Chapter 2008 – Kneel!

Just like my criminal father?

The despicable and disgraceful blood of a criminal flows within me?

Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened when he heard this furious howl, and his indifferent expression was instantly replaced with a layer of icy coldness.

A strand of blazing flames of rage couldn’t help but surge from his heart, and it caused a wisp of killing intent to suddenly arise in his eyes that were black like abysses.

Since a very long time ago, Chen Xi felt a form of aversion towards his father, Chen Lingjun, and it was even to the extent that he felt hatred. However, it didn’t represent that others could insult his father in front of him!

Especially when it was within the Chen Clan and in public! He actually dared to insult me and my father without restraint!

Chen Xi turned around, and his indifferent gaze locked onto Chen Ziyu as he said, “Kneel down and I’ll forgive you this time.”

His voice was calm and didn’t carry even a trace of emotion. Coupled with Chen Xi’s extremely indifferent and icy cold expression, it caused the hearts of everyone in the hall to suddenly feel cold.

Chen Lingkong frowned, and then he pondered deeply without end.

Tang Xian seemed to be slightly unable to restrain himself, but he was restrained by a glance from Wu Xuechan that indicated that he should calm down.

On the other hand, Chen Ziyu was originally furious to the extreme. However, when he came into contact with Chen Xi’s gaze, it was like he’d come into contact with the eyes of the reaper, and his entire body couldn’t help but tremble while indescribable terror arose in his heart.

However, Chen Ziyu instantly recovered from that state when he heard Chen Xi’s words, and it was simply like he’d been struck by lightning. He couldn’t help but feel extremely humiliated, causing surging flames of rage to almost burn a hole in his chest while his face grew even more livid.

Not only did this damnable bastard launch a surprise attack against me, he actually wants me to… kneel!?

He deserves death!

You’re… courting death!” Chen Ziyu roared furiously while his figure blasted off the ground. He made a clawing motion in his hand, and then an extremely violent ball of golden lightning suddenly converged there and transformed into a golden spear of lightning.

Lightning flowed through that spear, and it was covered in Divine Dao Laws. Moreover, it was suffused with a terrifying aura that was simply on the verge of obliterating the world and crushing it into powder.

As soon as it appeared, the hall started to tremble violently and faintly show signs of collapse.

Chen Lingkong realized that the situation was bad, and he flickered his sleeve and executed a supreme technique to instantly stabilize this area.

If it wasn’t for that, then it wouldn’t just be the hall that was affected by the battle, even the surroundings outside the hall was be affected and destroyed.

This clearly showed how terrifying Chen Ziyu’s attack was. He’d obviously utilized a lethal technique, and it contained his bellyful of rage as he struck with the intention of crushing Chen Xi.

“Die!” Along with a loud roar, Chen Ziyu held the golden lightning spear in his hand as he forcefully stabbed it through space. The tip of the spear carried peerless sharpness and shot forward like a bolt of lightning that was aimed at the center of Chen Xi’s forehead.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everywhere it passed, a completely straight and empty right was torn apart in space while all airflow, light, and dust were transformed into nothingness.

Obviously, as a descendant of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, Chen Ziyu who was an Innate God at the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm did indeed possess the qualifications to be arrogant. His combat strength was so formidable that his peers in the outside world would dim in comparison with him. He was absolutely not an existence that an ordinary cultivator could compare to.

At this instant, a wisp of praise couldn’t help but arise on the corners of Chen Lingkong’s mouth.

As for the other clansmen of the Chen Clan, they’d been completely astounded a long time ago while the excitement on their faces was impossible to restrain. How could that Chen Xi possibly survive this attack?

Chen Xi remained indifferent as before when facing this attack. His figure was like a pine tree that had rooted itself on the spot, and he was tall, aloof, and immovable.

In the eyes of the outsiders, it seemed like Chen Xi had been terrified by the might possessed by this attack, and he was completely stunned on the spot.

Even Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian who were originally calm and composed couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, and they seemed to be surprised by Chen Xi’s reaction.


It took a long time to describe yet actually occurred in an instant. The golden lightning spear tore forcefully through the sky, and the force on its tip caused Chen Xi’s dense jet black hair to be blasted backward while his clothes fluttered along with the gale created by this attack.

However, he still remained motionless!

The golden lightning spear was right about to arrive at the center of his forehead, and it was less than 30cm away from him.

However, at this critical moment, a slender hand had suddenly appeared out of thin air. It grabbed ahold of the golden lightning spear, and it made the latter unable to move forward at all!

How could this be possible?

All the spectators were horrified, and their pupils dilated with disbelief. This attack was sufficient to destroy stellar bodies or crush the world into pieces. However, it had actually been grabbed with just physical strength?!

Who would dare to believe such a shocking scene?

The wisp of praise on the corners of Chen Lingkong’s mouth had suddenly frozen while the excitement in the hearts of those clansmen from the Chen Clan had instantly vanished, and it was replaced by astonishment.


The golden lightning spear trembled violently while boundless Laws that flicked with the glow of lightning surged out from within it. It was monstrously terrifying, and it seemed to intend to struggle free from Chen Xi’s restraint.

Chen Ziyu’s face was covered in shock and rage, and his eyes had almost split apart from anger. He was practically madly releasing all his strength.

How could he dare to believe that a trump card he took pride in would actually be unable to even break through the strength of Chen Xi’s hand?

Chen Xi’s hand was like an extremely hard rock, and it caused the golden lightning spear to be unable to move at all no matter how violently it trembled!

“NO!!” Chen Ziyu roared furiously, and he was filled with extreme rage and resentment.

