Chapter 201 – Five Element Ruins

Chapter 201 – Five Element Ruins

The atmosphere in the Oceanic Desert was extremely adverse with sandstorms sweeping through and gales raging about frequently. Although the Oceanic Desert was said to have entered a period of dormancy now, it was still exceedingly dangerous and adverse at the depths of the desert, and numerous places of extreme danger that even Rebirth Realm cultivators wouldn’t be able to survive once swept into them existed.

This Five Element Tempest was an infamous and terrifying existence within the Oceanic Desert, as this type of tempest was matchlessly overbearing and covered an area of 500 kilometers, and it obliterated any living creature everywhere it passed.

Moreover, at the center of the tempest was a vast expanse of ruins. These ruins were the main battlefield of the battle between gods and fiends from a few tens of thousands of years ago, and innumerable formidable fiends and cultivators had fallen here. The remnants of will, blood, shattered weapons, and various other fiendish things had been left behind by these fiends and gods when they fell, and after experiencing a few tens of thousands of years, they’d developed boundless fiendish demon beasts. These demon beasts were able to conceal themselves within the tempest and move about within it, and so long as any cultivator fell into the tempest, they would swarm over together and tear the cultivator into pieces or suck out the cultivator’s vitality while the cultivator was still breathing.

It was precisely because of the existence of this ruins and the existence of these fiendish demon beasts that such a terrifying and atrocious weather like the Five Element Tempest would be born.

Now, Chen Xi, Tantai Hong, Huangfu Chongming and the others had encountered the Five Element Tempest.

The five colored tempest was like a multicolored fierce dragon that was raging in the heaven and earth, and Chen Xi even noticed that the space surrounding the tempest was even torn to shreds. Raging winds roared everywhere as the sun and moon were dimmed out, and the layer of sand on the ground of the desert formed into countless vortexes. Every single vortex was filled with a suction force that could swallow anything, and everywhere they passed, some rocks and hills that were 3 km in height would be swallowed up by the vortexes in the blink of an eye.

How large was the Five Element Tempest that covered an area of 500 kilometers?

At any rate, Chen Xi looked towards the extremely distant horizon, yet everywhere was covered by the Five Element Tempest that cut off the path ahead, and if they wanted to go deeper into the Oceanic Desert, then they could only go around the Five Element Tempest.

However, at this moment, the Five Element Tempest had already drawn close to them. Not to mention going around it, even if they fled backward, they would still be swept into it. This tempest moved too swiftly, to the point that it was able to make anyone feel despair!

“Dammit! This Five Element Tempest wanders about all around the Oceanic Desert, yet I never imagined that we’d encounter it. The demon beasts within that tempest are inexhaustible, and once we’re swept into it, we’ll be trapped within the Five Element Ruins and encounter wave after wave of demon beast attacks. In the end, our lives will be swallowed up by them!” Huangfu Chongming had an ominous expression as he roared with a low voice, and his eyes flickered with a trace of deep terror.

The expressions of the others weren’t any better, as no one had imagined they’d encounter such a terrifying scene as soon as they entered the depths of the Oceanic Desert.

Although they were Golden Core Realm experts that were exceedingly dazzling in the younger generation, when faced with the might of nature, they still seemed to be extremely tiny and without the slightest room for resistance.

“No! I heard once that the Five Element Tempest would vanish every ten days, and once it lost the protection of the tempest, the Five Element Ruins would be exposed in the heaven and earth. So our only way of survival is to enter the tempest and hide within the Five Element Ruins. So long as we’re able to persist under the waves of demon beast attacks, we’ll be able to leave safely!” Tantai Hong spoke word by word. “Everyone, we already have no way back. So long as we’re able to persist until the end, then not only will we be able to survive, it wouldn’t be difficult for us to find Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault as well. Because according to the information I know of, the Five Element Tempest will appear once every 1,000 years, and along with the appearance of the Five Element Tempest, some secret realms, treasure vaults, and ruins left behind from ancient times would leave the ground and descend into the world!”

