Chapter 2003 – The Primal Chaos Origin

Three years passed by swiftly.

Chen Xi had never imagined that the journey to Godrank Mountain would actually consume such a huge amount of time.

After all, two Daolords, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian, were leading the way, and their speed of teleportation was extraordinarily terrifying. But even then, there seemed to still be no end to their journey after three years had passed.

According to Tang Xian, it was Godrank Mountain in the end. It was the area that was closest to the Heaven Dao throughout the entire Ancient God Domain, so how could it be so easy to get to?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of this. He felt that it was understandable for his parents to have never contacted him throughout this period. The Godrank Mountain was too far away and ordinary people would probably find it impossible to head to, let alone his parents who were confined in the Chen Clan. It made it even more impossible for them to get in contact with the outside world.

Chen Xi hadn’t been wasting his time during these three years of time, and he’d started to attempt to comprehend the Seal of the Martial. He wasn’t refining and absorbing it, and he was merely comprehending its true profundities. In that way, so long as he was able to completely comprehend its profundities, he could refine and absorb it in one go when he’d grasped the critical moment to advance.

The Seal of the Martial represented the 7th Era, the Martial Civilization. Just like the Seal of the Shaman, it contained extremely vast inheritances, and it was naturally not easy to completely comprehend its profundities.

However, with the experience he’d obtained from refining and absorbing the Seal of the Shaman, Chen Xi had saved a huge amount of effort when he comprehended the Seal of the Martial.

In a short period of 3 years, Chen Xi had already comprehended almost 50% of its profundities, and this such speed could simply be described as amazing when compared to how long it took for him to refine and absorb the Seal of the Shaman.

Of course, he was merely comprehending its profundities, and he would have to exhaust some time to refine and absorb it as well.

In the blink of an eye, five more years had passed.

On this day, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly shook while he was comprehending the Seal of the Martial in a meditative state. He returned to his senses and stared blankly ahead while seeming to desire to continue his comprehension.

At practically the exact same time, Tang Xian’s cold voice resounded by his ears. “We’re here.”

We’re here? Chen Xi’s mind cleared up completely, and he raised his eyes to look over. He saw that they were standing on an extremely empty, mysterious, and quiet expanse of the starry sky.

Numerous bright and dazzling stars were circulating here in a dense and vast expanse.

Shockingly, an immeasurably tall and extremely lofty divine mountain stood towering in the depths of the starry sky!

It was truly too tall and huge. It stood towering amidst the myriad of stars, and it was like the pillar that held this expanse of the starry sky up. It was mighty, lofty, and caused others to feel tiny from just looking at it from afar.

Its aura was unique as well. It felt like it was born amidst the supreme Heaven Dao, and it was covered by Divine Chains of Order that descended from the sky. They were like a dense expanse of waterfalls that covered the entire mountain while emanating a supremely dignified aura.

Moreover, it made the hearts of others tremble while they felt oppressive and suffocating pressure crush down into the depths of the heart. It made them simply wish for nothing more than to prostrate themselves in worship and not dare arouse any disrespectful thoughts.

That was Godrank Mountain!

A supreme mountain that had existed even before the Ancient God Domain was born, and it was a forbidden area that was closest to the Heaven Dao. Since the ancient times until now, only a small number of Daolords had been able to step foot on Godrank Mountain and comprehend the most quintessential profundities of the Heaven Dao!

According to legend, the extremely mysterious Godrank Chart was hidden at the peak of this mountain. Moreover, its force had fused with the Heaven Dao and enveloped the Ancient God Domain, causing it to be unfathomably miraculous and inviolable.

At the instant he laid eyes upon this mountain, Chen Xi had a feeling of being restrained, frozen, suffocated, and pressured to the point of kneeling. It caused even his soul to be unable to help but tremble incessantly with fear.

However, in merely an instant, the River Diagram fragments that were deathly silent within the depths of his sea of consciousness had silently emanated a ripple, and this ripple resolved the unusual state Chen Xi was in and allowed him to instantly recover.

Chen Xi was very clearly aware that if the River Diagram hadn’t lent him a hand, then he would probably be forced to his knees, and he would have any room to resist at all!

This clearly showed how shocking the Godrank Mountain was, and it possessed supreme power that could compare with the Heaven Dao.

However, to his surprise, while the River Diagram’s assistance was within his expectations, it hadn’t revealed any emotions of rejection and detest this time. Moreover, it had fallen once more into deep sleep upon helping him deal with invisible pressure that he suffered from.

Before Chen Xi could try to figure it out, he was led along by Tang Xian and Wu Xuechan towards the starry sky in the distance.

In next to no time, Chen Xi saw an enormous chaotic object that was shaped like hive floating below Godrank Mountain.

This object couldn’t be considered to be huge when compared with Godrank Mountain, but it seemed extraordinarily huge when compared with the stars in the surroundings.

Chen Xi could clearly notice that the myriad of stars were flowing like rays of light around the chaotic object. They were like a host of stars that were circling the moon, and it seemed extremely inconceivable.

It made him feel as if he was looking at a chaotic region!

