Chapter 2012 – The Curtains Are Drawn

Chen Xiaoyun’s figure shot over like a shadow, and it swiftly appeared in front of Chen Xi.


A strand of violet light was coiled around the tip of his finger. While it seemed to be inconspicuous, it emanated a sharp and ear piercing howl as it shot through the air, and it displayed terrifying penetrative power.

As one of the three strongest overlords amongst the Region Lords in the Chen Clan, Chen Xiaoyun’s cultivation was at the Seventh Star Region Lord Realm. Moreover, coupled with the innate ability he possessed as a member of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, his combat strength was undeniably formidable.

It was obvious that merely this attack alone was sufficient to make most Region Lords in the outside world feel fear and be afraid to bear the brunt of it!

“The fight is finally about to begin….” Two figures were standing in midair extremely far away. One wore plain clothes, had a handsome appearance, and emanated a clean, simple, and extraordinary aura.

The other figure was a woman. She wore a fiery red dress, had willow leaf shaped brows that were sharp like blades, a pair of delicate and charming red lips, and a peerlessly beautiful face that was covered in icy coldness and haughtiness.

They were clearly watching all of this in secrets, and a wisp of anticipation arose on their originally calm faces when they saw Chen Xiaoyun attack ferociously.

If Chen Xiaoyun was here, he would definitely be able to realize to his surprise that they were Chen Daoyuan and Chen Qiushui who part of the three overlords just like him!

The situation was tense, and the battle erupted.

When facing Chen Xiaoyun’s sudden attack, Chen Xi swiftly turned around to face Chen Xiaoyun as well.

However, to the surprise of everyone, he actually didn’t move at all and showed no intention of blocking this attack at all. It was even to the extent that he hadn’t even tried to dodge.

He just stood there silently with a calm and indifferent expression, and his black eyes were tranquil and calm like an ancient well. He seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the arrival of danger at all.

Hmm? Chen Xiaoyun’s eyes swiftly narrowed while killing intent flashed within them. However, right at this critical moment, he surprisingly stopped abruptly and withdrew his attack as well.

At this moment, his finger that was covered in violet light was less than 3 inches away from Chen Xi’s neck. Under such circumstances, he could easily annihilate Chen Xi as long as he was willing to do so!

However, he didn’t move at all!

This astounded and bewildered all the spectators, and they were unable to figure out exactly what was going on.

“Why aren’t you retaliating?” Chen Xiaoyun’s expression was icy cold as his narrow and long eyes stared at Chen Xi.

“Why aren’t you attacking?” Chen Xi replied with a question while his expression remained calm as before.

Chen Xiaoyun fell silent for a short while before he said coldly, “Do you really think I don’t dare to kill you?”

Chen Xi suddenly smiled, and then he stretched out his hand to flick Chen Xiaoyun’s finger like he was flicking a smoke away. After that, he said, “You don’t dare, right?”

Chen Xiaoyun’s face sank while killing intent suffused his eyes, and he seemed to be on the verge of being unable to restrain himself.

However, Chen Xi seemed completely indifferent, and he even couldn’t be bothered to spare a glance at Chen Xiaoyun. He turned around and walked over to the flaming pillar, and then he crushed the violet divine chains that bound Chen Hongxiu’s body….

During this entire process, Chen Xiaoyun was constantly looking at him with a cold gaze. There were many times that Chen Xiaoyun wanted to seize this opportunity to kill Chen Xi, but he didn’t do so in the end.

“If you want to look for trouble with me again, then just come directly for me. There’s no need to threaten me with the life of your own clansman. That’s very shameless.” After he rescued Chen Hongxiu, Chen Xi turned around to gaze at Chen Xiaoyun before he shook his head and sighed while he left.

In an instant, Chen Xiaoyun’s expression changed even more indeterminately, and he stood there silently while staring fixedly at Chen Xi.

Even when Chen Xi’s figure had vanished into the above, Chen Xiaoyun was still standing there while a cold glow surged in his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Big Brother Xiaoyun, why did you let him go?” Those other clansmen in the vicinity charged over with disgruntled expressions. They were unable to comprehend Chen Xiaoyun’s actions. Because it was clearly a superb opportunity, so they wondered why he’d stopped!

“All of you wouldn’t understand.” Chen Xiaoyun suddenly sighed and seemed to be slightly agitated. He flicked his sleeve and returned to the violet lotus platform before swiftly soaring into the sky and leaving.

“What….” Those clansmen exchanged glances with each other. After a short while, they still seemed to be rather frustrated and disgruntled as they brought the unconscious robust man with them and left.

“That kid was quite courageous. He was sure that Xiaoyun wouldn’t harm him at this time.” Chen Daoyuan who wore plain clothes and stood in the distance spoke with a smile on his face. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to witnesses that kid’s ability.”

“Courage? It looks to me like he knew he wasn’t a match for Xiaoyun, so he made an empty show of strength.” Chen Qiushui remained indifferent and spoke while her interest in the matter seemed to be flagging. “I told you that he’s only a Fourth Star Region Lord, so there’s no need to make such a big fuss about it.”

“Qiushui, you’re mistaken. He’s a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, and he was even able to make two extraordinary figures like Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian accompany him here. That isn’t something that just anyone can accomplish.” Chen Daoyuan seemed to be lost in thought and said, “But you’re not wrong. His cultivation at the Fourth Star Region Lord Realm is a huge flaw indeed. So, no matter how heaven defying his combat strength is, he probably doesn’t have much chance to obtain the position of successor in our Chen Clan.”