“Persist for ten days? Is it possible? The demon beasts within the Five Element Ruins are inexhaustible. They’re all at the Golden Hall Realm, and there are even some much more formidable existences than them. I’m afraid we won’t even be able to persist for three days by relying on the strength of us seven.” Lin Moxuan frowned tightly as he replied with a question.

“I think it’s better to try and experience the dangers of the Five Element Ruins. Perhaps I’ll be able to better improve my strength.” Xiao Linger smiled, and her eyes revealed a strand of fervor and eagerness.

“You mad woman! You’re still joking at a time like this?” Lin Moxuan berated in annoyance.

“Enough!” Huangfu Chongming shouted out explosively, and he said coldly, “Everyone, we have no other way to choose. We must go in! So long as we persist until the Five Element Tempest vanishes, then an exceedingly great fortuitous encounter would be within easy reach. Could it be that all of you aren’t moved by it? Don’t tell me that all of you don’t have some life saving trump cards in your possessions! It’s time to utilize them!”

When life saving trump cards were mentioned, both Lin Moxuan and Xiao Linger were stunned, and their eyes flickered indeterminately before not saying anything further in the end.

Rumble! Rumble!

Right at this moment, the Five Element Tempest that blocked out the sky and covered the earth had already swept over, and its energy surged and raged violently, causing space to shatter and crushing everything in its path.

When faced with this scene, an ordinary person would have probably been terrified to the point of being overwhelmed by this fear, yet Huangfu Chongming and the others were instead exceedingly composed, and they revealed extremely formidable strengths and exceedingly firm dispositions.

“Let’s go! We must not break up!” Huangfu Chongming shouted loudly as he flew out and circulated his True Essence to raise up an ‘S’ shaped defensive Magic Treasure, and he actually charged head on towards the Five Element Tempest.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When they saw this, the others could only grit their teeth and withdraw a variety of defensive Magic Treasures before following closely behind him. Amongst these defensive Magic Treasures were bells, shields, and umbrellas. Every single one of them was constructed elegantly, brimming with spirit energy, and covered with flowing runes, and all of them were actually top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasures. Every single one of them wasn’t the ordinary goods sold in the stores and were exceedingly formidable.

“Chen Ke, follow me. You must not get lost while following me!” Tantai Hong shouted out loudly before raising his hand to withdraw a stone tablet Magic Treasure that was inscribed with mountains, rivers, the sun, the moon, and the stars. All of them were brimming with spirit energy as they formed a pure azure colored screen that enveloped him and Chen Xi before he followed closely behind the others.

This stone tablet was similarly a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure and coupled with Tantai Hong being a Half-step Rebirth Realm expert, it wasn’t strenuous for him to bring Chen Xi along.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The instant they entered the Five Element Tempest, Chen Xi felt as if he’d entered into spatial turbulence that was a vast expanse of darkness. The entire tempest was filled with an extremely violent tearing force that crackled as it smashed onto the pure azure screen, causing it to flicker and tremble intensely and emit a screeching sound of friction. The terrifying force shook Tantai Hong, to the point his face went pale and blood spilled out of the corners of his mouth, and he was almost unable to hold on.

Fortunately, all of this vanished within an instant, and before Chen Xi had reacted to what had happened, he felt light enter his eyes as the scene before him had already changed completely.

Ruins, broken wall, and numerous shattered buildings collapsed on the ground. Amongst them were some stone pillars that were an entire 3 km in height and were covered in scars. There were even piles of ghastly bones and dark stains of blood that had been dried by the wind since long ago amongst these ruins, causing them to seem desolate, arid, and extremely bloody.

Most shocking of them all was that there were stands of baleful qi that roared and shot into the sky raging on these ruins, and they seemed like the unyielding roars and grievous howls of the fiends and gods that had fallen here, causing it to seem extremely horrifying.

This place was the Five Element Ruins, an enormous building that floated within the Five Element Tempest, and when one took a broad view of the place, it had an area of 500 km, just like an island.

In the surroundings of the Five Element Ruins was the madly revolving tempest that was like an enormous screen that firmly locked the Five Element Ruins within it.

