Chapter 2001 – Fireshrine

Fuxi had a total of 14 disciples in Oracle Mountain, and they were called his personal disciples. The Second Founding Ancestor, Di Shun, was comparatively unique instead, and he still didn’t have a single disciple.

Only the Third Founding Ancestor, Wen Daozhen, had spread and multiplied. At this point, he had around four generations of disciples, and his line had the most disciples in Oracle Mountain.

Tang Xian was the Eldest Disciple in Wen Daozhen’s line. His status was extremely lofty, and it was around the same as Wu Xuechan.

Chen Xi had heard Tang Xian’s name a long time ago when he’d just arrived at Oracle Mountain, and he was clearly aware that Tang Xian was almost a legendary figure at the Daolord Realm!

When he thought about how his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, was about to take him to visit such a figure, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slight anticipation.

10 minutes later.


A wave of spatial fluctuation arose, and then Wu Xuechan and Chen Xi arrived within a Secret Realm that was filled with boundless flames.

The sky here seemed like it was burning while surging lava burned through the ground, causing tongues of flames to spray out while it seethed like an ocean of fire.

Numerous stars that seemed like scorching suns circulated high above in the sky while a rain of fire descended from them and whistled through the world here. This scene was extremely shocking and magnificent.

It was a kingdom of fire indeed. Everything here was covered in surging flames. As soon as they entered this world, Chen Xi felt like his entire body was burning, and it was oppressive to the point of being suffocation.

If it was any other ordinary cultivator, then person would have been melted to death in an instant upon stepping foot into this place!

However, such dangers were unable to harm both Wu Xuechan and Chen Xi.

“This is the Secret Realm of Fiery Refinement, and it’s the place where Junior Brother Tang meditates. Junior Brother Tang Xian is a descendent of the Tang Clan which is one of the Divine Dao Protector Clans. He’s innately capable of controlling the Laws of Fire, and his strength is so formidable that even I really admire him.” Wu Xuechan explained swiftly, and it instantly caused Chen Xi to be shocked. He understood that this Senior Brother Tang Xian of his was actually an Innate God from the Divine Dao Protector Clans!

“Eldest Senior Brother, Little Junior Brother, you’re both here.” Right at this moment, a voice that was heavy like lightning suddenly resounded in this kingdom of fire. Along with this voice, an expanse of lava shot into the sky, and then it swiftly condensed into a crimson colored and mighty figure.

His crimson red hair fluttered, his appearance was cold and handsome, his skin was smooth like jade, and he wore a fiery red Daoist robe that was embroidered with pine trees while his bare feet stood on a divine lotus that flowed with a fiery glow.

He seemed like a supreme sun as he stood there casually, and he emanated brilliant radiance that was dazzling and resplendent as it illuminated the world. It even caused Chen Xi to feel a piercing pain in his eyes, and he didn’t dare look straight at this figure.

Especially this figure’s eyes. They were deep and radiant like fiery red gems, and they shined with a shocking fiery glow that simply seemed as if it could incinerate the sky.

It was naturally Tang Xian!

Wu Xuechan smiled as he nodded.

Chen Xi cupped his fists and said, “Senior Brother Tang Xian.”

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to adhere to formalities. Eldest Senior Brother has told me about it a long time, so I’ll naturally assist as best I can when we heard to Godrank Mountain this time.” Tang Xiao nodded and spoke in a heavy voice. Every single word he spoke rumbled like metal colliding and was extremely powerful.

He was clearly a decisive and straightforward person, and he didn’t waste his breath at all. As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed over to Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan, and then he said, “Eldest Senior Brother, let’s set out right now if everything is prepared.”

Wu Xuechan was clearly aware that Tang Xian’s character was like, so he didn’t waste his breath and said with a smile on his face, “I was waiting for you to lead the way.”

“Let’s go.” Tang Xian nodded, and then his figure immediately flashed. From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t spoken a single unnecessary word.

“Oh, Little Junior Brother, Tang Xian has always been like this. He’s extremely swift and decisive like fire. Once you’re familiar with each other, you’ll understand that your Senior Brother Tang Xiao is the most protective disciple in our Oracle Mountain.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he explained, and then he hurriedly brought Chen Xi along to chase after Tang Xiao.

At this point, Chen Xi finally understood that Wu Xuechan and Tang Xiao were actually going with him to Godrank Mountain, and their objective was naturally to get his parents back from the Chen Clan!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel extremely touched when he realized all of this. He’d never imagined that Wu Xuechan would have secretly made arrangements for everything.

At the same time, Chen Xi had a stronger feeling about how unusual this trip was.

After all, regardless of whether it was Wu Xuechan or Tang Xian, they were top-rate Daolords in the world, and the strengths they possessed was so formidable that it could absolutely be said to be extraordinary and beyond imagination.

Yet now, they’d actually set out together merely for the sake of heading to Godrank Mountain to get his parents from the Chen Clan. This clearly showed how extraordinary the Chen Clan was!

If it was any other power in the Ancient God Domain, then there would probably be no need for both of them to set out together.

Exactly how formidable is the Chen Clan… and the Divine Dao Protector Clans? Chen Xi couldn’t help but arouse slightly complicated emotions in his heart. Even until now, he still found it slightly difficult to imagine that his father’s origins were actually so shocking, and Chen Lingjun was actually related to the Divine Dao Protector Clans.

