Chapter 2017 – Formidable As Always

Before the battles of the 1st round had been conducted, Chen Xi and 3 other clansmen of the Chen Clan had been divided into the 4th group.

Chen Xi was the first in the 4th group to ascend the combat arena, so he had to successively defeat the other 3 clansmen of the Chen Clan in order to enter the 2nd round of the competition.

Now, Chen Baling had been defeated, so only 2 more remained.

One of them was Chen Xuze. He possessed a cultivation at the peak of the Sixth Star Region Lord Realm. He wore black clothes, had a thin figure, and a capable and cold bearing. He was like a spear that could pierce through the sky, and he gave others the feeling that he was the edge of a blade that was without any restraint.

The other was Chen Wenyu. He was a middle aged man with white hair and a beard. He was a Seventh Star Region Lord with skin that was tender like the skin of a baby, and his vital energy was completely restrained while his bearing was rather steady.

However, at this moment, both of them couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of hesitance when they heard Chen Xi declare war against them.

Earlier, Chen Baling had been defeated too quickly, and the consequences Chen Baling faced were even horrifying. Even the two of them had been deterred by it. Even though it wasn’t to the extent of dread, they still had a trace of fear towards the terrifying combat strength that Chen Xi revealed.


A shout suddenly resounded.



After that, all the clansmen of the Chen Clan started to shout loudly as well, and their voices shot into the nine heavens. They were unable to allow their own clansmen to be fearful and shrink back from battle.

“I’ll do it!” In the end, a wisp of coldness suddenly flashed through Chen Xuze’s eyes, and then he swiftly stepped forward and flew towards the combat arena.

The other clansmen of the Chen Clan in the surroundings cheered and shouted when they saw this, and they revealed excited expressions once more.

Compared to Chen Baling from before, Chen Xuze’s cultivation was clearly much greater. Most importantly, Chen Xuze possessed extraordinarily outstanding combat experience and superb techniques in battle.

Since he’d stepped forward to challenge Chen Xi, then he had a good chance of victory if he were to be slightly cautious.

This was the common view of all clansmen from the Chen Clan. As far as they were concerned, even though the attack Chen Xi utilized to defeat Chen Baling just now was astounding, so long as Chen Xuze was able to resist that attack, then he would definitely be able to completely suppress Chen Xi.

Moreover, with Chen Baling’s defeat as an example, they believed that Chen Xuze would definitely not make the same mistake.

After all, Chen Xuze was only a step away from stepping foot into the Seventh Star Region Lord Realm. On the other hand, Chen Xi was merely a Fourth Star Region Lord.

So long as the battle were to begin and Chen Xuze didn’t give Chen Xi any time to catch his breath, then he would definitely be able to attain victory!

Of course, this was merely what those other clansmen of the Chen Clan thought.

On the other hand, the guests who were watching the competition with curious attitudes had become serious.

The combat strength Chen Xi revealed earlier was too shocking. It caused even these experts from the Divine Dao Protector Clans to have the intention to compare Chen Xi with their own clansmen.

“Did the two of you discern anything from that battle?” Chen Daoyuan seemed to be lost in thought. He wore white clothes, had a handsome appearance, and his entire body was suffused by a primitive and simple aura. He seemed extremely unique.

“Everything occurred too quickly. It was very difficult to notice anything.” Chen Qiushui frowned and pondered deeply as she spoke. Her dress was red like fire, and she herself was otherworldly, delicate, and charming. She was like a flaming lotus flower in full bloom, and she was peerlessly gorgeous.

“Merely based on the aura of his Sword Dao, he at least possesses a cultivation at the 4th level of the Sword Emperor Realm. That’s quite inconceivable. Shouldn’t a disciple of Oracle Mountain like him be skilled in the Talisman Dao?” Chen Xiaoyun muttered while feeling slightly bewildered.

The three of them had been divided into 3 different groups, and they’d tacitly agreed a long time ago that they wouldn’t challenge their opponents impatiently. They intended to seize this opportunity to observe and study Chen Xi’s battles with the intention of fully determining the extents of Chen Xi’s trump cards and combat strengths.

However, to their disappointment, Chen Baling had been defeated too quickly, and it had taken them by surprise. So they’d been unable to discern anything valuable.

However, it was exactly because Chen Xi’s display was too shocking that while they felt shocked, they’d roughly determined how terrifying Chen Xi was. He was absolutely not as simple as his cultivation made it seem.

“The 2nd battle is about to begin. We have to watch carefully this time, and we must determine exactly what his trump cards are.” Chen Daoyuan instructed in a light voice.

“Of course.” Both Chen Qiushui and Chen Xiaoyun nodded.

In the combat arena.

Clang! Clang!

As soon as he ascended the arena, Chen Xuze didn’t hesitate at all to swing his arms, and then two bright golden short halberds that wee over a meter long had appeared in his grasps.

This pair of short halberds surged with golden light, and they were peerlessly sharp. Dense and complicated markings were branded on the halberds, and these markings faintly revealed the stellar bodies, landscape, and various other grand and extremely dazzling scenes.

The Dualspirit Twin Halberds!

It was a pair of Natural Spirit Treasures born from within the Chaos of the three dimensions. Its might was all-powerful, and it was capable of destroying anything before it. When utilized in battle, it was capable of increasing its user’s strength by 30%!


In an instant, a clear howl resounded from the pair of short halberds that seemed as if they were made of gold, and it caused Chen Xuze’s imposing aura to suddenly change. A sharp glow shot into the sky from him, and he simply seemed like a golden god of slaughter that had emerged from the Chaos of the primeval times while enveloped in peerless killing intent.