A raging and roaring tempest, and an expanse of ruins that floated silently. One moving, one stationary, creating a strong visual impact for all that saw them. If one didn’t enter into the tempest, no one would ever imagine that such a miraculous scene actually existed within the Five Element Tempest.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

A wave of shrill and fierce beast roars resounded out, and then Chen Xi saw dense oddly shaped demon beasts mixed within the tempest as they covered the heavens and the earth and swarmed over like locusts. Various attacks and innate Divine Abilities of demon beasts transformed into countless terrifying lights as they whistled out in the sky above the ruins, and it was sufficient to destroy people into mush.

Within the ruins were over 100 cultivators that were scattered around in every corner, and they were utilizing various Magic Treasures and techniques to resist the wave after wave of demon beast assaults. Numerous sounds of explosions rose and fell as True Essence and Magic Treasures collided with each other, and they formed a dazzling and resplendent brilliance that seemed like gorgeous yet tragic fireworks.

Obviously, it wasn’t just Chen Xi’s group of seven that were trapped within the Five Element Ruins.

“Everyone, converge at a single place and resist these demon beasts with your full strength!” Huangfu Chongming shouted out explosively, and then he led the others to arrive at a corner of the ruins.


Right when everyone had just descended to the ground, a group of flaming snake demons pounced over. Every single one of these flaming snake demons had the heads of a snake and the body of a human, and their entire bodies were surging with a mist of flames, causing them to seem extremely fierce. Unexpectedly, all of them were existences at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm and numbered in a few tens of thousands, causing them to seem like a sea of flames, and their method of attack was actually a fire element technique!

This fire element technique was overwhelmingly powerful, its energy violent and surging as if it could melt iron, and within it was boundless fiendish energy mixed within, causing it to be terrifying to the extreme.

“Kill!” Huangfu Chongming shouted out explosively as he struck out with his fist, causing innumerable vortexes to appear and directly smash the techniques of these flaming snake demons, and then the energy of his fist swept out to the surroundings and tore through space. Instantly, a few tens of these flaming snake demons were completely torn apart under his exceedingly ferocious strike.



The others didn’t dare dally and emitted loud shouts as they attacked out with their full strength.

“Kid! Don’t think of sitting back and leaving it to us. You go charge to the front. If you don’t’ die, then after we enter the treasure vault, you’ll get a share of the treasures we obtain. If you die, then we can avoid being burdened by you.” Lin Moxuan glanced at Chen Xi as a trace of a cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth and he ordered with a low voice.

Xiao Linger glanced at Chen Xi yet didn’t say anything. Obviously, she intended to remain indifferent.

Huangfu Chongming laughed coldly, and he seemed to extremely approve of Lin Moxuan’s actions.

“Right! We don’t want a piece of trash. You go to the front and reveal your strength so that we can see if you’re trash or not. Don’t worry, us brothers will guard your back and will surely not allow you to die for nothing under the fangs of these demon beasts.” Teng Huaji thoughts of something in his heart, and he spoke gloomily.

“Go quickly! Properly prove your strength!” Teng Huaxu spoke in support from the side.

He’d already understood his Big Brother’s plan, and that was to seize the moment Chen Xi was killed by the demon beasts to seize the storage Magic Treasure in Chen Xi’s possession. In that way, the Buddha’s Pagoda and the Nine Syllables of Truth would be easily acquired. Moreover, it wouldn’t draw the attention of the others. After all, it only the storage Magic Treasure of a little fellow at the Golden Hall Realm. Everyone present was a genius with both status and identity, so who would want it?

“This seems…to be inappropriate, right? My junior is only…” Tantai Hong was instantly anxious and spoke out hastily. However, he was interrupted by Chen Xi before he could finish speaking.

“Uncle Tantai, there’s no need to say anything further. I’ll go now.” Chen Xi smiled to Tantai Hong with a composed expression before sweeping the others with his gaze, yet he laughed coldly in his heart before stepping forward immediately to move to the front of the group.

The Teng Brothers looked at each other and revealed a smile of having succeeded in their scheme, then they followed closely behind Chen Xi to stand at his side, and their appearance really seemed as if they were helping to protect Chen Xi.

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