Chapter 2004 – Glory Of The Past


An extremely beautiful Bi Fang with gorgeous wings fluttered through the air, and it circled around in the clear blue sky above them before it tore through the sky and left.

Nine Winger Serpents that were over 30km long wriggled through the sky behind it and teleported forward.

On the ground, a water Qilin was lying lazily at the side of a river, and it had its eyes closed as it bathed beneath the sun in a carefree and leisurely manner.

A group of Dragon Butterflies that were shaped like ordinary butterflies yet had multicolored scales were holding numerous divine herbs that emanated rays of essence, and they ceaselessly delivered these divine herbs into the water Qilin’s mouth before it crunched it up and swallowed them.

In the distance, mountains rose and fell while a city could be faintly noticed in the distance, and it stretched on until the end of the sky.

After Chen Xi’s group passed through the passageway, these scenes were the first thing that entered their fields of vision. An azure blue sky, verdant mountains, gurgling rivers, fluttering birds, and divine beasts in the surroundings. A picturesque scene covered their field of vision, and it was like they were in a paradise that was isolated from the world.

The aura of the Heaven Dao here was extremely warm and pure. It existed everywhere like sunlight, and it caused the heavens and the earth to be filled with Innate Chaos Energy that was visible to the eye.

There was no doubt that this was definitely a paradise of cultivation, and the so-called paradises of the world were simply nothing before it.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, no matter how terrible a cultivator’s natural endowment was, that cultivator wouldn’t have to worry about advancing in his cultivation if he was able to cultivate here!

This was the Nine Spirit World, an independent plane established within the Primal Chaos Origin, and it was the residence of one of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, the Chen Clan.


Right when Chen Xi and the others had just arrived here, a wave of fluctuation had suddenly appeared in space, and then an enormous divine beast Bi’an that looked like a dragon had appeared before them.

The Bi’an’s bell sized eyes suddenly locked onto Tang Xian who was in the lead. However, it instantly revealed a wisp of respect upon noticing Tang Xian’s extremely terrifying cultivation and asked in a low voice. “Fellow Daoist from the Tang Clan, may I know why you’ve come?”

“Go notify Chen Lingkong that Tang Xian has come to pay him a visit.” Tang Xian instructed.

“You’re actually a friend of Supreme Elder Lingkong. Please wait a moment. I’ll be right back.” The Bi’an seemed to be surprised, and then a divine glow flashed through its entire body before it swiftly vanished on the spot.

“Chen Lingkong?” Wu Xuechan glanced at Tang Xian with surprise. “I remember him, he seems to be….”

“Chen Lingjun’s younger brother.” Tang Xian gave the answer directly. “However, he’s much more inferior to Chen Lingjun’s from all those years ago.”

“What?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Father’s younger brother?

Even if he was clearly aware that Chen Lingkong was his father’s younger brother, Chen Lingkong was merely a relative of Chen Lingjun’s before he’d reincarnated, so there wasn’t any relationship between Chen Lingkong and him.

However, Chen Xi still couldn’t avoid feeling shocked when he heard this piece of news. Because he’d heard that Bi’an address Chen Lingkong as Supreme Elder!

The Chen Clan was one of the Divine Dao Protector Clans, yet Chen Lingkong was actually able to possess such a lofty status, and this obviously showed how high Chen Lingjun’s status in the Chen Clan was before he’d reincarnated!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Eldest Senior Brother, exactly what sort of status did my father possess in the Chen Clan before he reincarnated?”

“You’ll have to ask your Senior Brother Tang Xian about that.” Wu Xuechan looked over towards Tang Xian.

Tang Xian didn’t conceal anything and spoke frankly. “All those years ago, Chen Lingjun could be considered a first-rate figure in the Chen Clan. Both his ability and strength were extraordinary, and he was extremely famous even throughout all the Divine Dao Protector Clans.”

After that, Tang Xian described some things related to Chen Lingjun in a concise manner.

It turned out that Chen Lingjun possessed extraordinary natural talent and peerless ability all those years ago, and he was called the number one expert of the Chen Clan.

All those years ago, the Chen Clan was just an extremely ordinary low level clan amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and it was even to the extent that it didn’t possess a plane of its own. It could only share a plane in the Primal Chaos Origin with other low level clans.

However, along with Chen Lingjun’s mighty rise, he’d overcome the situation in one go, and he’d led the entire clan to war and had forcefully gained a plane in the Primal Chaos Origin for the Chen Clan. He’d taken over the Nine Spirit World, and it became the place where the Chen Clan resided.

At that time, numerous other Divine Dao Protector Clans had sighed with emotion that the Chen Clan’s rise couldn’t be stopped with Chen Lingjun’s presence. It was even to the extent that some felt that Chen Lingjun had a very good chance to lead the Chen Clan into the ranks of high level clans.

However, it was at exactly such a time that something unexpected had occurred to Chen Lingjun. For some unknown reason, he’d actually taken a precious treasure of the Chen Clan and chosen to reincarnate himself!

As soon as this incident occurred, it wasn’t just the Chen Clan who was shocked by it, even all the other Divine Dao Protector Clans felt that it was inconceivable and unbelievable.

However, it had occurred. So, regardless of whether they believed it or not, it was impossible to undo any longer!

Since then, the Chen Clan had fallen to silence, and it didn’t rise up like a ray of light anymore. It was even to the extent that the Chen Clan’s forces gradually showed signs of decline along with the passage of time.

