Chapter 2015 – Chen Baling

That’s definitely his intention! Chen Xi instantly made this evaluation.

If he were to lose in the 1st round, then there would be nothing further to say.

But if he were to win in the 1st round, then Chen Daoyuan and the others would definitely be able to obtain a clear evaluation of his combat strength through the battles that he fought.

In that way, they could adopt strategies against him when they fought him during the 2nd round!

Chen Xi even guessed that Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun would definitely be the last to ascend the arena during the 1st round. In that way, they could conceal even more strength to deal with the 2nd round of the competition!

The facts of the situation were exactly as Chen Xi had deduced. If one observed the situation in the 1st round of the competition, it wasn’t difficult to notice that the dangers Chen Xi faced were roughly divided into 2 types.

The 1st type was his opponents that would ascend the combat arena during the 1st round. Chen Xi would have to face challenges from the other 3 experts in his group, and he wouldn’t have any time to recuperate and recover in between battles!

That was no different than allowing his enemies to fight him in succession in order to weaken him.

Just think about it, was even one of the participants in the competition not an outstanding figure from the Chen Clan? Was any one of them not a Fifth Star Region Lord or above?

If it was any other Fourth Star Region Lord who had to go against 3 challengers like these, that person would have felt despair and admitted defeat a long time ago.

This clearly showed how difficult the 1st round of the competition was.

The 2nd danger was that even if Chen Xi was able to defeat those 3 challengers in succession, it would definitely exhaust a huge amount of his strength and even expose numerous trump cards of his. All of this would be watched by Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun.

This means that Chen Xi’s situation in the 2nd round would be very bad!

No matter if it was the 1st danger or the 2nd, the situation was disadvantageous to Chen Xi. It was even to the extent that Chen Xi wasn’t in a promising situation even before the battles had begun.

This was clearly Chen Lingkong’s objective, and he’d done so for the sake of completely crushing Chen Xi and eliminating Chen Xi from the competition.

On the other hand, Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun were clearly in a very advantageous position.

Firstly, they weren’t the 1st to ascend the combat arenas in their respective groups. This meant that they could all be the last challenger in their respective groups, and they only had to defeat a single opponent in order to smoothly enter into the 2nd round.

In this way, they wouldn’t just be able to preserve their strength, they would be able to avoid exposing their trump cards to a huge degree.

So, they were obviously at a huge advantage when compared to Chen Xi.

Secondly, their combat strengths were undoubtedly formidable, and they were the top 3 overlord level figures in the Region Lord Realm within the Chen Clan. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi would still have to face the threat they posed even if he entered the 2nd round.

Moreover, they would definitely be able to determine the strength Chen Xi possessed through observing the battles, and they could specially formulate strategies against Chen Xi.

As it was said, knowing the enemy is the key to remaining undefeated in battle.

Under such circumstances, how could it be considered as fair at all?

There was no fairness at all!

As for the other participating clansmen of the Chen Clan, were they just sacrificing themselves in order to help Chen Daoyuan and the others?

Obviously, the answer was yes. Unless Chen Xi was eliminated during the battles in the 1st round, they would definitely open up a path for Chen Daoyuan and the others in order to deal with Chen Xi.

This was Chen Lingkong’s scheme. It was just a simple competition to become the successor of the clan, but he’d forcefully utilized the rules to transform it into a scheme that targeted Chen Xi!

Since Chen Xi was able to discern this, the others could naturally discern it as well. However, such arrangements would only make the members of the Chen Clan feel even more pity for Chen Xi, yet they wouldn’t feel any sympathy.

On the other hand, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian had noticed this as well, but they were unable to change anything now. After all, it was the territory of the Chen Clan, so they couldn’t break the rules set by the Chen Clan.

However, Chen Lingkong’s actions had still made them feel infuriated, and they’d committed this enmity to memory.

“The Chen Clan is going a bit too far.” Some spectating guests frowned. It was very difficult for them to imagine that Chen Lingkong would actually scheme against a disciple of Oracle Mountain in such a brazen and open manner.

“In my opinion, the Chen Clan is being too cautious.” Some felt indifferent as well, and they didn’t understand why Chen Lingkong would act in this way. They felt that there was utterly no need for such arrangements in order to deal with just Chen Xi, and they felt that Chen Lingkong was being too careful and such actions were beneath him.

However, no matter what, the battles were about to begin, and no one could change anything now.

“Before the battles begin, I have to remind all of you that you’re free to utilize any ability so long as you don’t kill your opponent!” Chen Lingkong had a dignified expression as he spoke in a low voice.

“Supreme Elder, can we cripple our opponent’s cultivation?” Suddenly, one of the participating clansmen of the Chen Clan had interrupted.

These words caused the hearts of everyone to tremble, and many of them seemed to glance at Chen Xi.

Obviously, they’d guessed that this question was targeted at Chen Xi!

After all, besides Chen Xi, all the other participants of the competition were from the Chen Clan, so they would absolutely not act so ruthlessly against someone from their own clan.

Crippling the cultivation of someone was crueler than killing the person!

At this instant, Chen Xi’s deep and dark eyes couldn’t help but narrow while a wisp of imperceptible coldness flashed within them.

