Chapter 2009 – A Visit

The abode the Chen Clan arranged for them was covered in beautiful mountains and clear water. It was filled with Natural Divine Energy, and it was extraordinary.

There was even an completely clear stream running through it. At this moment, the three of them were seated casually on the jade green grass at the side of the stream.

“Little Junior Brother, why didn’t you kill him just now?” Wu Xuechan smiled as he asked this question.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said, “After all, I came here to get my parents back, so I should exercise forbearance when it’s necessary.”

Tang Xian’s spoke with a cold expression. “It wouldn’t affect our objective even if you killed him. The Chen Clan isn’t that bold to make enemies of us.”

His tone seemed extremely domineering, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be visibly moved.

Wu Xuechan said, “Alright, let’s stop speaking about that. We jointly pressured Chen Lingkong earlier to the point he had no choice but to make a concession and coupled with the strength Little Junior Brother revealed just now, I presume that they’ll definitely not be willing to accept this.”

Tang Xian remained silent for a moment before he said, “I’m not worried about anything else. The only thing I’m worried about is that if Little Junior Brother suffers a setback during the competition, then it would be slightly difficult to deal with.”

Wu Xuechan strongly agreed and nodded. “Yes, the Chen Clan is one of the Divine Dao Protector Clans in the end. There are numerous experts within the Chen Clan. So, there are definitely some extraordinarily outstanding existences in the Region Lord Realm, and they absolutely can’t be compared to the ordinary Region Lords in the outside world.”

Wu Xuechan paused for a moment before he continued. “Little Junior Brother is merely a Fourth Star Region Lord. If he’s unlucky and encounters some seventh star, eighth star, or even Ninth Star Region Lords, then it would be quite difficult to deal with.”

All the clansmen of the Chen Clan who could participate in the selection of the next successor of the clan would definitely possess cultivations at the Region Lord Realm.

Even if it was in the Imperial Region, just being a Region Lord was sufficient for one to become the master of a top-rate power.

However, in the Chen Clan that was one of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, the minimum required obtain a spot in the competition to become the successor of the clan was to be a Region Lord. This clearly showed how intense and grand this competition was.

Chen Xi was participating while at the Fourth Star of the Region Lord Realm. If it was merely in terms of cultivation, then he could only be considered to be around the intermediate level. So, once he encountered Region Lords at the seventh, eighth, or Ninth Star, then it would be extremely worrying indeed.

However, it was merely worrying, and it wasn’t to the extent of being able to arouse despair.

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were very clearly aware that while their Little Junior Brother’s realm of cultivation wasn’t great, the true combat strength he possessed could be described as heaven defying. It couldn’t be judged by convention at all.

So, they were still very hopeful towards Chen Xi’s participation in the competition.

Chen Xi remained silent for a short while before he said seriously, “Don’t worry Senior Brothers, I’ll definitely do my best when the time comes!”

The Nine Spirit World was home to the Chen Clan, and all its descendants resided there as well. So, as soon as the news of Chen Xi’s victory against Chen Ziyu spread, it quickly drew the attention of the entire Chen Clan.

Besides that, Chen Lingkong had added fuel to the fire in secret. So, Chen Xi’s identity and the reason he came to the Chen Clan was known to the entire Chen Clan as well, causing great waves to surge through the Chen Clan.

“The descendant of that criminal, Chen Lingjun? He’s really quite arrogant to actually dare to come and seize a spot in the competition! He’s simply courting death!”

“He’s just a bastard that isn’t even an Innate God. He’s nothing worth mentioning.”

“We can’t be careless. He was actually able to defeat Chen Ziyu, so his strength can’t be underestimated. Perhaps he came prepared.”

“He came prepared? Hmph! He’s only a Forth Star Region Lord! Don’t forget that Chen Daoyuan, Chen Xiaoyun, and Chen Qiushui are overlords in the younger generation of our clan, and every single one of them is capable of crushing that fellow, Chen Xi!”

“Just wait and see. That fellow is definitely asking for insult by daring to lust for the position of successor in our clan! The outcome will be clearly revealed when the Ancestral Worship Ceremony begins!”

These discussions were mostly carried out amongst the younger generation of the Chen Clan, whereas, the higher-ups of the Chen Clan paid more attention to the true reason for Chen Xi’s arrival!

“He has the backing of the Oracle Mountain and Tang Clan. No wonder he dared to act so arrogantly and actually intends to seize this opportunity to rescue that criminal Chen Lingjun and his wife. He’s truly audacious.”

“No matter what, we absolutely can’t allow them to succeed!”

“Yes! The criminal, Chen Lingjun, must remain. It’s a matter of the clan’s honor and safety! We can’t let him go no matter who comes for him!”

While these things were being discussed animatedly, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian had left their abode and gone to pay a visit to some true great figures of the Chen Clan.

Just as Tang Xian had said just now. Even though Chen Lingkong was a Daolord and even held the position of Supreme Elder in the Chen Clan, he could merely be said to possess monstrous authority, yet his strength wasn’t the strongest in the Chen Clan.

Because the Chen Clan still had numerous seniors who could be described as living fossils! They… were the true foundation of the Chen Clan.

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian had left, but Chen Xi had stayed behind to cultivate and meditate alone.

Merely a little over 10 days were left until the Chen Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremony began, and such a short period of time was utterly insufficient for a Region Lord’s cultivation to undergo a transformation.

