Chapter 2011 – Making An Example

Outside the abode was a flat and spacious area.

At this moment, a pillar of flame that shot into the sky was blazing there, and it emanated peerlessly hot divine radiance that even burned the space in its vicinity.

A figure was shackled to the flaming pillar. His entire body was chained by violet divine chains, causing it to be impossible for him to struggle free. It was like he was a prisoner who was being punished.

If one looked carefully, that figure’s hair was disheveled, his clothes were dyed red with blood, and his face had warped and twisted together from pain. However, it wasn’t difficult to discern that it was Chen Hongxiu!

That young man at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm who’d paid a visit to Chen Xi and given Chen Xi a warning.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Violet lightning flickered in the sky as bolts of lightning that were sharp like blades descended and struck forcefully against Chen Hongxiu’s body. The pain caused his entire body to twitch violently. Even if he endured it with all his might, he still couldn’t help but let out muffled groans that sounded like the breathing of a wild beast. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

Coupled with the burning divine flames on the flaming pillar, it simply tortured Chen Hongxiu to the point his skin and flesh split apart, and it was painful to the extreme.

Chen Xi witnessed such a scene as soon as he walked out of his abode, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow while his expression turned cold and indifferent.

The abode he was temporarily residing in was located here. Yet now, Chen Hongxiu had been shackled on a flaming pillar and was suffering punishment of being struck by lightning. So, for who was all of this prepared?

Chen Xi’s gaze moved away, and he saw a group of figures standing before a violet colored lotus platform that floated in the sky at the side, and they were like a group of stars that were surrounding the moon.

The violet lotus platform was crystalline and cloudy like jade, and it emanated a divine and natural aura of the Dao. At this moment, a proud and arrogant figure was lying back casually on it.

That figure wore a loose and gorgeous golden robe, had violet hair that hung above his shoulders, and a cold, arrogant, evil, yet handsome appearance.

His eyes were narrow and long like blades, his skin was jade white, and his lips were puckered lightly to form a merciless and chilly arc. As he sat casually on the violet lotus platform, he seemed to be carefree, but his entire body emanated an imposing aura of supremacy that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

He was extraordinary, and he possessed the might of a Seventh Star Region Lord at least!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed when he noticed this gold robed and violet haired man. Just based on the man’s aura alone, Chen Xi was able to determine that his strength was extremely formidable, and it was even superior to any one of the Region Lords that Chen Xi had met in the past!

Obviously, it was this gold robed man who gave the order for Chen Hongxiu to be shackled and punished here. Moreover, his intentions of choosing to punish Chen Hongxiu right in front of Chen Xi’s abode instead of any other place was self-evident. He was clearly doing this for Chen Xi to see!

Is it to make an example of him?

Or to make a show of strength?

Chen Xi’s expression turned cold and indifferent. No matter what the gold robed man’s intentions were, it was clear that he’d come with ill intent.


At the instant that Chen Xi walked out from within the above, many gazes shot over successively from around the gold robed man. Their faces either carried expressions of disdain, ghastliness, ridicule, mocking, and so on and so forth.

Only the gold robed man grinned at Chen Xi, and then he moved his gaze away and slowly looked towards Chen Hongxiu who was tied up on the flaming pillar.

“Chen Hongxiu, do you realize you mistakes?” The gold robed man spoke with a feminine and low voice, and it was quite terrifying.

Chen Hongxiu let out a muffled groan, and his eyes were bloodshot. Even if he was in extreme pain, he still gritted his teeth and refused to speak.

“You traitor. You still refuse to realize your errors? Then let’s see how long you can hold on for!” A robust man by the gold robed man’s side had suddenly stood forward, and he pointed his finger at Chen Hongxiu as he cursed.

Bang! Bang!

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when numerous thick and huge bolts of violet lightning suddenly descended from the sky again, and they descended forcefully onto Chen Hongxiu. In an instant, Chen Hongxiu’s flesh and skin split apart while blood sprayed into the surroundings. Moreover, his bones were even faintly visible.

On the other hand, Chen Hongxiu’s eyes rolled back from the pain, and he fell unconscious.

Even if he was an Innate God, he was still unable to endure such cruel punishment for very long.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he saw this. These clansmen of the Chen Clan are really ruthless. They even act so ruthlessly towards their own clansmen. How detestable.

“Wake him up. It’s not over yet, so how can he fall unconscious?” The gold robed man chuckled lightly as he rubbed his chin, and he spoke slowly with a merciless and indifferent tone.

“Hehe! That’s exactly what I was about to do.” The robust man slapped his palm forward forcefully from afar and amidst vicious laughter.


Chen Hongxiu was struck forcefully on the face, causing his face to swell up while his mind was jolted awake from his unconscious state.

“Chen Xiaoyun! Kill me if you dare! Do you?” This time, Chen Hongxiu didn’t remain silent, and he stared furiously at the gold robed man while he roared like a wild beast.

Chen Xiaoyun, so it’s him….

When he heard this, Chen Xi finally knew the identity of the gold robed man. He’d heard Chen Hongxiu speak of this person. There were three overlords amongst all the Region Lords in the Chen Clan, and they possessed extraordinary combat strengths that crushed their peers.

Chen Xiaoyun was one of them.

“Kill you? Wouldn’t that be letting a traitor like you off lightly?” Chen Xiaoyun whose figure was resting on the violet lotus platform had stood up lazily. He kept his hands behind his back as he spoke slowly. “Chen Hongxiu. Even if you don’t admit it, you’re unable to deny that you colluded with an outsider and betrayed the clan. I believe no one will object even if I kill a traitor like you.”

