Chapter 2013 – The Center Of Attention

Before Chen Xi could even figure it out, a desolate sound of the horn suddenly resounded from the ancient altar that floated beneath the sky, and it reverberated through the world.

The rumbling of the horn seemed like it had come from the ancient times. It was desolate, solemn, divine, and like an eternal verse of history that spoke about the ancient and dazzling past.

For a time, the heavens and the earth were covered in a solemn and sincere atmosphere. The thousands of clansmen from the Chen Clan bowed in unison, and they offered up worship towards the divine flame that flickered at the center of the altar.

The ancient ceremony they performed, the solemn atmosphere, and the grand scene before him caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling shocked.

This was the Chen Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremony. It was held every 10,000 years, and they prayed for the souls of their ancestors and the eternal inheritance of their clan!

However, along with the passage of time, Chen Xi gradually started to feel bored because what he heard from the direction of the altar were rules and teachings of the Chen Clan’s ancestors, and it was impossible for such things to move Chen Xi in the slightest.

After all, in the end, Chen Xi was an outsider to the Chen Clan, so he was naturally unable to understand the meaning contained behind all of this.

“Senior Brother Tang Xian, everyone watching the ceremony is from the Divine Dao Protector Clans as well?” asked Chen Xi via voice transmission.

“Yes.” Tang Xian’s gaze was locked on the altar in the distance, but he spoke swiftly via voice transmission. “Little Junior Brother, do you want to hear about the Divine Dao Protector Clans?”

“Please do tell me.” Chen Xi was bored, so he couldn’t help but speak with an interested tone.

“There’s naturally no need to repeat the origins of the Divine Dao Protectors Clans. All of them ware Innate Gods that were born with the Chaos was split apart.” Tang Xian was very frank and explained patiently. “However, according to the varying bloodlines they possessed, these Innate Gods were divided into different clans, and the Chen Clan is one such clan.

“Presently, according to the varying sizes of their forces, the Divine Dao Protector Clans within the Primal Chaos Origin amount to 5 high level clans, 16 intermediate level clans, and over 100 low level clans.

“The distribution of low level clans is the most complicated. They’re mixed together in numerous different planes, and the clansmen in each low level clan is around a few thousand to as little as over 10 people. It’s very difficult to make specific differentiation of them.

“Amongst the 16 intermediate level clans, every single one of them resides on a plane of their own while they have over 10,000 clansmen each. For example, the Chen Clan is one of the intermediate clans. However, the forces of the Chen Clan have been on a gradual decline in the last 10,000 years, and it’s much inferior than before. If it’s in terms of their true strength, then they’re unable to go against the other 15 clans.

“The high level clans on the other hand naturally possess the largest forces amongst all the Divine Dao Protector Clans. Every single high level clan occupies at least 3 planes. Their clans are prosperous, filled with experts, and possess an abundance of talented geniuses. It’s even not exaggerated to say that while every single high level clan is slightly inferior to any one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region, they are absolutely not much inferior.”

Chen Xi finally had a clearer understanding of the Divine Dao Protector Clans when he finished listening to Tang Xian, and he couldn’t help but exclaim endlessly with admiration in his heart.

If he hadn’t come to the Primal Chaos Origin beneath Godrank Mountain this time, then he would have been utterly unable to imagine that such terrifying and great powers actually existed in the world.

“However, regardless of whether it’s the high level clans, intermediate clans, or the low level clans, even though they fight endlessly amongst themselves, they are part of the Divine Dao Protector Clans in the end. So, if it’s against an enemy from the outside, then the strength they revealed would be unimaginable formidable. At the very least, even the five extremes of the Imperial Region would be extremely fearful of them.” Tang Xian continued. “If it wasn’t for that, the Primal Chaos Origin and even the entire Godrank Mountain wouldn’t be under the protection of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and the powers in the Ancient God Domain wouldn’t be unable to enter this place.”

Chen Xi nodded. “So that’s how it is.”

Actually, it was obvious. If all the clans amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans were combined together, then it would be sufficient to sweep through the entire Ancient God Domain. Since they were protecting Godrank Mountain while possessing such strength, it was no wonder that this place had been taken to be a prohibited area since the ancient time, and very few dared to trespass here at all.

“Then how’s the relationship between the Divine Dao Protector Clans and the Ancient God Domain?” asked Chen Xi.

“Neither friend nor foe.” Tang Xian thought for a moment before he said, “In short, the Divine Dao Protector Clans take pride in being Innate Gods, and they disdain to be associated with the cultivators of the Ancient God Domain. However, they didn’t take the Ancient God Domain to be their enemy as well. Because in their opinions, the Primal Chaos Origin was the number one paradise of cultivation in the world, and it was the place closest to the Heaven Dao. So, they weren’t interested in the Ancient God Domain at all.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised before he chuckled and said, “No wonder those fellows acted so arrogantly and haughtily as if they were superior since we came to the Chen Clan.”

Tang Xian spoke with ridicule. “That’s a common flaw they have. After experiencing countless years of time, it had fused completely in their blood, and it’s impossible to change. But there’s no doubt that the forces of the Divine Dao Protector Clans are formidable indeed. That’s something we have to admit, otherwise, it would be impossible for the Divine Dao Protector clans to occupy the Primal Chaos Origin until now without anyone being able to shake their position.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “Simply speaking, conceit, arrogance, and strength. These three words can fully summarize the Divine Dao Protector Clans."

