Chapter 2006 – A Subtle Dispute

A descendant of Chen Lingjun?

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became deathly silent. All the descendants of the Chen Clan opened their eyes wide and seemed to be filled with disbelief.

Besides Chen Xi’s group of three, there was only a single person that had maintained his composure, and it was Chen Lingkong. However, he still couldn’t avoid frowning when he heard Tang Xian expose Chen Xi’s identity. He was slightly displeased, but he restrained himself in the end.

At this point, Tang Xian stopped speaking nor did he strive for anything. He seemed to be confident that Chen Lingkong wouldn’t dare to refuse.

After a short while, Wu Xuechan was the first to break the silence, and he said, “Fellow Daoist, what do you think of my Junior Brother Tang Xian’s suggestion?”

“No! Even if he’s a descendant of that criminal, Chen Lingjun, he doesn’t have any qualification to participate in the competition to become the successor of the clan!” That extremely handsome youth from before was unable to restrain himself before Chen Lingkong could even speak, and he stood up and spoke furiously.

His name was Chen Ziyu. He was a rather formidable figure within the Chen Clan, and he was a Fifth Star Region Lord himself.

An existence like him could already be considered as a middle level figure in the Chen Clan. Moreover, because of the extraordinary natural talent that he possessed; his true status was even more important than some high level figures.

“Brother Ziyu is right, what qualifications does the son of a criminal have to participate in the competition?”

“I remember that criminal, Chen Lingjun, reincarnated a long time ago, so this descendant of his was naturally obtained after he reincarnated. So, it’s utterly impossible for the bloodline of our Chen Clan to be flowing through his veins. But a fellow like this covets the position of successor in our Chen Clan? How truly absurd!”

“We won’t accept this!”

“Let him participate? That’s simply like an insult to us Divine Dao Protector Clans!”

When they saw Chen Ziyu speak out in anger, the other clansmen of the Chen Clan couldn’t sit still as well and spoke successively.

Even though they didn’t dare to directly criticize Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian, they didn’t hold back as they spoke about Chen Xi, and their words were filled with rejection and insult.

Chen Xi watched all of this and couldn’t help but laugh coldly in his heart. These fellows who call themselves Innate Gods really think that I would covet that position of successor?

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian instantly frowned when they saw the situation in the hall become messy, and they gazed at Chen Lingkong.

With their identities, they naturally couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with those descendants of the Chen Clan who were making noise.

Chen Lingkong didn’t dare maintain his silence when he noticed Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian’s gazes, and his face instantly fell as he shouted loudly. “All of you shut your mouths! What would others think of you for causing such a clamor in front of distinguished guests?”

In an instant, Chen Ziyu and the others immediately shut their mouths and took their seats. However, they still had a disgruntled expression on their faces, and their gazes towards Chen Xi were filled with hostility.

It was like an outsider had suddenly charged into their territory with the intention of seizing control of it. It caused them to be bound by common hatred and try to oppose this outsider.

Chen Xi directly disregarded all of that. He couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with these fellows. If it wasn’t for the sake of rescuing his parents, he wouldn’t even take a step in here.

“Alas, Fellow Daoists. Actually, you ought to be aware that he’s a son my older brother, Chen Lingjun, obtained after he was reincarnated, so Chen Xi isn’t related by blood to my Chen Clan at all. So, it would clearly not make sense to allow him to participate. I’m afraid my entire clan would find it difficult to agree to.” Chen Lingkong sighed and spoke as if he was troubled.

Wu Xuechan grinned and said, “I understand. However, if it’s according to what Fellow Daoist just said, then Chen Lingjun isn’t that Chen Lingjun from the Chen Clan. Since it’s like that, then why have you taken him to be a criminal and imprisoned him for no reason?”

These words struck directly at the heart of the matter, and it was exactly what Chen Xi wanted to say the most. Exactly, since there’s no relation by blood, then on what basis have you captured by parents?

However, Chen Lingkong seemed to have guessed that Wu Xuechan would say this, and he revealed a slightly helpless expression and sighed. “Grand Lord, it isn’t the same. My older brother has recovered his memories from his previous lifetime, and this means that he possesses knowledge of all the inheritances and secrets of my Chen Clan. So, we have no choice but to do all of that. If it wasn’t for that, how could I, his younger brother, bear to imprison him?”

Such an answer was clearly unable to satisfy Chen Xi. However, Wu Xuechan had suddenly stood up before Chen Xi could speak.

Wu Xuechan had an extremely cold and indifferent expression as he said, “If it’s based on these facts, then Chen Lingjun is the father of my Little Junior Brother, but your Chen Clan has imprisoned him because of some Karma from the past. Aren’t you going a little too far!?”

These words caused Chen Lingkong’s expression to change slightly, and he hesitated to speak.

The atmosphere in the hall had suddenly become tense because of the change in Wu Xuechan’s attitude, and it was filled with a confrontational aura.

Right at this moment, Tang Xian stood up as well, and his originally cold expression was covered in indifference. He said coldly, “Fellow Daoist, you’ve probably discerned that we didn’t come here this time to seize the position of successor of your Chen Clan. So long as you agree to hand Chen Lingjun and his wife over to us, then we’ll be extremely grateful. Otherwise, it won’t just be the Oracle Mountain that won’t allow this, I believe that even my Tang Clan will be the same!”

