Chapter 2002 – Her Origins

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile bitterly when he heard this because he knew that his senior brothers had misunderstood.

Chen Xi didn’t speak further. He flipped his palm and withdrew the Talisman Armament, and then he passed it over to them and said, “Senior Brothers, please take a look.”

Tang Xian’s brows knit together even more tightly when he muttered in his heart. Could it be that this kid’s Talisman Armament can be more formidable than my Fireshrine?

He glanced over casually towards Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament. In merely an instant, his eyes that were like fiery red gems had focused while he exclaimed with surprise.

After that, he took the Talisman Armament from Chen Xi, and then he stroked it lightly with his fingers while scanning its carefully in silence.

When he saw this, Wu Xuechan glanced at Chen Xi who seemed completely composed, and his gaze couldn’t help but be drawn over to the sword.

In next to no time, his brows raised as he said, “Interesting!”

“No wonder you refused my Fireshrine.” Tang Xian passed the Talisman Armament to Wu Xuechan and said, “Eldest Senior Brother, take a close look as well. This treasure can be said to be rare to come by in a million generations. It’s unprecedented. Since I’ve started cultivating until now, it’s the first time that I’ve encountered such a unique Natural Spirit Treasure.”

“It’s very miraculous.” Wu Xuechan sized it up for a while before he returned it to Chen Xi and smiled. “You really don’t need Fireshrine when you have this treasure in your possession.”

Chen Xi smiled as he put the Talisman Armament away carefully.

Since he’d entered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos to cultivate, he’d constantly stored the Talisman Armament within his body to devour, refine, and absorb the quintessence of other Natural Spirit Treasures throughout the time that he wasn’t in battle.

This was why his Talisman Armament was formidable. It was merely a Talisman Armament comparable to an Artificial Spirit Treasure, but the refinement and nourishment from the Natural Spirit Foundation had transformed it into a true Natural Spirit Treasure.

It was common knowledge that Talisman Armaments had boundless possibilities of growth, and it had fully maintained this characteristic.

This made Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament become unlike any other Natural Spirit Treasure.

At the bottom of it all, it was because the Talisman Armament possessed the might to devour, refine, and absorb other Natural Spirit Treasures. Such a miraculous ability could simply be considered as unprecedented and unique, and it was impossible for other Natural Spirit Treasures to compare to it.

As the years passed, the Talisman Armament had successively devoured 9 Natural Spirit Treasures, so its might had improved incessantly along with that.

Now, the quality of the Talisman Armament was even slightly superior to the Overarching Heaven Net and Copper Coin of Treasurefall. Even if it was compared to the Fireshrine sword that Tang Xian had offered to lend to him, they each had their own advantages and weren’t inferior to each other at all.

That was the reason why Chen Xi had refused Tang Xian’s kind intentions, and it wasn’t because he didn’t think highly of Fireshrine.

On the other hand, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were extremely experienced and discerning, so they were instantly filled with admiration upon noticing the might of Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament, and they understood why Chen Xi had refused to accept Fireshrine.

“Possessing this treasure is sufficient for Little Junior Brother to gain quite an advantage in battle. However, this trip is rather unusual, so it’s best for you to be careful.” Wu Xuechan thought for a moment before he reminded Chen Xi. “After all, even though your cultivation is sufficient for you to look down on a huge amount of your peers, it isn’t quite strong when compared to some formidable members of the Divine Dao Protector Clans.”

Chen Xi nodded while he pondered in his mind. Are those members of the Divine Dao Protector Clans that formidable?

Little Junior Brother, you don’t have to be too careful as well. So long as it’s a battle, then regardless of who your opponent is, it’s enough so long as you do your best.” Tang Xian seemed to have thought of something and grunted coldly, “Even though the Divine Dao Protector Clans are formidable, they just have an innate advantage, and you don’t have to care too much about it.”

Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan exchanged glances, and then they couldn’t help but smile.

Tang Xian himself was a descendant of the Divine Dao Protector Clans but he’d actually spoken such words, and it was truly unexpected to them.

Hmm? Right at this moment, Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian seemed to have noticed something, and their gazes were like bolts of lightning that shot towards the same direction in unison.


It was even to the extent that Tang Xian hadn’t hesitated to wave his palm, and then a fiery blade tore through the sky and slashed open a 30km long right in space.

Everywhere that rift passed, the stars exploded into pieces and nothing could stop it. It was filled with an unimaginably terrifying force of destruction.


When Chen Xi had reacted and looked over to investigate, he saw a seemingly ethereal shadow standing on a furnace. The shadow flashed and actually avoided Tang Xian’s attack!

That was a ferocious attack of a Daolord, and the force behind it was extremely terrifying. However, that shadow had actually been able to dodge it and vanish abruptly. It was quite a shocking scene.

Who was that shadow? Could it be that person possesses the strength of a Daolord? But why would that person make an appearance here? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of a familiar feeling arose faintly in his heart. It was like he’d seen that shadow somewhere.

This discovery caused his heart to thump, and he had a stronger feeling that this matter was slightly strange.

“It was that woman.” Wu Xuechan spoke abruptly while he had his hands behind his back, and his eyes were filled with a pondering expression.

“Oh, no wonder.” Tang Xian nodded, and then he frowned and said, “She actually dared to follow us. Could it be that she wants to go against us?”

These words carried a murderous aura.

