Chapter 2000 – Divine Dao Protector Clans

Wu Xuechan didn’t answer impatiently. He gave some instructions to Tu Meng before he led Chen Xi away from the hall.

Wu Xuechan pondered deeply on the way, and then he smiled and said, “Little Junior Brother, do you remember what I promised you when you left Oracle Mountain to participate in the Dao Discussion?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he suddenly recalled that he’d intended to ask his eldest senior brother about his parents before he left at that time. If he hadn’t been reminded right now, then Chen Xi would have almost forgotten.

After that, he couldn’t help but be seized with an impulse and said, “Eldest Senior Brother, have you found out about my parents?”

Wu Xuechan nodded and said, “Actually, I knew about it a very long time ago. However, it wasn’t the right time then, so I concealed it from you.”

Chen Xi was stunned. So, Eldest Senior Brother knew for a long time? Then why wasn’t he willing to tell me until now?

“Little Junior Brother should have noticed while you were in the three dimensions, your father’s identity is very extraordinary.” Wu Xuechan sighed with emotion and seemed to be recollecting the past.

Chen Xi took a deep breath, and then he forcefully restrained the questions in his heart as he nodded.

He was naturally aware that this father’s identity was very special, and it was because his father had more than one identity!

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, Chen Lingjun had undergone reincarnation on more than one occasion within the three dimensions. He was Chen Tailing during his 1st reincarnation, and he was the junior brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master. He possessed monstrous authority at the time, and he could be said to be a figure who was only below a single person within the entire Sovereign Sect.

During his second reincarnation, Chen Lingjun had been reincarnated into Fuxi’s second disciple, Daoist Sheng Ji. His real name was Chen Ji at the time, and he possessed a lofty status as well.

During his third reincarnation, Chen Lingjun had been reincarnated as Yun Fusheng, and he’d become a disciple of Dao Emperor Academy who possessed extraordinary accomplishments in the Sword Dao.

During his fourth reincarnation, Chen Lingjun had finally become Chen Lingjun. He’d become a descendent of the Pine Mist City’s Chen Clan, and he was Chen Xi and Chen Hao’s father.

It would be fine if that was all. But the crux of the matter was that when Chen Xi had headed to Iris Immortal Prison to rescue his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, he found out that his father who’d been reincarnating in the three dimensions didn’t belong to the three dimensions at all!

This was one of the reasons why Chen Lingjun had vanished with Zuoqiu Xue at that time and headed to the Ancient God Domain.

Chen Xi still remembered that his father, Chen Lingjun, had left a jade slip to him before leaving the three dimensions with his mother. Chen Lingjun had asked Chen Xi to take good care of the River Diagram fragments, and they would definitely be able to meet each other upon arriving at the Ancient God Domain.

But up until now, Chen Xi couldn’t help but notice that while he’d made such a huge name for himself in the Ancient God Domain, his parents seemed as if they hadn’t noticed at all. Not to mention a trace of their whereabouts, he hadn’t even heard any news about them.

This was extremely strange.

After all, if they were really in the Ancient God Domain, then they would have definitely heard of Chen Xi. But it just so happened that they hadn’t contacted him until now, so it was naturally extremely strange.

Sometimes, Chen Xi even wondered if his parents had encountered some sort of unexpected event or mishap….

Of course, he merely wondered that. He would rather see them a little later than have them suffer any mishap.

“It was exactly because his identity is too extraordinary that I had no choice but to conceal it from you. But now, it’s time for my to explain all of it to you.” We Xuechan pondered deeply for a long time before he revealed a solemn expression. “Little Junior Brother, have you heard of the Divine Dao Protector Clans?”

The Divine Dao Protector Clans? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he shook his head.

“In short, the Divine Dao Protector Clans are Innate Gods who were born from within the Chaos. They are clans of real gods. As soon as their descendants are born, all of them are Innate Gods as well, and they possessed inconceivable might. Their bloodlines are so noble that it’s unique throughout the entire Ancient God Domain.” Wu Xuechan explained slowly. “Such clans can only be seen in a single place throughout the Ancient God Domain, and it’s Godrank Mountain.”

Godrank Mountain!

In an instant, Chen Xi instantly recalled that mountain which he’d seen when he entered the Imperial Region for the first time all those years ago.

That mountain seemed far beyond reach, and it stood towering in the depths of a vast starry sky. It was covered in a supreme and dignified aura, and it caused others to arouse terror and reverence upon laying eyes on it from afar.

That was Godrank Mountain!

At that time, Ye Yan who was travelling with Chen Xi to the Imperial Region had told him that Godrank Mountain existed before the birth of the Ancient God Domain, and the God Attainment Altar stood towering on it. According to rumor, the Godrank Chart was hidden on Godrank Mountain, and its might was fused within the Supreme Heaven Dao and enveloped the entire Ancient God Domain!

Since the ancient time, Godrank Mountain had been a forbidden area. It represented the dignity of the Heaven Dao, and only Daolords could step foot there to comprehend the true secrets of the Heaven Dao.

Chen Xi even clearly remembered that when he’d first laid eyes on the Godrank Mountain, a trace of fluctuation had actually arisen from the River Diagram fragments that were in deep sleep within his sea of consciousness. It seemed to feel detest and was resisting some force, and this allowed Chen Xi to be even more certain that the Godrank Chart definitely existed on Godrank Mountain.