“That’s the Primal Chaos Origin.” Tang Xian pointed at the chaotic object in the distance and said, “All the Divine Dao Protector Clans live within it. Every single one of them occupy a different plane within the Primal Chaos Origin. The forces of the Chen Clan can only be considered as average amongst the Divine Dao Protector Clans, and they reside within the Nine Spirit World of the Primal Chaos Origin.”

The Primal Chaos Origin! Chen Xi was extremely surprised when he heard these words. Because based on what its name implied, then wasn’t it where the Chaos was born?

Sure enough, in the next moment, Wu Xuechan explained in a light voice. “Little Junior Brother, you’re probably unaware but the Primal Chaos Origin is the only remaining object after the Chaos of the three dimensions had been split open, and it’s filled with the most quintessential Chaos Energy. The descendants of the Divine Dao Protector Clans are only able to become Innate Gods upon birth because they reside within it.”

The meaning behind these words was that the reason those descendants of the Divine Protector Clans possessed the strength of a god on birth was closely linked to the Primal Chaos Origin.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. When compared to these Divine Dao Protector Clans, those so-called geniuses of the world are really nothing worth mentioning.

Because while others were working hard to prepare themselves to charge into the realm of gods, these descendants of the Divine Dao Protector Clans were gods on birth.

Moreover, they resided in the Primal Chaos Origin and were just beside Godrank Mountain. So, it allowed them to comprehend the most complete force of the Heaven Dao with greater ease. They were simply like the favorites of the heavens and were favored by the Heaven Dao!

When facing these Divine Dao Protector Clans who possessed an absolute advantage on birth, the other cultivators in the world were utterly unable to compare with them at all.

This was the resources and reserves possessed by the Divine Dao Protector Clans!

If it was in terms of birth, all of them were innate gods on birth!

If it was in terms of resources, then the Divine Dao Protector Clans resided in the Primal Chaos Origin which was the area closest to the Heaven Dao.

If it was in terms of cultivating, the Divine Dao Protector Clans had experienced the passage of countless years until now, so the vastness of the techniques they’d accumulated was obvious.

Under such circumstances, how could the cultivators of the outside world compare to them at all?

This indirectly displayed why the Divine Dao Protector Clans were formidable, and it wasn’t without reason that Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian didn’t dare underestimate them.

The Primal Chaos Origin seemed to be just a short distance away, but an actually far distance actually remained in order to approach it. This was because it was truly too enormous.

Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan teleported an entire 7 days longer under Tang Xian’s lead before they finally came close to the Primal Chaos Origin.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi finally saw it clearly. The Primal Chaos Origin was right below Godrank Mountain. It was shaped like a beehive and numerous enormous holes that were like spatial black holes resided on its surface. Moreover, thick Chaos Energy coiled around it, causing it to seem even more mysterious.

“The dense holes that cover it are passageways that lead to different planes. We have to notify them of our arrival before entering them, otherwise, we would suffer unpredictable attacks before we can even approach them.” Tang Xian explained casually before he directly led Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan towards one of the passageways.

It was said to be a passageway, but it was extremely enormous and comparable to a black hole. Surging Chaos Energy enshrouded and surged through it, and it seemed mysterious and unfathomable.


Tang Xian casually withdrew a simply bronze token before he tossed it ahead. The bronze token instantly transformed into a ray of light that shot into the passageway and vanished.

“This is the passageway that leads to the Chen Clan’s Nine Spirit World. I’ve sent over my Identity Token as a member of the Tang Clan just now, and it won’t be long before they come to welcome us.” Tang Xian spoke casually. “If it was any other cultivator from the outside world, then it would probably difficult to enter the Nine Spirit World. Because these Divine Dao Protector Clans only recognize their own, and they look down upon the cultivators of the outside world.”

“They really are as proud as the rumors said.” Wu Xuechan smiled.

“Proud? I think they’re thickheaded and self-satisfied.” Tang Xian laughed in a carefree manner. Even though he was from the Divine Dao Protector Clans as well, he wasn’t fond of them, and his tone was filled with disdain when he spoke of them.

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t think took much about it. His emotions couldn’t help but fluctuate as he gazed at the passageway that led to the Nine Spirit World and thought of his parents who were trapped there, and he wished for nothing more than to immediately charge in and get his parents back.

“Little Junior Brother, you must maintain your calm and composure when the time comes.” Wu Xuechan reminded.

“Don’t worry Eldest Senior Brother, I understand.” Chen Xi took a deep breath, and his eyes became extremely calm.

“So it’s a Fellow Daoist from the Tang Clan who had come to visit. Please come in quickly.” Right at this moment, a bright and clear voice resounded from the depths of the passageway. Moreover, the Chaos Energy that surrounded the passageway had suddenly split apart when this voice resounded, and it was like a door had been opened.

“Let’s go.” Tang Xian directly soared into the air with Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan, and he charged into the passageway and vanished in an instant.

“The Primal Chaos Origin? Why have they come here? This is slightly troublesome….” Not long after Chen Xi’s group had just left, a graceful figure floated over from extremely far away in the starry sky.

She stood on a large furnace while her entire body was enshrouded by obscure mist. She gazed for a long time at the direction that Chen Xi’s group had vanished towards, and then she sighed faintly in the end yet didn’t follow them.


Her figure flashed towards the starry sky at the side, and then she vanished without a trace. She seemed to have hidden herself to wait for something, yet it also seemed like she’d really left….

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