dao Protector Clans discussed in low voices, and they felt like their horizons had been expanded when they witnessed the heaven defying combat strength that Chen Xi revealed.

At the same time, all of them guessed that Chen Xi definitely had huge plans since he’d come prepared.

“He instantly defeated another.”


Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian exchanged gazes and smiled at each other.

They were very clearly aware that their Little Junior Brother had obtained a huge amount of peerless fortuitous encounters within the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos lately. He’s refined and absorbed nine Region Quintessences, and it was unprecedented. There wasn’t a single person like him in history who’d accomplished such a feat!

Moreover, they were very clearly aware that since Chen Xi was the 9th Savior of this era, the inheritances Chen Xi possessed weren’t just limited to the 8 Saviors before him, and he even possessed the inheritances from the last 8 eras!

Coupled with forces that were considered a taboo like the River Diagram and Samsara, even Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian weren’t sure exactly how formidable Chen Xi was right now.

After all, even though they possessed extraordinary ability, they weren’t Saviors themselves, nor had they established a region that was formed from an entire nine Region Quintessences like Chen Xi had. It was even to the extent that they hadn’t even felt the energy of Samsara and the River Diagram.

Under such circumstances, it was naturally very difficult for them to determine exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s current combat strength was.

All of this meant that besides still being inferior to them in terms of cultivation, Chen Xi’s progress on the path towards the Dao had moved to an unprecedented and unique path of greatness!

“He’s very formidable!” Chen Daoyuan remained silent for a long while before he resolved the shock in his heart, and he gazed at that tall figure on the combat arena as he lightly spat out two words.

Chen Xi had made a very formidable display indeed!

He was strong to the point that it exceeded Chen Daoyuan’s expectations. Chen Daoyuan had clearly witnessed everything that occurred during the battle just now, and he’d determined two things.

Firstly, Chen Xi’s cultivation really was nothing to worry about, but Chen Xi’s combat strength could be considered to be heaven defying. At the very least, it was sufficient for Chen Xi to go against experts at the Seventh Star Region Lord Realm.

Secondly, the sword in Chen Xi’s hand was extremely formidable. It was capable of easily slashing the Dualspirit Twin Halberds into two, so it was definitely not something an ordinary Natural Treasure could compare to, and it could even be considered as an extraordinary divine weapon!

The only thing Chen Daoyuan felt regretful towards was that the battle had still ended too quickly, so he was still unable to observe Chen Xi’s true strength and trump cards.

This made Chen Daoyuan start to become vigilant, and he finally took Chen Xi to be a significant enemy.

He had a feeling that the reason Chen XI had made such a formidable and astonishing display during these two battles were definitely not merely for the sake of flaunting his strength.

“I suddenly have the impulse to fight this fellow!” Chen Qiushui muttered through her fiery red lips, and she gazed at Chen Xi with misty and starry eyes. She was peerlessly gorgeous.

“Me too.” Chen Xiaoyun puckered his lips and lightly spat out two words. Every single one of these words was murderous and carried a ghastly and chilly aura.

“Wait a while longer. The 3rd battle is about to being. If he’d able to defeat Chen Wenyu who’s a Seventh Star Region Lord during this battle….” Chen Daoyuan pondered deeply before he spoke, and his tranquil eyes surged with a strange glow. “At that time, he’ll finally be worthy of us making a move against him!”

In next to no time, Chen Xuze’s unconscious body was moved down from the combat arena, and only Chen Xi’s figure stood there. Moreover, his expression was calm and indifferent as before.

He was still the same person, but the gazes everyone shot at him had soundlessly undergone changes. There was fear, surprise, bewilderment, resentment….

Even though all of these feelings were still extremely hostile, there was no disdain and contempt like there was at the beginning.

Chen Xi had obviously used his strength to prove himself through these two battles, and he’d indirectly crushed the spirits of the Chen Clan’s clansmen. So, they didn’t dare look down upon him anymore.

“Just you are left, so come right up.” Chen Xi spoke abruptly, and his eyes that were deep like two abysses shot towards Chen Wenyu.

Chen Wenyu had white hair, skin that was fair like the skin of a baby, and he was extremely handsome. Moreover, he emanated a stable and composed aura.

Most importantly, he was a Seventh Star Region Lord!

Even though both Chen Baling and Chen Xuze were Sixth Star Region Lords and were only a single realm below Chen Wenyu, this gap couldn’t be underestimated at all. If it was in terms of the strength they possessed, then the gap between these two levels of cultivation was absolutely like the gap between the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi had utilized his combat strength to prove that even if he was a Fourth Star Region Lord, he could surmount levels of cultivation to defeat Sixth Star Region Lords.

Yet now, the final battle in this round was one against Chen Wenyu who was a Seventh Star Region Lord. So, would Chen Xi be able to put on such a formidable display once more?

Everyone was paying attention to this.

Of course, those clansmen of the Chen Clan naturally didn’t hope for Chen Xi to continue putting on a formidable display. On the contrary, they urgently hoped that Chen Wenyu’s entrance into the battlefield could stop all of this and turn the situation around completely!

But it was very obvious that because they’d changed their opinion towards the combat strength that Chen Xi possessed, no one dared to rashly provide a verdict about the upcoming battle.

“Of course.” Chen Wenyu’s expression remained unchanged when he heard Chen Xi, and then he nodded and strode up onto the combat arena. His actions were calm and composed, and he seemed very extraordinary.

His steady imposing aura that was neither arrogant or impetuous caused all the clansmen of the Chen Clan in the surroundings to be affected by him, and they calmed down.

Chen Lingkong’s eyes couldn’t help but glow when he witnessed this scene, and he praised endlessly in his heart. Even his anxious mental state had burned once more with a wisp of anticipation.

“Big Brother Wenyu is extraordinary indeed. His talent took time to mature but his bearing is extraordinary. Even though his cultivation is much weaker than ours, he has stridden steadily step by step to attain his current accomplishments, so his foundation is extremely solid. Even I feel extreme admiration towards him.” Chen Daoyuan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he sized Chen Wenyu up. His point of view obtained the acknowledgment of Chen Qiushui and Chen Xiaoyun as well.

“This fellow isn’t bad.” Tang Xian gave rare voice to his opinion.

“Do you have the feeling that the shadow of someone can be faintly discerned from him?” Wu Xuechan seemed to be lost in thought.

“Who?” Tang Xian was stunned, and then a bright glow suddenly flashed through his eyes. “You’re talking about… Chen Lingjun from all those years ago? No wonder I felt that his bearing was slightly familiar. Looks like he’s taking the same path Chen Lingjun took all those years ago!”

“There’s nothing wrong with taking the path of a predecessor. Unfortunately, every person has his own path, and obsessively pursuing the path of another would cause one to lose one’s self instead.” Wu Xuechan sighed with emotion.

While the two of them were in conversation, Chen Wenyu had ascended the combat arena, and he looked calmly at Chen Xi with a gaze that was clear as water.

“Your father from all those years ago was the senior I admired the most in my entire lifetime. In my heart, there’s no other person who can compare to him. Even though you aren’t a member of my Chen Clan, you’re still closely related to him. I merely hope that… you won’t disappoint him.”

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