“Perhaps she has some other motive. She has killed a few Region Lords during the past few years, and it caused the world to be shocked and filled with fear. Even Daolord Xuan Ming from the Divine Institute had made a move, but he was only able to heavily injure her and failed to capture her. That’s very unusual.” Wu Xuechan had pondered briefly before he spoke these words.

“Indeed. Her combat strength is clearly inferior to a Daolord, so she’s presumably a Region Lord. However, she was able to avoid my attack earlier. She truly is very extraordinary.” Tang Xian seemed to have realized something when he spoke up to this point and said, “Perhaps it’s related to that ancient furnace that she possesses.”

“That’s exactly what I think as well. That ancient furnace is very mysterious. Abundant and irresistible Karmic Luck is gathered within it, but I’ve never heard that the Ancient God Domain had such a treasure.” Wu Xuechan’s eyes were deep, and he seemed to be very interested in that ancient furnace.

Chen Xi was still bewildered when he heard up to here, and he could help but speak with an astounded expression. “Senior Brothers, you know that person from before?”

If Tu Meng was here, he would definitely be able to discern that this woman Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian were speaking about was that mysterious woman of unknown origin and background.

During the 20 years when Chen Xi was in closed door cultivation to refine and absorb the Seal of the Shaman, this mysterious woman had caused a storm of blood in the Ancient God Domain, and it shocked the entire world. She was so famous from this that she even surpassed Chen Xi and became a figure who was the center of attention for everyone.

However, up until this point in time, no one had been able to determine her origins.

Wu Xuechan immediately explained about those incidents that had occurred in the Ancient God Domain during the recent years.

Chen Xi finally came to an understanding as well, and he couldn’t help but speak while seeming to be lost in thought. “She was actually able to escape Daolords. That was is very inconceivable indeed.”

When he thought up to here, a thought suddenly appeared in Chen Xi’s heart. Could it be that she isn’t… from this era?

For no rhyme or reason, Chen Xi recalled the furnace that had been auctioned off as the final item during an auction in South Sea Region’s Treasure Exhibition.

At that time, he’d merely taken a glance at it, and it caused his soul to tremble while a shocking scene had suddenly appeared in his mind —

He saw a boundlessly vast expanse of the starry sky. A graceful figure sat cross-legged within the stone furnace while it traveled endlessly through space. It traversed numerous barriers between universes, successively traversed numerous chaotic regions, and 10 million years passed in the blink of an eye.

She maintained the same posture without changing it at all, and her entire body was enveloped by grey mist, causing it to be blurry. However, the outline she revealed allowed one to faintly discern hat she possessed a peerlessly beautiful appearance.

She seemed to be tracking something down, and she constantly travelled forward in the dark corridors of space.

Yet she also seemed like she was avoiding something and had no choice but to move forward constantly as if she would suffer a calamity if she was slightly slower.

Time flowed by endlessly….

In the end, the graceful figure become more and more blurry, more and more indistinct as if it was about to be obliterated.

“Is it really… impossible to escape?”

Chen Xi still remembered that a faint sigh had resounded when the shocking scene had come to an end, and it was filled with boundless loneliness and sorrow.

At that time, Chen Xi felt indescribable loneliness envelop him. It was like the heavens and the earth had abandoned him, he’d lost all hope, was utterly dejected….

If that shocking scene hadn’t vanished abruptly, then he would have lost control of his mental state and suffered from qi deviation!

According to Senior White’s analysis, that furnace was an Era Artifact that was born during the last era. It was a treasure that had gathered the Karmic Luck of an entire era and was irreplaceable. Anyone who possessed it would receive the protection of the Heaven Dao, and it would be impossible for that person to die!

However, it was a sign of calamity in this era!

At the same time, Senior White had analyzed that the woman who was controlling the furnace was definitely searching for a way to avoid the destruction of her era….

At that time, Chen Xi felt that all of that was inconceivable, and he felt that it wasn’t related to him at all.

But now, when he heard the rumors about that mysterious woman, Chen Xi couldn’t help but link these two incidents together.

The more he thought about it in detail, the stronger he felt that the mysterious woman was probably that figure who was incessantly traveling through space on that furnace!

If they really are the same person, then why has she made an appearance in the Ancient God Domain and even killed so many Region Lords?

What objective does she have?

Why did she make an appearance near us just now?

Chen Xi fell into deep thought, and his thoughts flashed swiftly through his mind while he remained silent for a long time.

Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian noticed Chen Xi’s unusual behavior, but they didn’t think too much about it because they thought he was pondering about the mysterious woman.

After that unexpected event from before, the three of them had quickly recovered their calm and continued their journey along the boundless spatial tunnel….

A graceful and beautiful figure stood on an ancient furnace extremely far away in the depths of the boundless starry sky, and she muttered in a low voice. “The Savior…. He really didn’t die in the Land of Catastrophe…. Looks like the Ultimate Path might really appear in this era.”

Her entire body was enveloped by strands of obscure mist that made it impossible for others to see her appearance clearly. However, just her slender and graceful figure made her reveal beauty that shook the hearts of others.

“After countless years of time, I’ve finally found hope of transcendence. Please don’t disappoint me….” As she muttered, she controlled the ancient furnace to travel through space and gradually vanished. It was like she hadn’t existed at all just now, and she didn’t leave the slightest trace behind.

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