“Chen Xi, you can still admit defeat now. Otherwise, I’ll make living worse than death for you and avenge Junior Brother Baling!” Chen Xuze spoke while his eyes emanated strands of golden light, and it made him seem extremely terrifying.

“Oh.” Chen Xi didn’t say anything besides that single word of acknowledgment, and he seemed very haughty.

However, in Chen Xuze’s opinion, Chen Xi’s attitude was simply the greatest insult to his dignity. It caused his imposing aura to grow even sharper while his killing intent even seemed material to the point of mincing the space around him into pieces.

“What shocking killing intent!”

“As expected, this fellow, Chen Xuze, is much stronger than Chen Baling. But would he be able to defeat Chen Xi?”

“Let’s wait and see!”

The spectators in the surroundings were excited, and they exclaimed endlessly with admiration towards the imposing aura that Chen Xuze revealed.

“Kill!” At this moment, Chen Xuze didn’t speak further, and he waved the golden short halberds through space as he shot explosively at Chen Xi.

His imposing aura was like a rainbow that was covered by killing intent, and every single move he made revealed an imposing and supreme aura that seemed extremely astonishing.

If it was any other expert at the same realm of cultivation, that expert’s minds would have probably been terrified by Chen Xuze’s imposing aura before the battle had even begun, causing despair and helplessness to arise in that expert’s heart.


The space on the combat arena collapsed and transformed into an expanse of chaos. Chen Xuze who was covered in golden light seemed like a sharp awl that intended to destroy everything.

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but open their eyes wide and hold their breaths in concentration. They wanted to see how Chen Xi would resist this attack this time.

After all, the battle between Chen Xi and Chen Baling had occurred too quickly and ended too suddenly. All of them had been caught off guard, so they didn’t even have the chance to react.

This time, they would absolutely not let such an opportunity slip by.


Chen Xi’s figure moved amidst the gazes from everyone in the surroundings. At the instant that Chen Xuze had launched his attack, the mysterious and pitch black Talisman Armament had soundlessly appeared in Chen Xi’s grasp.

After that, Chen Xi’s figure vanished once more, and then the extremely ordinary and ethereal strand of sword qi that was faint like mist had appeared once more.

The sword qi was still so inconspicuous.

All of this was exactly similar to the move that Chen Xi had utilized to defeat Chen Baling in the previous battle. However, because it was too swift, many people were still unable to discern the secrets of this attack.

Chen Xuze couldn’t help but laugh coldly when he saw this familiar scene. This fellow is really arrogant! He actually utilized the same move! Could it be that he thinks I’m as weak as Chen Baling?


Chen Xuze didn’t hesitate to cross his halberds before striking forward. Peerless golden light coiled around the halberds, causing them to seem like two bolts of golden lightning.

“The heavens overlap as they are flawed, the earth splits from being damaged. Supreme truth of the Martial Dao — Heavenflaw Earth Destruction!”


The boundless golden light surged and enveloped the entire combat arena. It was blazing and grand to the extreme, and it caused the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison and wail.

Many clansmen from the Chen Clan felt a piercing pain in their eyes, and they weren’t able to see everything clearly any longer. This attack was too powerful, dazzling, and impossible to look at.

Only Daolords like Chen Lingkong, Wu Xuechan, and Tang Xian; and some formidable figures amongst the Region Lords like Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun were able to remain unaffected. So, they clearly witnessed everything that occurred in the combat arena.

This clearly showed that even if it was merely the 2nd battle in the 1st round, the commotion it created was extremely great and terrifying.

Obviously, with the example of Chen Baling’s defeat, Chen Xuze didn’t dare hold back at all, and he’d utilized his strongest attack as soon as the battle had begun.


In merely an instant, a world shaking sound of collision resounded. It was simply like two universes had collided forcefully, and it was deafening and caused the world to dim down.

Fortunately, the collision had occurred in the combat arena. If it had occurred in the outside world, then the terrifying destruction created by it would be simply unimaginable.

The clansmen of the Chen Clan were delighted because Chen Xuze had really not let them down, and he’d crushed that wisp of sword qi during the collision!

However, they didn’t even have the chance to feel happy before an astonishing scene appeared within their fields of vision….

After the sword qi had been crushed, Chen Xi arrived with the Talisman Armament in his hand, and the edge of his sword actually forcefully chopped the bright golden Dualspirit Twin Halberds into half!

This caused all the spectators to almost not dare believe their eyes. Because at this moment, a Natural Spirit Treasure that had been born from within the Chaos of the three dimensions and had been passed down in the Chen Clan for countless years was actually slashed into half by Chen Xi as if it was scrap metal!

This was simply too astounding!


Before they could even recover from their shock, Chen Xi’s sword pierced through Chen Xuze’s chest, and then he flicked his sword. It forcefully tore through Chen Xuze’s chest and even severed his right arm!


A rain of blood sprayed out from Chen Xuze’s chest, and it seemed extremely horrifying.

“AH!!” He let out a shrill cry as he was unable to endure such pain, and he couldn’t believe that he’d actually been defeated by Chen Xi with a single move.

This made his shrill and miserable cry carry a wisp of extreme frustration and anger.

How could this be possible?

How could this be possible!?


In the next moment, Chen Xi shot a forceful kick at him, and his figure smashed to the ground like a broken sandbag. He felt extremely dazed, and then his vision turned blank as he instantly fell unconscious.

All the spectators in the surroundings were shocked, and the atmosphere was deathly silent. The clansmen of the Chen Clan had their eyes wide open, and they were still unable to believe all of this.

Chen Baling had been defeated in an instant, and now, Chen Xuze had actually been crushed from a single move…. So, how could they accept all of this?

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