He even didn’t dare imagine if he would have the ability to get his parents back if he relied solely on his current ability and didn’t rely on the might of Oracle Mountain.

No wonder that they haven’t contacted me until now. So they were actually confined in the Chen Clan…. But why would that have happened? Could it be that there’s some sort of secret behind all of this? Chen Xi muttered in his heart.

On this day, Chen Xi and Wu Xuechan had set out under Tang Xian’s lead, and they silently activated the sect’s teleportation formation and left Oracle Mountain without alarming anyone.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Space fluctuated and swooshed like a gale.

Numerous universes flashed before their eyes. It was like walking into a boundlessly vast spatial tunnel, and it made Chen Xi entirely unaware of his whereabouts.

“Godrank Mountain is extremely unique. It stands towering at a secret place in the Imperial Region, and it’s said to be the place closest to the Heaven Dao. It’s impossible to head there by relying on ordinary methods.” Wu Xuechan gave Chen Xi an explanation about Godrank Mountain while they were on the way there.

“Fortunately, your Senior Brother Tang Xian was born there, so we can arrive there smoothly with Tang Xiao leading the way. Otherwise, even with my ability, I would probably have to go through a lot of trouble to arrive there. In that way, we would probably be unable to arrive before the Chen Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremony.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, what exactly is the Ancestral Worship Ceremony?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he spoke these words. Earlier, Wu Xuechan had said that he hadn’t told Chen Xi about Chen Xi’s parents’ whereabouts because the time wasn’t right.

Now, the time was right. So, as far as Chen Xi was concerned, this opportunity was probably related to the Chen Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremony.

“It’s very simple. It’s just as its name implies. It’s a grand event in the Chen Clan to worship their ancestors. A minor ceremony would be held every thousand years, and a major ceremony would be held every 10,000 years. The Ancestral Worship Ceremony this time just happens to be a major ceremony.” Wu Xuechan spoke casually. “The biggest difference from the Chen Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremonies of the past is that a successor for the position of Patriarch of the Chen Clan will be chosen from the direct line descendants of the Chen Clan!”

The selection of a successor? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he guessed in his heart. Could it be that it’s related to our mission as well?

“Looks like even the Chen Clan has noticed that a huge and unpredictable event will occur in the Ancient God Domain soon, so it has started to make preparations beforehand.” Suddenly Tang Xian who’d remained silent until now had spoken something that sounded incomprehensible.

“That’s clearly the case. After all, the actual event is almost impossible to deduce, so it can be said that the future is unknown. So, it’s absolutely normal for the Chen Clan to utilize the Ancestral Worship Ceremony to select a future successor as a means to deal with such an unpredictable event.” Wu Xuechan’s words allowed Chen Xi to faintly understand that the Chen Clan was actually doing all of this because of an unpredictable vent that would occur in the future.

No wonder they intend to select a successor. Because if a mishap does occur, then they can avoid falling into chaos and have more methods to deal with the situation…. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart.

“Little Junior Brother, you’re the key to whether our trip will be successful or not. Tang Xian and I can only guarantee your safety.” Wu Xuechan suddenly gazed at Chen Xi with a solemn expression. “It’s an internal affair of the Chen Clan after all. So, it would become a completely different thing if Tang Xiao and I were to forcefully interfere.”

Even though Chen Xi didn’t know the specifics of the plan, when he saw Wu Xuechan reveal a rare serious expression on his face, Chen Xi merely pondered briefly before he agreed.

“Eldest Senior Brother, do you think Little Junior Brother’s cultivation at the Fourth Star of the Region Lord Realm is sufficient?” Tang Xian frowned.

“He has a 50% chance.” Wu Xuechan pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke these words.

A 50% chance? Chen Xi’s pupils constricted, and he had a stronger feeling about how unusual this trip was.


Meanwhile, Tang Xian suddenly flipped his palm, and then a divine sword that was a little over a meter long, surging with flames, and branded with countless dense markings of the Dao had appeared in his palm.

As soon as it appeared, it let out a clear howl and emanated a horrifying aura. Surprisingly, it was a rare Natural Spirit Treasure!

“Little Junior Brother, this sword is called Fireshrine. It possesses extraordinary might. Take it.” Tang Xian gazed at Chen Xi as he spoke these words.

In an instant, it wasn’t just Wu Xuechan but even Chen Xi who understood Tang Xian’s intentions. Obviously, Tang Xian was worried about Chen Xi, so he intended to lend Chen Xi a hand by giving this treasure to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi instantly felt extremely touched by this. Because while his Senior Brother Tang Xian seemed extremely cold on the surface, he was warm on the inside, and he just had a different way of showing it.

Wu Xuechan glanced at Tang Xian with surprise, and then he spoke with a grin on his face. “Haha! This sword, Fireshrine, is extremely extraordinary. I’d once wanted to borrow it all those years ago, but Junior Brother Tang Xian refused. I never expected that he would actually take the initiative to lend it to you this time. Little Junior Brother, quickly take it!”

However, to both Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian’s surprise, Chen Xi merely thought about it briefly before he shook his head and refused. “Senior Brothers, this sword’s might is extraordinary indeed. However, I’m used to my Talisman Armament, and it’s truly inadvisable for me to use a different treasure.”

This made Tang Xian frown, and he thought that Chen Xi was being stubborn.

Wu Xuechan chuckled and said, “Little Junior Brother, you don’t have to be shy. Your Senior Brother Tang Xian is no outsider.”

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