Crack! Crack!

However, he didn’t even have the chance to continue struggling because the golden lightning spear was crushed inch by inch, and it transformed into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings.


In merely an instant, it was completely crushed into powder, causing dazzling light to sweep towards the surroundings. Moreover, it made many clansmen of the Chen Clan stagger backward and evade without end.

Chen Ziyu suffered backlash from this, and he couldn’t help but cough up a large mouthful of blood. He was just about to evade when he saw something flash before his eyes, and then a wave of sharp pain came from his neck as a hand had grabbed forcefully grabbed it.

At this moment, everyone saw Chen Xi holding Chen Ziyu up like a ‘helpless chick’. He was being lifted up by the neck, and it suffocated him to the point his veins had bulged, and blood almost seeped out from his face. However, it was useless no matter how he struggled.

This caused everyone to be astounded and gasp incessantly.

If that attack of Chen Xi’s from before that instantly defeated Chen Ziyu was said to be a surprise attack and was just luck, then would anyone dare to continue believing such things after they witnessed this scene?

However, they were unable to imagine how Chen Xi who was merely a Fourth Star Region Lord would actually be so strong and heaven defying. Chen Ziyu who was a Fifth Star Region Lord was actually unable to struggle or counterattack before him at all. Chen Ziyu simply seemed useless and unable to withstand a single attack!

“You… you…. You….” Chen Ziyu had a belly full of humiliation and rage. But at this moment, all of that had transformed into shock. His eyes balls had almost blasted out from his eyes, and he was utterly unable to accept this scene.


In the next moment, his entire body was forcefully smashed to the ground by Chen Xi. His knees exploded into pieces, and his body knelt down uncontrollably in front of Chen Xi!

This scene was too sudden, so the others didn’t have the time to stop it at all before they saw Chen Ziyu’s knees destroyed while he knelt on the ground.

“NO!!!” An unprecedented feeling of humiliation tore through Chen Ziyu’s heart like a blade, and it caused his handsome face to warp and become savage while he raised his head and let out an extremely resentful roar.

He was a dignified descendant of the Divine Dao Protector Clans that possessed the peerless body of an Innate God. Moreover, he possessed resources and reserves that were unparalleled in the world, and both authority and status that the myriad of living beings in the outside world respected and revered. Yet now, he was forced to kneel on the ground!

He was kneeling before a young man who he felt was a descendant of a criminal!

It was a humiliation!

An extreme humiliation!

At this moment, Chen Ziyu was on the verge of going mad, and he even had the intent to kill Chen Xi.

“Stop!” Chen Lingkong finally recovered from his shock, and he stood up and berated loudly.

At practically the exact same moment, Wu Xuechan stood up with a smile on his face, and he spoke slowly. “Those that insult the parents of others will be insulted by others. It’s within reason that my Little Junior Brother had become so angry. So, please calm you anger, Fellow Daoist. Don’t spoil our relationship because of a moment of anger.”

His tone was warm, yet his words were extremely domineering, and it caused Chen Lingkong’s expression to change indeterminately.

Chen Xi acted as if he hadn’t heard all of that. His icy cold and indifferent gaze looked down at Chen Ziyu who was kneeling in front of him, and then he spoke word by word. “This is a lesson. You won’t just have to kneel and atone for it if you speak without restraint again!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi turned around and returned to his seat.


At this moment, Chen Ziyu was actually overwhelmed by his rage, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood before his figure crashed to the ground and fell unconscious.

Those clansmen of the Chen Clan roared with sorrow as they charged forward to rescue Chen Ziyu. Moreover, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of resentment and a faint trace of terror that couldn’t be eliminated.

Chen Xi still remained indifferent towards all of this. Because he didn’t have to pay any attention to it when Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were here.

Was he relying on his backing to bully them?

How laughable! If this wasn’t the Chen Clan’s territory, then would Chen Ziyu dare to act so arrogantly? If it wasn’t for that, Chen Ziyu would have been dead by now! How Chen Xi have possibly spared Chen Ziyu’s life?

After this incident occurred, the atmosphere in the hall was extremely stiff. In the end, Chen Lingkong forcefully restrained the bellyful of rage he had and dispatched some clansmen to lead Wu Xuechan, Tang Xian, and Chen Xi from the hall and made arrangements for them to rest in an abode established especially for guests.

“Dammit! How truly damnable!” As soon as Chen Xi’s group left, Chen Lingkong was unable to restrain the rage in his heart anymore, and he suddenly slapped the table in front of him into pieces and seemed extremely furious.

The other clansmen of the Chen Clan remained silent like cicadas in the winter. They were extremely furious and sad when they recalled the scenes from before, and they felt extremely humiliated.

“Supreme Elder, could it be that we’re just going to allow those fellows to continue acting arrogantly?” One of the clansmen spoke in a disgruntled voice.

“Yeah! Those three disciples of Oracle Mountain are too arrogant. They simply disregard our Chen Clan. They’re simply going too far!”

The others spoke successively as well.

Chen Lingkong’s rage calmed down instead when he heard this. He took a few deep breaths and remained silent for a short while before he said in a low voice. “What else is there to say when we are weaker to them?”

Those clansmen of the Chen Clan were stunned, and then they felt even more aggrieved and resentful in their hearts.

“However, they really went too far. I’ll naturally give that little bastard a huge pleasant surprise when the Ancestral Worship Ceremony begins!” Chen Lingkong’s face remained expressionless while his voice was ice cold and bone piercing. “All of you notify the other participating clansmen about that fellow, Chen Xi. They’ll naturally understand what they have to do!”

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