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he heard this. “When compared with them, it really is easy for one to feel frustrated. Because regardless of whether it’s natural talent, resources, reserves, bloodline, inheritance…. They have great fortune in all of it, and the cultivators of the outside world can’t compare to them at all.”

Tang Xian said, “Yes, no one in this world can compete with the Divine Dao Protector Clans when it comes to the conditions they are born with. However, what happens later is difficult to say for certain. For example, you, Eldest Senior Brother, and many other disciples in the five extremes of the Imperial Region aren’t inferior to the members of the Divine Dao Protector Clans at all.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “Most importantly, since the Chaos of the three dimensions had been split open, not a single one of the truly formidable Innate Gods had been willing to stay in the Primal Chaos Origin forever. Just like the Chaotic Divine Lotus, Divine Dao Parasol Tree…. All of them were the same.”

Chen Xi had a deep understanding of this. At this instant, he even realized that all the figures who were truly considered as supreme in the world seemed to not be amidst the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

For example, Fuxi who was the Master of Oracle Mountain, the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect’s Master, the Dao Institute’s Dean, and the Divine Institute’s Dean were all extraordinary and supreme figures!

“While the Divine Dao Protector Clans are formidable, they’ll never be able to escape the Heaven Dao. Both their success and failure are due to the Heaven Dao. Because they’d obtained too much favor from the Heaven Dao, it has become a restraint instead. So, they have a very tiny hope of being able to seek and ascend the end of the Ultimate Path.” A wisp of familiar ridicule appeared on the corners of Tang Xian’s mouth. “Everyone says that the Sovereign Sect is a dog of the Heaven Dao’s, and this description can be utilized on the Divine Dao Protector Clans as well. They are born here, cultivate here, and protect the Godrank Mountain for eternity. Is this any different from being a dog?”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel astounded. Never had he imagined that his Senior Brother Tang Xian who was usually cold and reticent would actually talk so much with him, nor had he imagined that the Divine Dao Protector Clans would actually seem like watchdogs when Tang Xian spoke about them.

In the end, Chen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because Tang Xian himself… was a descendant of the Divine Dao protector Clans.

“All those years ago, if I didn’t do everything in my power to struggle free of the clan’s restrains and solely concentrate on seeking my true path towards the Dao, then I would probably have no choice but to stay in the Primal Chaos Origin for eternity as well.” Tang Xian seemed to feel fortunate.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile with understanding. Even though every single disciple of Oracle Mountain acted independently of each other, they had a common characteristic, and it was that they stayed true to their hearts and never made compromise!

At this point in their conversation, a dignified voice suddenly resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it drew the attention of everyone.

“Everyone, the ceremony is over. But the curtains to a grand even are about to be drawn.” It was Chen Lingkong who stood at the center of the altar that spoke these words. He had his arms behind his back, his clothes fluttered with the wind, and his face was covered in a dignified expression while his voice swept through the surroundings.

“This time, my Chen Clan will select a successor to take control of the clan from amongst our clansmen at the Region Lord Realm!” Even if they were aware of it, a wave of restless movement still arose in the surroundings when they heard Chen Lingkong announce it himself.

The thousands of members of the Chen Clan revealed a wisp of excitement while discussing it endlessly in low voices. Because they were clearly aware that since it was a selection for a successor, then a fierce struggle couldn’t be avoided. They’d been waiting with anticipation for this for a very long time.

On the other hand, the guests who’d come to watch the ceremony revealed attentive expressions. Because since Chen Lingjun had left for no reason and chosen to reincarnate himself all those years ago, the position of Patriarch in the Chen Clan had always been empty, and the Chen Clan hadn’t been able to choose a true leading figure until now.

It was exactly because of this that the Chen Clan’s Karmic Luck had been affected after Chen Lingjun’s departure. Moreover, the forces of the Chen Clan didn’t reveal such a strong tendency to rise up anymore, and it started to fall into a gradual decline instead.

Yet now, the Chen Clan intended to choose a successor to ascend to the position of Patriarch during the Ancestral Worship Ceremony, so it naturally carried extraordinary meaning.

“Now, all the clansmen who are participating in the competition should stay behind. Everyone else should leave the altar swiftly!” Chen Lingkong announced in a low voice.

In next to no time, the thousands of clansmen on the ancient altar had left in succession, and only a little over 10 figures remained standing there.

If one counted it carefully, there was a total of 15 figures there. All of them were Region Lords, and practically all of them were at the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm or above!

If it was at the Ancient God Domain, then could any other powers besides the five extremes of the Imperial Region possess 15 Region Lords of such caliber?

It was practically impossible!

This clearly showed that while the Chen Clan was an intermediate level Divine Dao Protector Clan, its resources and reserves were absolutely not ordinary.

At this moment, 15 Region Lords were standing upright on the empty ancient altar, and they instantly became the center of attention.

The three peerless overlords, Chen Daoyuan, Chen Qiushui, and Chen Xiaoyun were surprisingly amongst these 15 Region Lords.

“Besides that, a Fellow Daoist that possesses some relationship with our Chen Clan will be participating in this competition as well.” Right at this moment, Chen Lingkong’s gaze suddenly locked onto Chen Xi, and he said, “Chen Xi, are you prepared?”


In an instant, the gazes of everyone in the surroundings moved over and converged onto Chen Xi, and the atmosphere here instantly became slightly complicated.

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