Now, the Chen Clan was only barely able to maintain its status as an intermediate level clan, and it could only be considered as a second-rate power amongst all the Divine Dao Protector Clans. It was stronger than the low level clans, but it was weaker than the other intermediate level clans.

After he heard all of this, Chen Xi fell into a long period of silence, and his emotions were extremely complicated.

Never had he imagined that his father actually possessed such peerless divine might all those years ago, and his father had actually helped the Chen Clan turn its situation around and soar into the sky by himself. He’d forcefully opened up a new world for the Chen Clan amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

However, circumstances changed with the passage of time, and his father was imprisoned by the Chen Clan while his fate itself was unknown. Chen Xi found such a change to be quite difficult to accept.


Why exactly did that happen?

Why did father insist on leaving and reincarnating all those years ago?

Since he reincarnated, then why did he choose to return to the Chen Clan in the end?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out, but he was sure that some sort of reason was definitely hidden behind all of this!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Senior Brother Tang Xian, then do you know why they’d imprisoned my father?”

Tang Xian shook his head. “I don’t know the answer to that. After all, it’s an internal secret of the Chen Clan. Even if it’s within the Chen Clan, there are probably only a few that know the answer. Perhaps you’ll know the answer after you rescue your father.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed, and then he took a deep breath while his determination to rescue his parents grew even stronger.


The space in the distance suddenly roiled, and then a ray of divine light shot through the sky and across the world like an arched bridge that descended towards them.

Over 10 figures stood on the divine ray of light. All of them possessed a natural divine aura, an extraordinary imposing aura, and seemed very extraordinary.

The person in the lead was a middle aged man who wore a loose coat with a large girdle. He had elegant hair and a beard, a dignified appearance, and an oppressive imposing aura.

At this moment, he had his hands behind his back as he arrived on the divine ray of light. Even though he was standing there silently without moving, he emanated a supreme aura that looked down upon all living beings and seemed to control the world.

Obviously, he was a Daolord!

“He’s the Chen Clan’s current Supreme Elder, Chen Lingkong, and he’s in-charge of all matters within the Chen Clan. Since Chen Lingjun vanished all those years ago, he’d instantly leaped up in rank to become the person with the greatest authority in the Chen Clan.” Tang Xian spoke quickly via voice transmission and provided an explanation on the middle aged man’s identity. “Of course, he merely possesses monstrous authority, the Chen Clan still has a few extraordinary seniors that are like ‘living fossils’ by now. They are the true foundation of the Chen Clan.”

The meaning behind his words was that while Chen Lingkong possessed monstrous authority, his strength wasn’t the best in the Chen Clan.

“He’s inferior to Chen Lingjun indeed. His aura is on par with the Sovereign Sect’s Mo Lin at most.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he judged Chen Lingkong via voice transmission.

As they spoke amongst themselves, Chen Lingkong had led the group over and moved over to welcome them.

“Haha! I never expected that Fellow Daoist Tang Xian would actually come in person. What a rare guest!” Chen Lingkong roared with laughter as he came forward to chat with Tang Xian.

“After so many years, Fellow Daoist is imposing as always. It’s truly worthy of congratulations.” Tang Xian spoke flatly before he introduced Wu Xuechan. “This is my Oracle Mountain’s Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan. I presume you’ve heard of him.”

Chen Lingkong’s brows raised, and he seemed to be slightly surprised. After that, he smiled and cupped his fists as he said, “So it’s the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain. It’s our first meeting, so please forgive me for any carelessness.”

“Fellow Daoist, don’t mention it.” Wu Xuechan smiled.

“He is?” This time, Chen Lingkong’s gaze had shot over towards Chen Xi before Tang Xian could introduce Chen Xi. At this instant, his pupils constricted imperceptibly upon noticing Chen Xi’s appearance, but he quickly recovered his calm, and it was definitely impossible to notice if one didn’t watch him carefully.

However, Chen Xi had still acutely noticed this minute detail, and his heart instantly shook. Could he have recognized me?

“Eh!” However, Tang Xian was still unable to introduce Chen Xi this time because a young woman before Chen Lingkong had exclaimed with surprise. “His appearance is really familiar. It feels like I’ve seen him somewhere?”

“Right, I have the exact same feeling.”

“Why do I feel like his appearance is slightly similar to those criminal, Chen Lingjun and his wife Zuoqiu Xue?”

Some unintentional words of the young woman had made all the other clansmen of the Chen Clan to speak in succession, and their gazes towards Chen Xi carried a wisp of a strange expression.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of that. He felt like he was struck by lightning when he heard them call his parents criminals, and then a strand of indescribably rage suddenly surged into his heart, causing him to almost lose control!

Right at this moment, a large palm pressed down upon his shoulder, and then a strand of warm energy swept out from within it and instantly calmed Chen Xi.

Chen Xi glanced over and saw Wu Xuechan smiling at him.

At this point, Chen Xi had calmed down completely.

“Silence! What would others think of our Chen Clan when all of you act so noisily in front of distinguished guests?” Chen Lingkong frowned and berated them, and then he turned around and smiled at both Tang Xian and Wu Xuechan. “The Juniors aren’t well-versed in etiquette, please don’t take it to heart. Please follow me to the clan’s Guest Hall.”

No one knew if he’d done it intentionally or not, but he’d actually not asked for Chen Xi’s name again.

Tang Xian and Wu Xuechan exchanged glances imperceptibly when they heard this, and then they nodded and said, “Of course.”

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