His voice was flat and calm, yet it faintly carried a threatening tone.

Only figures like Tang Xian and Wu Xuechan dared to speak such words in the territory of one of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, the Chen Clan. If it was anyone else, it would absolutely be no different than courting death.

The atmosphere in the hall grew even tenser, and Chen Lingkong’s expression grew even gloomier.

He remained silent for a long time before he took a deep breath and said, “Fellow Daoists, please take a seat for now. We can slowly discuss everything.”

If it was merely Oracle Mountain, then Chen Lingkong would take a risk and summon the courage to go against Oracle Mountain. However, Chen Lingkong had no choice but to tread carefully when the Tang Clan was included.

“Alright.” Wu Xuechan smiled and indicated that Tang Xian should sit down with him.

“I thought for a moment just now, and I’m afraid it’s impossible to let my older brother go right now.” Chen Lingkong pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke cautiously. However, I can temporarily agree to allow Chen Xi to participate in the Ancestral Worship Ceremony.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Ziyu and the others had instantly frowned and felt resentful. They felt that Chen Lingkong was submitting to others, and it was a humiliation.

Wu Xuechan seemed to be slightly surprised as well. He exchanged a glance with Tang Xian before he nodded and said, “That’s not bad.”

Chen Lingkong heaved a sigh of relief in his heart upon hearing this. As far as he was concerned, Chen Xi was merely a Fourth Star Region Lord, so Chen Xi would be incapable of doing anything even if he was allowed to participate in the Ancestral Worship Ceremony. In the end, Chen Xi would have no choice but to return empty handed.

Wu Xuechan glanced at Chen Lingkong, and he grinned as he said, “However, there are things that I must say clearly. If my Little Junior Brother is able to obtain the final victory in the competition, then you can’t go back on your word.”

When they heard this, all the clansmen of the Chen Clan including Chen Lingkong himself were stunned.

Because obtaining the final victory meant that Chen Xi would become the successor of the Chen Clan. Was that even possible?

Obviously, it wasn’t!

Chen Xi was merely a Fourth Star Region Lord. So, even if he was a disciple of Oracle Mountain, how great could his strength be?

Perhaps they don’t even know exactly how terrifying the participants of the Ancestral Worship Ceremony are?

At this moment, Chen Ziyu and the others had more or less revealed some ridicule. How laughable! How truly laughable!

Haha! Looks like Grand Lord is very confident in your little junior brother.” Chen Lingkong laughed as he spoke.

“Of course. It’s best not to speak about some things before they occur, and the final outcome is decided.” Wu Xuechan nodded seriously.

Chen Lingkong eyelids couldn’t help but twitch when he heard this, and then he frowned and pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “Grand Lord, while Chen Xi can participate in the Ancestral Worship Ceremony, if that really does happen, then I’m afraid that the position of successor….”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by Tang Xian. “Fellow Daoist, what exactly are you trying to say?”

His tone carried a wisp of impatience.

When had Chen Lingkong ever been interrupted? He couldn’t help but feel slightly infuriated in his heart, but he still laughed bitterly and said, “Fellow Daoist….”

Tang Xian interrupted him again and said, “Too many excuses will make you seem very insincere. Fellow Daoist wouldn’t be thinking of brushing us off, right?”

Chen Lingkong hurriedly waved his hand and said, “How could I dare to do that.”

Meanwhile, Wu Xuechan suddenly suggested. “How about we do this? If my Little Junior Brother seizes the position of successor in the end, then I’ll ask him to give it up. However, Fellow Daoist must agree to let Chen Lingjun and his wife go.”

Chen Lingkong’s eyes suddenly narrowed. At this moment, he finally came to an understanding. It turned out that Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian’s true motives were still to rescue Chen Lingjun and Chen Lingjun’s wife!

At this moment, Chen Xi and even the other descendants of the Chen Clan had shot their gazes towards Chen Lingkong.

After a long time, Chen Lingkong sighed in the end and said, “Alright. I’ll give face to Fellow Daoists and agree to it!”

When they heard this, regardless of whether it was Wu Xuechan, Tang Xian, or Chen Xi, all of them heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts because their operation was already partially successful, and this start to the mission wasn’t bad at all.

After all, they were facing the Chen Clan that possessed extraordinary resources and reserves. If they were to really force the Chen Clan into a corner, then it would easily give rise to conflict and resistance instead.

“However, I have to remind all of you that if Chen Xi is unable to accomplish that, then don’t mention anything about my older brother in the future.” Chen Lingkong took a deep breath and spoke solemnly. This could be considered as a warning.

Wu Xuechan nodded with a smile on his face. “Of course.”

At this point, the matter could be considered to have been finally settled.

At this moment, Chen Ziyu couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He stood up, glanced at Chen Xi with a cold gaze that shot over like bolt of lightning, and then said in loud and clear voice. “The confidence seniors show towards Fellow Daoist Chen Xi truly arouses the curiosity within our hearts. How about we seize this opportunity and allow me to spar with him? If he can’t even defeat me, then I think that there’s no need for him to participate in the Ancestral Worship Ceremony!”

His voice reverberated through the hall, and it was filled with a provoking tone.

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