However, Chen Xi didn’t care about all of that. He wasn’t trying to make last-minute preparations or trying to improve at the last moment. Cultivating was like breathing to him, and it had become a part of his life a very long time ago. So, he naturally refused to waste any spare time he had.

I’ve fully comprehended all the profundities within the Seal of the Martial’s inheritance. Now, I just have to refine and absorb it before I’ll be able to take full control of its strength…. Chen Xi awoke from his meditation and muttered.

Since they’d set out from Oracle Mountain on their journey to the Primal Chaos Origin, an entire 8 years had passed. Chen Xi had been free during that time, so he comprehended almost 50% of the profundities within the Seal of the Martial in the first three years of their journey.

Moreover, he even comprehended 99% of its profundities in the following five years of time. Now, he’d fully comprehended all the profundities within the inheritances of the Seal of the Martial which represented the 7th era.

He only lacked the process of refinement and absorption before he could grasp the Seal of the Martial’s entire strength.

When compared with the time he exhausted to comprehend the Seal of the Shaman, comprehending the Seal of the Martial was clearly much shorter.

However, Chen Xi had confirmed that this speed was his limit, and unless his understanding of the Talisman Dao underwent another huge breakthrough, then it was impossible for him to further shorten the time needed to comprehend the profundities of an Era Brand.

“May I know if Fellow Daoist Chen Xi is here?” Right when Chen Xi was in deep thought, a deep voice had suddenly entered from outside the abode.

“Who is it?” Chen Xi stood up and frowned as he spoke.

“I’m Chen Hongxiu, and I’ve come to pay a visit to Fellow Daoist.” That voice from before had resounded again.

Chen Hongxiu? Chen Xi didn’t know this person. So, he thought for a moment before he decided to meet this person in the end.

A grey clothes man stood outside the abode. He had a firm face, a composed bearing, and his entire body was suffused by a brave and capable aura.

As soon as Chen Xi laid eyes upon this person, Chen Xi determined that he was only at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm and was no threat to him.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, please forgive me for disturbing you.” Chen Hongxiu spoke in a neither humble nor arrogant manner as he cupped his hands.

“Don’t mention it, Fellow Daoist.” Chen Xi smiled and welcomed him into the abode. After that, Chen Xi poured him a cup of tea and said, “May I know why Fellow Daoist has come to look for me?”

Chen Hongxiu said, “To tell you the truth, my grandfather, Chen Kunwu, had followed Ancestral Uncle Chen Lingjun to battle all those years ago, and they are cousin brothers that were extremely close. All those years ago when Ancestral Uncle Chen Lingjun suddenly left, my grandfather became depressed, and he perished because his Inner Demons grew too strong.”

Chen Xi instantly revealed a solemn expression, yet he didn’t know what to say. After all, Chen Lingjun still hadn’t undergone reincarnation then.

Chen Hongxiu seemed to be clearly aware of that, and he quickly changed the topic. “However, my grandfather once said before his death that there was a huge secret behind the reason why Ancestral Uncle Chen Lingjun left all those years ago, and it’s extremely likely that he was framed. But up until now, the truth still hasn’t been exposed.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “It’s even to the extent that Ancestral Uncle Chen Lingjun is still being taken to be a criminal and imprisoned even after he reincarnated. It’s truly painful.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he said, “Fellow Daoist, you came here to tell me all of that?”

Chen Hongxiu shook his head and said, “No, I merely heard that Fellow Daoist came to rescue Ancestral Uncle Chen Lingjun, and it filled my heart with excitement and anticipation. So, I came here specially to meet you.”

Chen Xi cupped his fists and said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Fellow Daoist.”

Chen Hongxiu sighed and spoke with self-ridicule. “If it was really like that, then I wouldn’t be in a state where I have no choice but to watch helplessly as Ancestral Uncle is imprisoned.”

When he spoke up to here, his expression suddenly became solemn before he said, “Fellow Daoist, I’ve heard of your victory against Chen Ziyu. However, please be extremely careful. The discussions about you have caused a great clamor in the Chen Clan recently, and many are preparing in secret with the intention of teaching you a lesson during the Ancestral Worship Ceremony, so that you’ll be utterly humiliated and leave in failure.”

Chen Xi remained silent for a moment before he said, “Thank you for the warning, Fellow Daoist.”

Chen Hongxiu couldn’t help but become slightly anxious when he saw Chen Xi have such an indifferent reaction towards all of it. He hesitated for a moment before he said, “Fellow Daoist, I’m not exaggerating to scare you. Before I came here, I heard that the 3 strongest Region Lords in the clan have taken you to be a thorn in their eye, and they intend to eliminate you and avenge Chen Ziyu.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Looks like I’ve stirred up public wrath and have become a public enemy.”

Chen Hongxiu nodded. “Yes. I came here to remind Fellow Daoist that you must be careful and absolutely can’t be careless.”

At this point in the conversation, Chen Hongxiu hurriedly bid his farewells and left as if he had worries weighing down on his mind.

After Chen Hongxiu left, Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time by himself. In the end, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it. Because when it came to some things, thinking too much was utterly useless as well.

At the same time, Chen Lingkong arrived at a pitch black and ancient hall by himself.

The hall was called Conscience.

It was a striking name, but it was a forbidden area for the entire Chen Clan. It was like a prison, and the clansmen of the Chen Clan who’d committed crimes were imprisoned here!

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