Chapter 2007 – A Lesson!

Chen Ziyu stood up with fury as he challenged Chen Xi. This instantly surprised many of the others within the hall, and the atmosphere here became quite strange.

Those clansmen of the Chen Clan gazed at Chen Xi with a wisp of a mocking expression in their hearts. They seemed to take pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune and were waiting to watch the show.

After being slightly stunned, a slight arc couldn’t help but curl onto the corners of Chen Lingkong’s mouth.

As far as he was concerned, if Chen Ziyu was able to defeat Chen Xi and crush Chen Xi’s spirit right now, then it was equivalent to announcing that Chen Xi had completely lost his qualifications to participate in the Ancestral Worship Ceremony.

Chen Lingkong was naturally happy to see that happen.

Only Tang Xian and Wu Xuechan exchanged glances and frowned because they weren’t willing to allow Chen Xi to expose his strength right now.

However, they’d already helped Chen Xi enough, so Chen Xi should deal with the rest.

“Little Junior Brother, what do you think?” asked Wu Xuechan.

“I just feel that since Elder Chen has agreed to let me participate in that competition, then what’s the point of this unnecessary battle?” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he frowned and spoke. “Not to mention that defeating him now would be of no benefit to me at all. So, there no point in fighting him.”

Yes, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with Chen Ziyu. This wasn’t a true battle for the position of successor, so why should he fight in this unnecessary spare? He felt that it was a waste of time.

Wu Xuechan couldn’t help but smile and nod when he heard this.

However, when these words entered into Chen Ziyu’s ears, he felt that Chen Xi was being cowardly and didn’t dare to fight him. He couldn’t help but speak with disdain. “What? Even a disciple of Oracle Mountain merely dares to flaunt his strength while hiding behind the protection of a senior yet doesn’t dare to fight alone? How disappointing.”

His words were extremely venomous, and they only stopped short of mocking Chen Xi as someone who relied on the might of his sect to put on airs and someone who bullied the weak yet feared the strong.

The other clansmen of the Chen Clan roared with laughter as well.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, do you dare or not?”

“If you don’t, then quickly admit your inferiority and leave obediently. Our Chen Clan isn’t a place that just anyone can behave rudely at!”

“Alas, what a disappointment. I thought that only Oracle Mountain and a few other great powers in the world can compare with Divine Dao Protector Clans like ours. But who would have imagined that they wouldn’t be worthy of their reputation?”

Many had even started to mock and ridicule Chen Xi.

Chen Lingkong acted indifferently towards all of this, and he seemed to have no intention to stop all of this at all.

On the other hand, Chen Ziyu and the others seems to be certain that Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian wouldn’t make a fuss about it with them, so they grew even more fearless and targeted Chen Xi.

“Chen Xi, we’re not forcing you to fight. It’s fine if you really don’t have the courage. Even though I, Chen Ziyu, am a descendant of the Chen Clan, I will absolutely not rely on the strength of my clan to bully you!” Chen Ziyu had his hands behind his back. He seemed extremely arrogant manner as he glanced at Chen Xi with disdain. Moreover, he’d placed emphasis on his words when he spoke about relying on the strength of his clan to bully Chen Xi!

Obviously, he was rather displeased by how Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian had ‘forced’ Chen Lingkong to agree to Chen Xi’s participation in the competition, so he’d seized this opportunity to vent it.

It was an indirect insult. He was insulting Chen Xi as someone who relied on his backing to bully others, and since the backing Chen Xi had was naturally Wu Xuechan and Tang Xiao, so both Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were insulted indirectly.

Everyone present here wasn’t an stupid, so they were naturally able to discern the meaning behind these words. For a time, Wu Xuechan’s brows knit together slightly.

“Little Junior Brother, should I….”

Chen Xi smiled and spoke before Wu Xuechan could finish speaking. “Eldest Senior Brother, you don’t have to interfere in what happens next. Just leave it to me. Otherwise, I would really be stuck with a bad reputation of relying on my backing to bully others.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi stood up and gazed indifferently at Chen Ziyu who stood there with an arrogant expression. Chen Xi said, “I didn’t want to fight you just now because I couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with you. However, you don’t know your own limits and you speak without any restraint. Looks like I can only teach you a lesson.”

At this moment, Chen Xi had really agreed to the battle, and he’s discarded that silent attitude from before. Conversely, merely these words made him see extremely domineering and utterly blunt.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, since these fellows dared to act so arrogantly, then he should make an even more arrogant display! Otherwise, these fellows would really think he was a weakling that they could bully as they pleased.

Chen Xi’s voice that resounded through the hall caused the expressions of those clansmen from the Chen Clan to turn gloomy. This fellow actually dared to say that Chen Ziyu doesn’t know his own limits and speaks without restrain? He’s truly too arrogant!

Even Chen Lingkong couldn’t help but frown. A lesson? What high sounding sentiments! Do the clansmen of my Chen Clan even need a little fellow from Oracle Mountain to teach them a lesson?

At this moment, even Chen Lingkong was slightly unable to suppress the anger in his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to see Chen Ziyu humiliate and trample upon Chen Xi.

“You… want to teach me a lesson?” Chen Ziyu was originally rather excited when he heard Chen Xi agree to the battle. However, his face immediately fell when he heard what Chen Xi said, and his gaze was sharp like a blade as it swept over towards Chen Xi.

“Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong.” Chen Xi’s expression remained composed and calm as before.