These bastards actually intend to seize this opportunity to cripple me?

They’re going too far!

The displeasure that had been accumulating in Chen Xi’s heart for so long had fully transformed into rage at this moment, and it made his expression became even more calm and indifferent.

“I’ve told you, it’s alright so long as you don’t kill your opponent.” Chen Lingkong remained silent for a short while before he spoke lightly, and his voice was calm and completely emotionless.

“Good!” That cultivator who asked the question clapped and praised while he revealed an excited and arrogant expression. He wore a violet robe, had a gaze that was sharp like a bolt of lightning, and his entire body was suffused by an oppressive, wild, and unrestrained aura.

He stretched out his hand to point a finger at Chen Xi who stood on the combat arena, and he said, “Chen Xi, I’ll challenge you!”

As he spoke, he took a step forward.


Space shattered as his figure arrived on the combat arena in the next moment, and he stood in confrontation with Chen Xi from afar. Every single move, action, and word of his was extremely arrogant and haughty.

The gazes of practically everyone in the surroundings converged over and descended onto Chen Xi and the violet robed man.

Even Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun were no exception.

“Chen Baling, I never expected that he would actually be the first to challenge that fellow, Chen Xi. It’s obviously a waste of his talents.”

“Of course. Chen Baling attained the Sixth Star Region Lord Realm a few thousand years ago, and his combat strength is ferocious and formidable. Moreover, he acts in a ruthless and decisive manner. Chen Xi might really be crippled by him.”

“Haha! If I were Chen Xi, I would rather admit defeat than allow me cultivation to be crippled. After all, that’s truly a horrible outcome.”

The sounds of discussion arose in the surroundings and practically no one looked favorably upon Chen Xi.

The amusing part of all of this was that the battles on the other 3 combat arenas were clearly about to begin as well, but there were actually very few people that were paying attention to it.

Obviously, it was because Chen Xi’s appearance and caused the meaning of the competition to change.

Everything had started to be aimed at Chen Xi!

Chen Xi remained motionless on the combat arena, and his expression was calm and indifferent as if he hadn’t noticed the conversations in the surroundings.

However, he hadn’t forgotten that this fellow, Chen Baling, who’d ascended the combat arena right now was exactly that fellow who’s spoken up earlier with the intention of crippling him!

“Chen Xi, external forces can’t interfere in the battles that occur on this combat arena. So you better not go crying to Oracle Mountain if I were to cripple you in the battle. It would truly be a humiliation if you were to do that. Hahaha.” Chen Baling roared with laughter while he revealed an arrogant expression, and his tone was completely unrestrained. It was like Chen Xi who was only at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm was merely an ant that he could trample on at will.

“Thank you for the reminder. It would be great if no one can interfere in the battle.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

His voice was calm, yet it carried a confrontational tone, and it made Chen Baling chuckled coldly.


A myriad of strands of brilliant green radiance erupted from within him. In an instant, it was like he’d transformed into an extremely lofty mountain, and his imposing aura was powerful, boundless, and immovable.

“Hurry up Little Fellow. I can’t wait to snap your spine!” As he shouted loudly, Chen Baling spread his arms and then an enormous green sword took form. The body of the sword was over 3m long, and it was densely covered in the natural aura of the Dao. Moreover, it was densely covered in the Dao Laws, and it was extremely dazzling and resplendent.


Space exploded into pieces, and it was like space was unable to endure the might of the green sword. It was really extremely terrifying, and it vividly displayed the strength of a Sixth Star Region Lord.

Obviously, even if he was filled with disdain towards Chen Xi, but as a top-rate expert who possessed abundant experience in battle, Chen Baling hadn’t underestimated Chen Xi at all. Moreover, he’d revealed an extremely murderous, fierce, violent, and overbearing move as soon as he attacked.

In merely an instant, his display caused a wave of cheers to resound in the surroundings. Even the great figures of the Chen Clan like Chen Lingkong nodded to themselves. They knew that Chen Baling hadn’t underestimated his opponent out of arrogance, and that was enough for them.

After all, Chen Baling’s cultivation and combat strength was obvious. So long as he fought normally and wasn’t careless, then it would be sufficient for him to have a firm grasp of the situation and defeat his enemy.


However, even though Chen Baling made an extremely arrogant display, Chen Xi was even more domineering and overbearing than him. Chen Xi had acted as soon as Chen Baling attacked.

A clear howl resounded from the pitch black and dark Talisman Armament as it appeared in Chen Xi’s palm, and then his figure vanished on the spot.


At practically the exact same moment, a strand of sword qi that was ethereal, gentle, and seemingly carefree and ordinary had suddenly surged into appearance.

This wisp of sword qi was so inconspicuous that it hadn’t caused any alarm since the moment it had appeared, and it was very easy for others to overlook its existence.

However, as soon as it appeared, an invisible force field had suddenly swept out, and it caused the atmosphere in the entire combat arena to seem as if it had suffered absolute suppression, and it fell into a deathly silent state.

Chen Baling’s shout had vanished, and the howl that came from the peerlessly violent enormous green sword in his hand seemed to have been frozen.

Even the shattered expanse of space and chaotic airflow had suddenly stopped moving, and it formed a strange scene that instilled horror in the hearts of all!

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