Chen Qiushui turned around and left while he muttered. “Come, the Ancestral Worship Ceremony will begin 3 days from now. We have to prepare in advance. I heard that Fellow Daoists from many other powers will be coming to watch the ceremony…. It’s truly strange. There weren’t this many powers during the last grand ceremony….”

Chen Daoyuan smiled and left with him.

Even though Chen Hongxiu was heavily injured, it was only external injuries that didn’t harm his foundation. So, he would be able to make a full recovery with a few days of recuperation.

This allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief.

“Why didn’t you retaliate just now?” Chen Hongxiu gasped for breath as he asked this question because he was very curious about it.

Chen Xi answered casually. “There was no need.”

“There was no need?” Chen Hongxiu was astounded. He’d thought of numerous answers yet had never thought of such an answer.

“That Chen Xiaoyun came over for no other reason that to investigate my strength and ability, so how could I possibly allow him to fulfil his wish?” Chen Xi spoke in a carefree manner.

Chen Hongxiu couldn’t help but ask. “But… weren’t you worried that he would really kill you?”

“He wouldn’t dare to.” When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “I’m not being arrogant, but he really wouldn’t dare allow me to suffer any injuries before the Ancestral Worship Ceremony begins.”

“Why?” asked Chen Hongxiu.

“If that were to happen, then those two Senior Brothers of mine would absolutely not let the matter rest. It’s even to the extent that if I were to suffer injuries, then it would be equivalent to giving them an excuse to flare up. Under such circumstances, would anyone dare to act in that way?” Chen Xi explained patiently, and his words allowed Chen Hongxiu to finally come to an understanding.

Chen Hongxiu didn’t stay here for too long, and he insisted on leaving after a short while passed. Even though his injuries were heavy, there would probably be no one in the Chen Clan who would continue making things difficult for him.

Chen Xi personally accompanied Chen Hongxiu out of the abode before he turned around and went back in. Chen Hongxiu’s grandfather was Chen Lingjun’s cousin brother during Chen Lingjun’s previous lifetime, and they treated each other like brothers. Moreover, Chen Hongxiu had paid him a visit a few days ago and provided some essential information to Chen Xi. This had Chen Xi feel rather grateful, and it was even to the extent that Chen Xi had decided that he would repay Chen Hongxiu well if he had the chance.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian who’d vanished for many days had returned not long after Chen Hongxiu left.

The two of them had headed to pay visits to some seniors of the Chen Clan, and they hadn’t returned until now. That had caused Chen Xi to feel slightly worried. So, he was naturally extremely happy when he saw them finally return.

However, no matter if it was Wu Xuechan or Tang Xian, they didn’t reveal anything about the visits they’d made to those seniors of the Chen Clan, and it caused Chen Xi to feel rather depressed.

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to be depressed. The competition will begin in 3 day, and you can feel free to fight as you please. There’s no need to hold any apprehensions.” Surprisingly, it was Tang Xian who’d always been cold and reserved that had spoken these words. He’d taken the initiative to console Chen Xi, and it caused Chen Xi to be overwhelmed by the sudden favor.

After that, Chen Xi vaguely noticed that his senior brothers had probably obtained some gains from the visits they made in the past few days.

Wu Xuechan pondered deeply before he said, “However, you still have to be on guard against the tricks that Chen Lingkong might play from the shadows. I’m truly worried that this fellow would stop at nothing if he’s driven into a corner.”

“Could it be that… the imprisonment of my parents was Chen Lingkong’s doing?” A wisp of realization flashed within Chen Xi’s mind.

“Even though it isn’t the entire truth, but it isn’t far away.” Wu Xuechan patted Chen Xi on the shoulder and said, “There’s no need to think too much about it. Perhaps your family will be able to reunite in 3 days from now. At that time, your father will tell you everything.”

Chen Xi nodded.

Three days later.

The entire Chen Clan seethed with excitement very early in the morning. The clansmen of the Chen Clan seemed like a dense tide that converged from all directions within Ninth Spirit World towards the altar.

The ancient altar floated in the air and covered an area of over 30km. Moreover, it was surrounded by five peaks that formed a pentagon of the five elements, and it was a rather magnificent sight.

When Chen Xi, Wu Xuechan, and Tang Xian arrived here together, they saw a dense expanse of figures standing in an orderly manner on the altar. There were at least a few tens of thousands of them.

All of them had sincere and solemn expressions on their faces as they remained silent, and the atmosphere here was unprecedentedly solemn and sacred.

A white flame was burning at the center of the altar while numerous figures who possessed mighty imposing auras and monstrous divine might stood before the divine flame.

When looked at from afar, these figures simply seemed like numerous scorching suns that emanated dazzling and resplendent radiance that was simply blinding.

Obviously, those figures belonged to the higher-ups of the Chen Clan who possessed the greatest authority in the clan!

Surprisingly, Chen Lingkong’s figure was amongst them as well.

“Come, let’s go watch the ceremony.” Wu Xuechan led the way and moved directly to the peak of a mountain.

Seats and tables had already been arranged there, and many figures were already seated there. Obviously, they’d come to watch the ceremony as well.

When Chen Xi’s group arrive here, many of the figures here stood up successively and greeted both Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian.

“Grand Lord.”

“Fellow Daoist Tang Xian.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he witnessed this scene. The reputation possessed by my senior brothers is no joke. They enjoy a great reputation even amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans in the Primal Chaos Origin.

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian responded with greetings to each and every one of them, and then they led Chen Xi along and casually chose a place to sit at.

Chen Xi noticed that many gazes had been secretly sizing him up since the beginning, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly bewildered by this. Could it be that they as well are aware that I’ll be participating in the competition for the next successor of the Chen Clan?

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