When he spoke up to here, his narrow and long eyes swept through the others who were by his side, and he said, “Right?”

“Yes!” All of them agreed in unison. Many even started shouting about killing Chen Hongxiu right now to warn others against following in his footsteps.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression had become indifferently. At this point, how could he be unable to discern that Chen Hongxiu had been dragged into such a situation because of him?

Obviously, it was exactly because Chen Xiaoyun and the others had noticed Chen Hongxiu’s secret visit to him that they’d regarded him as a traitor.

Besides that, the reason they were punishing Chen Hongxiu in front of his abode was obvious. It was clearly because they were trying make an example of Chen Hongxiu and warn him.

After he figured all of this out, how could Chen Xi not feel afraid. Because these bastards hadn’t just targeted him, they’d even harmed one of their own clansmen. So, he felt that they were detestable to the extreme.

“That’s nonsense! How did I betray the clan? If you want to kill me, then be frank about it. Is there any need to make such an excuse?” Chen Hongxiu roared repeatedly, and he was resentful to the extreme. Moreover, his entire body was trembling, and no one knew if it was because of pain or rage.

Nonsense? A wisp of coldness flashed through Chen Xiaoyun’s narrow and long eyes, and he waved his hand. “Continue the punishment.”

“Alright!” The robust man revealed a savage smile because he’d been itching to continue for a long time.

“Wait.” Chen Xi frowned and couldn’t help but speak coldly. He was very clearly aware that Chen Hongxiu would definitely be tortured to death if this continued.


However, the robust man acted as if he didn’t hear Chen Xi at all, and he swung his palm from afar and struck Chen Hongxiu forcefully on the face.

At this moment, Chen Xi was utterly infuriated, and his gaze suddenly locked onto Chen Xiaoyun as he said, “Are you sure that you want to continue?”

Chen Xiaoyun raised his eyes to gaze at Chen Xi before a wisp of an enchanting smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. “I’m sorry but this is an internal matter of my Chen Clan. So, it’s best that you don’t interfere.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand towards the robust man, and he indicated that the robust man should continue with the punishment. He didn’t pay any attention to Chen Xi at all.

“Hehe.” The robust man laughed gloomily, and he acted even more excessively than before. His figure flashed over to the flaming pillar, and then he stretched out his foot and smashed it towards Chen Hongxiu’s face.

This wasn’t a punishment! This was clearly a form of extreme humiliation!


However, a figure had suddenly appeared out of thin air before his foot could descend, and this figure stood in front of Chen Hongxiu.

“Fuck off!” Not only did the robust man refuse to stop upon seeing this, he seized the opportunity to stomp his foot towards Chen Xi’s chest.


The strength behind his foot actually multiplied explosively, and even space was blasted into pieces before it. It was obvious that if this kick were to connect with Chen Xi’s chest, then the consequences would be horrifying.

Chen Xiaoyun and the others revealed a ridiculing expression when they witnessed this scene. We’ve finally forced this fellow to make a move….

Yes, their only objective behind all of this was to utilize the punishment of Chen Hongxiu to force Chen Xi to stand out. So long as Chen Xi did that, then they would have an excuse to attack Chen Xi. In that way, even Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian would be unable to do anything!


However, before Chen Xiaoyun and the others could even feel delighted, they heard a resounding slap resound, and then the robust man’s figure was actually slapped flying!

Blood sprayed from his mouth and nose while numerous teeth shot out from his mouth, and he let out a shrill and miserable cry that was horrifying.


His figure crashed to the ground, and his face was swollen like the head of a pig. It was a horrifying and unsightly scene.

The robust man was a Region Lord as well. Yet now, not only was he unable to kick Chen Xi flying, he’d been slapped flying instead. This clearly showed how formidable the strength behind Chen Xi’s slap was.

In an instant, Chen Xiaoyun and the others opened their eyes wide, and they seemed to not dare believe that the robust man would actually make such a weak display.

Before they could even react from their shock, Chen Xi spoke coldly. “I was just standing there yet you wanted me to fuck off, and you even attacked me. Looks like you clearly have the intention to kill me. Since it’s like that, then don’t blame me for eliminating you!”


As soon as his voice had started resounding, his figure had already charged towards the robust man.

The corners of Chen Xiaoyun’s mouth twitched when he saw this, and he hurriedly shouted. “Wait!”

This time, Chen Xi acted as if he hadn’t heard it as well. He raised his leg, and it was like a whip that could tear the sky apart as it smashed down forcefully towards the robust man.

Earlier, he’d spoken up with the intention of stopping the robust man, but both the robust man and Chen Xiaoyun had completely disregarded him, so how could he pay any attention to Chen Xiaoyun now?

He was giving them a taste of their own medicine.


The robust man was trying to crawl up from the ground with the intention of dodging. However, he couldn’t make it in time, and he could only face Chen Xi’s attack head-on.

However, in merely an instant, he felt a strand of abundant, irresistible, and terrifying energy crash down forcefully. The bones with his arms instantly cracked apart while his entire body was smashed into the ground like a meteor, causing a horrifying and large hole to be smashed open on the ground while dust and dirt fluttered suffused the air.

The robust man was completely unrecognizable. His entire body was bathed in blood, and his eyes rolled back before he fell unconscious.

This scene caused the eyes of those clansmen from the Chen Clan to almost split apart from rage, and their faces were gloomy and unsightly.

“You’re courting death!” Chen Xiaoyun moved amidst an icy cold shout. His figure was like a wisp of golden light that swiftly tore through space and shot explosively towards Chen Xi.

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