“Haha…. HAHAHAHA!” Chen Ziyu suddenly started laughing while his face had a disdainful and ghastly expression. “Good! Just because of this bravery of yours, I’ll show mercy later, and I won’t make you suffer a defeat that’s too embarrassing.”

“Brother Ziyu, don’t waste your breath on him and quickly fight him. I can’t wait to witness your supreme ability.”

“Right, I heard that Brother Ziyu just attained perfection in the Grand Void Dao. We’d like to witness its might as well.”

“Brother Ziyu, your decision is right because he’s a guest, and you can’t allow our guest to suffer a defeat that’s too embarrassing. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make our Chen Clan seem to lack poise?”

Those clansmen of the Chen Clan shouted in succession. Some cheered for Chen Ziyu while others mocked Chen Xi sarcastically.

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were really unable to make a fuss about all of this. Because how could existences of their status make a fuss about it with some juniors?

It was precisely because they were certain about this that those clansmen of the Chen Clan dared to act so fearlessly and speak so bluntly.

As for Chen Lingkong, he would definitely not obstruct all of this because he wished for nothing more than to see Chen Ziyu give Chen Xi a beating.

This hall was grand and vast, yet it was slightly limiting for a battle between Region Lords.

However, Chen Ziyu didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, since he was an Innate God and was a Fifth Star Region Lord, it would only take a moment for him to easily crush Chen Xi. So, there was no need to choose a different venue for their fight.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was naturally even more indifferent. His thoughts were almost the same, and he didn’t care too much about Chen Ziyu.

If I can’t even deal with this fellow, then there’s no need for me to participate in that competition.

“Chen Xi, come at me! Let me see exactly what sort of ability you possess to actually speak of teaching me a lesson.” Chen Ziyu made a provocative gesture at Chen Xi with his finger, and a wisp of a ghastly and terrifying arc had arisen on the corners of his mouth.

Chen Xi strode forward when he witnessed this.


At this instant, Chen Xi had changed completely. His speed was inconceivably swift, and he even crushed space to the point explosions resounded. Moreover, his figure had vanished on the spot and only left an afterimage behind on the spot.

Hmm? Chen Ziyu’s pupils constricted. He noticed to his horror that his consciousness was actually unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s figure.

However, as a Fifth Star Region Lord that was well experienced in battle, Chen Ziyu’s reaction was extremely skillful and sharp. He practically instinctively raised his arms while a completely round and extremely brilliant golden circle appeared in front of him before he pushed it forward forcefully.

When looked at from afar, it was like he was pushing a scorching sun forward. Its impetus was vast and all-powerful, and it seemed to possess the might to obliterate the world.


However, in merely an instant, the center of this completely round circle had been stabbed open by a fair and slender finger, and a hole was blasted open on it.

After that, the circle cracked apart before it exploded into pieces, causing specks of light to spray towards the surroundings and whistled through the hall like a gale.


After that, Chen Ziyu felt as if he’d been struck by lightning. A wave of sharp pain suddenly swept through his body before his body was blasted backward uncontrollably. He crashed to the ground and smashed tables and chairs into piece. Moreover, numerous horrifying rifts had even been cracked open on the ground.

On the other hand, Chen Ziyu himself was coughing up blood, had disheveled hair, and was in an extremely sorry state.

All of this took some time to describe yet actually occurred in an instant. Since the moment Chen Xi attacked ferociously to the point the golden circle exploded into pieces, and then Chen Ziyu was blasted flying…. Everything had practically occurred in an instant, and it was an inconceivably swift string of events.

It was even to the extent that some clansmen of the Chen Clan merely felt something flash before their eyes, and then Chen Ziyu had actually been blasted flying. They didn’t even have the chance to see how Chen Xi had attacked!

When they looked once more at Chen Xi, he was standing upright on the spot with an indifferent expression, and it was like everything that had occurred just now wasn’t related to him at all.

In an instant, everyone was shocked.

No one had expected that Chen Ziyu would actually not be a match for a single strike of Chen Xi’s as soon as the battle began!

After all, even though Chen Ziyu wasn’t the strongest Region Lord in the Chen Clan, he was an outstanding and formidable figure. Moreover, he was an Innate God who had attained the Fifth Star Region Lord Realm. No matter if it was in terms of resources or cultivation, it was utterly not something that Chen Xi could compare to.

Yet now… he’d actually lost! And he’d even lost to a single strike! How could this not be shocking? How could it not be unbelievable?

As a Daolord, Chen Lingkong had naturally witnessed everything clearly. However, never had he ever imagined that Chen Xi who was only a Fourth Star Region Lord would actually possess such formidable strength in battle.

For a time, even he couldn’t avoid feeling surprised and bewildered.

“Bastard! You actually dared to launch a surprise attack!” Chen Ziyu pulled himself off the ground amidst a furious shout. He was unable to accept being defeated by a single strike, and his countenance couldn’t help but turn livid while he felt humiliated to the extreme in his heart.

He refused to believe that Chen Xi was really that strong, and he felt that he’d been careless and allowed that despicable fellow, Chen Xi, to launch a surprise attack against him!

A surprise attack? Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head. He couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this fellow, and he turned around with the intention of returning to his seat.

However, right at this moment, Chen Ziyu suddenly roared with fury. “Stop right there you despicable bastard! You’re really just like your criminal father, and the despicable and disgraceful blood of a criminal flows within you! How dare you leave when the battle hasn’t come to an end?”

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