Because while he was still in the three dimensions, the River Diagram fragments had acted in such a way when it went against the Godrank Chart at that time!

Now, his eldest senior brother had actually said that the legendary Divine Dao Protector Clans could only be seen on Godrank Mountain, so it allowed Chen Xi to realize that there was something unusual about all of this.

“Eldest Senior Brother, could it be that my father… is a descendent of a Divine Dao Protector Clan?” Chen Xi couldn’t stop himself from asking this question in the end.

“Yes.” Wu Xuechan nodded in a straightforward manner.

After he obtained a definite answer, Chen Xi’s emotions instantly became extremely complicated. The Godrank Mountain, the Divine Dao Protector Clans, his father Chen Lingjun…. When all of them were linked together, everything started to become mysterious and unfathomable.

Godrank Mountain was a forbidden area that only Daolords could step foot on, and it had existed since before the birth of the Ancient God Domain.

The Divine Dao Protector Clans were clans of Innate Gods who had been born from within the Chaos, and their descendants were true gods that possessed inconceivable might.

Yet his father, Chen Lingjun, was actually a descendent of a Divine Dao Protector Clan. How could Chen Xi not be shocked and surprised by this?

Wu Xuechan slowed down, and he only continued speaking after quite some time passed. “Before your father underwent reincarnation, he was a descendent of the Chen Clan which is one of the Divine Dao Protector Clans. Coincidentally, his name while he was in the Divine Dao Protector Clan was Chen Lingjun as well. If it wasn’t for that, I would have been almost unable to link him to the Divine Dao Protector Clans.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and asked in a low voice. “Eldest Senior Brother, so it’s very likely that my father is at the Chen Clan?”

Wu Xuechan nodded and said, “Yes, he returned to the Chen Clan upon returning to the Ancient God Domain all those years ago.”

“I’m going to look for him!” Chen Xi spoke without the slightest hesitation. At this moment, he just wanted to abandon everything and immediately travel to Godrank Mountain.

“Little Junior Brother, don’t be impatient.” Wu Xuechan’s voice seemed to carry a comforting force, and just these few words made the sense of anxiousness and urgency in Chen Xi’s heart to calm down immediately.

After that, Wu Xuechan continued. “Little Junior Brother, not just anyone can head into Godrank Mountain. In the same way, not just anyone can head to the Chen Clan.”

Chen Xi’s brows knit together as he said, “Could it be that it’s full of experts as well?”

Wu Xuechan smiled. “More or less. The Divine Dao Protector Clans aren’t ordinary at all. They’ve been constantly residing on Godrank Mountain and remained isolated from the world. They very rarely make an appearance in the world. But there’s no doubt that their resources and reserves are extremely formidable, unimaginably formidable.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while he revealed a serious expression. “Could it be that they’re even more formidable than our Oracle Mountain?”

Wu Xuechan sighed lightly and said, “Even if there’s a gap between us, it isn’t much. Most importantly, no matter if it’s our Oracle Mountain or the other four extremes of the Imperial Region, all of us are unwilling to become enemies with the Divine Dao Protector Clans if it’s avoidable.”

Chen Xi’s heart shook. Only now did he finally understand that the forces of the Divine Dao Protector Clans were actually so terrifying!

“But I’m merely going to see my father and not to become enemies with them….” 

Wu Xuechan interrupted Chen Xi before he could even finish speaking. “Little Junior Brother, you’re mistaken. You’ll definitely suffer a mishap if you head to the Chen Clan!”

“Why?” Chen Xi’s heart shook.

“Because your father, Chen Lingjun….” Wu Xuechan hesitated for a moment before he sighed. “After he returned to the Chen Clan all those years ago, he was confined like a prisoner along with your mother, Zuoqiu Xue, and they’ve been unable to escape until now.”

“Wasn’t my father a descendant of the Chen Clan before he underwent reincarnation? Since he has returned to the clan, then why has he suffered such a mishap?” Chen Xi’s expression changed slightly. He’d finally realized that the situation was much more complicated and serious than he’d imagined.

“This… is perhaps something you’ll only be able to find out upon meeting your father.” Wu Xuechan patted Chen Xi on the shoulder. “I didn’t tell you about this in the past because it wasn’t time yet. Even if our Oracle Mountain dispatched all its forces, it would be very difficult to force the Chen Clan to hand your parents over.”

He paused for a moment, and then he suddenly smiled and said, “But the situation is different now. The opportunity has arrived now, and it’s also the reason why I was anxious to see you.”

Chen Xi stared blankly at Wu Xuechan as he spoke. “What opportunity?”

“The Chen Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremony will begin in a short time from now. Whether you’re able to meet your parents or not will depend on whether you’re able to grab this opportunity.” A wisp of a smile that carried deep meaning appeared on the corners of Wu Xuechan’s mouth. “Of course, you don’t have to worry too much. I’ll be there for you.”

As he spoke, Wu Xuechan sped up and said, “Come, I’ll take you to meet someone.”

“Who?” Chen Xi hurriedly caught up to Wu Xuechan.

“Third Martial Uncle’s Eldest Disciple — Tang Xian.”

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